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A night to remember

A night I will remember always.
It had been seemingly ages since we'd actually laid eyes on one another. I had to take care of some personal matters and was in the States for a few days, when she happened to be on an erotic website we both enjoyed. I poked her to let her know I saw her online and that was I available to chat if she was up for it. A few minutes went by and we were chatting again like time hadn't passed between us.

After talking about things that had developed in our own lives, I let her know that I was in town. She was nonetheless happy to hear that and asked if I had plans to stop by and see her.

She and I had been friends for several years and there was always this attraction that was too obvious to ignore. Both of us acknowledged this mutual interest but we never really took it much further than the occasional get together with some fairly heavy kissing. For one reason or another we just never took the plunge, never took our clothes off beyond my shirt lying on the floor, never went beyond a heavy petting session.

We had expressed our interest and mutual frustration numerous times over the years that we never went further. For us it became a fantasy, random accounts of dirty texting, some provocative emails and the occasional naughty picture sent to each other. We seemed resigned to the fact that in all likelihood our mutual interest would be just that, a fantasy.

We agreed to meet up the following day at her place and just spend sometime reacquainting our friendship. I got lost along the way, as she had since moved from her previous apartment to a new house and I was unfamiliar with the town she now lived in. I looked for my phone and realized I had left it behind and had no way of contacting her to let her know I was running behind. I felt terrible, as I was usually prompt when we met up and she probably expected nothing less. Finally finding her house I relaxed for a minute in her driveway.

Why do I always feel nervous when I'm about to see her? I thought to myself.

Stepping out of the car I brushed off my clothes to make certain there weren't any stray hairs or lint particles. She was my friend but I wanted to make certain I looked good regardless.

I knocked on her door and she opened it up smiling to me, that wonderful same smile whenever we saw one another. I stepped inside giving her a hug and a brief kiss and followed her to the living room. We sat down on the couch together and started talking like we hadn't missed a step. Somewhere along the way, not sure how it happened, her head was upon my chest and her arm was around me.

How I missed this closeness and comfortable position we both shared. I placed my arm around her and softly played with her hair. She then looked up at me with a gleam in her eye I was certain was meant exclusively for me. Unable to resist that look, I placed my hand upon her cheek and pulled her ever closer so I could lay my lips on that which I desired. Her sweet lips were soft and supple and responded in kind to my every action. Our tongues soon were entwined as our passion was again renewed for each another. Her body was pressed so close to mine, returning my kisses with a vigor. God I was in heaven!

As quickly as our kissing had started, we returned to the comfortable surroundings of embracing one another. I toyed with her hair and she ran her fingers along my chest. Slowly her hand crept under my shirt and rubbed the bare skin that it found, her nails lightly scratching my skin, toying with my body's sensations.

She reached her hand up higher, located my nipples and traced lightly around them, bringing about their rise. I could take no more and placed my hand around her neck and lifted her head to mine. I kissed her with such ferocity, and even though she enjoyed it, she backed away taunting me. I needed more and would not take no for an answer. I pulled her again in closer and pressed my demanding lips to hers taking what I wanted and desired.

Our lips remained enthralled with one another, tongues dancing their own dance. She broke off the kiss only to push my shirt up and off of me, tossing it to the side and returned her mouth to mine with a hunger that seemingly wouldn't be quenched.

I placed my hand on her breast, feeling its fullness and teasing my way to her nipple. Upon my fingers finding their prize, I heard a soft sigh and a slight gasp. I smiled inwardly as it made me happy that I had just brought forth a bit of pleasure. We toyed with each other, our hands exploring each other's chests for what seemed like hours while our lips remained pressed together. Such sweet torture we both were feeling!

Her hands slowly crawled down my chest, going over my stomach, and her lips followed planting soft kisses along the way until she grasped my erection through my jeans. I let out a gasp as she had never touched me like this before. I'd wanted this for so many years and her hand was upon my manhood, tracing its outline, feeling its engorged state.

She smiled at me realizing what she'd just created and returned to softly kissing my chest and stomach. My body was alive and I felt every nerve ending stand to attention as she softly kissed and touched my skin. Agony, such sweet agony, yet such sweet enjoyment nonetheless. Suddenly she slid off the couch next to me and dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me. She spread my legs and began to pull down my zipper. My breath suddenly quickened. Is this really happening? I thought. 

She pulled my pants off leaving me in just my boxer briefs while she was on her knees before me. There was a hunger in her eyes that I'd never seen. She put her mouth directly over my engorged organ nibbling at it through the fabric, her fingers dancing over my balls scratching and teasing them. Kisses softly roamed over my nether region and I was longing for her to remove my shorts and take me into her mouth, yet she teased me further by licking my fullness, grasping it, feeling its weight in her hand.

I began to squirm on the sofa and as I was doing so, my shorts began to slide down off of me. The head was nearly at the waistband eager to reveal itself. She promptly placed her mouth over the head and bit onto it softly sending waves of pleasure through my body. Squirming again my shorts slid down once more, and the head revealed itself for the first time since we'd known each other.

Wasting no time she dived down upon it placing my raging cock into her wet mouth. My body moaned in appreciation of the pleasure it was receiving and I pushed my shorts completely off, leaving me naked and at her mercy. Running her tongue along the shaft, her fingers pinched and teased my bulbous head. Again my body moaned and I heard a little snicker come from her, obviously happy with what she had just done.

She began licking my heavy testicles, tracing her tongue around each velvety orb before taking one into her mouth and rolling it around inside. My body groaned with pleasure and my eyes rolled back into my head. My body began to writhe in pleasure as I lay back as far as I could. Slipping her tongue underneath my scrotum she licked the tender spot just below it. Oh my God, how this was driving me wild!

Sensing my pleasure she placed her finger at my anus and teased the outside causing me to squirm and writhe in torturous pleasure. I needed to feel her mouth upon my cock once more. Knowing what I needed and wanted, she began to suck me in earnest. The sensation was incredible as the moistness of her mouth enveloped my organ from tip to base. I needed release, yet she continued at her own pace keeping me on the edge of heaven. Finally I could take no more and grasped her head between my hands and began to drive myself into her mouth with abandon.

She looked up at me with surprise and I sensed that what I was doing was not only allowed, but what she actually wanted. I renewed my assault upon her mouth with powerful strokes, each time forcing myself deeper and deeper into her willing mouth. My body was on fire and I didn't think I could hold out much longer. With one final thrust I pushed myself as far into her mouth as I could, releasing her prize. Eagerly she swallowed each spurt of my semen as they burst forth and pooled into her mouth. She looked up at me with love and lust in her eyes and my body melted away as the aftershocks of my orgasm rolled on and on.

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