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Who's Really In Control?

Is Control An Illusion?
It was a quiet evening, slightly warm but nothing too unbearable. You were sitting in the living room doing some paperwork and there was music playing in the background. I was in the kitchen preparing some food for the special evening I had planned. The aroma from the kitchen wafted throughout the house. The water was coming to a boil on the stove for the pasta, and the homemade sauce was simmering in another pot. The fragrance of garlic and tomatoes made the kitchen smell like an Italian restaurant. I poured myself a glass of Pinot Grigio while mixing up the garlic and herb butter for the bread sticks. Mindlessly working I was lost in my thoughts, of you and the passionate nights we had always shared.

The faint sounds of the music crept into my thoughts and brought me back to reality. As I was chopping the fresh herbs and humming under my breath to the song, I felt your body press against my back. Your hands slid around my waist as you started kissing my neck. Still chopping and humming, your hand slid down over my arm and to my hand. We continued chopping together with your hand on mine, as you slowly nibbled my ear. We laid the knife down and I turn to you. Our lips meet. Kissing gently, our lips parted as our tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouth, exploring each and every part, so sensually. Knowing where this would lead and it would spoil what I had planned for you later, I broke from the kiss. Looking at you with a sweet little smile I raised my hand and shook my finger at you.

“No being naughty baby! You need to go back to the other room and let me finish in here.” You kissed me on the nose and grabbed another glass of wine. I watched your sexy ass as you walked away from me, so gorgeous, reminding of how much passion I have for you.

The pasta water was now boiling ready for the salt and pasta. The oven temperature was ready for the bread sticks as well. Everything was coming together well. I took the salad and dressing to the table as I heard the timer go off for the pasta. Draining the noodles and coating it with the sauce, I took one final taste to check for seasoning. Perfect! Finishing touch was some freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Taking everything to the table, I lit the candles and I called you in for dinner. You closed up your work in the living room and came into the dining room to find me gone. You refilled our wine glasses and sit down at the head of the table.

It was easy to sneak into the bedroom, taking a small bowl of sliced strawberries and grapes for later. I changed out of my clothes and slipped into a black cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and red high heels. My heart was beating faster and I could feel the wetness between my legs in anticipation of our night together.

“Get it together before he sees it all over my face,” I said to myself.

I walked back into the dining room to see you had already dimmed the lights. There was your handsome face sitting at the end of table. The candle light was flickering on the table and shimmering on the walls around us. The window was opened behind me and I could feel the night breeze as it flowed through the window. Smiling to myself with the knowledge that you had no idea of what I had planned for you this evening.

As you finished up your last bite of pasta, I finished my salad. There was a bowl of fresh fruit in the center of table. “Would you care for some fruit?” I asked.

I reached for a strawberry and dipped it in the fresh whipped cream. Leaning into you, I took a bite off the end of the berry, your eyes not leaving my lips as you watched. Offering the berry to you, I watched as you took a bite. Then our lips met. The sweetness of the berry did not compare to the sweetness of our kiss.

You took the bottle of wine and our glasses, as I took the bread sticks and your hand and led you to the bedroom. Setting our drinks and the bread down on the bedside table, I turned to you and I began to strip you naked kissing each and every part of your body slowly and sensually. Then pushed you down into a chair at the foot of the bed. I leaned forward to kiss your lips, your cheeks, and your neck; oh how I love the feel of my lips on your skin.

An evening like this with you, where I take control, is always such a turn on for me. I love when you take control of my body, my mind, my thoughts, my very being. Knowing that you know me as well as I know myself and the things I want without ever having to speak the words. I want you to have those same exact feelings with me. Knowing we trust each other completely allows us to experiment in most every way possible.

I grabbed two of my silk scarves and lightly bound both of your hands down to the arm of the chair. I leaned forward and licked your upper lip then your lower, gently biting it and sucking it into my mouth. Our lips met, tongues joined as one. I let you have a good view of my cleavage as I bent in front of you. You noticed my nipples as they protruded from the confines of my bra. The material enhanced their shape as your heart began to quicken and you tried to lean in to kiss them.

As I stood in front of you, I slowly removed my dress leaving on my lacy bra, the garter belt with fish net stockings and my red high heels. I turned around in front of you and bent over, looking back at you with my finger ever so slightly in my mouth. My mouth closed around it, sucking on it, as you took in the view of my naked ass before you. You wanted to reach out and touch me but you could not with the binds.

Still bent over in front of you, my naked ass in full view, I took both my hands and spread apart my ass cheeks, giving you a perfect view of my perfectly shaped pink puckered hole. I knew how much you wanted my ass, so I took a few steps back closer to you, teasing you right in front of your face.

I winked at you. "Not yet baby, but soon.....very soon."

I walked over to the drawer and I pulled out a bag. You knew what was coming now, and a smile crossed to your face. I laid out my toys on the bed for you to see. I sat on the edge of the bed right in front of you, and brought my right leg up onto the bed. I spread my legs wide open allowing you a nice view of my trimmed pussy pink and succulent; and I was already glistening with my juices.

I spread my lips apart so you could see what you had done to me already. I reached for a bread stick from the table beside the bed. You watched as I brought it to my mouth and traced my lips along the bread stick as if it were your cock. When I reached the end, I sucked it. I then trailed it down around each of my rock hard nipples enjoying the roughness of the bread against my skin.

Lowering it still as it trailed down my stomach and your eyes not leaving my body you watched as I dipped the bread stick into my already dampened pussy.

Sliding it almost all the way in and back out as you intently watched while licking your lips I pulled it out and raised it up for you to see.

I winked and asked, “Would you like a bite of this lovely glistening bread stick? It has a special sauce on it that I made myself just for you.”

You nodded your head "yes" and I leaned over and teased your lips with it before allowing you to suck on it and take a bite. I watched you chew and taste me all over the stick; was such an erotic site to behold.

I reached over and I found my purple vibe and I slid it up and down my wet slit. It slipped into my wet pussy. I know you love to watch me use my toys for you. I turned it on to low; you heard the muffled sounds of the hum as it went in and out of me.

“Yes, baby, fuck yourself with that vibe for me. You know how much I love watching you play with your pussy.”

“Stick it in deeper baby, bury it for me,” you instructed me as you were tied to the chair to watch me.

I leaned back, my legs spread wide for you as I continued the assault on my pussy at your request, wanting to - NO needing, to cum. The look on my face told you everything you needed to know for the next instruction.

“Grab your bullet baby and put it on your clit.”

I did as you asked. The vibrations on my clit and the hum in my pussy, I felt the rush of blood to my head making my face flushed and hot.

“HARDER, FASTER BABY FUCK THAT PUSSY FOR ME,” you said in a very loud voice, over the moans and mumbling that came out of my mouth. This was supposed to be my night of control but you somehow had seized the moment and I was not going to argue.

It felt so fucking good and I wanted to cum so badly for you.

I pushed the bullet down onto my clit harder and slid the vibe in and out as fast as I could. I was there; I was ready to explode like a volcano on top of a huge mountain. My molten lava was ready to pour out of me. My body tensed up and started to shake.

You saw the sight of me before you ready to have a very intense orgasm and I heard you whisper in a soft voice, “That’s it baby cum for me, cum for your man. Let me see the juices flow from your sexy pussy,”

That was all I needed to hear. My body convulsed, my pussy contracted over the vibe as it began to flow, like a waterfall down the side of a mountain. The vibe dripped with the sweet nectar, my hand soaked and the bedspread underneath me soaked. My body still jerked as the orgasm subsided.

I pulled out the vibe, you could see that it was all shiny and wet. I leaned toward you and lightly traced your lips with the wet vibe. You could smell my sweet aroma as your lips were coated with my juices. Your mouth parted and I slid the vibe into your mouth. You licked and sucked it clean. I leaned in and kissed you. I loved the taste of myself on your lips.

I stood and turned my back to you and lowered myself onto your lap. Your cock was very stiff and was lying against your stomach. I leaned back against you and rubbed myself back and forth against your cock. I could hear faint moans escape your lips as you brushed them against my neck and ears.

I whispered to you, "Are you ready for me baby?"

I untied your hands and you followed me to the bed. You tried to take control but I stopped you. Shaking my finger.....

"This is NOW my show handsome, not yours."

You laid on the bed on your back with your legs spread open. I took my place between them, with my hands running up and down your thighs and my face in front of your balls. My tongue licked one and then the other and back. I sucked each one into my mouth, with my tongue teasing and licking them, I looked up at your sexy blue eyes watching me.

I heard your moans of pleasure and it increased the wetness between my legs. I licked up the shaft of your cock and teased your engorged head with my tongue. Then I took you as deep as possible, gagging on your hard throbbing cock. I took my vibrator and placing it along side your cock as it hummed against it my mouth devours both.

You felt the vibrations shoot through your cock and the rest of your body as the wetness and warmth of my mouth pleasured you. I could tell by the movement of your hips that you were close, so I stopped. I watched the reaction on your face as you realized your fire had to smolder awhile longer.

I crawled up your body with my hard nipples touching your skin I kissed my way to your mouth. I have never been able to get enough of your mouth or the rest of your body. Your arms tried to close around me.

"Keep those hands down baby, not yet."

My hands pushed your arms back down and I kissed my way back down your chest, licking and nibbling on your nipples, one then the other.

I moved to your left side, and rolled you over on your stomach. I straddled your ass and ran my fingers up and down your back leaving slight scratch marks.

I leaned down and whispered in your ear, “Do you trust me baby?" I asked.

Moans and a faint, "Yes I do," escaped your lips.

I slowly inched my way down your body and moved to the side where I propped you up on all fours. You looked back at me with some hesitation.

"Trust me," I said, followed by a wink.

I spread your legs slightly and began to kiss your ass cheek; the right, then the left, and back. My finger traced from your balls, around each one and then up the crack of your ass, followed by my tongue. My warm wet tongue fondled your puckered hole over and over. The moans you let out told me that you loved the feeling.

Taking my favorite vibe I brought it to your mouth and instructed you to get it wet. My taste was still on it, and you licked it clean. Turned onto high, I slowly slide it in....inching it in as my tongue kept you wet, inch by until it was all the way in. You arched your back as the vibrations shot through your ass to every nerve ending in your body.

I slid under you as a mechanic would slide under a car. You instinctively lowered your hard throbbing cock down into my hot wanting mouth. Slowly you started to fuck my mouth as my right hand slid the vibe in and out of your ass and the other hand was kneading your balls.

Over and over, your cock hit the back of my throat. You felt my mouth clamp down with each thrust as if your fucking my tight pussy that you know is wanting and wet for you. I can feel the vibrations from your ass through your cock. You pumped feverishly over and over. The faster the vibe goes in and out of your ass, the faster you fucked my mouth.

One thrust, two thrusts, three, and four then five. Your body started to tense, your balls were so full you needed to release now......

I screamed with a mouthful of your cock, “CUM FOR ME NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

Six pumps and seven - you shot your thick hot load down my throat. Still pumping...squirting. You were grunting and moaning, giving me all you had.

My hand stroked you slowly as your first wave subsided, still shaking. You laid down on your back, the vibe was still in your ass humming. I stood above you over your face. You looked up and saw my wet pussy over your face. You were watching every move I made. I bent over and took the bowl of fruit I had brought in with me earlier. Still straddling over your face, you watched as I slowly slid a grape into my hot wet pussy, then another, and then a slice or two of berries. The coolness of the skin of the grape on my inner walls felt like a popsicle touching your tongue.

As I looked down onto your handsome eager face I asked, “Are you ready for your dessert baby? You know what to do to get the cream to go with your berries and grapes.”

"Are you going to lick this hot pussy baby? Are you going to make me cum?

As I leaned further down, your tongue darted out wanting to taste me. I knelt down and slid my glistening slit over your lips. My hard nipples dragged across your chest and stomach as I rode your face. You could feel my fingernails digging into your thighs as I supported myself by holding onto your legs.

Your tongue slid up and down my wet slit to the hard bud, biting it gently between your teeth. Your mouth suctioned itself to the opening that was cradling the fruits of your desires and nectar that awaited you, which you longed for. As you were sucking the fruit from my pussy, wanting that silky cream that only I could give you, my legs began to shake as the power of the orgasm was about hit.

"Oh God yes, use that tongue baby work that magic on my .... YOUR pussy," I begged.

You grabbed hold of my ass as you buried your face licking and sucking me. Your tongue felt the velvety softness of my love canal as you hit the very depths of my inner walls. Feeling your tongue darting in and out of my pussy licking up and down my slit as my juices smeared all over your face. You took my throbbing clit between your teeth, and that was a feeling that drove me so close to the edge.

My hand and the feeling of my warm wet mouth brought your cock back to the stiffness that I love and crave. I ground against your face harder and faster. Riding your tongue like never before, my body started to tense. You grabbed my ass harder as you sensed the wave building. I exploded in your mouth like a tidal wave crashing against the shore.

My juices flowed into your mouth and I could not help but let out my cries of ecstasy. I rocked back and forth over your face as my orgasm subsided. You licked and swallowed all that I could give you. You shook your head into my pussy lapping up all the honey that was oozing from my honey pot.

I slid my wet pussy down your body and turned to straddle you again; our lips met. Kissing, our tongues met, the taste of each other; what an amazing taste!

Looking into your blue eyes, I said, "This is just the beginning baby, are you ready for the rest?"

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