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Blue Eyes

Mister Miller is pretty surprised at how confident his student Abby is.
First story guys... be nice ;) 

As Andrew surveyed the history class that he's been lecturing for the past semester, his eyes inevitably fell upon the one student who'd caught his eye every Monday and Thursday for the past three months. Today she wore her red skirt in celebration of the warm weather that they'd been having lately, and he couldn't help but notice how nicely it complemented her beautiful tanned legs. He had no idea what her name was, he was only painfully aware of how incredible her steely blue eyes were. 

He cleared his throat and continued with his lecture, only half-heartedly outlining the events that triggered the Second World War, Sadly, he was just as excited as the rest of his students at the prospect of leaving the stuffy classroom and getting some fresh air - and perhaps also take a good half hour to fantasize about Blue Eyes in his office afterwards while slowly stroking his hard dick.

At one point his eyes caught hers quickly, and it was as though she knew exactly what he had been thinking, and his words caught in his throat. He coughed and chuckled slightly to his class.

"I'm sorry guys- I can't possibly teach in this incredible weather, not in the way that you deserve. We'll pick this up next week." As they emitted loud cheers and hoots, the students quickly shuffled out of the classroom. Andrew began to pack up his stuff, his back turned to the rest of the room, thinking only of how great it would have been to be able to spread Blue Eyes' legs open in front of the entire class and ram his cock straight into her pussy, until she screamed his name over and over again.

"Hum- excuse me, Mr. Miller?" He turned to find Blue Eyes' herself, shyly holding her notepad and a pencil.

"Yes, Miss..."

"Abby. My name is Abby Cross." She said. "I just had a few questions about Monday's lecture? I don't quite understand..." As she continued on with her question, Andrew mind wondered. Her dark brown hair smelled like strawberries, he noted, as she came closer to him to show him her perfectly detailed notes. She also smelled quite a bit like vanilla, one of his favourite scents in the world.

"Sir?" He came crashing back to reality, realizing with embarrassment that he had no idea what she had asked him.

"I'm sorry, I did not quite catch that." She smiled patiently. Her berry coloured lipstick was quite enticing.

"You get distracted quite easily." He smiled back at her.

"To be honest, Miss Cross, you are the one who causes me to be so easily distracted." Her eyebrows lifted in surprise and immediately he regretted being so forward. This girl was nineteen, definitely could not be anywhere near older that twenty-one, and here he was attempting to flirt with her as though he were one of the university's athletes attempting to "score". "I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend you. That was too forward." He mumbled quickly. Abby maintained a perfect pokerface, it was impossible to tell what exactly she was thinking. 

"It's pretty hot in here. Is there anywhere that we could talk about the lecture that has windows of something?" She asked him, as though deciding to completely ignore his previous comment. Completely embarrassed and ashamed of himself, Andrew nodded and informed her that his office was much more aired out than the basement classroom, and that they would most likely be much more comfortable there. Nodding her head, Abby informed him "I'll meet you there in 10 minutes, is that okay?" He assured her that yes, it was fine, and that he'd head over there straight away. 

As Andrew sat in his office waiting for the young girl's arrival, he mentally kicked himself for being such a complete and out of control idiot. He blamed the fact at not having been laid since his ex, Meghan, had broken up with him two months earlier. When there was finally a knock at the door, he promised himself to keep everything as professional as possible. She came in and carefully closed the door behind her. He noticed that she no longer had her notepad in her hands, but thought that it was most likely due to the fact that she was expecting an oral discussion to help her understanding of the subject matter. 

"Alright, miss Cross, please, remind me what you were seeking help with?" She smiled a wicked smile at him and brought her hands to the top of her blouse. It took him a while to understand that she was unbuttoning its first few buttons.

"Maybe you could help me out with the triggers of World War Two later? I need help with something else." She said in a voice barely louder than a whisper. She slowly exposed to him her white lace bra, that barely contained breasts that were much bigger than he'd thought they were. His penis instantly throbbed in his pants, and in seconds he had closed the gap between them to slowly kiss her neck, trailing upwards towards her jawline. She tabbed hold to the back of his head and pulled him down to kiss him square on the lips. As they made out, he began to feel her body up, quickly unhooking her bra and letting her breasts free from their constraints. Her pretty pink nipples were already stiff from arousal, and he leaned over to take the left one in his mouth. He sucked and lapped at it, then switched boobs to show the other one some appreciation. Abby groaned and pulled him closer to her still. Andrew hooked his fingers in her bright skirt and pushed it down, exposing her white panties, which she quickly took off. She got down to her knees, and unbuckled his pants. Not even bothering to take them off, she simply pulled his cock out of his boxers and hungrily put it in vermouth. She slowly circled the head with her tongue, while massaging his prick with her left hand. He softly groaned and she began sucking his dick harder and harder. He could barely take it.

"You're going to make me cum." He said to her.

"We can't have that now can we?" She said while giggling. She stood up and casually walked to his desk, her hips swaying attractively. She looked over her shoulder as she leaned onto the desk. "Mister Miller? Will you please put that beautiful dick of yours inside me? I'm really, really wet." Andrew had ever been called "Mister" anything while having sex before- somehow, it made him want her pussy even more. Without warning, he roughly bent her over the desk and slammed his cock into her in one hard long thrust. She softly screamed as he began pumping furiously, like an animal.

"Yes Mister Miller! YES!" She screamed. He gritted his teeth as he stroked the inside of her count with his dick, delightedly relishing in the physical feeling of someone so young and so tight. He barely cared about satisfying her, just needed to cum deep inside the girl's pussy. His cock went in and out, in and out, over and over again until finally, the familiar sensation of release came over him. With a loud groan, he gave one last pump, and exploded his seed deep inside of her, holding her hips close as she too, seemed to ride the wave of an orgasm.

"You'll have to help me out more often, Mister Miller," Abby said.

"Anytime, Blue Eyes." 

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