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start of a memorable weekend part 2

carrying on the orgasmic fun x
Your heavy breathing slowly subsides as you quickly tuck yourself back into your jeans, finally accepting the reality of possibly being caught in the train station car park. Starting the car you slowly reverse out of the space and make your way into the traffic, you comment on how much you have imagined this weekend and soon your fingers start to stroke my exposed thigh with eagerness to repay the favour.

Playfully slapping your hand away while telling you to concentrate on the road, I turn up your sound system and find a station with mindless music to listen to as we make our way to yours. The exposure to your long firm fingers have affected me though and soon I am squirming in my seat as my knickers are once again soaked in my newly anticipation.

After 20 minutes you pull the car into a quiet estate and a few minutes later we are sat in your drive. Turning the engine off and bringing yourself close to me that your lips are inches away. As your lips press down on me I relax into the intensifying kiss, all my anxiety disappear only to be replaced by desire and need.

Hands fisting in your hair holding you closer to me, the slight tingling sensation teasing you as we stare into each other’s eyes, large and dilated pupils filled with desire. Coming close again I think another mini kissing marathon is about to start but your hand skims past me to open the passenger door announcing that we are going inside.

Slight fumbles for keys and bags as we get inside but they are quickly forgotten and dropped as your hands are on me once more, touching, teasing and skimming over my body your thumbs relentlessly stroking up and down along the delicate skin about hip, even threw the fabric your touch is electric.

Backed against the wall I’m surrounded by your heat radiating from you. Your body pinned against the length of me, your fingers continuously stroking before starting to trace small circles down and down till you reach the hem of my skirt once more. Slipping your fingers to apex of my thighs, my knickers presenting nothing much of a barrier as they seem to disintegrate between your strong finger, the lace shredding under your touch. Your fingers reach my centre soaked, enticing your fingers as they slide delicately along my slipperiness, as you reach my engorged clit I buckle into you as the overwhelming sensation shakes my entire body.

Totally under mercy of you, your body, your fingers and your lips as they continue their sweet assault on my lips crushing them and absorbing all my moans of pleasure. My body heightened by simple touches, so soft and sensitive I want more! Harder and faster! I so desperately want you, all of you, but yet your slow assault of my body continues showing me who is in charge. Intensely watching me as my body buckles once more as your thumb circles my clit, and as two of your fingers find the centre of me dipping inside.

My hands start to wander along the spine of your back tracing patterns teasing your skin before you grab and hold each hand steady above my head locked into position so I am completely under your control

Continuing your rhythmic stroking along my clit and pussy your lips slowly work down my neck, your breath on my neck leaving my skin puckered and goose pimpled as you work tantalising slowly only stopping to remove my offending tshirt getting in the way. My tshirt discarded along with my bra your lips and tongue start the slow descent once more pausing at each breast. Your free hand cupping my swelling breast as your tongue swirls over my nipples and as you gently tug andgraze them with your teeth the sensations spiking directly to my pussy causing my muscles to clench around your fingers as the start of my orgasm crashes over.

Watching me with those hooded eyes of desire as my body accepts and loses control to this orgasm till the crashing waves settle to ripples. Your lips parted slightly and as the storm of my orgasm passes you have guide half pull my sated body up a stair case passing doors til reaching what is evidently your room and settling me on the edge of the bed pushing me lightly so im lay exposed with all but a few inches of fabric resembling my skirt for modesty.

Hooking your fingers underneath the waistband and with my assistance of lifting my hips the skirt is quickly discarded leaving me totally naked beneath your gaze while you remained fully clothed. Not liking the situation I make a move to help remove yours but you quickly hold me down your face inches from my face and your body flush against my own as you kiss me lightly. My urgency to feel your skin against mine is reflected in my kiss, my teeth grazing your bottom lip as my body arches into and hands snaking into your hair.

Murmuring and begging you finally relent stretching and removing your tee revealing smooth taut skin your muscles rolling underneath.. moans of appreciation escape my lips and you are back on top of me in a flash this time ensuring im held steady. I play along loving you in control all your movements precise .

You move between my legs once more pushing them apart and revealing my centre already teased and ready for more. Your tongue cool against my heat and sex is so delicious my body craves more. Your fingers splayed on the inside of my thighs holding me wide and exposed as your tongue follows your fingers earlier actions teasing the entire length of me up and down lazily almost before trailing over my clit up and down around and side to side teasing my with your talented tongue.

Your mouth closes around my sensitised little bud, sucking and grazing and licking. All these actions driving me wild my hips involuntary tilting to feel more sensation my body arching in delicious response. Your hand holds my body down against the bed, your fingers splaying against my stomach as your other hand joins your lips and tongue and as you slide a single finger inside my soaked pussy and strokes me incessantly against the wall of my pussy my body starts to sing once again my orgasm building in sweet bliss.

I wasn’t aware my body could handle such pleasure , so much pleasure it is a sensory overload as another finger joins with the first and the stroking and pounding to my pussy giving me such delightful dirty thoughts of what your cock is capable of crashes me over the edge. Your lips continue their teasing as I come hard and fast that my juices spray over you and you greedily set about licking up every drop.

As I come back down from my high my pussy still tingling with the most amazing orgasm possible you join me on the bed curling me up against your body. Your breath rustling my hair as we both calm and start to drift.

Knowing this is only the start to our fun leaves a smile on both our lips as we slip into wonderland dreaming up fantasies once more that we long to fulfil .

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