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Fantasy sex

Tags: oral, outside
We've always discussed fantasies, but never acted them out..
After a snatched afternoon of intense love making, Ross asks me what fantasies I have. Although we have no secrets, I consider carefully which fantasy to tell him, if I plant the seed he will make it happen. 

"I'd love to get naked and fuck outside," I told him.

"Really?" he answers, and without looking at his handsome face I knew I had him.

Weeks later Ross is out "planning" some adventure trip with his friends, which involves more drinking than planning! I receive a text for me to collect him and instead of going straight back home, he suggests a drink in a nearby country pub. We go inside and I can see, by the way his intelligent eyes are shining, that he's planning something special and naughty. We chat and the electricity between us incredible, I can't help but lose myself in his gorgeous eyes. Taking in his handsome face, strong jaw and broad shoulders, I feel my pussy tingling with anticipation.

The pub closes and we start to drive home, Ross mentions a shortcut and we turn off the main road onto a back country lane.

He tells me to stop the car in a small lay by and says, "Baby I want you."

He leans over kissing me gently, my body reacts instinctively, his kiss and light touch on my neck go straight to my nips and pussy, wonderful passionate sensations explode, making me tremble as we kiss deeply, our tongues searching.

"Baby you know that fantasy you mentioned?" Ross asks between teasing me with his amazing mouth, sucking my bottom lip which he knows drives me wild.

"Which one?" I answer, feeling my pussy start to swell, knowing he loves my teasing.

"Getting naked outside baby." I can't help but smile and feel a wave of excitement.

"But baby, it's cold outside!" I tell him.

It's November and the only light source is the moon, radiant in the clear winter sky. The temperature is just above freezing and thankfully there is no breeze.

"Lets just get in the back tonight baby," I tell him. He agrees but, knowing him as I do, he won't have given up just yet.

On the back seat we each undress quickly, the moonlight picks out my man's strong shape - God he's so damned sexy.

He pulls down his trousers and pants and his huge thick cock springs out, I reach for it and pull back gently, making him moan, the tip is shining with pre-cum.

I look up at him. "You been excited all night waiting for this baby?" I tease him.

"God yeah," he gasps. "I was looking at you in the pub, baby you're so gorgeous and sexy and I love you completely."

As I lick the pre com with my tongue, my hair falls down my face and he gently moves it back so he can watch. I feel his gasp as I take his swollen cock into my mouth, pulling back on him, he throbs in my mouth and I tease with my tongue. I feel his hand move down my back to my bum, then, with tantalizing deftness, he brushes my pussy lips. 

"Oh Jesus," I gasp, and I'm instantly trembling, Ross has this effect on me every time, yet each time it surprises me. With one finger he parts my swollen wet lips, teasing me and gently strokes my clit.
I move on top of him with a passionate urgency, I need his cock inside me! I take the swollen head into my pussy and slide down onto him. I feel his hands all over me, on my back, bum, legs, breasts, teasing my pussy lips, exciting my swollen clit. His hot mouth is on my erect nipples, sucking, teasing with teeth. When I look down at his face he's watching me, alert to my reactions and my wants and needs.

I'm getting close when he holds my hips still, stopping me. When I look inquiringly at him he just says, "Let's go outside baby"

I do as I'm told this time, I love it when he's in control! We remove what's left of our clothes and, wearing only footwear exit the car into the cold night. As we meet at the back of the car I take in my man, he's perfect for me, his huge swollen cock twitching in the moonlight. 

"You really are UP for this aren't you!" I tease.

Ross silently moves behind me, his hands on me, I turn my head so I can still see him, his face close to mine he whispers, "You okay baby?"

I nod my assent and he moves my hips to where he wants them, bends me over and slides his cock into me.

He's only just come out of my pussy, but I swear he's even bigger than he was in the car! long and thick he pushes his organ into me, his hands covering my body with his amazing touch.

As he reaches my clit I explode, pushing back on his cock, taking him deep. Waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I know that when Ross has been drinking he lasts even longer than usual, and I intend to make the most of this fantasy made reality. 

Ross doesn't let my orgasm fully subside. He's a skillful and unselfish lover, he knows how to keep me up there. A slight change in angle and his thrusting cock, moving all the way in and out of my juice drenched pussy, takes me to my climax again.

He slows, his cock travels slowly out of me, just as the tip is about to leave me, he reverses the direction, slowly inching into me, pulling back on my hips.

Although I am totally lost in pleasure I am very aware of the touch of his hands on my body. I feel him remove one from my hip, I'm expecting a spank on my bum cheek, instead I feel his hand travel up my inner thigh, up to touch and tease my pussy, then continues up to my breasts, pinching my right nipple hard and cups my pert breast.

I'm gasping with passion, he reaches forward and slips his finger into my mouth, I lick and suck my pussy juices as he fills my pussy with his thrusting manhood. I feel him getting even harder and I know he's close.

He takes his wet finger from my mouth and slides it into my bum. I shake as his thick cock moves deep into me, staying deep, only moving a couple of inches in and out, finger probing into my bum, hand moving up my back, gathering my hair and pulling my head back. I scream into the night as I orgasm again, feeling hot cum being pumped into my pussy by my man.

"Was that as good as you imagined?" Ross asks as our breathing starts to regulate again.

"Baby it was better, so much better than I imagined, thank you."

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