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The Trainer - My Reward

Ben returns for a second date with his neighbor, ready for anything
The sight of Janeen about to taste her fingers as I walked away from her house yesterday caused an unavoidable explosion in my briefs, but it was my own fault for letting myself get aroused and presuming she would want more sex. She was one of only a few women who had accepted my “pitch” literally and made me honor it. But at least she had the compassion to recognize my needs and invite me back.

As I had walked the few hundred feet from her house back to mine I could still smell her on my breath and by the time I was inside my cock was stirring literally in its own juices in my pants. I was humiliated at losing control but happy that I could honestly tell her today that I did not “touch myself”. I wasn’t sure what to expect today but I felt confident that she would be ready and I was hopeful that her tight little body would torture me differently today.

She answered the door promptly but today she was dressed in slacks and a pull over blouse. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, something which most women do not know that I find sexy. She greeted me with a peck on the cheek and immediately handed me a mug of warm creamy liquid. “Hi, Ben. Come on in and sit down, I want you to drink this and tell me what you think of it,” she said.

We sat in her living room for a few minutes as I consumed the drink. “Hmmm, takes sweet, sort of like pineapple,” I said. She smiled and told me about it.

“It’s a special pineapple shake I made; it has concentrated pineapple in it, so it’s stronger.”

I gave her a puzzled look. “Stronger? I don’t understand.”

“Finish it up and come on back to the bedroom and I’ll explain,” she said. The look on her face made me think I would not be disappointed. I gulped the rest of the shake down and followed her to her bedroom. She undressed me slowly by the bed as she explained.

“Yesterday was very special for me in many ways. I’ve never had a guy concentrate only on my pleasure and sacrifice his own orgasm for me. So today I decided that I want to do the same for you. I think now that we know each other better we will get together more often, but today I want to do something just for you.”

By that time I was stepping out of my briefs, revealing a semi hardness that seemed to please her. She stayed on her knees in front of me and tapped the insides of my legs to make me spread them wider.

“The pineapple shake is to make your semen sweeter to taste, I’ve done this before and I can’t get enough of it; it’s not bitter like most of the time. The shake was warm to let your body absorb it quicker.”

I stared down at her in shock but totally interested, now that my erection was full blown and bobbing in front of her. “So, you’re just going to…..” I began.

“Oh, no, I’m not just going to stroke it, I’m going to suck you off very slowly. By the time I let you come your semen will be so tasty I’ll suck you dry,” she said, smacking her lips.

Not wanting to sound disappointed I tried to inject a suggestion into the conversation. “Well, I was kind of hoping that this time we would get there together.”

Her hand had begun softly stroking my shaft and I felt her fingers gently caressing my balls. It suddenly occurred to me that I might keep my mouth shut and take whatever she had in mind.

She looked up at me, “Oh, you mean a 69? Yeah, that’s my favorite but not today; this means a lot to me to repay you for yesterday.”

She then got real serious, tightening her hand around the base and squeezing. Her eyes locked on to mine and I felt her fingernails scratching the underside of my sac. “Oh, yeah, that feels great,” I whispered.

“Shhh,” she responded, “Hands behind your back, don’t touch me or say anything until you’re actually coming.”

For so many long wonderfully tortuous moments I watched her work my cock with her lips, licking the shaft and around the tip, plunging her mouth down over it until I felt the tip on the back of her throat. I repressed groan after groan and sucked in my breath several times to keep from moaning. I went up on the tips of my toes to press my shaft deeper into her mouth more than once and she answered by humming on the shaft.

I don’t know how long it really took because I was on the verge so many times but she kept backing off and just caressing my balls while my cock twitched in the air by her face. I was surprised at how long I maintained control, even though I didn’t have control; she did. Then she used one hand to pump the base of my shaft and used her mouth to suck the head wetly with her lips.

Just seeing her staring at me while she worked my cock was arousing enough but then I felt a fingernail, not just a fingertip but a fingernail budge against my sphincter and she shoved it into my anus. My mouth flew open in shock and surprise and she pressed the finger inside me and I felt her knuckle pass the rim.

I tried to tell her that I was going to come but instead I just yelled, “Fuck!” and I unloaded into her sucking lips. She jerked her finger out of my ass and pumped my cock with both hands. I never saw a drop; she took it and swallowed several times until she was satisfied that she had it all. When she finally took her mouth away, she licked her lips and giggled to herself.

“Damn, I love doing that, milking a guy and drinking his stuff.”

“Well, it’s hot as hell watching you do it,” I gasped, “And you’re very good at it, Janeen.”

She stood and for the first time kissed me on the lips. I grabbed her wonderful ass and pulled her against my body as I returned her kiss. She gently pulled free, though. “I would love to continue but I have a new client today and she’s paying me extra to get an early session.”

“I understand,” I said, reaching for my clothes, “But we need to try a few more experiments.”

“I’m all for that, but it may be a few days before I can have you over again. I notice you keep grabbing my ass when you can. Are you an ass man?”

I smiled, a bit embarrassed. “Not usually, but you have a fine behind, young lady and I’d love to get to know it better.”

She opened the front door for me. “We’ll see,” she said.

When I was on the sidewalk in front of her house I turned to look back at her just as I had yesterday, but she was not in the front window.

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