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Cheating On My Husband

Cheating On My Husband

If He Won't Have Me, The Other Will.
I think, any woman who enters her forties can say that they like their ego rubbed once in a while. When you’ve had two children, and your husband no longer looks at you in the same way he used to, it’s always nice when someone else does. Even if it happens to be your twenty year old neighbor.

I’m by no means unfit, I need to keep in shape to chase my kids around all day. I’m a stay-at-home mum. My kids are ten and eight, so I get the days to myself, to clean and be the housewife my husband always wanted me to be. When we first met seventeen years ago, I worked in a gym, and did marathons. I might not do marathons anymore, but still go to the gym four days a week.

Now, my marriage is wonderful. I love my husband, but we don’t have the spark we once had years ago. I guess he sees me more the mother of his children, rather than his wife. I’ve tried everything I can to rekindle what we once had, but nothing seems to work. I don’t think he’s cheating on me, but a part of me doesn’t care. I say this because, I’m starting to get the idea of doing the same. With my neighbor…

I’ve noticed Kevin checking me out for a few years, and he has never hidden it well. I’ve been flirting back for months now, and I’m at the point where I want to take it to the next level. The question is, would he? Even though he flirts with me, I’m not sure he would go further.

Outside taking down the clean laundry from the line, I see him come out to mow his lawn. I smile at him, and wave. He comes over to the fence, a smile as big as mine on his own face.

“When are you ever going to run away with me, Kelly?” He teases me. He always asks this, though I know he’s not serious.

“I’m free today, Kevin, let me pack a bag. We can skip town now,” I lick my lips, looking at him.

He looks so fit under his clothes. He has jeans and a white t-shirt on, and I just want to peel him out of them. I feel my desires for him building higher. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, that I can almost feel myself wanting to jump his bone right here on the lawn.

“That would be my luck, I have to mow the lawn. My mom will skin me alive, how about tomorrow, sexy?”

“Oh, can’t do it, kids have soccer practice. Maybe you can just come ravish me for an hour?” I giggle, leaning more into the fence, allowing him to see a good view of my breasts.

“You’re killing me, one day when you mean it, we’re going to fuck,” he groans softly. His eyes are adverting down, looking at my breasts.

My chest heaves a little, breathing heavier. His words like toxic to me. “I do mean it,” I whisper softly. I meet his gaze, which is now transfixed on mine.

We both hear the sound of a car pulling up to his drive at the same time. It’s his mother, who gives me a smile, but glares at her son. He hasn’t started his chores, and she is not happy. We don’t say anything else, just parting ways. After I bring the laundry inside, I go to my bedroom.

It’s only noon, and I have a few more hours before the kids come home. I decide that I need to come. I grab one of my favorite toys, and slide it inside me. I don’t even need to work myself into a state of wetness, because I’m already there. I lie there, listening to the sound of the lawn mower outside. It’s loud, and almost the only thing I can hear. Of course, I can hear my breathing, which is slowly getting heavier.

My toy is buzzing softly inside me, my fingers on my clit. I picture Kevin inside me, looking down into my eyes like he did a few moments ago. His cock is filling me, stretching me to his size. It’s been seven long years since I’ve had sex last. The last time I had sex was because my husband wanted another child. When we couldn’t after six months of trying, he just stopped having sex with me.

Now without wanting anyone as much as I want Kevin, I let out a moan. I begin fucking myself faster now. My toy is plunging deeper into me, fucking me faster. I know I’ll come hard, and I want to so much. His cock feels good inside me, I knew he would. Moaning out his name, I grip the toy, and come so hard. The sound of the mower is louder than ever, drowning deep inside my brain. I rush of warmth between my legs covers me. I come so hard.

Lying there, I tremble with need. I know I came well, but all I want to do is have Kevin come up and fuck me. I let out a sigh, and get up. I make the bed, and finishe my chores. I know if I don’t get it done before the kids get home, I never will get it done.

When the kids do get home, I help them with homework before starting dinner. I decide on making meatloaf, knowing it’s one of my husband’s favorite meals. Like I said, we have a good marriage, and I do like making him happy. When he gets home, we sit around the table, and talk about our days. The kids are excited for practice tomorrow, and my husband goes on to talk about work. They have to let some people go, and it’s up to him to do it. I know how much he cares about his employees, so I know this’ll be hard for him.

In bed, we talk more about it, when I offer to give him a back rub. He willingly accepts, and I start. My husband, like me, is still in great shape. His back is well defined, and I love running my fingers over his back, especially when I use massage oils. He is as relaxed as he can be, and begin to message him. I work his muscles deeply, because I know he likes it hard. He groans out, and I can’t help find it to be sexy.

Even though it’s my husband and his moans, I can’t help but wonder what Kevin sounds like when he moans. It makes me wet, I get so turned on. My fingers wondering down, finding spots I know once used to make him crazy for me. His moans get a bit more excited, urging me on to continue. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get lucky? I want to be fucked so much!

Moving lower, until my hands work his arse he turns his head to look at me, “You’re doing what you used to do, Kelly.”

I act as though I haven’t a clue what he means. I smile at him, “what?” I ask innocently.

“You know what, I don’t want to. Not tonight,” he rolls slightly, causing me to slip off his legs. I sit at the end of the bed, watching him pull up the covers.

“You never want to, Travis,” I sigh, climbing off the bed, I leave the bedroom. I decide I’ll wait until he’s asleep before going to sleep myself.

Opting to go outside, and sit on my back porch, I feel myself get so angry. I want to cry. I try so hard to understand why my husband doesn’t want me. I can’t get him to open up to me about it. As though he doesn’t need or want me anymore. How can he just stop wanting me, but stay married to me? I’ve never really thought of divorce before, but as the years go on, I can’t help but think about it. Don’t I deserve to be happy in every sense?

I notice that Kevin’s light is still on in his room. It’s not late, especially for a twenty year old. He tends to stay up all hours of the night. I go back inside, grab my phone and send him a text.

“Don’t you ever sleep?”

“Hey! No, sleep is for the weak.”

“I guess I’m weak, and a lot of people I know,” I giggle at the thought of never sleeping.

“I’m not most people. You know that. So, why you up?”

“Can’t sleep, go figure.”

“It is only a little after midnight, not too bad.”

“Maybe, I guess. What are you doing?”

“Gaming, but bored, Want Company?”

“Yeah, I’m on my back porch.”


I tuck my phone in my robe, and want for him to come down. It doesn’t take long before I hear the squeak of the gate being pushed open. He comes up the steps two at a time. He’s wearing just jeans, no shoes, no shirt. In hand, he has a bottle of whisky.

I cluck my tongue at him, “Are you old enough to be drinking, Kevin?”

He flashes me a giant grin, “Are you going to stop me ma’am?”

“Ouch, Ma’am, really? Nice way to make me feel old.”

“You are far from old, and you’re like the hottest mom on the block.”

“Stop it; you’ve clearly already started drinking.”

“I might have, but it’s still the truth. You have to know that,” he looks at me with a sincere look in his eyes.

It makes me stir lightly, before grabbing the bottle from his hand. I spin the cap off, and take a long swig. The night is so quiet, or almost quiet. Of course, you can hear the crickets chirping, and the frogs crocking, along with the soft sound of rustling of the wind blowing against the trees. Gulping down a large sip, or maybe three, I watch him, watching me.

“You can drink with the best of them, can’t you?” He jokes, as I hand him back the bottle. He takes a long sip, and wipes his mouth. His lips are perfectly pouty. It makes me want to lick, and taste them with my tongue.

“I’ve been to college,” I smirk at him. “You learn a thing or two. Speaking of college how is your girlfriend?”

“Erm, we broke up about two months ago. The long distances thing wasn’t for either of us. We tried, but it just got too hard. You know? It also didn’t help we didn’t love each other, it was a mutual thing. We’re going to stay friends.”

I can tell he is a little disappointed, but I think that’s because no one likes breakups. We’ve talked in the past about his relationship with her. They were together for a while, but I guess they never had that spark to move past just dating, to real love. Some people don’t, I guess. I can’t deny I’m glad he’s single, because it makes lusting for him more appealing.

“Though it didn’t work out, at least you’ve parted ways on good terms. It’s grownup of you,” I tease him. I lift, and rest my feet on his lap.

My feet are bare, and he starts to rub them softly. His hands feel so nice on me, feeling such a great sensation running up inside me. Massaging them more now, I let out a soft moan; my eyes are closed, just enjoying his touch. It’s been a while since I’ve been the one pampered.

“You have the cutest feet, Kelly,” he tells me, lifting one up to his mouth. He kisses my big toe, moving downwards to the instep. My breathing heavier now and I know the whisky had a play in this. My mind is swimming, with booze, and lust for him.

“Please, don’t stop,” I shiver, feeling a warmth wave of excitement take over me.

“Don’t plan too,” he whispers against my foot. He lowers himself onto his knees, kissing up my left leg. With each kiss he gets higher, closer to my sex. I know he’ll smell my arousal. I’ve been turned on all day, and it’s been because of him. When he gets to my inner thighs, he helps me scoot lower in my seat. My arse hanging slightly over the chair, he looks up at me, a burning need in his eyes.

I gasp out as he bites into my flesh, kissing right where he has bitten, he does it again. Now moving higher, until his face is right in my most delicate of places. My fingers move down into his hair, petting softly through his messy long locks. He has incredible hair, which is always hanging in front of his eyes. He’s always playing with it, and I’ve longed to do the same. Having a chance to do it now, makes him moan against me.

His hands slip under me, having me lift my hips, he tugs at my panties. He removes them, slips them down my long, lean legs. He tucks them into my robe, before kissing along my upper thighs again. I widen my legs a little more for him, his nose skims along my sex.

“Oh fuck,” I breathe out, and he does it again. I can’t remember the last time I felt so turned on.

His tongue starts to part my folds, lapping lightly up and down. It hits my clit each time, making me jolt with such a sensation. I feel like I’m twenty years old again, forgetting that my sleeping husband and children are only a few feet away. Nothing matters to me right now, except what Kevin is doing to me. I reach for the whiskey again, and take a long pull from it again. The warmth it gives me makes me blush.

Kevin slides a single finger inside me, and begins to work me lightly. His moans are cute, and send me into bliss. My hips begin to roll lightly to his pace, feeling him take me further over the edge. I’ll give it to him, he knows what he’s doing with his tongue. It makes me wonder if he’s as good with his cock.

More, he gives me more. He is fucking me deeper with his tongue, making me gasp out. I so want to scream out in pleasure, but I can’t. I feel wild, and carefree, and it takes all I can not to scream for him. My legs buckle, and I begin to come hard for him. He doesn’t slow down either, he keeps going until he knows I’ve finished my orgasm.

Coming up, he looks at me, his face glistens with my juices, he smiles at me, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“I can’t lie, so have I, and more,” I giggle, pulling him into a kiss. I lean into him, kissing deeply. I can taste how wet I am on his lips. And he does in fact, have amazing lips. He makes me feel so wanted. I need more of him.

“Do you want to stop here?” He asks, and I know he wants to keep going. I can feel his hardness press against me, as he’s still so close into me.

“I do, I want you inside me, Kevin,” I moan out, pulling him back into another kiss. I listen as he unzips his fly.

I know I’m married, and I never thought I’d ever cheat on my husband, but right now this feels so right. If I can’t get it from the man I married, I’m going to get it from the guy who makes me feel twenty again.

“Erm, I don’t have a condom on me,” he looks at me suddenly.

“No need, I’ve had my tubes tied for three years now,” I tell him. It’s true, when I knew my husband wouldn’t fuck me any longer, I decided to get them tied.

“If you’re sure,” he looks at me, and I smile at him.

It’s all he needs, we move down so we’re both on the porch floor. I wrap my legs around his middle, and he moves in close to me. I reach up behind me, and wrap my hands around the porch railings. He slowly enters me, unaware that is has been so long since I’ve had sex. I’m grateful he takes it slow. It’s too dark for me to see his cock, but I can feel it’s thick. When he’s fully inside me, we begin to grind together. He moans out, making me let go of the rails, and hold him close into me. We begin to fuck, picking up the speed. He pushes himself deeper inside me, taking me over the edge of pleasure.

I can feel his skin slap against mine with each thrust, turning me on more. The sounds around us seemed to have stopped, as though every creature was listening to us. I couldn’t hear the crickets, or frogs, even the breeze stopped. It is like the world around us doesn’t exist beyond us. All I hear and feel is us, and it makes me come. I come so hard, and I let out a yelp, squeezing his cock tight. He groans out, thrusting on.

“Fuck Kelly, you’re going to make me come, fuck!”

I can’t help it though; I lift myself higher, allowing him to get deeper. I come so hard for him. He moves faster, trying to find a new part of me to fuck. I moan out, telling him not to slow down. He doesn’t, and in moments is coming hard. He groans out, spilling his seed deeply inside my womb. He bucks, even after coming, pushing it deeper inside me.

We stay as we are, feeling the hard porch push against me, with Kevin’s weight on top of me. I shiver, feeling the breeze once more. It teases my skin, blowing on my exposed bits. The crickets and frogs go back to chirping and crocking. Though, I’m sure they never stopped, either way, I don’t care. I lean up and kiss his lips.

“Now what?” He asks me, looking confused. I know he’s never had a random hookup before. I haven’t in years, so it makes it suddenly a little awkward for the both of us.

“Erm, I say we continue on meeting up, when we can, of course,” I look up at him.

“Seriously? You want to keep doing this?”

“I do, and I’ll explain why tomorrow. Tonight we’re just this, and I’m happy, and I like it.”

“I like it too, Kelly.”

He stands, and helps me up. We tell each other goodnight, and I head inside. I check on the kids, both sleeping peacefully. When I go into the bedroom, my husband is sound asleep. I don’t even bother to shower, or clean up. I don’t care if I smell of someone else’s sex. In bed, I fall asleep fast, and with a smile on my face.

After that night, things get even better in my marriage. Sex is never brought up again, and for the next few years I fuck Kevin, as often as we can. Which, is pretty often. He truly does make me feel like a twenty something again.

I guess cheating isn’t always a bad thing…

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