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Jackie ran out of gas and money so did what she had to...
My car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Luckily there was a gas station not to far from where I was.

At the time, I had long blonde hair and I was wearing a white blouse. I have blue eyes. You could see my black bra through my blouse. I was wearing a pair of denim shorts.

My boobs are nice and big. I also have a big firm ass. Overall, I'm a very attractive lady.

I was walking for about a half-hour until I got to the gas station. The gas pumps were old and dusty. You could tell that noone came to this gas station much. The store itself looked like something out of a horror film. I had the feeling that when I walked in, I wasn't going to come out.

The inside of the gas station looked much better than the outside. It didn't look like a store you would come into on a daily basis.

The man standing behind the register was tall, dark, and handsome. His eyes were dark. His hair was black and neat, as if he was going to a dinner party.

"How may I help you?" his voice was smooth and seductive.

"My car ran out of gas about a mile from here," I said, smiling at him.

"I would be happy to drive you back to your car, after you buy some gas."

His voice was so seductive. If he'd told me his name was James Bond I would have believed him.

"Of course," I said as I reached down to get some cash out my purse. Like an idiot I'd forgotten my purse back at the hotel.

"You don't got any money with you?" he asked, looking at me with a very seductive look.

"I forgot all my cash back at a hotel," I said, in a very worried tone.

"Well, I'm sorry but if you don't got any cash I can't help you," he said in his usual seductive tone.

"Is there anything else I can do to pay you?" I said hoping that he could make some kind of arrangement.

I saw his eyes glance over my breasts. "I'm sorry Miss, but if you don't have any money I can't help you," he said.

I started to notice how much he looked at my boobs. So I decided to use my natural big tits and ass to get my way.

I moved closer to him and gently caressed his hand. "Well, I was really hoping that you could've helped me," I said as seductively as I could.

He moved his hand away. I looked up at his face and saw that he was blushing.

"Well, Miss, I'm sorry but I can't help you," he said nervously.

I moved around the register, so that I was directly in front of him. "What about I do you a favor, and you do me a favor?" I slowly caressed his chest.

"What kind of favor were you thinking of doing for me?"

I smiled at him, slowly dropping down onto my knees.

"This kind of a favor," I said, as I caressed the bulge in his jeans. "So do we have a deal?" I asked giving him a naughty smile.

"Yes!" he yelled eagerly.

I pulled down his jeans, letting out his big, thick cock. I started to slowly stroke it. I slowly traced my tongue up and down his hard cock. I teased the tip of his cock, licking up all his pre-cum. I moved lower to suck on his balls.

I took his cock into my mouth. I got it as deep as I could. I started to move my head at a fast pace. I heard him let out a loud moan.

He grabbed my head pushing his cock in my mouth. He start to thrust his cock into my mouth.

He let go of my head. I felt his cock swell up in my mouth and knew he was about to cum. I sped up. He let out his warm load into my mouth. I smiled up at him with his cum in my mouth.

He drove me back to my car and filled it up with gas. I got into my car.

I looked up at him and said, "Thank you,"

Before he could say anything, I drove away.

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