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A Very Naughty Girl

I shouldn’t have even thought of it - but I did, and so I had to, didn‘t I.
There are some things you do in public because you can, and it's naughty to do them; it hurts no-one, especially when you know that getting caught probably won‘t actually happen.

Then there are some things that you do because of the possibility of getting caught. The added tension and hypersensitivity of your senses adds to the experience. If you get caught, you have two options. Carry on and brave it out hoping the person or persons will just watch, or stop and pretend that you weren’t really doing anything bad at all. I prefer the former of these, and in all honesty, sometimes I wish the persons that caught us would just join in.

Then there are things that you do that you know you shouldn’t have even contemplated in the first place.

This happened on my holidays to Spain. My boyfriend and I found ourselves wandering around a fairly large city in the north of Spain. We entered a few bars and ate tapas at around two in the afternoon, and generally enjoyed the nice hot day that it was.

We eventually found ourselves looking at the most impressive cathedral we had ever seen and we decided that it was worth an internal visit.

I don’t know about you, but I find these places dark and often cold, despite their beauty and splendour. This cathedral was actually split into two parts, a lower older chapel and a more modern upper one. We entered the lower chapel first.

It was splendid; rows of dark oak benches filled the once open area down to the altar. At its head was the symbol of Christ on the cross with the most wonderful ornaments in gold and crystals that you could find anywhere. It was a truly glorious sight of the splendour that was Spain.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves sitting in the front pew, in silence, looking at the vision of Christ on the cross. I looked at him but he was just staring into the distance and glancing from side to side, taking in the scent and vision of everything on display. From the corner of my eye, a woman came in, walked to the centre of the room, made the sign of the cross and then left just as quickly.

I looked behind me to see how many others were around, and it was simply empty. Maybe it was the time of day, perhaps every one was having a siesta.

I must admit to being a little horny at the time, that I probably would put down to a little alcohol and the heat. Whatever caused it, a rush of naughtiness washed over me. I was almost consumed by lust. My temperature had soared and I was feeling the heat even in this cold place. My cheeks must have been flushed bright red to account for the way I felt. Even my pussy was throbbing with expectation.

I was sitting half on the pew with my body facing my boyfriend and my eyes glued on everything that was happening behind me. My right hand came down on my boyfriends pants and I started to stroke his cock under his loose trousers. My mouth was slightly opened and I was reaching forward encouraging his hard-on when he turned to me.

“What are you doing, Denise?” he whispered, his hand almost brushing mine aside.

I know that whenever he uses my name like that, he is serious, so I stopped for a brief while. However, the feeling would not go away, in fact I felt more than a little moisture soak my panties.

After smiling at him, with my sexiest and lustful smile, I whispered in his ear as my hand fell back down onto his cock. “There‘s no-one here at all. No-one has come in for the last three minutes,” I said, “I could have had a mouthful of cum by now…” I continued.

I know those words well, and I know that by now he would be thinking the same thing that I was. ‘Could we get in a quickie in under five minutes?’ Whenever I have mentioned a mouthful of cum to my boyfriend in the past he has generally been up for it, anywhere, anytime.

I saw him contemplate the scenario. He too started to look around as he glanced behind him in both directions.

He looked at me. I smiled back at him and then I bit my lip.

I was stroking his cock all the while, and with every stroke it was getting harder under his pants. I reckoned it wouldn’t take him long to spurt down my throat. I was breathing heavily at the thought of taking his cock in my mouth, in this dark, cold place. All I needed was his confirmation. I prayed for it.

I watched him as he looked down at the size of his cock in his trousers.

“You know you want to," I whispered, “and I‘m really thirsty right now.”

That seemed to tip him over the edge. I watched as he unbuckled his belt and slide his trousers down just past his underpants. I quickly wrenched his underpants from his leg area and hooked them over his cock. His cock and balls sprung free as they rested on the outside of his pants.

I grabbed his length and fisted it energetically with my right hand. I was watching behind me as I pumped his cock in my hand with fast little jerks, squeezing it at the same time.

I slipped off the pew and onto the cold stone floor. It was a welcome cold from the heat that my body was generating just thinking of what I was about to do.

I found myself between his legs and I licked at his balls. I knew how this made him feel and how much he loved it. His balls were hairless and I pulled one of them into my mouth as my hand fisted his cock. I heard him suppress a moan as much as he could. The muffled sound was obvious to me. I let my tongue slowly replace my hand as my mouth made its way to the end of his cock.

I flicked at it with my tongue and then I stopped.

Do you know the feeling that you get when you know something is not quite right. I was mostly hidden by the pew and my boyfriends body. He would have looked, to anyone that came in, as if he was in spiritual contemplation. But I was about to sink down on his cock when I noticed something in the background.

I slowly lifted my head to peer around my boyfriend and over the pew. I licked at the head of his cock to avoid suspicion. It was then I saw a priest walk about eight or nine pews behind us across the chapel. I watched him as he moved. His bald head bobbing up and down, he wore a white gown which was edged with purple. A simple white rope belt held the robe in place. I flicked at my boyfriends cock again as I fondled and squeezed his balls in my hand. I watched with intent as the priest made his way to the corner of the chapel. I could now see that in the corner, was a confessions box.

As the priest entered the box, I sank my head firmly down on my boyfriends cock. I kept it engulfed down my throat for as long as I could. I pushed my head to and fro on his cock and made it brush against the roof of my mouth and throat as I let it slide in me.

I then pulled my head from it and flicked the top once more with my tongue, at the same time I checked out the background and the confessions box.

With no-one in sight I sank back down onto his cock. I sucked at his knob and licked all around the gorgeous head. My boyfriend was, by now, trying to push his cock down my throat. I pulled it towards me as I crouched before him and let it slide down my throat one more time. This was going to be it, I thought. I pushed it down my throat and swallowed on it at the same time as wiggling it about in my mouth.

I heard my boyfriend gasp out. It was a little too loud even for my sense of adventure given the proximity of the priest.

It was only a few more strokes until I felt his hand on the back of my head. I couldn’t wait for his spunk to shoot from the end of his cock and flood my throat. I wanted his spunk so badly that I raised my head a little and sucked hard on the end of his knob, wanking his cock with my hand at the same time.

I didn’t have to wait long. Seconds in fact.

His spunk flooded into my mouth with the speed of a bullet. I felt him straighten against the pew and push his buttocks up into the air as much as he could. I swallowed the first jet of his cum down my throat and waited for the second. It too splashed inside my mouth and I once again swallowed. Every time he spunked, I swallowed. My hand raised upwards on his cock and my mouth sucked on his knob in unison.

I felt him put his bum back on the pew. I pulled upwards a few more times with my hand and milked his cock dry. As I let his cock fall from my mouth a little spunk escaped and caught on the edge of my mouth. I let it slide downwards.

With my hand still on his cock, I yanked it a few times to make sure there was nothing left. A small drop appeared and I cleaned it off with my thumb before putting my thumb into my mouth. I stood up in the front of the chapel and immediately hooked my thumbs into my knickers and pulled them down from under my skirt.

My boyfriend looked at me in horror. I knew what was going through his mind and I guess he didn’t like the idea of reversing the roles and licking me off here and now.

I leant towards him and presented my knickers to his nose.

“They‘re fucking soaking,” I said, “You owe me…”

He took the knickers and I smiled at him as he raised them and sniffed at them.

I walked away towards the back of the chapel leaving him to hide my knickers in his trousers and tidy himself up. I could see he was watching me with intent as I walked to the back of the chapel. The confessions box was just calling me. I had to enter it.

As I approached the confessions box, I lifted my finger to the side of my mouth and wiped the remaining spunk onto it. I immediately put it in my mouth and sucked on it. Through the ornate wooden box I could see the priest sitting there as I approached, waiting for people to confess their sins.

I entered the booth, raised my skirt slightly as I sat on the chair then placed two fingers up my pussy. I started to rock them from side to side in a gentle scissor movement. My pussy was on fire.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned…” I began. Then I related my most recent sin to the priest. I figured there would be a few Hail Marys for this tale at least.

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