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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Teen neighbor joins me for a swim

The July summer heat sizzled as I thirsted for some cool water on my skin.

Not, finding my swimsuit, I chose to just swim in my "Superman" undies. 

Linda, the next door neighbor, asked if she could join me in the pool to cool off since it was so hot. 

"Sure!" I said, "Come on in; the water is nice and cool."

She came over wearing a sexy yellow string bikini, carrying a snorkel and face mask in her hand. Her perky teen boobs filled out her bikini top beautifully. The matching bottoms sported her camel toe, even more vivid, when she became wet.

She walked slowly down the pool steps, feeling the cool water on her hot tanned skin, as her bottoms emerged into the clear pool. 

Woow! This feels so nice, Linda exclaimed, as she donned her face mask, and slipped under the water, as she practiced her underwater strokes. Running short of air, she surfaced to catch her breath as she asked me where I got the new swimsuit. I explained that it was not a swimsuit, but a pair of undies I had; so, I wore them, since I couldn't find my suit.

"Woow; how sexy!"  she exclaimed, as she dove under to get a closer look.  Returning to the surface, she commented, how sexy they looked on me, as it showed off my nice bulge, which caused my cock to harden, as she grinned.

I offered her a Pepsi, which she accepted, as I climbed out to get two cold Pepsis from the little pool fridge, while she stared at my yet bigger bulge, giggling, as I stepped back down into the water.

Walking closer to me, as I handed her a Pepsi, she remarked how big I was, as she reached down and felt my hard cock!            "You keep that up and you're gonna make me cum!" I exclaimed, giggling.  She answered, saying, "I enjoy seeing and feeling a man's hard cock." as she reached down again, sliding her hand inside my undies.  As she fondled my cock and balls, I became totally stiff.

Setting her Pepsi on the pool deck, she used her hands to pull my undies down, saying, "You don't need these any longer," as she tossed them onto the deck behind me. Then putting her mask back on, she emerged back underwater to get a better look, as she grabbed my cock and began to stroke me, as she placed it into her hungry mouth.

Coming back up for air, she led me by my cock to the steps of the pool, where she continued sucking it as I exploded my cum in her mouth, as some spurted out, dripping down her chin, while she swallowed the rest with a sexy smile!  Pulling the strings on her bikini top, she dropped it onto the deck, revealing her lovely boobs with erected nipples.  I felt and sucked on them softly as she pulled my head closer.

Taking her by the hand, I led her inside, where it was cooler with the AC, as we headed for the bedroom where I had her lay down, while I took off her bikini bottoms, viewing her soft pubic hair, trimmed in a triangular shape of womanly beauty. Going down on her pubes, I kissed them as I spread her luscious lips open, her clit awaiting my hungry mouth and tongue as I licked and tasted her lovely lips, as I smelled the sweet juices of her womanhood while I fingered her throbbing cunt.

Soon she moaned as I continued licking her sweet clit.  She hunched my mouth while I felt her exploding orgasms, begging me to fuck her. Then, erect again, I slid my thick eight-inch cock deep inside her, as she gasped, while I humped her. Her sexy boobs bounced with a rhythm to match, as I spurted my warm cum into her throbbing pussy.  Exhausted, we both lied there with me still inside her, as my cock slowly retracted itself.

Hurrying, she dressed quickly, as I watched her, as she prepared to return home before her mom came from working all day at the Walmart. Saying our goodbyes, we kissed one another in a farewell deep embrace. 

It was the perfect affair, I have always remembered.


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