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All Rise

Order in the court, but disorder in chambers.
“And in closing, I find that the Plaintiff has failed to satisfy his burden of proof, to establish that the Defendant breached the agreement, and furthermore, the Plaintiff has failed to prove any of his damages. Even if a breach had been found by me, there was no proof presented for my consideration that the Plaintiff suffered any of the damages as claimed. The Plaintiff’s claim is dismissed. We will take a fifteen minute recess, and then I will hear submissions on costs.”

I stood up, and my clerk stood before me, saying “All rise. Court is recessed until 3:15.”

A quick push of the lock release button, and I made my way through the side door into my chambers. I sat down at my desk, and unbuttoned the waistcoat under my robes, breathing normally again for the first time in hours. A bit of middle-age spread had rendered my court clothing unbearably tight, but vanity stopped me from simply ordering a new waistcoat after twenty-three years.

Leaning back and closing my eyes, I heard the door open again, and my clerk entered my chambers.

“I never would have guessed that you would dismiss the claim, Your Honor.” Alicia stood beside me, looking at my notes and the file which I had set on my desk in front of me. She seemed to be leaning over me, trying to read my handwritten scrawl, her hands on her hips, and an occasional giggle escaping from her lips.

“You were right, though, in my opinion. But I thought you might be sympathetic to…”

I interrupted her. “You should know me by now. I might be sympathetic, but I still decide based on the law and facts.”

“That’s what I like about you, Your Honor. Consistent. Patient. Always by the book.”

Alicia was wrong. I was not “always by the book.” The way I looked at her during the trial, sitting behind her for hours, contemplating every wave and curl in her flowing black hair, that was not by the book. The way I made sure my pants were unzipped, tucking my court shirt into them as I changed into my robes before court, making sure that happened just as she came in to my chambers with the files, that was not by the book. And the way I noticed her perfume, as she stood next to me peering at my notes, that was not by the book.

“Is that all you like about me?” I asked, half-joking with her.

“May I speak frankly, Your Honor?”

“If you are speaking frankly, then don’t call me Your Honor. Call me by my name. Call me Alex.”

“All right, Alex. Let’s suppose I notice the way you look at me during court. Every day, sitting behind me, you probably think I can’t notice, but I do. And let’s suppose I notice the way you talk to me, not as a clerk, but as your partner in getting through the day’s hearings. I notice it. And I notice that you are the consummate professional, never giving in to your temptations. Always by the book.”

I was silenced by her remarks. She knew. She knew exactly what was inside of me.

“Let me make it easy for you, Alex. Let’s suppose I didn’t want to go by the book. Let’s suppose we have ten minutes left of this recess. What would you do with that time? You’ve made your decision on the case, and all you need is a few minutes to breathe before going back in to hear submissions on costs. We have ten minutes. What if I…?”

Her voice trailed off, and I watched as she let her robes fall to the ground. I watched as she removed her court tabs from under her collar, and then as she unbuttoned her court clerk’s shirt, one by one from the neck down, and then as she removed her shirt, revealing the ample breasts I had only ever seen constrained in her official garments, now simply held in place by the skimpiest of bras, black and nearly see-through.

“We have ten minutes, Alex. And you’re the judge. If you need fifteen, it is up to you.”

“Alicia, I’m not sure this is right. If we get caught, both of us could…”

“The doors are locked. We won’t get caught. We have nine minutes now. What if I…?”

Again she left me hanging, her voice fading as she leaned towards me and rested her face next to mine. Her lips softly touched my cheek, and her hands caressed my hair, bringing my head closer, and turning my face toward her, a light kiss on the lips following.

“Eight minutes. Are we just going to let the time pass, minute by minute, or are we going to speed it up, filling each minute with more than we could imagine?”

Her hands reached inside my unbuttoned waistcoat, and she pulled me up, to stand next to her. Her hands reached behind me and grasped my buttocks through my pants, and she pulled me in closer.

“Seven minutes,” she said, as her hands moved to the front of my pants and unbuttoned them, then unzipped them, and then in a smooth, almost planned movement, she pulled both my pants and boxers down to the ground, leaving my erection standing hard and proud, rising up and pointing to the ceiling.

“All the times your pants were undone, with you getting dressed, don’t you think I knew it was for me? And don’t you think I already knew, before today, that you always wear plaid boxers to court?”

Her face inched closer to my groin, and her lips lightly touched the drop of liquid emerging from the tip of my hardness. Her lips then engulfed me and she circled my manhood with her tongue, moving as if massaging me within her mouth, occasionally looking up to meet my eyes as I looked down at her, my hands now holding her head close to me, pulling her closer, entering her mouth deeper, my hands savoring the feeling of her rich, black hair.

She released me from her mouth. “Five minutes left, Alex. Or should I now call you, Your Honor again? Five minutes, and it is your decision now as to how we use those five minutes.”

I pulled her up so that we were face to face, and I kissed her, hard and deep, as if it was the first time I had ever kissed any woman. Our tongues danced as we kissed, and I reached behind her to undo her bra, releasing her beautiful breasts. Our tongues danced and then I pulled away, so that I could lower her own pants in one movement, finding she was not wearing any panties.

I turned her around, facing down and bent over my desk, and I placed my hard penis at the entrance of her wet labia from behind, entering her in a single thrust, and feeling her body shudder in that brief second of penetration.

I was no longer the judge, and she was no longer my clerk. We were two animals fucking each other, as I pounded myself into her pussy, feeling her tightness with each thrust, and holding on to her by reaching forward and cupping her breasts, feeling her nipples harden beneath my palms.

“One more minute, Your Honor,” and I saw that while we were fucking, she managed to look at her watch. “One more minute. Fuck me fast, Your Honor. I want to feel you cum inside of me. Now. Now, Your Honor. Fuck me. Fill me. Fuck me hard and fast. Now.”

Both of us were breathing rapidly. In a frantic paced thrusting, I felt myself unload into her, and I felt her velvety walls spasm around my hard cock. I stopped thrusting immediately upon cumming, and held her, still cupping her breasts, and felt her body relax under my touch.

“That was a good start, Your Honor,” she said as she pulled away from me and began to re-arrange herself to go back into the Courtroom.

“That was a good start. Now get your dick back in your pants, make yourself presentable, and be ready in two minutes when I knock, for you to come back into the Court. We will be done by 4:00, and I expect you to pick up where we left off.”

Alicia, now fully dressed, left my chambers, just as she had entered, and went back into the Courtroom. I cleaned myself up, and was ready when she knocked, and I entered the Court to the words, “All rise.”

I smiled to myself, thinking how the words “All rise” would forever mean something completely different to me. And hopefully to Alicia too.

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