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At First Sight (He)

Two new friends return to her place from a party...
We've just stumbled in the front door of your house. It's not much, but I suppose that's no surprise. I saw you for the first time today, and the second I did, I could not stop thinking. About you. About me. The things I wanted to do to you. The very things I'm going to do now. Instantly, I found myself enchanted. Every detail of your face etched into my mind in a second, and the immediacy of my attraction threw me off my guard.

As the door closes behind us, you flip on a light, and waste no time leading me to your bed. I can scarcely wait to arrive and take you, to have you.

On the way, we pass a girl I assume must be your roommate. She looks me up and down, then back at you. I can't tell if she's admiring me, or calling you a slut with her eyes, but either way, she doesn't capture much of my attention, despite her beauty. The bulk of it is focused on your ass swaying a little to the left and a little to the right as you walk. You hold onto my fingers, bending your arm over your shoulder, pulling me along and when we cross the threshold of your bedroom. Another door closes behind.

From the other side I hear the young woman knock on the bathroom door and yell “Are you almost done in there?” followed by a muffled reply, and she says back “I have to pee!”

The door opens, and another voice says, “Alright, alright. It's all yours.”

Footsteps and doors latching, then silence again. Only for a moment though, when a thick pulse of bass thunders through the wall.

“Busy around here, isn't it?” I ask, rhetorically.

You answer anyway, “Yeah.”

Your roommate's music is shaking your wall. The fact that it's bothering me a little makes me feel my age. At nine years older than you, I'm still young, but I get in my head about it anyway. Being with you makes me more comfortable with it somehow, and I say, “She sure like her music loud.”

“Not really, It's probably a precautionary measure. She just knows how loud I can get,” you explain, then laugh a little bit.

Smiling, I pull your close to me and kiss you. I reach under your t-shirt and unclasp your bra, extract it from your shirt, and toss it aside. As I start on your belt, the shirt is already halfway over your head. You're wearing nothing but small, black lace panties now, and I turn you around to look at your perfect ass for a moment. For just a moment though, before I give it a decisive smack and turn you back toward me for another deep kiss.

You unbuckle my belt and tear it away as I walk you back, our lips still locked, tongues in each other's mouth. Every second is ecstatic, the adrenaline, the heat, the fire. The urgency of my need for you is unparalleled. I want you.

Falling backwards onto the bed, you lose sight of me for a second, but your tactile senses alert you to my whereabouts. I'm removing your underwear, as quickly as I can without hurting you. The very moment they're off I put a hand on each of your thighs and throw them aside. With your legs splayed open now I see the bare nakedness of you, and smile.

Shiny and wet, you glisten in the moonlight that slips in through the window. The lamp on your nightstand switches on. Your body arches as you rise to your elbows and thrust yourself toward me encouragingly. I guess you want to see me work.

That's okay, I'm not bothered at all. I lean in and kiss your thighs, letting you become my atmosphere. My eyes are closed. Gradually, each kiss grows closer, and closer to your core. The sensitivity is increasing. The fine stubble on my face tickles you through the slickness of your thighs. Soon, my tongue slides over your slit for the first time. As it opens to me, I probe you gently, but deep, finding out how ready you are. The answer is as ready as it gets. Your clit is not concealing itself and my tongue can't help but run circles around it for a moment. I love the sound of your moan more than any other I've heard this year, but I return to a more general motion, not wanting to overdo it.

Lost in my actions, I want every part of you. As your breathing steadies and your voice fades, I search for the proper rhythm. With just the tip of my tongue, I flick up and down, being careful to sidestep your clit while I work, brushing it only from an angle.

A minute, maybe two pass while I do it. I don't look up to see your face, but your breath makes your pleasure known. Now I feel it through the hands which are grasping my hair, pulling me closer. Encouraged, I dive in, plunge my tongue within you, and gradually give more and more attention to your sensitive clit.

“Fuck!” your voice cracks across the room like a gunshot.

I'm only driven deeper into you, my tongue filling you like a cock as my nose slips around your clit, providing near-electric shocks of pleasure. My cock his so hard between my legs. You haven't touched it, or even seen it yet. Despite the lack of direct attention though, it's straining in its slips, waiting for the alarm. A moment more of this, and I pull out of you, only to replace my tongue with a finger, and then another.


From under a bitten lip, your resonant moan fills the room as two fingers curl against the ceiling of your tightening walls. With those fingers comfortably on auto-pilot, all of my attention shifts to your little, throbbing clit. Twice its usual size, the shiny nodule of sensitive flesh is almost vibrating in anticipation. Everything about our bodies is hard, tight, tense. Your gaze now is locked against mine, sinking into blue eyes while I press your clit between my lips, applying the gentlest pressure as I lick intently over the end of it. Tongue flies by to the right, then the left, right, left, right, left, up, down, right left, down up, up down.

I'm determined to make you cum. For your benefit, for mine. I want to hear you feel it when I shove my hard cock into you in a few minutes. Every squeak with every squirm. Each buck and bellow. Your voice is going to echo over her music. If I have my way, it'll break glass.

As you slide toward me, grinding against my tongue and working with it toward our ultimate goal, you start to moan. At first the tone is a low rumble, from deep inside your chest. When I find the perfect rhythm for the moment it gradually increases in volume.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck! Mmmhhhmmm....” you nod your head as you let the words fall from your mouth alongside the moans.

Now I increase the tempo, while doing nothing to the song. A palpable cacophony of moaning, sighing, and now screaming is emanating from the room. I'm glad your roommates are so obviously familiar with such music, since I'd worry they'd burst in to help otherwise. Together, we bring you closer, closer, closer to the edge. My tongue is flying over your clit at incredible speed now, edging you past the point of no return, like a squad of bayonets. You don't have a choice anymore, just jump and see what happens, see how you land.

Don't worry. I'll set you down gently. I'm just chasing you over the edge for the fun of it. I love that your voice is dripping ecstasy mixed with tiny sobs. So much pleasure you're getting confused. I want the same from you, and you know it. It's going to be a long night...

...And it starts now. Silence falls over the room...

...but only for an instant. Wrapping around you like a warm blanket, your orgasm takes the lightest hold of you. Only at first, soon it warms and constricts tighter, and tighter. All of you is growing tenser. Each and every muscle fiber holding still, for seconds. Soon they cannot endure it any longer and begin to spasm. Quietly at first, I think you're just trembling.

As your shivering body softly heaves breath in and out of your lungs, you feel the cold air of your poorly heated room filling your lungs, chilling them. A sharp contrast to the heat inside of you, the cool atmosphere is a welcome change. Thighs clamped against my head, a storm of breath is heaving in and out of your chest.

The heat is almost unbearable. We're burning, both of us. Passion is undeniable. Your clit under my tongue getting me so excited. The pleasure is filling you still, the heat inside you now overwhelming even the cool night air. Needles of bright light softly hum over your skin and start to close in on your eyes. As your vision begins to fade, you close them. Upper incisors press your bottom lip against the lower ones.

This feeling is incredible. I can feel your every tremor. Vibration is sliding off of you and embracing me as I go down on you excitedly. Everything is building to this. I push a finger inside of you as I slide over you, flicking here and there for a moment before returning my focused attention to your clit.

Here it is. You're cumming. Your orgasm is going strong now, there's no denying it. As your body thrashes against me, thighs still locked around my head, I'm blind and narrowly able to breathe. My working senses are overwhelmed by you. Your scent, your taste, the sound of your echoing voice and the sensation of you on my skin.

Your legs draw me deeper into you as your back arches under the strain of ecstasy. I withdraw my finger in response and replace it with my tongue, brushing your clit with my thumb from above. As I do, my tongue enters deeper into you than it has been before.

Moments into this, you throw your legs apart involuntarily and tighten your lifted butt. I take the opportunity to pin them out and return my tongue to your clit. Licking furiously, I put two fingers inside of you and begin to fuck you with them, hard. The diminishing end of our pleasure is launching you into another full blown orgasm, with the help of my hand. Rolling and twisting my fingers as they slam in and out of you, I curl them toward your g-spot and lick your swollen clit in time with the movement.

Suddenly, a thunderous pounding on the wall penetrates the sound. I smile, laughing a little on the inside. The way you're screaming I should think you've never cum before. I see what you meant when you told me that you're loud. All I want to do is plow my hard dick into you while you're still cumming, but I resist and continue my direct assault on your clit.

As I finally allow your wet orgasm to slow I look to your face. I can hear the trembling in your laughter and see the tears in your eyes. My face turns into a stretched smile as I laugh along with you. I roll onto my back , honestly surprised I haven't cum yet. We lay there side by side for a few moments, catching our breath.

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