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Mr. Hottie and the Coat Room

Looking For Mr. Hottie
I’m stuck working yet another Friday night shift. This willbe my eighth; my boss promised me it off. Of course someone called out and who do they call, me, Grace! They know I won’t say no, I can be such a push over sometimes. I love my job, but I want to go out and shake my ass, maybe even find a man!

So, here I am its 8:25 in the evening and we have two dinner parties coming in. I’m a waitress at one of the finer restaurants in the area and we’re always booked. The parties are large, one has twelve people, and the other has fifteen. I get lucky, and get the bigger party. They’re to show up at 8:45, I hope they at least tip well. I make myself busy with other tables, and running the coat room all at once.

The group, which turns out to be all men show up. I take notice of them all, all ranging different ages. They come in, and I take their coats. I hang them up, giving them the proper numbers that go with their stuff. One in particular catches my eye, damn he’s hot.

I seat them, taking drink orders. I find out while taking the drink orders, that one of the men is getting married. He looks to be in his mid 40’s and is rather handsome. They've come here for a simple bachelor’s party.

The hot one keeps eying me, making me blush. I can’t help but fancy him. He is about 6’2”, 155 pounds, clearly pretty fit. He has sandy brown hair, with baby blue eyes. He’s has on black slacks, and a white button up shirt.

I feel like a mess in my work uniform. I have on a knee length, dark blue skirt, adorn with a light blue button up shirt. I always wear my dark brown hair up in a cute twist. It keeps it off my neck. I have pale white, milky skin. My eyes are the deepest green you can ask for, with long eye lashes. I stand at 5’5”, 5’6” with my heels. I jog every morning, staying fit as much as I can. I’m not a health nut though. I weigh 118 pounds. I fill my tops nicely with 32C breasts, always showing off a little bit of cleavage.

I go to the bar and give the order to the bar tender, when Tara comes up to me with a cheeky grin.

“How did you get so lucky, G?!”

My name is Grace, but everyone for as long as I can remember, has always called me G.

“Oh, you know. I flash a pretty little smile, and get lucky to be serving fifteen men.” I tease her. She is one of the biggest flirts, and known for her over the top ways of getting tips.

The bar tender finishes, and I head back with all the drinks. I notice that the hottie is still unable to take his eyes off me. I round the table giving the men their drinks, as I get to Mr. Hottie, I lean in, letting him get a nice view of my goodies. I turn to gaze into his perfect blue eyes, and I grin. He can’t help it, he grins right back at me.

Throughout taking their food orders, I find out some of their names. The one getting married, his name is Don. Most of the men seem to be about his age, except Mr. Hottie. I find out that he’s just 21, not to bad to my 26. I've never been with someone younger than me before. His name turns out to be Harris. Harris is the son of Don’s wife to be.

Once I take their orders, I leave them be. I’m asked to keep an eye on just them, so the other tables are assigned to others. I’m to keep up with the coat room though. Harris seems to scan the room, and spots me standing there. I pretend not to notice, because I know he isn't trying to get my attention for anything other than looking at me. My mind races at the thought of what I could do to him. It’s been ages since I have had sex, and in much need. He would do just fine.

I come back with their food order; it takes two of us to bring to them. Tara assists me, serving them and scurries off, not wanting to over step her place. I serve them their food, and work my flirty ways with each of them. I pay extra mind to Mr. Hottie himself. When I bring him his plate, I feel him lean back, allowing me to put his plate down, his fingers run lightly over my back side. I let out a soft but almost unnoticeable gasp. I’m shocked at his boldness, but love it.

I leave them to their food, with a silly smile on my face.

“What are you smiling about?” Tara asks me, as I near her.

“I can’t help but fancy that guy, Mr. Hottie. Oh he’s so sexy, isn't he?”

“I could sink my teeth into a few of them; I can’t deny it, G.”

“Just keep your teeth off that one.” I nod towards Harris, and she smiles.

“He’s all yours, G. You’re in need, go get you some.”

Tara knows all about my past. I was with a guy for years and when we broke up, I swore off men for a long time. It has of course now been a long time; I've just yet to meet anyone. Until tonight it might seem. I keep noticing him giving me side glances too. I think he might be thinking the same thing as me.


As the evening goes on, the restaurant quiets down. The other party is still here also, so we still have a good handful of costumers. A few of the other waitress’s have left for the night. It’s just me, Tara and one other waitress, along with the cooks, and one bartender. I keep busy with my table; they’re drinking away and enjoying whatever men enjoy when in such a large group.

“So, are you going to go for it, G?” Tara asks me, as I come back from checking on the men.

“Oh, I don’t know, honestly what am I going to do, fuck him out back?”

“I have.” Is all she says…

“Tara! My God woman, you’re unstoppable.”

“I know what I like, and I go for it… Give it a try, G. Live a little.”

She walks off and I sigh. I think she’s right and I decide to risk it. I take one of the napkins from bar and scribble a note on it for Mr. Hottie..

‘Here goes nothing.’ I say to myself. I go to the table, and ask if anything is needed. A few ask for refills, and I pass Harris. I pick up his empty glass, dropping the napkin causally on his lap, and walk away. I take a deep breath and get the refills. When I come back, Harris gets up to use the restroom. I’m guessing to read the note.

It’s a simple note, it reads;

‘Meet me in the coat room in 15 minutes.’

I speak to the others for a short bit, making nice. I excuse myself, and I go to the coat room, and pull close the shutters. I peek through the crack to see if Harris has come back to the table yet. No sign of him. What if I made a mistake? What if he thinks I’m joking? What if he doesn't want to meet me here? I start to get nervous, but can’t help but hope he wants this too.

I hear a soft knock on the door to the coat room. I open it a crack, and he pushes his way through. He has the cheekiest grin on his face. He wants this as much as I do!

“It’s about time, Grace.” He knows me as Grace, since that’s how I introduced myself when I sat them at their table.

“It’s just G… G will do just fine.”

“Mmm yes, G is nice. But I like the way Grace rolls off my lips.”

I feel my heart flutter, as he takes a step forward. I look up at him, he’s towering down over me. He leans down and places a single kiss on my nose. I blush deep; I wrap my arms around him and kiss his lips softly. He captures my lips with his and kisses back with as much passion. His tongue pushes forward, making sweeping, swirling motions inside my mouth. His silky touch melts me; I feel the energy grow strong between us.

He pushes me against the wall, his kiss still controlling. I feel his hands invade my body, up to my breasts. He gently starts to beings to knead and stroke my aching breasts through my shirt. My nipples harden quickly; he thumbs over them making the torment stronger. His lips break free from mine; he nips my jaw line, down to my neck. His lips are like fire, I am gasping for breath so soon. His skilled mouth inches forward, up to my ear. With a soft, husky voice he whispers.

“Do you want me, Grace?” He asks as he presses his erection into my body, letting the C in my name almost hiss out. It’s hot, and he’s needy.

“I do, please. I want you, Harris.” I almost beg him, needing him. I lose control of all my senses. They’re all focused on him.

He begins to unbutton my shirt, slowly. My breasts heaving, wanting to break free of the restriction of my clothes. He runs his thumb along my shoulders, letting my shirt fall to the floor. His mouth is still kissing, and sucking on my neck. He reaches around and unclasps my bra; I blush, once it falls. I feel completely exposed. I help him with his shirt, doing the same as he did to me. I meet his buckle, and start to undo it. I lower myself to my knees and finish, pulling his pants down until their around his ankles. I can see his blatant, aggressive, magnificent arousal, even hidden behind his boxers. I reach up; tug on them until they slip off his hips, his cock springs free.

I flick my eyes up towards him, his cheeky smile still as pronounced as ever. He rocks his hips towards me, his straining erection begging for my lips. I scoot closer and wrap my mouth around his head. He gasps out, and leans forward. One hand against the wall, propping himself up, the other coming down to the back of my neck. I start a slow, soft suck. I work my tongue around him, soaking his cock with my saliva, before I pick up my pace. I let my teeth roll down his shaft, my tongue flicking lightly under his shaft. I give special attention right under his head, where he seems to groan out for it. His hips start to rock forward, allowing him to go deeper.

“That’s it, Grace, take me.” He croons to me lightly, so soft spoken.

His throbbing erection pushes deeper into my throat, I hear his moaned request and suck harder. There is slight noise outside the door, but it doesn't slow me down. I’m not worried about it. I can’t be bothered to care. I want this man; I want him in the worst possible way. I don’t let up, I suck deeper, longer. He thrusts all of his manhood into my throat, I take him, and he groans out. I pull him out of my mouth, popping it lightly as I do. He looks down at me; I can see he is in the same state of lust as I am.

“I need you, Harris.”

“I need you, Grace. Come here.”

He helps me up, and kisses me long and deep. I take a step back, and drink in the view before me. I look at his sleek, slender body with its fine musculature superb male animal in his prime condition. He hips are narrow; his butt tight and firm, as I step up to him, squeezing it tight. He wraps his thick arms around me, doing the same to my soft, yet firm ass. Our lips meet, and begin their own battle, our tongues lashing at each other, kissing deeply.

We somehow make it the floor, our bodies tangled up together in a mess. His mouth moves down from my mouth, covering my left nipple and sucks hard on the tip of it. My warm tingling flesh begs for his touch, I let out a soft cooing noise. He smiles that cheeky smile and rolls his fingers over my right nipple. His teeth sink into my left one, as his tongue lashes at it hard. My left hand works down, finding his erection, he wriggles closer wanting me to touch, and I do.

It’s only brief before he’s on top of me. His eyes are burning deep into my soul, his cheeky smile so apparent. He taps my knees; I open my legs for him. He lifts them slightly, placing my knees against my chest. My skirt is hiked all the way up around my tiny waist. My breathing becomes a desperate rhythm, his cock playing with my pussy lips. His touch is as warm as honey, leaning down over me.

He takes my nipple back into his mouth, they hardened in empathy instantly, and he chews on each one. He goes back and forth between the two, giving no special treatment to one. I can feel my pulsating core throb for him. I lift my hips, almost asking silently for him to take me. The head of his hot, bulging cock presses against me once more. His mouth not stopping, finally he begins to slightly push inwards. I can feel how wet I am against him. He guides himself slowly, inch by incredible inch, inside me, easing himself into me fully.

My breathing sucks in sharp, the pinch of him forces a moan out. He smiles at me, knowing I approve of him. How could I not? He begins to roll his hips gently, fully inside me. My hands move up, into his hair, I grip him, and he rolls faster. He doesn't thrust, just rolls deeper into me. I can feel myself withering, encouraging him to go on. He finally begins to thrust into me; I whimper and lift my hips from the floor. I match his pace, never missing a beat.

We move together in total harmony, our rhythmic swaying motion is perfect. He moves a hand down and begins to stroke on my clit, I moan out his name. Oh, that cheeky smile is back. He doesn't give in; he can feel I’m close. He knows my body so well, how can he? I don’t care, I just want him. He pounds down into me harder, with a hungry need. The way he touches my clit, pushes me on. I lift my hips, a wave of orgasm hits me, uncontrollable, shuddering with contractions. The sweet and final cry for him is growling out, as he covers my mouth in kisses, muffling the cries.

I hear him groan against my lips, his pace jerks forward. His own glorious waves of splendor erupt inside me. His hot seed spills into me, my orgasm still as intense. I can feel my pussy sucking him in deeper, drinking all he has to offer me. We allow his molten juices to intermingle with mine, as he leans down, nuzzling into my neck. He grinds a little inside me, pushing his seed in further. My breathless urgent gasps slow, finally filling my lungs back up. He lies deep inside, I stroke his back lightly.

“I wasn't expecting that.” I whisper, in a low, almost exhausted voice.

“Nor me… But it was bloody amazing.” He flashes me a cheeky smile.

“I've never done this before, oh but it was so good.” I blush, looking into his sea of blue eyes.

We groan slightly when I say I have to get back to work. He helps me dress; I make sure he looks decent. He goes out first, sitting down. I come to the table, hearing the end of his excuse of where he’s been. He was out making a business call. Don flashes me a smile, and asks for one last round for the troops. I take everyone’s orders and head back to the bar.

Tara is smiling from ear to ear, as she leans against the bar.

“You filthy slut... You did it, didn't you?”

“I did, I so did!” I croon at her, smiling that cheeky smile.

“G! Was he any good?!”

“He was bloody fantastic; I don’t want it to be a onetime thing though.”

“Give him your number then, silly.” Tara says in a duh obvious tone.

I figure she is right, and I write down my number. I slide it under the tray of drinks and go back to the table. I work myself around the table, leaving Mr. Hottie himself last, and lean in. I drop the napkin on his lap again, and he gazes at me with a cheeky grin. I can’t help but bite my lip from giggling. I stroll off, as he so carelessly picks it up and looks at it. He smiles again, and stuffs the napkin in his pocket.

The night comes to an end; it’s been a good few hours since they arrived. I bring them their bill, and Don extends his utmost gratitude to me for putting up with a bunch of men. I tell him it was a delight to be of service. They leave, and leave an incredible tip for me. I’m shocked at what they leave. I’m a bit sad when Harris makes no mention to calling me, he just smiles and leaves.

An hour later, when we are closing up, I go back to the employee lounge and get my things. I hear my phone beep, telling me I have a text. I pick it up, it’s an unknown number.

I open and read it.

It was unexpected but wonderful evening my beautiful Grace. Thank you. One last thing, fancy being my date to my mum and Don’s wedding?

I’m stunned; I stand there and re-read it, half expecting the words to change. I snap out of it and shoot him back a text.

I’d be delighted, Mr. Hottie.

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