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AM Driving

A quick AM drive to pleasuretown

We meet each other at our favorite early morning rendezvous. You are handsome as ever, your tall body casting mysterious shadows on the pavement as you walk to my car. I have a dress on and am ready for our AM excitement. I get out of my car and we meander around the parking lot, neither of us sure exactly what we should be doing, only what we want to be doing. You grab my hand and take me back to your car.

I get in and you say, let’s go for a drive. You start the car and we leave our meeting place. Even though I grew up in this town, I have no idea where we are going. You reach for my hand. I take yours and give it a gentle squeeze. Your touch makes me feel like I can conquer the world and anything it decides to throw at us.

We circle streets in town, looking for some private spot, and find none. Your hand is on my thigh, fingering the hem of this dress, seeing how far up I will let you go. I breathe shakily and try to think of anyplace I know of that we could go, just for a while, our own little solitude from the world. Your hand reaches inside my thigh and my brain refuses to work. All the blood in my body is focused in one area.

We continue to drive, the moon glancing into the windows every now and then for a peek at what we two young lovers are up to. I remove my shoes and lift my ass to slide my underwear down. I hear your growls. Every stop sign, every red light we kiss, fast and hard, mouths becoming one and tongues penetrating.

Your hand moves from my thigh up to my top, reaching down my shirt and finding my hard nipples beneath. I try to watch the road but can’t keep my eyes from rolling back in my head in pleasure. I hear you say that I can be as loud as I want. I groan.

Your hand falls back down, needy, to between my thighs. I grab your arm and pull you between my breasts as your fingers find my wetness. I moan in pleasure. I lean my body towards yours, kneading your thick arms and kissing them sweetly. Your fingers dive deeper and I am quickly coming undone. With each passing bump in the road, you enter me, driving me insane while driving us safely.

I lean my head on your shoulder and let the climax come. Those long strong fingers have done their job oh, so well. I turn my head and kiss your neck, biting your ears and finally tasting those lips as you pull us to a stop. I reach my hand down to you, feeling your hardness.

I easily find your zipper and free you, your silky smooth manhood large, erect and inviting. I get on my knees in my seat and lean across the car, placing kisses on your tip and circling you with my tongue. You continue to drive, with me guiding your speed from between your legs. Each pothole makes you thrust yourself into me, nearly gagging me with your length.

I feel your hands on my back, lifting my dress and scratching the small of my back. Your fingers dance lower and soon enough you have entered me from behind, causing me to suck harder and the car to speed forward. My freed nipples graze your thighs as I bounce my head up and down in your lap. Your fingers reach into me deeply and I spasm again.

Your body reacts to mine, as you fill my throat with your own hot salty fluid. I swallow and lick every last drop from you with my tongue. I scoot myself back over to my seat and clothe myself as you do the same. I watch as you place your two fingers in your mouth, savoring the taste of me you find there. With a smirk, I glance out the window to the moon, knowing it saw all that we had done, and approved. Amazed by the incredible multitasking you have done this morning, I lean my head on your shoulder, wrapping my hands around your strong arm as we head back to my car, perfectly content from our morning pleasures.


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