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Upstairs N Down

Dedicated to the few close men who mean a lot to me.
You all know who you are.

This is a story about a man and his girlfriend of 15 years and of how things have changed between them. Staying with him out of convenience more than a desire to marry him, she had all but lost interest in sex other than missionary and loathe to experiment elsewhere outside their bedroom.

Naturally he became quite bored and wanting, curious to expand on his current situation. Surfing the internet one day, he happened upon a fun little site called Lush. After creating a profile and browsing the site for a while, he found himself in a chat room where he met up with someone who was about to rock his world!

The attraction is immediate and more than mutual, sharing much of the same interests, sense of humor and wicked desire for sexual adventures, the two begin to chat quite often, creating a bond that would somehow last, a lifetime.

One day, as usual, while deep in conversation with his playmate online and on the phone, the door swung wide open and in his girlfriend casually strolled into his plush home office. Surprised, he pulled his hands from the keyboard and adjusted the screen, preventing her from seeing what site he was one and what he'd typed. Continuing the call with his lover on the Bluetooth headset, he turned his attention to his girlfriend.

Quick of mind and with a snap, he returned to the present, giving his girlfriend what appeared to be his undivided attention (amazing how most men are able to do that), nodding in agreement and noting all the details. As she began to repeat herself, he found himself drifting away from her, captivated by his No Tell Lover once more and what she'd begun to do to him.

On the other end of the phone, a smile spread slowly across her face. She, too, had been listening to the long "honey do list". While listening to the droning from the girlfriend via the phone, she began her own "honey do list", only hers was much more fun!

Whispering softly into the phone, she told him what she'd be doing were she in the room with them, only down below his broad oak desk hidden from view.

His grip on the arm of his leather office chair tightened as she typed her thoughts of sensual pleasure, the graphic details now tormenting with his libido and painting a graphic picture upon the canvas of his very fertile mind.

All the while, his oblivious girlfriend continued droning about nothing in particular, unconcerned with her surroundings.

Slowly and deliberately, she began her flirtations starting with her attire. Knowing how much he loved the way soft jeans fit a well dressed woman like a glove, she added elegance to tradition as she described her stunning outfit. A simple red silk top, deep brown leather jacket and open toe gold heels complimented by a single shimmering blue pearl on a golden chain, a diamondpearl ring and matching post earrings.

Her silky voice caressing his ear, she told him exactly how she intended to greet him beneath that smooth oak desk; on bended knees, with smooth hands, an open mouth and a willing heart.

As she spoke, her soft voice managed to both soothe and madden him, trying his ability to remain faithful to the present while his testosterone screamed for merciful release in the paradise she portrayed.

As he listened breathlessly, she began to describe how she would work up his legs, starting at his ankles, moving up his calves. Deliberately pausing at his thighs to let the need and the desire build within him. Then, with great care, she undoes the top button of the pants. He flinched knowing what would come next. Lifting her head just high enough to grab his zipper, she slowly, ever so slowly, unzipped his pants, being careful not to bump his obvious arousal with her chin. At least... not yet.

Hearing with pleasure as he moaned softly into the receiver, she continued her story of how she'd spread him wide once that zipper came down and his trousers were removed. She smiled knowingly to herself, very much aware of how he'd been struggling to maintain his composure upstairs with the girlfriend as she practically drove him insane downstairs doing whatever the hell she wanted, those thoughts written on the screen in a private chat window seen only by the two of them.

"Whats wrong Honey? you look kinda flushed."

the girlfriend asked, and he suddenly realized she that she was waiting for an answer to an earlier question, and he'd not been paying attention enough to catch it.


He thought in pleasurable agony, as she sat atop his desk, leaning forward to feel his forehead with mild concern.

His playmate, undisturbed, continued her story. Now telling of how his hand would snake below the desk to capture her silken tresses and to keep her EXACTLY where he wanted her to be. ON HER KNEES! Nonplussed, his girlfriend kept talking in one ear while his playmate chuckled at his dilemma in the other. He doubled his efforts to appear, once again, as though he was giving his girlfriend the attention she thought she was getting.

"You little Minx!"

He thought to himself as he struggled within to concentrate on his girlfriends words. "For crying out loud" he spoke inwardly, they are just words. And yet he could not recall them two seconds after they've been spoken.

His imagination running wild, he was now very much a part of his playmate's story as he envisioned himself clutching at her flowing locks beneath the confines of his solid oak desk, pulling her onto his ever growing cock which was getting harder and harder by the second.

Taken by the moment, a moan suddenly escaped him, and he could only stare at his girlfriend in mute horror!

Meanwhile, downstairs in storyland, his No Tell Lover smiled wickedly and swallowed him whole, feeling his hard cock expand and swell abundantly, nuzzling along the smooth muscles of her throat.

"Good God!"

he thought as his girlfriend stared across the desk above, totally unaware of the parallel universe where erotic thoughts of a warm throat muscle contracted and firmly gripped about his solid member assaulting his mind, milking him for all he's worth as he imagined hot lava shooting unchecked down her throat. She had him and she would NOT be letting him go...

He quelled his body's reactions with one very primal thought. Survival. He then schooled his visage into the perfect poker face. His mind, on the other hand, continued with an imagery of its own as he pictured his hand still on her head while she continued to suck him off, blowing gentle kisses onto his slit before nibbling her way between his thighs and down his legs lapping at any residue that lingered.

His girlfriend repeated her question. "Darling, I asked if you would like me to run to pharmacy and get you something that might settle your stomach?"

Hearing all that was going on and without missing a beat, his playmate rose from her knees on the thick royal capet to nibble at his inner thigh. He barely suppressed a yelp as he answered her question.

"Yes, please"

He stammered "Something to settle my nerves would be fine". He barely squeaked. No truer words had ever been spoken as she walked out the office door, a soft click signalling someone was leaving through the front gate.

Picking up where his No Tell Lover left off, he growled into the phone, "Come on up here, you little slut" and yanked her from Downstairs corridors to the Upstairs Chateau onto his lap and into his arms. "This story isnt over yet, not by a long shot!"

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