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Blackmail Stories


The Maid

Pete defies the family maid for the last time

Most people would describe Pete as a spoiled brat. He lived a life of ease growing up as an only child in upper-middle-class suburbia. His parents were overly protective, insulating him from the consequences of any bad behavior. By the time he reached eig...

Angela And The Revenge Porn 1 of 4

A young woman is horribly compromised by a pervert

2011 – London - Chapter 1 As Angela Candelema strolled down the bustling streets of East London, her effervescent smile seemed to capture the attention of nearly every passerby. She exuded a youthful charm and optimism that uplifted the spirits of those f...

Summer Scholastics Chapter 4

A horny teacher finds himself in a compromising position after evidence of his sexual escapades are threatened to be released.

"Hello, Matthew," came a deep and familiar voice from the phone. "I see I am not the only one who gets to ride you hard and put you up wet." “H-hello,” Matthew said to the cell phone in his trembling hand. “Unless you want me to paste those photos all ove...

Ruined Life Of Teacher Victoria Ch. 1

Student tricked teacher after disciplinary conversation.

As dawn broke, Victoria Wesley stirred from her slumber, the first rays of sunlight peeking through the cracks of the window blinds. As her gaze settled on her husband's sleeping face, a fond smile tugged at the corners of her lips. They had shared a rema...

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Brenda's Game - Chapter 13

Jim and Danny have an uncomfortable converstation at work. Susan struggles to keep her mind on work and off of Jim.

The morning sunlight, diffused by a veil of grey clouds, cast an eerie glow over the office building as Jim approached, his heart heavy with the burden of the truth he now carried. The weight of it pressed down on his shoulders, threatening to crush him a...

Brenda's Game - Chapter 4

Brenda confronts Jim with the magazine and begins her blackmail

Jim sat on the edge of the bed, his jaw clenched and his eyes fixed on the glossy cover of the gay porno magazine that lay open on his lap. "Boy Toys" was emblazoned across the top in a bold, crimson font. The provocative image on the cover featured a mus...

Don't Talk About My Boyfriend

A cheating girlfriend discovers a new kink and more

Cecelia had struggled getting used to her new life, not that she didn't like it, just that it was a jarring change for her. She had spent all her life in a small rural town and the urban lifestyle almost felt too fast-paced for her to keep up with. Puttin...

Costly Mistake Part 1

A mistake that led to sex

This is a true story from the 1980's. My name is George and I had just finished college and returned to my home town with my beautiful Hong Kong Chinese wife Suzie. She had been over here studying at the same college where we met and within two years we w...