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Secretary Stories


The Price of Embezzlement Ch. 03

My boss already finger-fucked me, and now he wants more?!

It always sucks getting your period. Unless you're in the middle of a pregnancy scare or something, it's rough no matter what your situation is. That said, I feel like I'm in a uniquely shitty position. Honestly though, while it isn't as bad as it could b...

The Price Of Embezzlement Ch 01

I stole from the company; now my boss wants my panties?!

As I inch down the hallway, I can feel my anxiety steadily increasing. With each shallow, shuffling step, my heart rate continues to climb. Part of me feels certain that every single coworker within the hallway can hear the thundering sound of my pulse, l...


Marriage can work, this is how we make it happen.

It wasn't supposed to be this way, but I am so glad that it has worked out like it has. My wife, Jade, is thirty years old. I am Cammron, and I am forty-five years old. Even though I work out regularly and eat right, I must admit that I am slowing down a...

Tom And Janet Get Real

A business trip gives Tom and Janet the opportunity they need to open up and move forward.

Tom stepped out of the shower, feeling a hundred times better. The flight to Dallas had taken a lot out of him. The conference tomorrow would also be demanding. At least, he thought, he wasn’t presenting. Nevertheless, all the people, all the networking,...

Nicole's Penance Ch. 3

A lonely husband waits for his wife to return

It was 6:00 pm on Tuesday and John was still at work. He didn’t have that much of a backlog and could have easily dealt with it during normal work hours. He wasn’t staying late because of work. He was staying late because he hated going home to an empty a...

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The clichéd marriage

Cait realises she's married a cliché when she reads a text she wasn't supposed to

It was the morning after Cait’s thirty-seventh birthday. She’d had to make the birthday dinner reservations herself as she knew he’d have forgotten. He’d laughed when she told him and he just gave that same shrug he always did. And then he paid for it fro...

Jada Versailles: Secretary Role-Play

Jada's new lover wants her to pretend she works for him... funny and sexy

After about an hour, they all felt satisfied that they had covered the basics, at least, to prevent a legal disaster. The ball was rolling. Jada had a good feeling about Dovydas. All of his advice had been well thought out, practical, and creative. Ayano...

I Become My Coworker’s Secretary Part 1

How I wanted to become my coworker's sissy secretary, and he would have let me too.

Sometimes in life timing just doesn’t work out and this is one of those times. This story could have happened, but it’s a fantasy because we both had already left the company. But in this story, I’m going to pretend that we still worked together and that...

First Impressions

Rachel was nervous enough going into the job interview, and then she met the secretary.

The ad seemed simple enough. “Help wanted. Full-time work in a professional atmosphere. Duties include but are not limited to…” All that corporate jazz. I wasn’t in love with the work-life, but my mom sure wanted me out of the house and working again, so...

Product Testing, Chapter 2

Lydia learns why Tony is the boss and she loves it!

Tony could sense her urgency and it drove him wild. Though he was hesitant to leave her sweet delectable peach, he pulled his lips from her pussy and stood up, pushing the chair away behind him.  Catching her legs behind her knees, he moved his hands up t...

Product Testing, Chapter 1

Lydia was called in to sample a cologne they were marketing, but she got sampled instead!

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to this meeting. As you know our company is preparing to launch a new cologne in our men's fragrances line. This cologne has been exhaustively studied by our R&D department and by our staff of scientists and che...