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Welcome Home, part 1

After a week apart, she just couldn't wait to get my thick shaft in her mouth.
This story involvestwo people who enjoy a DD/lg lifestyle. While she calls him Daddy, he is not her father but her Dom. This chapter will not include other BDSM references or activities so I am submitting it under a different category. Enjoy.

I was sitting at the airport waiting for her to arrive from a week in California with her parents. My heart began racing as the voice over the speakers announced that her plane had arrived and the passengers were disembarking. Thanks to the increased security I could not meet her at the gate but had to wait for her next to the luggage carousel.

I saw her bag first, a large black duffel back that she had borrowed from me, now marked with a bright pink ribbon tied around the handles. My face broke out in a broad smile as I saw it, my heart lifting at the first sign of my wonderful girl in over a week. Reaching down I grabbed her bag, surprised by how light it was. It appeared to be just as full as when she had packed what I considered a month’s worth of supplies, but was considerably lighter. Before I could open the bag to investigate the matter I saw a crowd of people begin to descend the escalators to the baggage area.

My breath caught as I saw my first glimpse of her. Her hair tumbled in a long silky wave across her shoulders as she held her small carryon case in front of her. She was wearing a pale yellow sundress and heels that lifted her perfectly sculpted legs. Her head was turning, searching, and as I raised my hand her eyes landed on mine. The smile that crossed her beautiful face made my heart melt all over again, just like every time I saw her. She waved excitedly, seeming to bounce up and down in anticipation. “Welcome home Baby Girl,” I mouthed silently, receiving a beaming smile in return.

When she finally reached the bottom of the escalator she started running towards me as fast as she could in her heals. I barely had time to notice that her large perky breasts were bouncing around much more than usual under the dress when she leaped into my arms. I caught the love of my life and spun her around in a circle as her lips descended to mine and we kissed, both of us attempting to communicate just how much we missed the other through our touch and our kiss.

As my hands slid down her back to better support her I cupped her ass through the short dress, feeling a very noticeable lack of panties under my fingers. And judging from the feeling of her body against my chest the bra was also missing. My cock lurched in my pants as I thought of the easy access I would have had were we on that plane together. As our lips finally parted and she allowed her wait to settle into my hands I saw a twinkle in her eyes. She knew exactly what I was feeling, or rather not feeling. My little minx had planned on it, I could tell.

“Do you like my new dress Daddy?” she asked with a smile. I put her down to admire it, my eyes drawn to the impressive amount of cleavage shown off by the square neck and how the dress fell barely to the middle of her thigh. She spun to give me a better look, forcing a soft growl from my chest as the dress lifted high enough for me to catch a glimpse of her soft plump ass before it was again obscured by the thin fabric.

Smiling wickedly up at me she leaned close, her hands exploring the front of my jeans, discovering just how much I liked her new dress, and how much I had missed her sexy little body. “I missed you so much Daddy,” she said in a low, husky voice. “I missed your kisses, your touch, and your hands on my body, and I missed your big thick cock so much.” Each word went straight to my shaft, swelling and thickening the already painfully hard lump in my jeans. “Please Daddy,” she continued looking up at me sexily. “Don’t make me wait anymore. I need you.”

“Be patient little one,” I growled in her ear. “I have prepared a proper welcome home for you. I know how your body must be craving the touch of its master, but it must wait just a little longer.” My words were met with a pout until I whispered softly, “But once we are in the car I will let you reacquaint yourself with your favorite toy.” Her face lit up thinking of getting her hands and mouth back on my thick meaty shaft. Nodding she turned to walk towards the exit, forcing me to grab her bag and hurry to keep up. I chuckled as I caught her and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her close.

A soft whimper met my ears and I looked down to see her biting her lip. I could understand her reaction, the feel of her body against mine, under my fingers, was incredibly arousing after a week apart. I was hard pressed to keep from forcing her against the nearest wall and taking her right there in the public airport.

Finally we reached the car and I opened her door for her. Wrapping her arms around my neck she pulled my face down for another long, deep kiss. “I am so ready for my Daddy to remind me whose I am,” she said softly, “But I need to tell you my love, how much I missed you and how happy I am to be home again with you.”

Smiling I kissed her again, loving her more than ever. I squeezed her ass through the dress and replied, “Ditto love,” As she slid into the passenger seat of the car she purposely allowed her legs to part, the dress sliding up enough for her sweet little slit to poke out. I groaned at the delicious sight of her pink, shaved pussy, already glistening with moisture. I licked my lips, forcing myself to close the door and circle the car to my side.

I had no sooner sat down when her she was leaning over, her fingers fumbling with my belt in her haste to get at the cock she could see pushing up the front of my jeans. I groaned seeing the insatiable need in her eyes as she finally succeeded in getting my belt off and my jeans open. Her hands fished inside and pulled out my throbbing member, already dripping a large drop of precum from the tip.

I heard her whimper again as she found herself staring at the object of her desire and then her mouth opened and descended on me, fully engulfing the thick shaft as she hungrily sucked me deep into her mouth. As we exited the airport she pulled her dress down releasing her breasts which she eagerly began to squeeze and pull. I tried to hold back, wanting to wait until we got home to cum properly for her. But it had been too long and she was just too hungry for it. She used all of her tricks, massaging my balls and deep throating me over and over. I’d only made it a couple miles down the highway when I came with a roar, my cock pulsing as it exploded like a cannon, shooting blast after blast of cum straight up into her mouth.

A shiver seemed to run through her as she milked my cock of every drop she could find and a strangled moan escaped around the thick shaft still buried inside her mouth. As I looked at her I could tell that a small orgasm and torn through her, leaving her breathless but far from done. If anything she appeared even hungrier than before. The insatiable minx had been awoken and she refused to back down until her need had been fulfilled.

Her lips never left my cock as we finished the drive and by the time I pulled into our driveway I was once again fully hard and thick in her mouth. Reluctantly I pulled her from my lap and secured my throbbing shaft back in the confinement of my jeans. “Patience Baby Girl,” I reminded her. “Come see what I have prepared for you.”

Carrying her bag I led her to the door and opened it. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me with a big smile. “Wait,” she said excitedly, and I was surprised to see that her lust had subsided somewhat. “Before you show me what you have waiting for me I need to change. I picked up a couple of surprises for you.”

“Ok little one,” I replied smiling at her enthusiasm. “You can change downstairs in my den. I’ll be waiting upstairs in the bedroom. Take your time.” Kissing her again I gave her ass as squeeze and guided her through the door. She took her bag from my hands and turned left down the hallway towards my den, while I found the stairs and climbed to the second floor and walked into our large master bedroom.

It took her a good 20 minutes, but finally I heard her footsteps climbing the stairs. Hurrying into the hallway I stopped her before she could see the bedroom. She stood on the landing of the stairs smiling at me in the sexiest set of lingerie I’d ever seen. A deep blue demi-bra held up her breasts, displaying so much of her succulent flesh that her nipples were barely concealed behind a lace fringe along the top. Matching panties trimmed in white lace covered her mound and were contrasted by the white garter belt that she wore.

Straps led from the belt to the white stockings that encased her legs from the middle of her thighs down. Incredibly high white heels completed the outfit and I stood there staring as she sexily made her way towards me, her hands roaming over her bare stomach and up across her breasts. Her eyes were locked on mine, watching me devour her with my hungry gaze. Now I knew why her bag was so much lighter. I could only imagine what other surprises she had in there for me.

Finally I found my voice as I took her into my arms. At first I couldn’t find the words to describe all of my feelings in that moment, my hunger for her, my love for her, my appreciation of her, everything I wanted to say. Finally I said one word that said it all. My voice was a deep hoarse growl as I managed to say, “MINE”

…to be continued 

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