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Afternoon Delight

As I rounded the corner of the building, there she sat, on the stairs, legs wide open and...

I had taken a brief break to step outside and enjoy some sunlight. A warm summer breeze warmed the air and the fragrances of springtime filled my nostrils. It was another day in paradise I thought as I zoned out on my little stroll towards the back of the office building.

As I came around the corner of the building I noticed you, a total stranger, sunning yourself on the stairs a short distance away. Damn, I thought to myself, admiring your boldness. Your dress straps were off the shoulders and you had hiked your dress up to the panty line ...only problem weren't wearing any panties. I stopped in my tracks, afraid I would make a noise and disturb your pleasure. Mezmerized, I watched as you slowly turned your head from side to side...sunning each side of your face...eyes if off in another world.

I immediately noticed the glistening of your neatly trimmed pussy. Your finger tips slowly rubbed across your breasts as your legs swayed back and forth. I felt my heart pounding so loudly I was sure you could hear it. To my amazement, you slipped the other hand between your open legs and slowly traced your wet slit a couple of times as a smile raced across your face. You licked your parted lips and took a deep breath. Then you slipped two fingers inside your pussy and a faint gasp escaped from your parted lips.

Your fingers worked fevorishly inside you, abusing your tight honey hole. As I watched, I found myself rubbing my hardon thru my pants and hoped no one saw me... or you for that matter.

I wanted to come to you and satisfy your every want and desire but held my ground... watching as your fingers brought you to hard orgasm. Your fingers were palm deep inside you as your legs squeezed them tightly...gentle waves of pleasure coursed thru your body....making you tremble. Using your fingers you spread you outer lips and shot a stream of hot juices onto the pavement between your outstretched feet. You sat motionless for a moment, savoring the moment, still rubbing your swollen lips, then squeezed each tit hard as you arched your back and let out a low groan as you soaked your fingers with sweet juices.

My animal instincts had kicked in and I wanted you in a very strong and primal way. All at once you looked up and directly into my if you had known I was there all along. You motioned for me to come closer, and I tried not to run. I knew what you wanted and I was going to give it to you.

Without as much as an introduction, or a 'Hi, how are you?', I fell on my knees in front of you and you wrapped your legs around my waist as we embraced and kissed passionately. Your body writhing at my touches and deep probes. I placed my hand between your legs and my long thick fingers slid effortlessly inside your wet pussy.... finger fucking you furiously as you moaned loudly and forced your hips to meet my finger thrusts.


I rubbed your clit and swollen pussy lips until you came a second time. Your nails digging into my back.

My pants came off as I stood up. Then I lifted you onto me in a standing position, and your pussy engulfed my long throbbing cock. You arched your back and fucked me like you had never been fucked before. I pressed you against the wall; you thrashing hard against me, my balls slapping your asscheeks with each hard thrust....ramming your tight wet pussy with hard cock. You came so hard I thought we would both fall over, but you collapsed into me, your arms draped over my shoulders. I totally filled your tight pussy with so much hot cum that I knew you were dripping.

We rested for a mintue and I lifted you off of me.... and took you by your long beautiful hair and guided you to your knees. Your open mouth was the next target for my semi erect cock. You licked every last drop of cum from my semi erect cock. Your eyes searched mine for approaval as you licked my shaft and balls. You rubbed my balls then used your thumb to force the last of my hot seed up the base of my cock onto your outstretched tongue. If we had had more time, I would have fucked your velvety mouth and throat too. I handed you my monogrammed handkerchief.

Having hastily satisfied each others carnal craving, we smiled at each other then burst out laughing..... tidied up and parted ways. Then we traded over the shoulder glances at each other, blowing innocent kisses at each other like school kids as we disappeared in opposite directions.

Later in the day as I was working... I noticed a bit of commotion outside my office as our boss made his way down the corridor.... making introductons to office mates.

Then he cheerfully entered my office with a quick rap on the open door, and to my utter amazement, proudly introduced YOU, his daughter to me. I took your hand in mine to greet you, searching your eyes and expression in fear for some sign that you might divulge the details of our earlier trist. But you winked and warmly greeted me, then touched the corner of your mouth as if to say, 'Till we meet again.'

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