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Sister Sarah's mom, Alec, and Others

Mother of nun explores masturbation with neighbor while Sarah and Alec get it on
She was suddenly smiling and also in a mood where she felt…revitalized…as if she was a new woman who had needs she’d never known before in her life. Thank you Alec, she thought. She pictured his face and also his body too as she sat recalling how he laid there with her while stirring up hormones she hadn’t felt in ages.

She felt like a woman should feel again. At least that’s how it felt to her. She stood there, in the bathroom once Sarah and Alec left, and she was cleaning off cum from her pussy which had remained on her leg seeing as Alec was the “culprit” who caused that to occur. She smiled some more. “Thank you Alec,” she said quietly as the last of it was being cleaned off her inner thigh.

Sarah’s mother Melinda, a woman of 47, stood there facing the mirror in the bathroom at the same time Sarah and Alec laid in his bed at Alec’s place of course. Melinda faced her own smiling image in the mirror, shaking her head, while her eyes appeared brighter then normal. She smiled at the lovely face looking back at her.

She said out loud. “Wow, I must do that again. With him, with my husband…I don’t really care to be honest. That was…incredible.” She smiled brighter. “That was, I don’t know, but it was…a wild and crazy adventure. That’s for sure.” She closed her eyes as she remembered how she felt about it. “Mmmmmm, how he did it I don’t know but it was an incredible and exciting adventure to me.”

She unzipped the dress and took it off. Standing in only her bra and underwear, she stared at her wholesome slender, and relatively firm looking figure. She turned sideways so she could take a look at other areas of herself. She would one or another small or tiny area of her figure where some miniscule flab may exist. Unlike her daughter who was thicker and curvier she was just as pretty and sexier in her own way.

She discovered something that evening. She was a woman in need. She was a woman who needed changes in her life for sure. So what if she’d been a devout catholic. She was still a woman nonetheless. So what if she’d been a woman who just discovered how that said dildo could lift you up, raise your awareness, and make you feel the way it had made her feel that night. It had to be the most wonderful apparatus she had ever come in contact with that she knew of.

Yes it was, she told herself, and she wanted to do it again and again. Yes she did.

It was late. It was too late for anyone to come back over. She changed, putting on some cotton pajamas, and headed into the kitchen to get something to drink. She walked past the kitchen window. She just so happen to look out the back window as she thought about life in general. She thought about how Alec had used it on her and how he had moved it about her vagina. She closed her eyes and smiled as if she could feel it again up inside her life she had earlier that night. She started thinking about everything he’d said too.

“Wow, that was fun,” Sarah’s older but still pretty looking mom said aloud.

She smiled as she happened to look out that back kitchen window. She looked at some guy standing across the way, in his window, which faced hers. He was a younger man but older then her daughter and Alec but he was younger then her of course. He was in his early to mid 30’s she figured. And he was quite handsome as well.

Initially, he hadn’t seen her but she saw him. It made her immediately think about Alec and what he’d done with her. Her heart smiled big at this point and Melinda closed her eyes as she faced the guy’s kitchen window. It was as if she was looking right at the guy and wishing she could get his attention. But she did not.

She smiled anyway as if feeling Alec again doing what he’d done deep down in between her thighs. She felt Alec while he prodded and moved the dildo about her pussy and how he caused her to slowly but surely start coming. She recalled her orgasm and smiled once again. She knew for sure she would always love that forever.

That’s when she murmured to herself. “Mmmmmm, you were perfect Alec.”

All of a sudden, although she wasn’t paying attention, he saw her facing out as if looking at her. He stopped whatever it was he was doing. He wondered why she was smiling. He decided to waive at her. He assumed she saw him waive. But it didn’t look like she had. He didn’t see it but her eyes were closed at that point as she “felt” the dildo Alec was using on her. She wore a smile on her face. What was that all about, he wondered?

He remained where he was in his kitchen. He looked back across his backyard, staring at her by way of her window, and he smiled some more as if she was actually still looking at him. She finally opened her eyes and looked out his way. By chance, he waived at her again. She was shocked that the younger man, in his younger 30’s maybe had waived.

“Me, he waived at me? Should I waive back?” she asked herself.

So she waived back. She felt a little unsure of herself, especially as he smiled back at her. He waived again. She immediately felt “hot” all over. These two stared stayed put and stared at one another as both smiled at the other. Yes, she did feel hotter, and yes she felt a little excited by it all as well.

She asked herself if he was married. Does that even matter, she wondered? Although she asked those questions, she smiled again and even waived once again too. In return, he smiled at her and also waived too.

She felt “hot” again at the exchanges being shared and said “I must meet him soon.”

They each went about their own business but you can be sure of one thing. Both had committed themselves to going out back, for one reason or another, and introducing themselves to the other person.

In her kitchen she said aloud “From what I saw he appears to be a really cute guy.”

At that same time he said aloud “She seems nice enough. I suppose I should go and meet her sometime. Shouldn’t I?”

A few days passed. Everything seemed to be getting back to normal. Melinda’s husband came home. It was 6:30 and the two sat down for dinner. He told her the new news. She said “You are leaving? When’s that dear?” He told her he’d be transferred soon and told her when.

She did not need to go with him right away. She smiled inside. He was leaving within the week. She thought about it all. The end of the week came. He was leaving and she would not have to come until mid-summer. “Goodbye dear,” she said before he boarded his flight. They hugged again and he kissed her on the cheek.

She returned to her car, alone. “Free,” she called out smiling. I’m free as a bird!”

Yes, she was now all alone and as free as a bird. All by herself with no man in the house to keep her company she needed something she hadn’t had since Alec had been there. Yes, she had that dildo, but she did not want to use it on her own. She wanted a man to assist her with it. Maybe Alec would come over or maybe that nice man across the way she even thought.

She knew one thing though. She wanted someone to keep her warm, loved, and safe from the evils which Satan may hold. Was she crazy? No, she was just a woman with needs. That’s all. The so called devout Catholic woman thought about everything. Maybe I could simply invite him over. He seems to be a nice young man. Should I do it she asked herself.

Maybe he would come over here and visit with me. She shrugged her shoulders and said “You never know.” However, what did she really want? Intimacy with a man younger then herself? Is that all she wanted out of this?

Alone, she said it aloud. “We must meet. He does seem like a very nice man and he is so darn cute too, isn’t he?” Then she added “And if that doesn’t work out, I can always call Alec. Alec will come over. He told me he would.”

Out of nowhere, Melinda’s life seemed renewed. There was a new spirit within her. She felt renewed as if a triumphant gust of air filled her lungs and her body. She felt younger. She liked how she felt. She liked it a lot.

She wished that the apparently nice young man from her backyard window would simply walk out of his house, walk through his backyard, and simply walk over to her house. She’d invite him in. She’d be the nicest and sweetest neighbor anyone would want. He was good looking, she thought. Yes he is, she told herself. That much she knew.

She went to bed and slept hard that night.

It was an incredibly unbelievable dream.

“Good evening,” he said. His tone of voice was soft, sweet, and it reflected his handsome trim and otherwise tall loveable physique. “I’m Ted. It is finally a pleasure to meet you.”

She smiled from ear to ear and invited him inside. She offered the younger man she found soooo darn attractive a seat on her couch. She offered him something to drink. He accepted tea, which was her favorite drink as well. They talked. The laughed and smiled. She told him what she liked. He told her what he liked. They smiled and laughed some more. She told him something else.

“What I just recently discovered was masturbation. I did it about a week ago.” He responded saying something but she did not know what exactly. “Ohhh yes Ted, when a woman masturbates, her body well her body explodes with vitality and exotic sensations which can not be accurately described. You would have to trust me on that. It is, well it is, I don’t know, but I almost lose my breath just thinking about it all.”

Then she remembered exactly what he said. “May I be of some assistance to you? I mean may I help you masturbate?”

And then she woke up. The dream was over. He asked if he could help me masturbate. I so wish that was true. She was full of herself and full of him too. She needed this to happen. She felt a little out of her mind knowing that he would not come over so she did something she would never do normally.

She packed it into her winter coat. After buttoning it up, she got into her car. She drove around the block and passed by his house. There were only a couple lights on. She questioned herself as she wondered if what she was planning on doing was right.

“Ohhh, forgive me Lord,” she said aloud while driving slowly past his house. “I know this is wrong but…Lord I am in so much need. I need this dear Lord. You may not understand but a woman has her needs and I am in so much need for sexual intimacy.”

She turned around and pulled up to the curb, checking her pocket for the dildo again. She looked up at the guy’s house. She looked at the windows. Lights were on at least. She felt it again. She felt that dildo inside her legs, as if the guy who lived there was doing it, or maybe it was Alec who was doing it.

“Maybe I should call Alec instead,” she said. “Mmmmm Alec, you did do it well.”

She remained in her car, thinking of Alec, and how Alec did her like that one night. Melinda, Sarah’s mom, grew a tad aroused at the thoughts, and before she knew it she had pulled out the dildo.

She played with it in her hands as she stayed in her car, in front of his house, and started undoing her coat. She reconsidered her options. She pulled up her own dress and felt her inner thighs once she did. She saw the guys face. She pictured Alec’s face. She grew a bit more aroused as she considered her options.

“Ohhhhhhh, I want you so much,” she cried out softly.

Who she was saying that to was anyone’s guess but once she said it she let her head fall back and closed her eyes. She ran the dildo against her inner thighs feeling its smooth ridges as they ran across her upper legs.

“Ooooooohh if you were here seeing me do this Alec, you’d be proud,” she said quietly.

She pulled aside her underwear as she held onto the dildo in her other hand. Slowly but surely she inched it upwards so that she got it closer and closer to the lips of her pussy. Mmmmm, it felt nice or so she thought it did. She pushed it inside of it just a little.

“Ooooohh uh ohhhhhh” she cried out as it slid deeper inside of her pussy.

She pushed it even further up inside and cried out louder. She continued doing it to herself as the guy in the house noticed the car. He wondered why someone was out in front of his house. It was a woman. She was just parked there, doing nothing, or so that was what he thought.

He thought he saw her say something. No, it looked as if she was yelling at someone. He did not know why but she was screaming. And wait. It looked as though the woman was, well her body was jerking around, or something like that.

“Is her head laying back against the seat?” he said. “What is that woman doing?”

He put on his coat and shoes. He went outside and stood on his porch. He watched her from a distance. Then Ted, that is his real name actually, stepped down off his porch, and headed out towards the woman in the car.

Melinda sat there, masturbating, and here he was walking towards her as she did.

Her eyes were closed. He did not see it at first but she sat back, dildo up inside her pussy, and she had just pulled it out most of the way again. A smiled formed on her lips as he watched from the cold outside air. He still hadn’t noticed her masturbating.

He knocked on her window.

She jumped “a mile.” She looked outside with a frantic expression. She dropped the dildo and it landed between her feet. He didn’t see it. She looked out. He recognized her. It’s the woman from my back yard. He smiled and offered her a small wave. She swallowed hard, forced a smile and waved back. She rolled her window down.

Her voice was quiet. “Hi,” she said. “Umm is this your house?”

She did not know why she said it but she had. He did not know why she was there but right away he instantly put out his hand and told her his name.

“You have to be kidding me, really?” she said. “That’s your name, honestly?”

“Yes it is. Why do you ask?” he said.

“Uhhhhhh maybe I’ll uhhh explain myself sometime,” she said.

He stood there freezing and seeing as he was he immediately invited her in. She felt it, right away. Drips started oozing out of her a little while she sat in her car but she accepted his offer of going inside his house. She picked up the dildo and put it into her pocket. She got out of the car and followed Ted into his house.

“You live here all alone?” she asked.

Inside his house, he took her coat, and told her it was finally a pleasure, “A great pleasure too,” he said to meet her. It made her feel good. He looked professional, sweet, and he was a very good looking guy. She liked everything about him.

They sat. He made her comfortable and offered her something to drink as they talked about themselves. She excluded parts about her daughter, husband, and her devout Christianity, at first, because none of that mattered much to her. “All I’ll tell you is that, well, I’ve been, I don’t know. I’ve been beside myself lately,” she told him.

“I guess I kind of figured that,” he replied as he looked the older slender woman over.

He smiled and she did too and then he asked her why she was out there doing “nothing.”

“Well I could be honest with you,” she replied. “But that would mean I am lying.” He asked what she meant. She smiled again and thought about how to put this. Then she told him. She decided she would admit the truth. “First off, let me explain something. I am married as you can see, okay?” He nodded and smiled, looking at the ring as he did. “I have always considered myself a devout Catholic woman, alright?” He nodded as he smiled and listened. “However, lately, things have changed. They have changed considerably.”

She had taken off her coat and the dildo was in the pocket of it.

“I found something. It was something my daughter owned. Truth be told I never would have expected my daughter to have it but she did. My daughter is a nun. A nun mind you,” Melinda went on to say. Regardless, I allowed myself to get caught up in it all and well and seeing as I did I had this…this apparatus…used on myself.”

They looked at each other while Ted wondered about it all.

“Ted, she had a dildo! Can you believe it? A nun, my daughter, had a dildo she was I believe still using. I mean, I don’t know that for sure, but it doesn’t matter anymore. What umm matters is that well…I umm found myself using it for the very first time in my life. Can you believe that?” Melinda said.

He smiled as he listened, nodding his head, and wondering about everything. Everything including maybe that was why she was outside, in her car, doing whatever it was she was doing. “So umm is that why you were outside in front of my house?” he asked.

She hesitated but eventually said yes it was. He smiled, nodding his head as he did. She felt bad. She felt embarrassed she told him what she had as he listened and nodded his head. “I can’t believe I’ve told you any of this,” she said.

“Me neither but it is interesting. That’s for sure,” he told her.

“Well either way, when we first saw one another the other day I didn’t think too much of it, but I will say this. It was the very first night I used it and get this,” and she paused. “I want to do it again and again and I can’t believe I’m saying this.” He asked what. She looked into his darling looking eyes. “I want…I want you to do it for me.”

She looked down and away as soon as she said it.

She heard “I’d be happy to if you mean that.”

Her eyes went wide as she looked up. He was smiling, gently when she looked at him. Her mouth opened, slowly, but it soon opened wide. “Did you just say what I thought I heard you say?”

He got up and moved closer to her. “Yes you did,” he told her. “I’d be happy to.”

They were practically shoulder to shoulder. It felt nice. He was much bigger, much taller, and soooo warm and loving as well. She liked this guy she told herself. She looked him up and down and suddenly he stood up, putting out his hand, and taking hers in his.

“I have a couple dildos and vibrators in my room just so you know,” he said, gently.

She was shocked by the news and followed him into his upstairs bedroom. She was nervous as hell but despite that she was she did it anyway. She was convinced he was the right one, whatever that meant, for the job.

“May I?” he said

She swallowed hard and said yes and he gently and slowly undid her dress as she stood frozen while he did it. She felt a rush run through her as her dress opened up. She felt the air on her upper bosoms, across her cleavage, and against her flattened belly.

“Ohhhhhh, she cried out. She felt tight. She felt weird. However, she allowed it to happen anyway. He put his hands on her arms. He rubbed them gently too. She closed her eyes as he did it. “Ohhhhhhh my Lord,” she said quietly. He smiled and touched her chin. He caressed her cheek. He swiped her neck. She felt it all.

And then, finally, she felt it. He leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

He could kiss too because she felt the same kiss again. She came unglued. She wanted it all. She knew it. He picked her up, carefully, and he laid her gently down on his bed. He undid his shirt for her. He removed his pants too as she watched. He had such a nice frame on him. She looked him over, twice. He smiled. She smiled too.

“Would you undress me too?” she said.

“I would be more then happy to,” he replied.

She was undress, bra and underwear too. He noticed wetness from earlier. He did not ask her about it. He pulled a dildo and a vibrator from the nightstand. “I’d love to try the vibrator if you don’t mind Ted.” He turned it on and placed it against her inner thigh.

That’s how Alec did it too, she told herself.

“Does this feel good?” he asked.

“Ohhhhhh it feels really good Ted,” she said.

“How about this,” he asked and he pushed it up against her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh my God!” she cried out. “Yes ohhh yes ohhh yes Alec yes,” she screamed, not realizing she had said Alec instead of Ted. He did not care. He was arousing this older horny woman and he was having fun too. “More, do it more! God, is that soooo good Alec…I mean Ted. I’m sorry…ohhhhhh yes oh yes, ugh ahhhhh ohhh yes Ted, more, please more,” the older and supposedly mature woman cried out.”

With that having been “said,” she reached out, and she grabbed hold of his body. She pulled at it, pulling his body down on her naked frame. She kissed his lips hard, very hard too, and she kissed them as passionately as she could.

He liked it. He liked it a lot, especially as her tongue slipped out of her mouth and went inside his. She moved it around. She moved it around quite wildly. He enjoyed it a lot as it moved here, there, and anywhere else you can imagine. He didn’t stop it at all as it happened. This was way too much to stop from occurring.

Yes. He was enjoying himself way too much so he let her do as she wished.

Her body was wrapped around him practically while his hand, which held the vibrator inside her thighs, “fought” for room so he could continue doing what he was supposed to do. Anyway, it seemed he was losing the intimate exchange while the two kissed.

He finally stopped. He had finally given up on it all. But he felt good. He had accomplished what he thought she had come here for. He looked at her. She looked as if she was in another world of sorts. Her eyes stared at the ceiling. A permanent smile rested on her lips. She appeared to be zoned out so to speak.

To be honest, she was thinking about how it all felt, how it felt when Alec did this to her, and now seeing as he did it she actually thought about being “done” by him too. She took a deep breath of air, smiling the whole time that she had, and as she exhaled she kept on staring at the ceiling. He looked at her nipples too. They were hard as ever. He looked down over her figure. Wow, she really is a nice looking woman he told himself.

He spoke up, finally. “Did you enjoy everything?” She nodded, smiling, and staring at the ceiling still. “Did you orgasm too I assume?” He waited.

She nodded, smiling, and finally looked down and over at him. “I had a wonderful time. Thank you,” she said in a girlish tone of voice. “Ohhhhhh and Ted,” she went on to add. I didn’t mean to call you Alec.” She paused and looked at him. Still smiling, she went on to say “He’s a friend of mine too kind of. I guess I could explain that but I won’t.”

She kept on smiling as she stared at him like earlier when she stared at the ceiling. He smiled back and watched her, looking at her eyes and her beautiful naked figure.

“Thank you again Ted,” she said. “I’ll admit this. I’d do that anytime and I mean anytime you want…maybe.”

He looked at her smiling face. He looked at her naked features. He too was smiling at her and to be accommodating he laid down beside her naked body, putting his arms around her, and kissing her cheek once he did.

“Yes, we’ll do all this again,” he said. “We’ll get together soon.”

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