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Stargazer I

Seeing stars in more ways than one
He set up his eight-inch telescope in the dimming twilight of the night. He had picked the beach far from the campgrounds, far from the shouting people and barking dogs, and smoky fires, yet not far enough to be unaware of them in the distance. More than just wanting darkness for stargazing, he sought solace from the world of troubles he had seen, but he wasn’t lonely. For now, it was just him, the glassy-calm lake, and the ever-increasing multitude of stars peeking out from the growing darkness.

“Hi. Is that a telescope?”

He was so intently staring at the Ring Nebula through the eyepiece that he had failed to hear the woman’s footsteps as she wandered along the beach towards him. He looked up, and though he couldn’t really see her well in the darkness, he could immediately catch her subtle perfume in the air, and admire her silhouette against the deep black sky. There was enough light to see her long sandy-blond hair (or at least that’s what he imagined it was), and her shapely form a few feet from him.

“Yes, it is... care for a look?”

“I’ve never really tried one before. What can you see?”

“Oh, pretty much whatever you want... a license plate half a mile away, a couple making out in the apartment across the street, or just some boring old stars and planets.”

She giggled. “I’d like to see that....the stars and planets, I mean.”

“OK. Step right up and have a look at a kind of fuzzy ring of gas around a very faint little star.”

She stepped forward, tentatively. “I’m not sure where to look in...” She had trouble finding the eyepiece.

She bent forward a little, and he could see by the hardening points on her tee-shirt inside her open jacket that she was feeling the chill of the night air. He ignored that for a moment to guide her to the eyepiece.

She looked in for a second, and said, “How do you focus this thing?”

She started pawing around, feeling for the controls. His hand beat hers to the focus knob, and when she felt his hand, she did not recoil, but lingered until he released his grip and allowed her access. He could feel her cool touch, but it sent a pleasing warmth through him to feel the woman’s touch, and to feel her openness.

She felt his soft skin, and was pleased by its warmth. She felt shivers up her back, but they weren’t from the cold. It had been a while since she had known the touch of any man, and some of those memories were best forgotten. No, now was a time to relax and enjoy life, and the campground seemed to be a perfect opportunity to maybe meet someone nice. Too bad she couldn’t find anyone to go with...

In fact, she had seen him earlier at the same beach in the blazing hot afternoon sun. She was sunbathing - something she didn’t do much to preserve her skin - but on this day, she had noticed him, alone, heading off to the beach in his swim suit with a towel over his broad shoulder, as she sat at her campsite. His shape seemed so perfect. It had drawn her, compelled her to quickly change, run to the beach, and watch him cool off in the water.

When he was out beyond the waves, up to his head, she would read some more of the erotic novel she had brought, but not really read it... for out of the corner of her eye, she would watch for him, wait for him to strut slowly, majestically out of the waves. She was almost beyond hope, she thought, pining for this guy! And now, by some stroke of luck, she had come upon him, alone and in the dark.

His voice snapped her back to reality. “Care to look at a planet?”

“You can see them? Really?”

“Sure.” He started to guide the telescope over to point southward, towards a bright star-like object hanging over the island in the lake.

She stayed close, watching his moves, and catching his subtle scent. Probably just his deodorant, but her excitement grew from its smell. She wanted to be touched and caressed by this man and she hoped he would be the gentle, caring lover she had imagined as she watched him on the beach.

He got the telescope pointed almost to the right spot, then paused. She was close, closer than she needed to be, but he liked it. It was therefore quite a few seconds before he said, almost apologetically, “ Umm, sorry. I need to get close to line it up in the finder-scope.”

“Oh, sorry.” She stepped back, feeling a bit silly that she’d been staring at him.

He lined up on the target, and then said, “OK, there’s Saturn. Have a look. Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite.” He held out his arm, inviting her to come close again.

She smiled. It was probably too dark for him to see, but he could feel it in her voice when she said, “You better be gentle with me! I like gentle, caring men.”

She took a look into the telescope eyepiece, and was amazed to see the planet’s rings, and its little moons nearby, just like she had seen in pictures.

As she looked, he gazed at her, took in more of her fragrance, and felt deeply attracted to this woman. She seemed to be inviting him to be close, to do what he had thought unattainable. His confidence was buoyed, and he thought furiously of what to do next. She provided the answer.

As she stared, she said, “Looking at stars can get kinda cold at night. What do you do to get warm after?” She raised up from the telescope and looked at him for a few seconds. Obviously, her comments had him thinking... hard!

She finally continued,” I’m kinda cold right now. Can I hug you for warmth?” And without waiting for an answer, she leaned into him, reached her arms in under his jacket, and held him close, feeling his warmth.

He could feel she was cold; her nipples were certainly hard, but was that the cold? Whatever it was, she felt divine. When she gave out a little sigh, he could feel the blood rush into his groin.

She could feel him hardening. There was no mistaking his interest in her, and she just pulled him closer still.

Finally, he put his arms around her, to hold her close also. His hands roamed over her back, sort of trying to warm her, but also hoping to excite her more. One hand ran up her back and through her hair gently. When it reached her scalp, she tilted her head back into his caressing fingers and sought his mouth. He met her lips lightly, then more fully, his tongue playing with hers. He was at full hardness, and she was a passionate woman, longing for his touch and his tongue.

After many minutes of groping each other in silent passion, it was obvious to him, despite his love of the night sky, the stars would have to wait. And if he had any doubt, she broke away from him briefly and whispered, “Take me. I need your heat to warm me... from the inside out.”

Somehow, he got the telescope packed away quickly, and she followed him back to his car. He left the scope locked in the car, and they walked arm-in-arm back to her campsite. There was no fire waiting for them, but there was fire in their loins.

They embraced briefly, and she invited him into her “two-man” tent. (She thought deviously of one of her favourite fantasies for a split second...but that one would have to wait for another day)

There wasn’t much headroom; at least not the kind you’d need to stand up inside of the tent. She had a large, square sleeping bag that they could both fit into, if necessary. But, as they embraced and cuddled, and started removing items of clothing and kicking them down to the far end of the tent, there was no mistaking the rising heat and humidity generated by their lust. He tossed his jacket and shirt aside quickly, and then helped her out of hers. He was right about her not wearing a bra - no wonder she was cold! She probably didn’t really need a bra much, as she had a very nice firm and petite pair.

She enjoyed his many kisses. He kissed her cheek with gentle little kisses while his hands roamed over her arms, her chest, and her breasts, brushing gently over her nipples. He ran his kisses down her neck, pressing his heat into hers every now and then, and then pulling away, all but his lips and hands, allowing cool air to pass over her. The contrast, his touch, and his kisses had her extremely wet, and he could not mistake her sexy odour within the confines of the tent. He was eagerly anticipating her honey sweet taste, but trying with all his willpower to prolong and heighten her pleasure by holding off.

He stopped to get naked first. As he shifted around, removing first his jeans and then his briefs, her hands played over his chest, down his sides, over his firm butt. And she was almost beside herself with this Adonis in her presence, feeling his muscular smooth form. She squirmed, feeling the wetness that had soaked her. She needed to get naked too, to feel him feeling her. Everywhere.

Once he was stripped, he lay back down gently at her side, warm beside her as he nuzzled her neck, played with her breast. She wanted to have him touch her lower, so she guided his hand lower...lower...lifting up her waistband to give him access. He gently reached down, with a soft caress of his fingertips tracing little circles as they descended.

He was in no rush at all, as he had learned that the pleasure of a woman took time and yielded many rewards, many delicious orgasms, if not rushed. Eventually, he rose, and she raised her hips as he hooked her waistband at each side. He slowly-almost too slowly-drew down her pants and panties together, revealing more and more of her to the cool night air.

She wanted his warmth, his face to press up against her, his lips to do the magic he had done to her tongue and her nipples.

He had no sooner got her pants down to her knees when she wantonly spread her knees apart. He could almost feel the moist heat radiating from her. He resisted the temptation to just dive in, and instead started slow, soft kisses up her leg, accompanied by little soft massaging caresses from his fingertips. As he reached her knee, he moved from the top of her leg to her inner thigh, kissing slowly up the smooth, hot skin. She started to moan, anticipating his electric tongue on her special spots. Slowly he worked his way up, and as he approached his target, her sighs of approval got louder and more frequent. He thought she might just jump out of her skin from all the sexual tension in the air. Her scent was heavenly, and he knew she would taste absolutely divine, and as his kisses got to within inches of her sex, he could taste the sexual nectar she had oozed earlier.

His tongue started to lap her uppermost thigh, feeling a very slight stubble of her shaved area at the juncture with her legs. He ran his tongue all around the outside of her, driving her wild with desire. She finally put her hand to his head, running her fingers through his scalp (which he enjoyed immensely) and pressing him to the target. He resisted a little, but slowly his tongue ran up the full length of her sopping wet lips.

She was just about ready to have her first big orgasm, and prayed he’d press a little harder. She moaned her encouragement, and guided his head, but he didn’t need any help to know what to do. It was as if he had been born to do this, to excite a woman like this, and he just knew instinctively what to do. His tongue ran over her outer lips, pressing in between her inner and outer folds. He ran his tongue up one side, over the hood of her hard little clit, and down the other side. He did this a few times, running his tongue below her entrance, across her perineum, giving her an unexpected delight.

Then, as she was starting to feel that she couldn’t stand much more of this teasing (although it felt fabulous!) he started running his tongue between her lips, exploring her inner folds. They easily parted for him, drenching his tongue in her warm, tasty sex. He ran his broad tongue in slow motion up, finally feeling their joining at the hard nub of her clit, yearning for his touch. When he reached it, she thought she’d die from pleasure.

Her moans, and her quickening breathing, told him he was getting her close. After just a few broad licks, from her butt up to her clit, he knew she was ready.

He quickened his pace a little each time, each lick still from perineum to clit, but with slightly quicker tempo each time, and each time pressing his tongue a little harder and broader against her. As she neared her climax, he knew he would have to hold her to his tongue, so he gently wrapped his arms around her legs, pressing his face into her sex as he licked it with ever increasing speed. As she was reaching the start of her peak, his speed was still ever increasing...faster...a little harder. Somehow he held her close, his tongue lashing away at the entire length of her beautiful shaved pussy with just the right pressure and speed, until she thrashed and yelped through one long continuous incredible orgasm.

He lay close beside her, as her breathing subsided slowly. She could feel his hardness against her, and wanted it buried deep in her. But he was content to just hug her, and let her cool off a little first.

She was just thinking how that had been one of her best orgasms ever, when she heard the giggling coming from the next campsite over. They had probably heard her orgasmic bliss, but she thought, “To hell with it!”

She started to giggle herself, uncontrollably. This was surely going to be a camping trip to remember.

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