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The first time a young man makes love.
A Weekend to remember. Part 1

My first attempt at writing anything so be kind. All constructive thoughts welcome. It is a true story, however I have changed the names.

Rusty was glad it was Friday because he had the weekend off. He headed out the main gate of the Naval Air Station, turned left and walked 200 yards to the small covered city bus stop. Rusty would make the city bus to San Francisco. This had been his routine for the past fourteen months when he had the weekend off. This weekend would be anything, but routine he would learn by Sunday afternoon. It would be a weekend he would remember the rest of his life.

The bus arrived Rusty paid his fare. He noted as he boarded that there was only one other passenger. A pretty girl with blonde hair in a pony tail, dressed in a blue sweater that showed off her ample bosom. She was reading a book sitting in the last row of seats. Rusty guessed her to be bit older than he was and from the local college. In 1962 if you were in the Navy you wore your uniform all the time, and the local college girls were not interested in sailors. He took a seat in the middle of the bus.

After a few minutes, he dozed off. He awoke when a soft female voice said, "Do you know San Francisco remarkably well?"

Rusty knew in one look this girl was a bit older than he had thought, but she was pretty. He was surprised she was talking to him since he was in uniform.

"Not real well, I have found the places that I am comfortable in," he said noting the scent of her perfume and sky blue eyes.

The blonde said, "I am sorry, my name is Jenny."

"Nice to meet you, mine is Rusty."

"How long you been in the Navy Rusty?"

"Four years, just re-enlisted this morning for another four."

"So you must like it then."

"Well 80% of the time, but I do like my job it allows me to fly."

Rusty and Jenny chatted during the hour long bus ride. He learned she was from Kansas a grade school teacher and five years older than him. She was on her summer vacation. Jenny learned that he was from New Mexico. Grow up on a working cattle ranch his family owned, and was a flight engineer in the Navy.

"Where are you going to stay San Francisco?"

"At a small hotel next to the bus depot, exceptionally clean and cheap."

"Sounds good to me," Jenny said.

After reaching San Francisco and getting rooms in the hotel, they had dinner and returned to their rooms for the night. Russ got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist then set on the bed watching TV when there was a knock at the door. He opened the door a bit.

She said, "I thought you might enjoy a coke and some company."

"Let me dress all I have on is a towel."

"I grew up with three brothers, you are dressed enough," Jenny said laughing.

Inviting her in and he took the cold coke as she sits down in the only chair. Moving back to the bed looking at Jenny he could see she had nothing on but the robe.

"I don't know anyone here, so I was wondering what do you have planned to do tomorrow?"

"I was going to see the Giants game."

"I really like baseball. Mind if I tag along?"

"Not at all. It would be neat to have you go."

"Ok then that is set, so what about tonight?"

Jenny noted he was remarkably good looking with a particularly likeable body and appealing with just the towel on. She stood up crossed the room to stand in front of Rusty. She then bent over took his face in her hands and kissed him in a lovely way on the lips standing up she looked down seeing the tent his cock was making under his towel. She felt her growing wetness and that wicked little quiver in her stomach she felt before making love.

He said, "I have never made love."

She was a bit surprised that he was a virgin. The thought she would be his first just increased her own arousal.

"Remember I am a teacher," she said laughing.

She stood up shrugged her shoulders and her robe dropped to the floor, then she untied his towel and looked at his hard cock. It was a good size she noted pushing him down onto the bed.

Kneeing between his legs Jenny licked the small drop of pre-cum from the head of his cock making a small sound of pleasure as she did so.

Rusty felt her warm breath on his cock for what seemed like ages before she licked the tip. When she touched him, he made a little moaning sound He was fighting to keep from Cuming already.

"As she took his cock into her hot wet mouth," she said

"I want you to cum in my mouth the first time. I want to taste you so just relax and enjoy," Jenny said knowing that being his first time, he would not be able to hold back and would cum pretty fast.

Rusty relaxed some, and when she slid down his shaft he closed is eyes and moaned.

Jenny just moaned in response to him as she moved up and down feeling his firm but silky smooth cock. She enjoyed its feeling in her mouth, her pussy was becoming a river between her legs and her tummy tingle had become lovely butterflies.

Rusty was unable to keep his hips still, feeling her breast warm and heavy on his thighs and her mouth licking, pulling on is cock made it almost impossible to hold back she was building a raging fire he had never felt before. Then she cupped his balls that lit his fuse, and he could not hold back any longer.

Rusty's first spurt of cum surprised Jenny with its force and the amount. Jenny was moaning with the pleasure of tasting his cum, but there was so much to swallow, so it was leaking and running down his cock.

Rusty was over come with a pleasure he was feeling for the first time and was unable to think, as it was all very new feelings for him.

Slowly his body became less taut, and he relaxed on the bed.

Jenny ran her hand down between her legs feeling that she was so wet it was running down her legs. She stood up crawling up on top of him feeling his heavy breathing and taking his head in her hands she kissed him in a warm sweet strong sexual way.

Jenny slid off to rest on his arm but pressed up against Rusty.

She said, "There is more lets take a little nap."

Rusty turned toward her kissed her breast then her lips pulling her closer and feeling her warm soft body.
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