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Twin Escapades

Cara and Tara share an exciting event at work
Cara and Tara had always been inseparable twin teenage girls, but now that they were fresh out of high school, they decided to get part time jobs for spending money when the time came that their parents would send them off to college.

Cara got a job at a shoe store in the mall. The interview was easy, and she knew she would be hired. The Manager could not take his eyes off her legs.

“Now that you’re nineteen, Cara,“ he said, “I would expect you to wear pants in the store, or at least skirts and dresses that come to your knees. I want to maintain a professional, mature work environment.”

“Of course, Mr. Davis,” Cara replied sweetly, “I want to do the right thing.”

Tara was hired at the local library to stock books and periodicals. The female head librarian was not too keen on Tara’s short skirt the day she was interviewed, but Tara assured her she would dress more demurely at work.

However, both girls were known around the school as being first class cock teasers, and none of the jocks could claim to have had sex with either of them. Arousing boys and men was a fun hobby that they shared.

Even though they worked at different jobs, they dressed alike; something that they always had done since they were children. Today they chose to wear a denim skirt, the hem of which bounced around the knees, and white cowgirl boots, their favorite casual footwear. They each wore a white crisp blouse, buttoned modestly. But as always when they went out in public, they left their panties at home.

Shortly after lunch, Cara’s cell phone rang, just as she was about to call Tara. Tara was on the line, so excited, she was almost out of breath.

“Tara, what is it; are you all right?” Cara asked.

“Oh, yeah, more than that; let me tell you what happened earlier this morning,” she said almost breathlessly, and then continued.

“This morning, the librarian brought a middle aged guy to the section where I was filing. I didn’t hear him tell her what he wanted but she steered him down my aisle and left. I was on the ladder and when he walked past me I dropped a book behind him. When he saw the book and looked up I smiled and said ‘I’m sorry!’ “

“Oh, my God! Was it a big book?” Cara asked.

“No, no no,” replied Tara, “I dropped it on purpose to get him to look up at me. When he picked up the book to hand it up to me, I put a foot a couple rungs higher on the ladder, so my skirt would flare out. You should have seen the look on his face when he looked up my skirt!”

“What did he say?” Cara asked, smiling to herself.

“He didn’t say anything; he looked around and came close enough to hand me the book. I turned around on the ladder, looking down at him, and I took the book. But all of a sudden, he looked up and down the aisle and pulled my skirt over his head!”

“Holy fuck! Did you scream or hit him with the book?” Cara asked, worried.

“I would have but he grabbed my ass and all of a sudden his face was between my legs and I wasn’t sure what to do. I waited to see what he was going to do and he started licking me down there like crazy.”

“Tara, you should have called for help!” Cara said.

“Well, it got feeling really good so I hooked a leg over his shoulder and let him have his way. Or at least, I WOULD have, but the damn librarian paged me. The guy left me all hot and wet and snuck down the aisle and out the side door.”

“Did the librarian find out what went on, Tara?”

“No, thank goodness. But I hope he comes back! Tara said with a giggle.

“Well something weird happened to me as well today in the store,” Cara said.

“Really? What was it?” Tara asked, now even more excited.

“A guy came into the store, looked around and when he saw me he took a seat and motioned me over. As always when I serve men at the store, I squatted rather than knelt down in front of him and asked what I could do for him.”

“Yeah, and naturally he got a good look down your skirt, right?” Tara teased.

“You better believe it; it was almost like that’s the reason he came in,” Cara said with a soft voice. “It was weird. He asked if we had a size fourteen in any black dress shoe. I told him I would have to check the stock in back.”

“Size fourteen?” asked Tara, “Was he a big guy?”

“No, not really, but he’s the customer so I didn’t ask questions. But when I got to the back he snuck in behind me. Mr. Davis wasn’t in yet, so it was easy for him to follow me.”

“Oh, no,” said Tara with a worried tone, “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“Not exactly, but he was acting weird, Tara. He pushed me back to the office area and told me to get up on a chair and lift my dress. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started stroking it, right in front of me.”

“Why didn’t you holler for help, Cara?”

“He wasn’t hurting me. He did stick his face between my legs, but all he did was smell me, I mean his nose was right up in there.”

“So what finally happened, Cara?” Tara asked, still worried about her sister.

“He kept sniffing really loud and masturbating until he squirted on the chair seat between my legs. Then he pulled out his wallet, peeled off a one hundred dollar bill, dropped it on the chair, zipped up and took off!”

“Holy shit!” Tara said. “Two weird things in one morning. What did he look like, Cara?”

“He was average height and weight, average looking except he had a big nose, kind of crooked at the end,” Cara answered.

“Did he have brown hair, brown eyes and a blue shirt and khaki pants?” Tara asked.

“Yes! Yes, he did; how did you know that?” Cara asked, amazed.

“That’s the same guy who was licking me at the library!” Tara answered.

Cara laughed into her cell phone, “Well, in that case, I hope he comes back again too; that was the easiest money I ever got!”

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