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Charlotte's New Job, Part 6

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Peter decided to have a little fun with his new secretary during dinner!

Peter kissed Charlotte long, deep, and passionately, holding her trembling body close to him. He could feel the weight in his arms change as her knees got weak and he had to support her more. But he expected it and even liked that his kisses could make her melt like that. Charlotte moaned into his mouth as she gave herself over to his kiss and embrace and her hand went up to cradle his face.

After a few wonderful moments where Charlotte was swept away in delirious abandon, Peter broke the kiss and without a word spoken took her hand and led her to the sofa. He sat down on the sofa and pulled her to stand in front of him between his spread knees. 

He ran his hands slowly up the outside of her stockinged legs until he reached the bottom hem of her skirt. Charlotte had put her hands behind her back to keep them out of his way and resist the temptation to join in the fun. She wanted him to be free to do whatever it was he was planning without her interference.

He looked up at his new secretary and Charlotte was biting the corner of her bottom lip. He smiled - he knew that she wanted him to keep going but wasn't sure if she should say so. He got the message clear enough though and his hands slid under the hem of her skirt and continued upwards. His caress moved to the front of her thighs, then to the inside of her thighs and Charlotte gasped as he approached her pussy. His fingers brushed across the front of her panties and Charlotte moaned softly.

His fingers found the edge of her panties and slipped under to pet her trimmed crimson pussy directly. He could feel the heat and the dampness of her pussy and Charlotte began softly swaying as she languished in his touch. His fingers moved up and down her wet slit, toying with her swollen outer lips and rubbing across her clit but not going inside just yet. Charlotte softly swayed as her knees began to weaken even more and her breathing increased to a soft pant. 

He seemed to have this incredible hold on her - his very presence alone could make her swoon and her heart raced when he touched her. Charlotte, like most girls, had had her little crushes on movie stars and musical artists - hers was David Cassidy.

But this was more than an adolescent infatuation. No, Peter Peckerwood owned her. She would do anything he said on his word alone. She was that devoted to him. She felt it that first time she met him in his office on the very first interview. When she left the office that day her fate was sealed - she knew she would do whatever it took to be his.

Now she was his and was standing in their sumptuous hotel room in front of him with his hand up her skirt playing with her pussy. She felt his hands move away from her slit and go higher. He took hold of the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down over her hips and down her long nylon-encased legs. 

He pulled her panties completely down and she used his shoulder to stabilize her as she lifted her feet out of the garment. He brought it to his nose and inhaled her fragrant scent. "I love the way you smell my little slut!" and he took another deep breath. Charlotte nearly came right then and had to hold onto his shoulders with both hands to keep from falling as her knees buckled.

He caught her and held her up, making sure she didn't fall onto the hard wooden floor. He stood up and moved her around to the back of the sofa and bent her over it. She looked back over her shoulder, watching as he took off his suit jacket and tie. He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and then unzipped and dropped his pants down.

Charlotte moaned and reached out to grab hold of the cushions as Peter hiked her skirt up. His hands were on her ass now, softly caressing her probing her dripping slit and circling playfully around her tight crinkled ass hole. 

Charlotte moaned and raised her ass as if asking him to enter her. She didn't even care which hole he would choose, she just wanted to feel him inside her. 

Charlotte wasn't new to anal sex. She had been taken in the back door a few times before, although Peter's cock would be the biggest she had ever attempted. Her first experience was in high school by a senior who didn't know any more about it than she did. It hurt as he fumbled around awkwardly, and it took her some time before she let anyone try it again.

But she did, and the second time was much more pleasurable. Now she was hoping to take Peter's fat cock back there. She knew he would make it a wonderful time and he would make sure she enjoyed herself completely.

But her anal adventure would have to wait. Peter had something else in mind right now. He used his strong hands to pull her ass cheeks apart revealing her little brown star and opening her pussy lips. He breathed in her scent, this time right from the source, and he licked his lips. He pushed his face into the crack of her ass and his tongue homed in on her welcoming, sweet slit.

"OHHH PETER!" Charlotte cried out as she felt him driving his squirming tongue into her. His tongue writhed and twisted as wriggled around inside her pussy as Charlotte bucked and moaned draped over the sofa. He held her ass cheek open as he ate her out from behind, driving the young secretary wild in the process. 

The feeling was both delicious and excruciating - she wanted to get away from the tormenting tongue, but pinned as she was to the sofa back, she had no place to go. She had to simply endure the agonizing and exhilarating feelings he was giving her.

Peter licked and lapped at her pussy sometimes delving deep inside, sometimes just lounging at her pussy lips. On occasion, his tongue would travel up and circle her little ass hole, making wonderful small circles around the puckered opening before moving back down for more of her sweet juices.

Charlotte, unable to contain the sounds of joy coming from her but not wanting to call unwanted attention to what she was going through, pulled a cushion up off the sofa and stuffed a corner of it into her mouth to gag herself. But this only freed her to scream more and loosened any remaining inhibitions she might have. 

"Please, Peter, make me cum! Please, baby, I need to cum real bad! Please, please make me cum!" she pleaded after a few minutes of his work.

"I have a better idea. Wait right here...don't you move!" he said. She shook her head no and waited curiously for what he was going to do. He went and retrieved something from his carry-on and came back to kneel behind her again.

"Do you trust me?" 


"No, do you TRUST me?" he said with more emphasis this time.

"Yes, Peter, I trust you... completely." And she did - she knew that he would never do anything to harm her - physically, emotionally or in any other way.

"All right then. You weren't the only one who did some shopping before the trip. I got you a little something that I think we will both find quite interesting. Are you ready?" 

She wasn't sure what he was talking about but she replied "Mmmhmm..."

Peter placed something cold and hard against her pussy and she gasped at first. "Don't worry you will get used to it," he said. He rubbed the hard smooth object around smearing her ample juices all over it. She still couldn't figure out what it was and then suddenly he began to push the object into her!

The first couple seconds, she accepted it feeling it expand her pussy was exciting. But the more he pushed into her the more she was stretched and soon she began to moan as he filled her more and more. 

"Oh, Peter! Oh, honey, it's filling me up so much! Oh, I don't know if I can take it! Ohhh..." 

"Just relax sweetheart, it's almost there..." He coaxed her. Charlotte tried to relax, tried to put her mind on something else, but the feeling of her pussy being opened like this was too distracting. 

Then suddenly it was over - whatever it was it was completely inside her, and her pussy opening went back to normal.

"There, see you have the egg all the way inside you now," he said.

"The egg?" she asked, quizzically.

"Yes, I went to the local adult toy store back in New York and bought a remote controlled vibrating egg for you to wear. I will have the remote and I will see how well you can keep your mind on your work with the egg inside you!" he said with a wicked smile. "Now shall we try it out and see what you think?"

Before she could answer he picked up the remote and turned it on a low setting. Charlotte felt it come to life inside her and gasped

"Ohhh, Shit!" and her eyes got wide as the egg started up. She was starting to realize this was going to be a long and very trying meal!

"Oh my naughty little secretary wasn't ready for that one was she? Let's see if she will be for this one!"

Peter took the remote and this time he turned it up to a higher setting. The remote had five different levels and three different patterns - a steady buzz, a double buzz, and a continuous pulsating buzz. Peter selected Level Three and a pulsating buzz and then hit the power button.

That was when Charlotte's soul left her body. Charlotte was already on the very aroused from his eating her and from the egg being inside her. She closed her eyes and fought off the impending crash as hard as she could. But it was inevitable and as she lost the battle, she began to cum, her legs shaking as her pussy juice began to pour onto the hardwood floor.

Charlotte had just enough presence of mind to hike her short skirt quickly so it wouldn't get soaked and Peter saw her pussy gushing and her juices flow down her leg. He started to laugh and enjoyed what he was seeing. 

"Tonight is going to be a very interesting and entertaining night, my dear!" he said with a wicked grin.

Charlotte calmed down once he turned the vibrator off and got herself together. 

"Now put your panties back on, and let's go get something to eat - that airplane food just doesn't cut it for me!"

She stood up and he handed her panties back to her. He had a feeling he would be getting them back soon though. "I think I'd better put a pad on just in case... with the egg inside me and you holding the remote I got a feeling I may need a little something extra tonight!" she said, blushing.

She went into the bathroom and she came out a couple minutes later dressed and with her makeup fixed. "I put a couple extra pads in my purse just in case you were still feeling playful" she whispered as they left the room and headed for the elevator. On the way down to the ground floor, he turned to her. 

"Okay, here are the rules for tonight. You can cum as many times as you need to, but you have to ask and wait for me to give you permission before you do. If you cum one time without my telling you that you may, you will pay the price for it. An over the knee spanking with twenty-five smacks for every time you cum without permission. Do you understand, Charlotte?" 

"Yes, Sir I understand." A twinge went through her pussy at the mention of an over the knee spanking. She remembered what Angela had told her about her spanking at his hands. And she remembered how shocked - and then turned on - she was when Angela told her. Maybe a spanking wouldn't be such a bad thing after all!

When they got downstairs, Peter walked her over to some lounge chairs in the lobby. "Wait here I will call us a cab." 

She smiled and nodded. He then walked to the check-in counter and the hotel clerk happily called a taxi for them. When the cab arrived, Peter helped her sit down as easy as she could with the vibrator that was up her hot, horny body. She sat as still as she could so it wouldn't hurt her. He saw just how uneasy she was. 

"Comfortable, my dear?" 

"Yes, Sir." She wasn't really, but she didn't want him to know she wasn't enjoying herself. She thought that once she got used to the vibrator inside her it would be easier to take.

He leaned over and kissed her again, knowing that she was lying but proud of her for trying to cover it and bravely keep going.

"Now let go have something to eat," he said. With his sparkling smile, all she could do is smile back at him. The cab drove them to a very nice out of the way restaurant that he knew well. The maitre 'd seated them at a cozy table in a secluded corner of the restaurant where they could have some privacy.

Charlotte sat quietly with her back straight and her hands folded in her lap looking like the perfect lady. But Peter knew that underneath that perfect exterior, Charlotte was a bundle of nerves. He had the biggest smile on his face, watching how well-mannered his secretary was. 

He reached his hand out and she placed her hand in his. "Relax, Charlotte, we are supposed to be having fun!" he said. "Just enjoy yourself."

Charlotte managed a smile for him, but she was still trying to get used to having the egg vibrator inside her. By the time they ordered their meals, she had relaxed a little bit and was starting to feel very sexy knowing that she was filled up with something that would bring both of them pleasure tonight. 

"We have a few minutes before our dinner. Let's see what we can do to occupy our time, shall we?" Peter said teasingly. He reached into his pocket and flicked the switch on the vibrator. Instantly it came to life, buzzing softly as its vibrations sent electric waves of pleasure straight to her brain.

Charlotte gasped softly as it hit her and she splayed her legs open under the table. She grabbed the edges of the table in an attempt to control her passions and keep control of herself. But that's not what Peter had in mind for the night. He turned the vibrator up a level and she tossed her head back and rolled her eyes as it soon grew difficult to breathe. She tried to fight the orgasm building up inside her but with every passing second, she felt like she was going to lose control.

"Peter... pleease!" she whispered as softly as she could "I... I..." Charlotte was struggling... she tried gripping the table tightly, she tried reaching her hand under the table to hold her dampening pussy, she tried biting her lip, nothing seemed to be helping. It wouldn't be long before...

Then as suddenly as he started, he stopped the vibrator. Charlotte sat there breathing deeply as she came back to earth. 

"Thank you, Sir," she said between breaths.

"Oh don't thank me just yet, my dear," he said as he clicked the egg vibrator on again. Charlotte jerked stiffly again and gritted her teeth against the buzzing in her cunt. Little beads of sweat were beginning to form on her forehead as she held the edges of the table, her knuckles white with the strain. She softly rocked back and forth as her pussy lit up and she began panting again.

"Ohhhh Peeterrr... pleease! Please...stop!" she whispered trying very hard to control her speech.

Peter reached under the table casually and placed the toe of his shoe against her panties and gently pressed against her hot mound. This drove the vibrations even deeper and Charlotte moaned ever so softly.

"Ohhh...God, Peter... please... I... I... can't... ohhhhh, fuuuck....."

"Be quiet little one, unless you want a spanking!" he warned her quietly.

"Please... oh, Peter, please... stop!" she pleaded in a whisper.

"You're not having a good time my sweet slut? I thought this would entertain you!" he said, smirking evilly.

"Sir... I... I'm going... oh please... stop...." she said imploring him with her eyes.

Peter smiled knowing she was on the brink and he didn't want her to fail just yet. He backed the vibrator off and it settled into a gentle hum. She panted and wiped the sweat from her forehead with her napkin. 

"Sir," she panted, "May I please be excused to use the ladies room?"

"Yes, you may. But be quick... our dinner should be here soon."

"Yes... Sir," she said, still trying to breathe normally.  As she went off to the restroom, Peter devilishly flicked the vibrator up, causing her to falter in her step and have to lean on a nearby wall for support. She made it safely to the ladies room and leaning against the counter she opened her blouse and ran a wet paper towel over her chest.

One of the other ladies in the restroom came over and asked if she was all right and she quickly told her the wine was getting to her. Charlotte finished cooling down and touching up her makeup, went back to the table to rejoin her Peter.

"Feeling better, my dear?" 

"Yes, Peter. Thank you," she said as he helped her to her seat. Their meal arrived soon after and for safety's sake he didn't use the vibrator while they ate. When they had finished their meals, however, Peter touched off the egg vibrator and Charlotte had a very hard time walking up to the front to wait as he paid for the dinner. 

The cashier looked at her as she rang up the bill "Are you feeling okay honey?" she asked. Charlotte just smiled and told her they had just flown in from New York and she was a bit tired. Which wasn't a lie but it wasn't the whole truth either!

"Come on, honey, let's get you back to the hotel so you can lie down and rest!" Peter said sounding very concerned. The cashier smiled. "I hope you feel better!" she said.

As they walked out the door he said in a low voice "Oh, I think she'll be feeling a lot better very soon!" Charlotte heard it and moaned softly, knowing that he was absolutely right! They waited for the cab to arrive and then headed back to the hotel for more fun.

On the way back to the hotel, Peter kept the pressure on her with the egg vibrator. He varied the speed and rhythm and Charlotte squirmed in her seat like she had ants in her pants. Peter tried hard not to laugh at her condition and she bit her lip, she squeezed his hand and she gripped the armrest until her knuckles turned white - all in an effort to distract her from the demon buzzer in her pussy. But nothing seemed to help.

"Peter, please... I'm going to... cum... if you don't..." she panted quietly. She didn't want the driver to hear her but she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. 

Peter smiled and turned the device up to Level 4 and set the vibrations to pulsing. This was almost more than she could bear and he watched her eyes close and the sweat pour from her forehead. Finally, she could take no more.

"Peter please, may I cum? I can't hold it anymore! Please, baby please may I cum?" she asked. He had told her she needed his permission to cum.

"Not yet. Hold it till we get to the room," 

"Oh God!" But she fought against it as hard as she could. A couple minutes later though she asked again.

"Please, Peter! Please, I need to cum! I can't hold it! I can't wait till we get to the room! Please! Either let me cum or stop the egg I can't hold it back much longer!" she pleaded.

"Just a little longer and then we'll be home," 

Just when she thought she would bust wide open the cab pulled up to the door. He helped her out, paid the driver, and the two of them walked into the hotel. Peter intentionally walked a little slow, which only heightened Charlotte's need to cum.

"Oh please hurry Peter! Don't be mean! Please, I'm dying here!" 

Finally, they reached the elevator and the doors opened. Thankfully, no one was on the elevator so Charlotte wouldn't have to explain her condition again. But Peter took the opportunity to end her suffering. 

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the remote. Showing it to her, he cranked the speed all the way up. 
Charlotte exploded. 

With her hand clamped over her mouth, she screamed out as her dam broke and she spewed sweet pussy juice into her panties, completely soaking the pad and running down her legs to pool at her feet. She slammed back against the wall of the elevator and pinned herself into the corner so she wouldn't fall. Peter moved to place himself in front of her, pressing into her to help hold her up.

He kissed her hard as she orgasmed there in the elevator and she grabbed his upper arms for stability. 

She came and came - the evening's teasing had built to almost painful levels and she needed to empty herself of the stresses. 
At last (and just before the elevator reached their floor) she finished and she was barely able to get her feet back under her when the chime went off and the door opened. She grabbed his arm and used him to help her walk down the hallway to their room.

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