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Edinburgh Tattoo

I was toying with the idea of a Tattoo so I popped into a parlour on Princes Street

I was toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, not one of those full arm jobs that seem popular with merchant sailors and hairy bikers but something discreet, somewhere discreet, if you know what I mean. I had mentioned it to my girlfriend and she didn’t object to the idea and so it was one Thursday afternoon that I pushed open the door of the tattoo parlour and walked nervously up to the empty counter.

I heard a female voice call from the back of the shop “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“No rush,” I replied looking at some of the designs displayed on the walls around the front of the shop and dropping my voice slightly, and trying not to sound sarcastic added “I’m not in any hurry.”

I was looking at one of the pictures showing a topless shapely girl, clearly photographed on the arm of a young man, when the owner of the voice came back into the front of the shop from the kitchen “Sorry,” she said, “I was just making myself a cup of tea. How can I help?”

I turned to look at her and she took my breath away. She had beautiful shoulder length brown hair, light green eyes and full lips but what really struck me was this girl’s figure. She had fabulous DD breasts, a thin waste and a well-rounded bottom and was wearing a very short black dress with thin shoulder straps. If she was wearing a bra then it was well hidden. Standing at close to 180cm tall this girl was statuesque in every sense of the word. A considerable length of embarrassing silence had met her offer of help as I took in her beauty.

“Hello, are you alright?” she asked.

I found my voice and stuttered, “Oh, yes, fine, sorry.”

I was almost at a loss for words and she smiled, I was clearly not the first man to have gazed in wonder at her beauty.

“I was thinking about having a tattoo” I said.

She laughed and said without any sarcasm “Lucky you came here then and not to the opticians next door”

and I smiled at the humour. The ice had been broken and she reached forward to get a pad and a pen from the desk in front of her. “Is this your first tattoo?” she asked

“Yes, it will be” I replied.

“Do you have any idea of the design yet?”

I had been looking around the shop and had seen a number of clever designs but they all seemed to require huge areas of skin to show off their artistry so I replied “I’m just looking for something small.”

She reached beneath the counter and produced a small flick photo album and opened it in front of her “I have some smaller designs here” she said and leaning forward pushed the book towards me. I leant forwards to look at the designs and found myself staring at her ample cleavage. “See anything you fancy?” she asked.

I don’t think she intended to make such an obvious double entendre but again I found myself blurting out “Oh yes” in a way that would make me sound like some cad from a 1960’s “Carry On” film.

She laughed and put pen to paper “Name?”

“David Chatto” I replied she wrote in her pad

“Can I call you David?”

“Of course,” I replied, “please do.”

She smiled again. “Well David, my name is Talia and I do all the preparation for the tattoo artist.” I wondered what preparation entailed exactly but decided to listen and take in her fabulous curves rather than ask silly questions. “Whereabouts are you planning on having this tattoo?” she asked. It was my turn to be smart now

“I thought I’d have it here, rather than in the opticians next door.” She laughed and I gave her my best Hugh Grant look.

“Where on your body, silly” This was not going entirely as I planned but I took a deep breath and meant to say “On my shoulder” but instead I said “On my penis.”

Talia was briefly silent but clearly she had heard it all before “So that’s why you want a small tattoo then?” It was her turn to tease me now.

“Actually,” I replied “I was thinking about having “This device will go off prematurely if handled incorrectly” in 12 point Arial.” and grinned at her. In truth I had planned a small initial J on my shoulder but clearly my sudden change in direction hadn’t fazed Talia and as it happened I was quite enjoying talking about my cock to this beautiful girl.

Talia looked at me and said “You do realise that it might hurt a little, having a tattoo on such a sensitive area?”

I smiled and said “I’ve been told it’s only a little prick.” I always enjoy a bit of self-deprecation

“I’m sure you have by many a girl.” was Talia’s immediate put down.

“Well,” she said, smiling again “You had better come to the back of the shop and I’ll see if I can measure you up.” And she picked up her pad and her cup of tea and walked back through to the rear of the shop. I followed her, admiring her fine arse as she strode with swaying hips into the rear parlour. She sat herself down on a comfortable chair and beckoned me over to her. I stood in front of her and she leaned forward and without a word started to unbuckle my trouser belt. I was stunned, unable to move as she released the clasp, undid the button on the top of my trousers and slowly pulled the zip down. Tucking her hands into the waistband she pulled my trousers down to my knees. The bulge in my pants was now growing rapidly and, as she slowly pulled them down to join my trousers at my knees, my semi erect cock sprung up and bobbed inches from her face. She looked up at me and smiled “You realise that if we tattoo you when you’re erect then in the flaccid state half the letters will be lost in the folds of skin don’t you?” I nodded, unable to speak, she continued “and if we do it when you’re flaccid then when you get an erection the letters will look like they’ve been written on a balloon before it’s blown up and will distort terribly?” I said nothing, only able to nod as my cock filled with even more blood. “What’s it to be?” she asked.

“Erect, I think” I replied and she nodded and reached for a tape measure.

“I’ll need to make sure we can get all the letters on at twelve point, hold still please.” She took the measure and held it against my semi erect cock. “Seven inches” she declared. “We might have to go for eight point.”

“But it’s not fully erect” I said, looking down at my manhood which now had a glistening drop of precum in the meatus. Talia studied my cock for a moment

“You’re absolutely right” she said, “I will have to do something about that.”

Talia leant forward and planted a kiss right on the tip of my cock. I watched as the precum attached to her lips and, as she pulled her head back, the silver strand broke and beaded on her bottom lip. Within an instant the tip of her tongue licked the precum away and she let out a gentle purr. “That tastes nice” she said “Is there any more?” With that she reached forward and took my shaft in her hand and pulled the length of my cock as though milking me. Another larger drop of precum appeared and she put her head forward and this time, rather than transfer it through the air, she took the head of my shaft directly into her mouth and I felt her tongue dart over the tip, claiming the precum for her own. By this stage I was fully erect and a little unsure of how to get Talia’s attention as my cock was now buried deep in her mouth.

“Excuse me.” I said in a shaking voice “aren’t you supposed to be measuring me?” with a loud plop Talia pulled my shaft from her lips and looked up at me.

“There’s plenty of time for that David” she said “If your jizz tastes as good as your precum then I have a little jizz to taste first.” Little did she know but she had quite a lot of jizz to taste first!

With this she pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She stood up in front of me and peeled off the dress she was wearing to a black bra, the shoulder straps I had seen in the shop were her bra straps! Her bra was decorated with delicate pink flowers, I caught sight of them briefly as it fell to the floor by my trousers. Within a moment she had peeled off her knickers and was now standing totally naked in front of me.

“OK?” she asked

“Fine.” I replied softly and quickly removed my shirt.

Talia stepped forward and I felt her breasts touch my chest, as we were of similar height my erect cock touched her just below the tummy button and she embraced me, planting a kiss on my lips. “OK” she said, as she lowered herself once more into the chair, let me finish what I started.” Again she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, erect I was close to nine inches and as the tip met the back of her mouth she chocked slightly.

“Sorry” I said. She looked up and her eyes smiled back – she couldn’t speak with a mouth full of cock but I read “Don’t apologise” in her facial expression.

It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, I’d come to get an ornate letter J tattooed on my shoulder and here was a beautiful girl sucking my cock in the back of the shop. I realised that Talia had something else in her mouth. She had a tongue piercing that she used to run up the underside of my shaft as she sucked hard on my throbbing cock. “Oh God Talia” I said “I can’t take too much of this. I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

Taking my cock from her mouth she looked up at me “That’s the idea silly.” She said and immediately sucked my cock back into her warm mouth.

I could feel my jizz gathering for release as my scrotum started to tighten. The waves of pleasure were washing over me as the jizz built up for a shuddering climax. My legs started shaking I was seconds away from exploding in Talia’s mouth. “Oh God babe, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Talia took me right to the back of her mouth and continued to lick my shaft using the tongue piercing to heighten my pleasure. I felt the first jet of jizz travel up my cock and with shaking legs I groaned. The first jet splashed the back of Talia’s mouth and I pumped out the second load right behind it. I was on the fourth squirt when I heard the bell on the shop door go but I couldn’t stop now, even if I wanted to. The fifth, sixth, seventh and final squirt of jizz were all contained in Talia’s mouth as she massaged my balls, squeezing every last drop from my shaft.

“Hello.” It was a girl’s voice from the front of the shop. There was no way Talia could reply, she still had a mouthful of cock not to mention a huge quantity of spunk I really didn’t want to say a word, the voice I had heard was that of my long time girlfriend Julia and it dawned on me that she wouldn’t be too pleased to find me with Talia’s mouth full of my jizz stuck on the end of my now deflating cock.

I looked down at Talia and mouthed “My girlfriend” to her. Her eyes widened and I saw her swallow my complete load of jizz. Before releasing my cock she licked it once more ensuring that every trace of spunk was either in her mouth or well on the way to her stomach.

Talia looked at me and called past me “I’ll be with you in a minute.” She stood up and threw her short skirt on – leaving her bra and knickers on the floor next to my discarded clothes. “Get dressed” she hissed at me as she picked up her cup of tea and headed for the front of the shop. I gathered up my clothes and hurriedly got dressed.

“Sorry” said Talia as she entered the front of the shop, “I was just making myself a cup of tea. How can I help?” Julia had long blonde hair and was a petite size eight.

“Sorry to bother you” said Julia “but my boyfriend was going to come in this afternoon and find out about getting a tattoo, has he been in yet?” Talia smiled with the knowledge that not only had in been in but he’d also shot a huge load of spunk into her mouth only two minutes before.

“Yes, he’s here, I was just taking some measurements in the rear parlour. Come through why don’t you?” Once again Talia’s hips swayed as she entered the rear parlour; I was just hoping that Julia wouldn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

As Talia walked in I was just putting my shirt on and pushing Talia’s underwear behind the chair with my foot. Julia smiled when she saw me and made some quip about getting out of my clothes at the first opportunity.

“Hi honey, how was the shopping?” I asked to try and send the conversation away from me getting dressed.

“OK” said Julia and then to Talia “what measurement’s were you taking?”

Before Talia could reply I blurted out “Oh, my shoulder – for the ornate J I was thinking of having tattooed there.”

Talia looked at me quizzically and then turned to Julia “Perhaps you would like a matching tattoo?”

Julia laughed, “I already have one, a small Winnie the Pooh on my left ankle.” With that she raised her left leg to show the tiny coloured beer almost hidden by her shoe. “Still” continued Julia “I was thinking I might get another one done sometime.”

Talia smiled and said “We can do a special deal if the two of you each have one.”

Julia blushed slightly “Well, I’m not sure.”

Talia looked at her “What’s the problem?” she asked “Julia reddened slightly more

“Well, I was thinking of having a butterfly tattooed just above my pussy.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather, here was my girlfriend talking about a tattoo in an intimate part of her body with a girl who had just sucked my spunk from me and swallowed every last drop. Talia smiled “I’ll tell you what; I’ll have a quick look and give you a price for the butterfly and the J. How does that sound?”

Julia looked quite pleased and nodded “OK” she said “When can you take a look?”

Talia grinned, “Sit on the chair and drop your panties and I’ll do it now.” Julia moved to the chair and sat down, sitting further forward than Talia had been before peeling off her knickers leaning back and opening her legs so that Talia could get a good look at her mound of Venus.

Talia lowered herself down and knelt before the chair moving her head to within a few inches of Julia’s trimmed bush. Moving her hands forward she parted the hair and studied the skin beneath it. “Hmm” she said “That should be OK, are you very sensitive there?” Julia looked down at Talia and was clearly getting excited as her nipples had hardened and were pushing through the thin fabric of her summer dress.

“I don’t really know.” said Julia, her voice starting to quiver.

Talia leaned forward and gently kissed the skin just next to Julia’s trimmed bush “Did you feel that?” “Julia nodded. Talia moved her head and, with the tongue that five minutes earlier was cleaning the spunk of my cock, licked the hood of Julia’s clitoris. “Did you feel that?” asked Talia. Julia moaned slightly and nodded Talia looked up at me and said “We’ll take that as a yes I think.”

Talia then buried her head into Julia’s pussy and licked and kissed her as Julia squirmed in pleasure. For the second time today I found I had entered this surreal world but this time the girl who had given me the most awesome blowjob was now performing cunnilingus on my girlfriend. Better still her short skirt had ridden up and I had the perfect view of Talia’s gaping pussy and perfect pink bum hole.

Julia was moaning with pleasure as Talia pushed fingers and tongues inside her. I watched the two girls putting on a most fantastic lesbian show and I could feel my cock hardening again in my trousers. I dropped to my knees behind Talia and put my hands on her bum cheeks, she pushed back against them, clearly wanting something more. I traced my right hand down to the inside of her thigh and then slowly, with my index finger slipped the tip into her pussy. She moaned but continued to eat out Julia. As her pussy became wetter I inserted a second finger and then a third. Talia kept pushing her pussy back on my fingers until finally she looked up from Julia’s pussy, her face dripping with Julia’s juices and said “For fuck’s sake put it all in David.” I made my hand as small as possible and started to ease it into Talia’s tightening pussy. I was gently pushing my hand into her and she was pushing back, eager to get by fist inside her. After a few moments her pussy yielded and my hand slid completely into her moist pussy, I looked down to see my wrist wearing a labia bracelet. I made my hand into a fist and started to pump her pussy, gently at first but as she was clearly close to climax I increased the tempo. When they climaxed it was simultaneous, a great wave of female pleasure swept over them. I could see Julia’s stomach was in spasm and I could feel Talia’s pussy tighten around my wrist. They cried out as one and as Talia slipped to the floor my hand plopped out of her pussy, glistening with her juices. I moved my hand up in front of my face and smelt her musky smell, before I knew it I was licking my hand like a cat cleaning it’s paw. She tasted like honey.

As I finished licking Talia’s juices from my hand I looked down at them both, their eyes closed as they regained their composure, two beautiful women absolutely sexually spent lay before me, for all the world as though high on drink or drugs.

Slowly Julia came back from that special place and opened her eyes. She looked at me and beckoned me to within whispering distance. “I hope you were taking notes” she said “that is how I want to be licked by you in future.” I smiled at her and then looked across to Talia who was now sitting on the floor smoothing down her hair.

“Did you enjoy that?” Talia said looking at both of us.

Julia smiled “It was great; I’ve never had better oral sex!” I wanted to make the exact same comment but stopped myself. I felt somewhat like a spare part at this point. Julia then sat up and said “Poor David, he’s the only one who hasn’t cum this afternoon.” Talia shot me a glance

“Don’t worry about me.” I said but Julia was already standing up and reaching for my trousers.

“Come on David” she said “I bet you could give us some of your jizz right now.” Julia turned to Talia and smiled “He’s got a lovely cock you know.”

“Really?” said Talia playing it as straight as she could.

“Yes,” continued Julia “and he can normally deliver a good helping of spunk too!”

I felt the buckle on my trousers being undone and the zip going down, the hands pushing my trousers down and the fingers inside the elastic of my pants.

I looked down to see my semi erect cock released from the material and gazed into the eyes of two beautiful women. Talia winked at me as she moved her mouth towards my cock she looked at me and mouthed “seconds” before I saw my cock disappear between those lips and that tongue piercing went to work on my shaft for the second time in less than half an hour.

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