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Kelly's Proposition

"Kelly had me where she wanted me"

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Author's Notes

"This wasn't originally supposed to be a series, but I'll do this across three different genres."

I still saw Kelly, albeit infrequently, but thought it best to keep my distance after I had cum in her bra cup.

She'd told me she'd filmed me for a while, I hoped she hadn't, but had no way of knowing.

I was washing my car when she drove past, dropped her window and called me over. Feeling nervous, I approached her car window. She wasn't smiling. I looked at her, and a hint of cleavage greeted me. I'd seen much more of those huge breasts, but even so, it was a welcome sight.

Kelly didn't say anything, she just showed me her phone. Sure enough, she'd filmed me; my balls in her bra cup, panties on my face, wanking. I felt my heart sink; it was undoubtedly me, no disputing that. Kelly smiled at me wickedly.

*£50 buys my silence."

I thought for a moment. She had me trapped and was blackmailing me. I replied that if she wanted to make £100 she could let me do it again, all of it. After all, we both orgasmed, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

She paused; my offer would turn her into a sort of sex worker, after all. I waited for her reply, knowing she could have got angry with me for suggesting such a thing. Eventually, Kelly replied by pulling at her neckline, exposing more of her ample breasts to me.

"I think these are worth £150, don't you?"

It was my turn to hesitate. She knew I wanted more of her tits, but £150 more? It was a lot of money just to cum in a bra, but she had me in a corner, and she was going to exploit my situation.

"Cash, of course," Kelly added, still smiling.

In my desperation, I agreed. We exchanged numbers and she drove away, no doubt pleased with herself. Getting paid £150 to cum wasn't a bad deal for her, but paying that much was not so good for me.

Soon enough, the texts started arriving; she was enjoying my situation and wanted to make me squirm.

"Looking forward to cumming for me?" read the first.

"I want to see your load in my bra cup,” read the second. She knew this kind of talk turned me on.

We arranged that she should come to my house after 5 pm, when I would be alone for a few hours. She'd have to park in another street so her parents wouldn't see her car, but that wasn't an issue. I'd got the cash ready, it was just a matter of time. It was a lot of money. Kelly was right though; those tits of hers were worth it.

Soon enough, the day arrived, I couldn't deny I was nervous, but excited too. Kelly arrived, ten past the hour. She’d come straight from work, still in her very unflattering uniform. I hoped that meant she'd been in her panties all day too; I knew what I was expected to do with them and was looking forward to it, a lot.

I'd showered, made sure I was spotless in all the right places and freshly shaved. Kelly hadn't, but I didn't care.

"Let's get the business end done first."

Her outstretched hand soon had an envelope in it. She checked there was cash in it, before putting the money in her bag, but didn't count it. She knew I was in no position to try anything stupid.

She removed her work top, her G cup breasts straining her t-shirt, her tight leggings bulging with her ample curves as I watched her fat ass cheeks wobble as we made our way upstairs, her bag in her hand. Kelly went into the bathroom.

"I'm going to change my underwear, I've been in them all day." My cock twitched at her words.

She entered the bedroom in her fresh underwear. A matching set of pink, a deep plunge displaying her 36G tits perfectly, her panties laced and much smaller than the black ones she handed me. I looked at the bra she handed me. It was the black one I'd cum in before.

"Yes, it's your cum bra!" Kelly grinned.

I undressed, and my semi-hard cock sprung out as Kelly sat watching me, her hand stroking her nipple as she saw me. I held the black panties to my face, inhaling her scent. I started to taste them, her sweat and pussy flavours filling my mouth. A hint of pee, I thought, but that may have been my imagination. I heard the buzz of a vibrator. She was sitting with the toy down her panties, looking at my now, fully hard cock.

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"Like to make another £100?" I asked.

Kelly looked at me curiously.

"Let me cum on your tits, you can keep your bra on, but let me cum on them. Oh, and I'd like you to be blindfolded"

Kelly was deep in thought, £250 for, what was probably not going to be a great amount of time was tempting her, I could tell. She agreed and another £100 went into her bag. I fashioned a blindfold out of her t-shirt and stood in front of her, my hard cock in my hand.

Kelly had the vibrator down her panties, teasing her clit with it as I watched those tits nestling in that pink bra jiggle while she played. She stopped, removing the blindfold.

"I want to watch you cum," Kelly said

I could live with that: I think I preferred it if I'm honest. I looked down at her tits as I wanked in front of her, my head glistening precum as her busy hands made them move in those pretty pink cups. Her breathing became heavy as she let out a moan, her first orgasm forming a visible damp patch in her pink panties. She regained her composure before starting the dirty talk again.

"Cum on me, cum on my big tits, empty your load on them as I fuck myself."

I was close, I knew it. My hand moved faster, and so did hers. I could tell she'd got the vibrator inside her, but still showed me nothing as her second orgasm tore through her body.

"Fuck, cum on my tits, soak my bra with your fresh hot cum."

I did exactly what she told me to do, sending ropes of cum over her tits as I released onto them. We watched it roll down between them, soaking her tits and her bra. I milked out every drop onto her and watched as she removed the vibrator from her pussy again, making sure I saw nothing.

Looking down, she saw the mess I'd made on her tits and smiled. Picking up her dirty black panties, I watched as she wiped my cum from her tits. She dropped the panties on the floor, handing me the vibrator, a simple instruction came my way.

"Clean it, clean it like you're sucking cock"

I started to lick the shaft, tasting Kelly's juices as her hand went down her panties. She was going for a third.

I took the head of the toy in my mouth as she watched me suck on it. I worked it further into my mouth, Kelly's fingers fluttering wildly behind the pink cotton. I swallowed her flavours eagerly with an exaggerated gulp, cleaning every inch, and tasting all of her flavours.

Kelly erupted at her third orgasm, her panties soaked. I took the vibrator from my mouth and placed it in her bag. A smiling Kelly confirmed her approval.

"You can keep my panties. You'll probably wank in them, I know. I'll take cum bra, though. Next time you'll be cumming in it. Carry on like this, I'll be able to afford a holiday."

Kelly grinned as she got dressed. I took her panties, she was right: I probably would cum in them, neither of us was under any illusion about that.

I waited for her to get to the door, her money-filled bag held tightly, before speaking.

"You're right, Kelly. I might be cumming in that bra next time. I won't be paying you though. When you were blindfolded, I filmed you. A wet hard cock, inches from your sweet mouth.

The next time will be so very different. I'll be cumming wherever I want to."

I closed the door on her, my turn to grin.

Written by Citroen
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