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Camping Stories


Camping Fusina

Memories of my time at a small camping ground in Italy.

As I reminisce about my sexual adventures back in the day, it would be negligent not to include Fusina in my writings. It was a small camping ground just across the lagoon from Venice. Many tour buses called in there and disgorged their young travellers f...

Camping In The Back Yard

Joey and his sisters Karen and Pam pitch the big old Army tent in their big back yard, and sleep outside for a few nights.

Chapter 1 The other cheerleaders at school elect Karen to head cheerleader for the following school year! She is ecstatic, to say the least. She rushes home after school and tells her mother, when she walks in the door, “Mom, I got it! I am the head cheer...

Camping & Spanking - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 4

A weekend camping provides some interesting settings for Chloe & Jamie's favorite pastimes.

“Hello, Jamie!” Chloe said, still feeling the fading sting that reminded her of the best spanking she’d ever gotten. “I haven’t heard from you in a few days. Are you okay?” Jamie asked, the concern in his voice coming through the phone. “I’m good! Really...

Fuckin' Intense

My wife plays without me at the nude resort.

There’s a first time for everything. This story tells about the first time my wife had sex with another man, without me. It’s not about cheating, since I was aware it was happening, and I totally approved. Linda knew I’d like it, although I know she did i...

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Alien Abduction With Mom

A mother and son are abducted by aliens and their relationship is forever changed.

It was the summer before my senior year of college when it happened. Up until then, I wouldn’t say I was one of those disbelievers; I was merely one of those people under the impression that the idea was so crazy it couldn’t possibly happen to me. Aliens...

Robbie's Story - Part 1: The Long Dark Tunnel

Robbie was a sporty kid, but had never had much luck with girls. And then his luck changed.

"You coming on this camping trip at the weekend, Robbie?" Steve asked while they were catching their breath between sets of freestyle. "Yeah," Robbie replied. "Any excuse to get out of the house!" "Yeah," agreed Steve. "And there are girls coming!" Steve...

Forest Nymph

Aimless and lost, a young, horny woman seduces me, renewing my sense of self.

The Christian Lord may move in mysterious ways, but the Goddess doesn’t fuck around. I’d beseeched the divine for guidance, pleading for any sign to reveal my path toward self-redemption. I hadn’t been myself for some time, merely a pathetic, hollow panto...


Why is it when you go away, you meet the nicest people?

While having a week away, camping, I bumped into a number of people, all very sociable. However, this one couple having pitched opposite me, wow! I could have sat there and stared at her all day. Lycra shorts, that when bending over basically become trans...

Family Bonding Off-the-Grid, Part 2: The Thoughtful Son

This part of the story is told in the perspective of the stepson.

I can't believe my dad made us go on this camping trip. I just wanted to stay home and play video games. And to make matters worse, I had to share a tent with my stepsister Emily. I typically masturbate about twice a day, and now I would probably never ge...

Family Bonding Off-the-Grid, Part 1: Father of the Year

A camping trip turns to sex between family members in the great outdoors.

Being the good father that I am, I forced my family to go on a family camping trip. And I'm not talking about one of those over-priced, crowded campgrounds, I'm talking off-the-grid, no cell coverage, all-wheel drive required, camping locations. Once I fo...