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First time for Everything, Part 3

My attempt at control creats a sexy power struggle in the bedroom
I cancelled my Pilates class to come home early, saying I didn't feel well. Well, I felt fine, just super horny. I spoke to Matt earlier in the day and he was the exact same, telling me he couldn't wait for me to get home from work to have me.
"The past few weeks have been so crazy. I want to keep going! I'm wicked excited for you to get home. I bought some wine." He had said.
"This all started over a bottle of wine! haha. Clever honey. I've been wet constantly since the other night that you handcuffed me."
"Oh yeah? You want me to cuff you again?" He asked. I could almost hear the hopefulness in his voice.
"No, but tonight's my turn to play and push your boundaries. We'll see how you like it!" I responded, saying goodbye shortly afterwards since my lunch break was over.
I rushed home, knowing that I only had about an hour before Matt was going to get home from work so I had no time to do a TON of stuff. I showered up, got into my sexiest lingerie (with the underwear that makes my ass look amazing), and got prepared for a wild night with a couple of 5 Hour Energy's.
Matt finally came home and his eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw me. I was dressed in a sheer black baby doll that tied in a bow in the front, leaving nothing to the imagination since it was wide open below the bow. The matching thong had strings that ran perfectly over my hips, the front material dipping low to show off more of my toned stomach and the back showing off my ample ass. All he wanted to do was get me in the bedroom, but it was my night to control the situation so I was going to make him beg for it. We ate dinner, me sitting across the table from him in my slutty outfit so he was able to see me in all of my glory in my baby doll. Well, correction. I ate my dinner while he inhaled his in an attempt to hurry up and get me in bed.
"So, what are you thinking about?" He asked, attempting to turn our chit chatty "how was your day" conversation towards sex.
"I'm thinking about you washing the dishes so I can finish getting everything ready." I stated.
"I can wash them. It's fine." He was being as agreeable as possible. I could tell by the way he was sitting that his cock was straining against the material of his slacks, making him uncomfortable. The fact that he wasn't even watching the food he was eating because he couldn't look away from me just succeeded in making me even more horny for him. I excused myself from the table as Matt got up and tried to follow me down the hallway to our bedroom. I stopped him as we walked by the kitchen and told him to get to work cleaning the dishes, saying something about 'the faster they get done, the sooner you can come out to the bedroom to play' and he jumped to the sink and started scrubbing away.
I had absolutely nothing to do in the bedroom, but I decided to take advantage of my power of seduction so I went and sat on our bed after straightening out a few things on our bedside table and lighting a couple of candles. I heard him shut off the water so I went into our master bathroom to hide out, knowing he'd dart into our room and try to pounce on me otherwise. Sure enough, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and stopping on the creaking hardwood of our bedroom floor. I gave him another minute or two in there alone while I freshened up my makeup and adjusted my tits so they looked even better in the outfit.
I emerged from the bathroom in my sheer lingerie and stepped out towards him. I grabbed his face as I pressed my small frame against his body and kissed him deeply. Our hands exploring each others bodies, I could feel the small amount of fabric between my legs getting wet as my skin started to heat up. I knew that if I was going to take control, it'd have to be now because otherwise my body would betray me under his touch. I stepped back a pace, put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to the floor.
"Get on your knees and eat my pussy." I said to him as I sat down on the edge of the bed out front of Matt, now on his knees. He had this huge grin on his face and looked from my eyes to my pussy concealed by the tiny black fabric. Matt reached his hand out and rubbed my clit through the thong.
"Babe, you're already soaking wet." He said, almost shocked by how horny I was without him even touching me.
"I told you to eat my pussy, not finger me." I snapped at him as I grabbed his head and pulled it toward my waiting pussy. He pulled the fabric of my thong to the side and started kissing all around my crotch, but never my pussy or soft lips. I could tell that he was trying to take control and do things on his own time but I wasn't going to let him spoil the evening. Again I grabbed his head and this time, pulled his head to my slit and held his head there, making him kiss and lick my wet pussy. I groaned in appreciation as he finally gave in and began licking up my sweet juices, straightening out his tongue to fuck my pussy with it as he rubbed his thumb against my clit. I could feel myself building already but I had to find something to slow me down, cumming this soon was NOT part of my plan. As if he could read my mind, he wrapped his arms under my thighs and held my hips down in place. With the new power he held, he took advantage and started sucking on my clit, flicking his tongue across the tip. I needed a distraction if I was going to follow through with this. My body was on the verge of betraying me.
"If you're trying to make me cum, then you'd better find something better to do with your hands." I said with my best poker face, trying to make him think that I'm more in control than I really am.
He released my hips and brought one of them down by his face. Matt parted my soaked lips and pushed two fingers inside my drenched pussy.
"Is this what you had in mind? Or were you hoping for something like this?" He asked as he pulled his fingers out, glistening with my juices and brought them to my already moist rosebud from my leaking pussy and began pressing. Within a couple of moments, he worked them into my tight hole, wriggling them around for a few seconds and then refocused his attention on my clit, this time drawing long wet circles around it. If I was ever going to restore my control of the situation, it'd have to be soon. My whole body was screaming at me, burning for me to let an orgasm wash over me but that wasn't really the goal of the evening. I grabbed Matt's face and pushed his head away from my aching pussy and he pulled his two fingers out of my ass (unfortunately). He sat up and looked at me with a confused look.
"Get all of your clothes off and lay down on your back on the bed." I said to him as I stood up, giving him the space to maneuver around me to get to the bed. As soon as he was in position I climbed on top of him and swung my leg over his head, putting us in the 69 position. He greedily pulled my body down to return his skilled mouth to my pussy, licking all of my wetness into his mouth. I bent over, pressing my chest against his abs and started sucking his already hard dick, tasting his salty sweetness and feeling victorious in my ability to restore power and control. That was until Mat stuck those two magical fingers back up my ass, making me moan around his big dick I had hungrily sucked into my mouth. Then I knew I lost the power struggle completely when he raised his hips up to my face, driving his cock deep down my throat, thrusting away at my face from below. If I had allowed myself, I would have came three times over, but I fought to try to restore power by ceasing the blowjob entirely (I know, heartless) and just allowing him to service me. Before I lost all control, I decided to just get off of him.
"Baby, come back over here. You're not done yet." He pleaded.
"I'm not done playing. You had your turn the other night. Now it's mine remember?" I stated as I knelt down in between his legs. I then resumed blowing him, going painfully slow, sucking only enough to apply pressure needed to barely build, but not enough to get him off. Still taking him in the back of the throat, I wasn't pumping up and down like I usually did. In his frustration, he tried to grab a hold of my head to speed up the process.
"You can do this your damned self if you try to grab my head again. Do it and I'll stop!" I stated to him. I could see the melancholy look on his face and I knew I had won. I returned my mouth to his delicious cock and continued my painfully slow pumping and sucking on him into my throat, feeling his balls pressed against my chin when I reached the base of his cock. He settled in to this perfect punishment after a few minutes as I watched his body relax. It was now or never. As a distraction, I starting pumping my hand up and down his shaft at a moderate speed so I could set my plan in motion.
"You like watching me suck your big hard cock? Here, have a pillow. I think it's hot to see you watching me." I said, handing him a pillow at the bottom of the bed. As he arranged the pillows behind him and propped himself up on them to get a better view, I stuck a finger into my mouth to get it all wet. I returned my mouth to the head of his beautiful dick as he settled in to his new position.
"You're right baby. This is way better." He said in between small sighs and moans, watching me work my magic. I picked up my pace just slightly, allowing him to build a little bit and relax even more. The time had come. I placed my hand on his balls and lightly massaged them as I took him all the way down my throat. His body went limp under my touch and I knew if I kept this up he'd be cumming in a matter of a couple of minutes. I released his balls and moved my slender wet digit down towards his untouched ass and drew circles around his puckered hole.
"What the hell baby!?" He said sitting up completely, the relaxed state he was in entirely gone. Without breaking my tempo on his cock or ceasing playing with his ass, I placed my other hand on his chest and pushed him back down to the bed. "No! I'm not cool with that!" He tried again in vain to get me to stop my assault on his ass. I looked up into his eyes and saw concern in them, but mostly a carnal excitement I had never seen before. I never broke eye contact with him as I took his huge cock down the back of my throat and simultaneously applied enough pressure to his more relaxed outer ring that I succeeded in slipping my small finger inside, immediately finding his prostate and lightly pressing it.
"Whoa baby! Easy! I'm really not ready for this!" he pleaded again with me, still looking into my determined eyes. I saw a flash in his eyes, almost daring me to continue, and unless he told me 'stop' (we had a deal that if we reeeaaallly weren't cool with something, just say stop and we will), I was going to happily continue sucking him down my throat and lightly fingering his was-virgin hole. In fairness, the first time he fingered my ass was with a significant amount more aggression, so my very gentle tenderness should be appreciated by him. As if in defeat, he finally laid back down on the stack of pillows and relaxed again (I could feel his muscles relax around my finger). I listened closely to his body, waiting to see how he would respond. Then I heard what I was waiting for. He sighed deeply and groaned. I knew that I had won! He was loving the anal play! I removed my finger from his ass and mouth from his cock. This time, I wet two fingers in my mouth. I resumed the blowjob and repeated my anal assault. I circled his tight hole again with my two wet fingers and once I felt him relax, I pressed them in. Matt gratefully moaned over my skilled fingers as I happily continued to add pressure to his prostate. Within two minutes, I noticed his balls being higher on my chin than before when I choked myself down on him. They were tightening up and I knew I had maybe another 30 seconds before he would let loose. Picking up my pace, I pumped his dick in and out of my throat with intense speed, wriggling my fingers on his prostate as I went.
"Holy shit baby. Keep going. I'm so close!" He said in between gasps, inspiring me to do what he loved (but always hurt my throat). I allowed gravity to slide my mouth down his shaft, pushing the head of his dick down my throat. I stayed down there and swallowed, making my throat muscles squeeze and massage his hard cock. It also made me gag on his girth. "Ohhh fuck baby. I'm cumming!" He said as I swallowed on his cock again. I pulled my head up slightly as he came so I could suck on his delicious cock again (it's hard to create a vacuum effect in my mouth when I can't even breath). As soon as I started sucking on his cock again, I felt the first spurt of Matt's cum hit the roof of my mouth. His whole body tensed up as he came and his muscles actually forced my fingers out of his ass! I continued sucking his dick as he pumped stream after stream of his deliciously salty cum in my mouth and was shocked that he was still rock hard after I swallowed down every drop of his warm cum.
"Oh god baby! That was worth it." Matt said with a sigh.
"I'm glad you think so. See, we BOTH need to try new things from time to time."
"You're right. But for now, how about some old tried and true?" He said as he grabbed a hold of me and flipped us over on the bed so that I was underneath him on my back.
"What are you up to?" I asked coyly, assuming that he was up to no good. I never got a response. He just grabbed onto the thong I had worn this entire time and pulled it down over my thighs and let it fall onto the floor. He kissed his way from my knee up my leg, lingering on the inside of my thighs, and finally his kisses landed on my aching pussy. His skillful tongue began parting the folds of my pussy and diving in, making me squirm under his caresses. He then licked and kissed his way up to my clit, nibbling on my lips as he went, replacing the void in my pussy with two of his expert fingers. Matt rubbed my G spot while he sucked on my clit, knowing that I'd tip over the edge in a matter of moments if he continued. I could feel the burning sensation rising in my pussy as he did all the right things to my body. Wanting to enjoy the treat a little longer, I started to tell Matt to slow down.
"Take it easy honey would you?" I said.
"No way. Time to tie up the game." He said in between licks and playful bites. With that he pulled his two fingers out of my soaked pussy and pressed them into my ass with ease from all the natural lube on his fingers. He brought his other hand up to replace the fingers that were rubbing my G spot as his mouth continued sucking on my clit. He pumped his fingers in and out of my ass in rhythm with his tongue flicking my clit. With all the stimulation I didn't stand I chance. My body was pulled into two entirely different orgasms simultaneously. His vigorous licking and sucking on my clit never faltered as I started to cum. Poor Matt. I nearly drowned him as I squirted while cumming from the g spot rubbing. Writhing under his touch, I came harder than I ever have before. The G spot and clit orgasms were so deliciously different, I was in a complete orgasmic haze for probably ten minutes afterwards. I hardly noticed when Matt was moving me around on the bed aftewards.
I came to realize that he had propped me up on the stack of pillows and was straddling me. He took his semi-hard dick and thrust it into my mouth. As I sucked away on it, I could taste the salty sweetness of his dried on cum from last time. I felt him grow hard in my mouth as he took advantage of my position (where I couldn't move my head away from him) and began pumping in and out of my mouth, essentially fucking my face. It took me a moment to realize that he was at a strange angle, bending backwards slightly, supporting himself on one of his hands while the other hand was still fingering my ass. After Matt delivered a couple rough thrusts into the back of my throat, he backed away, pulling his cock out of my mouth with a pop. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and grabbed a hold of my thighs, pulling me down off of the stacks of pillows so I was lying down in the middle of the bed. He pulled my legs up and rested them on his shoulders and bent down, bending me in half as he did so, making my ass and lower back lifted off of the mattress entirely.
"You ready for round two?" He asked while already knowing the answer. He grabbed a hold of his cock and lined it up with my ass and pushed as my tight muscles slowly gave way to the pressure, my inner ring releasing with a searing pain caused from his girth. His two fingers were nothing in comparison to his huge dick that he just forced up my ass.
"Ow! hang on a second." I said to him as I pushed my hands against his hips so that he couldn't get any farther in, allowing my body a few moments to adjust to him.
"Yeah. Sorry baby. I thought you'd be relaxed enough." He said with concern. "You want me to pull out?"
"God no! Just give me a sec!" I said again while slowly feeling my muscles relax. While still having my hands resting on his hips, I used the leverage to go into a candlestick position, lifting my body up higher, propping myself onto my shoulders using my hands on his legs and my abs to pivot, driving his dick deeper inside of me in the process.
"Ohhh shit your tight." He moaned as I lifted myself up, sliding my ass up his dick as I went. "You all set babe?" He asked, assuming that I was ready for him to go full speed ahead. Honestly, I was just enjoying my ab workout a bit too much to stop there.
"No. Hang on." I said again, this time while relaxing my abs, lowering my body back down and pulling his dick back out. I stopped when I felt the rim of his head near the entrance, not wanting him to slip out completely. I then repeated the exercise, flexing my abs to bring my body up off of the bed to meet his hard dick, stuffing it deep in my ass again. This time it was too much for him.
Matt grabbed my ankles and pushed them back so that my toes were touching the bed above my head, succeeding in lifting my ass high off of the bed again. He then had the easy job of using gravity to pull himself down into me and then simply sitting up to pull out. Something about the angle, he was able to get deeper than he ever could from behind. I could feel his legs butting against my ass every time he pressed his way deeper. Another plus from the position was that my G spot was so sensitive from before that when he thrust into me, it was pure orgasmic agony every time.
"Ohh god! That's feels so good honey. Keep doing that!" I moaned. It was ecstasy feeling so full while having my G spot rubbed through the thin wall separating my holes at the same time. I was in complete heaven and so was Matt. He moaned every time he slowly lowered himself into me, being able to get deeper than ever before. We weren't fucking each other. I wouldn't exactly call it making love either. It was just sex. Hot as HELL butt sex. Because he wasn't thrusting away at my ass like he had done before, we were able to enjoy it for longer, building slowly together towards an intense climax.
"You building babe? I'm already getting close." He said in between labored breaths pulling himself up again.
"Yeah honey. Keep going." I said, feeling that distinct hot sensation in my belly meaning I'm about to cum again. He lowered himself back into me and this time stayed inside and ground his hips around, drawing circles deep into my ass. I could feel him grow harder and harder as each moment passed. He was seconds away from cumming and just the thought of how close he was brought me right to the edge.
"Oh god honey. I'm right there. Go faster." I said as I teetered on the edge of complete ecstasy. He gladly obliged, picking up his pace, groaning as he thrust his huge dick in and out of my tight ass. Within moments I started to cum, unconsciously squeezing down on his dick when I did.
"Oh fuck. Oh my god your tight. I'm gunna cum!" He said. I was too focused on my orgasm to respond. Instead I just grabbed his hips and pulled him down into me. It was more than enough because as soon as he was all the way inside, he groaned and I could feel his cock pulsing deep inside me, coating my insides with his sticky, delicious cum.
After several moments of heavy breathing and moaning, he had finished. "Holy shit baby. We tied! Good game." He said sleepily as he let go of my ankles and I lowered my legs to either side of him.
"No, sorry honey. I definitely won." I said. He smiled. Without my legs in the way, he lowered himself down to my face and kissed me deeply, still fully buried inside my cum filled ass.
"That was awesome." He finally said after our long kiss had ended.
"Which part? When I blew you and stuck my finger up your ass? When you went down on me? When you fucked my face? Or when you twisted me up like a pretzel and fucked my ass?" I asked, jokingly.
"Yes." Was all he said. He pulled out of my ass, his dick quickly followed by a small dribble of his cum. We curled up together and fell fast asleep, grateful for the wild sex we just had, especially me.

I'm assuming to be continued. My Hubby isn't showing any signs of wanting to slow down. :)

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