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Box That Dirty Talk!

They make the mouth/brain/body connection and savor it.

“Get your cute little ass out of that business meeting now!” I directed him through the phone.

“Do you know I’m blowing off work right now because I’m just so horny for your body?” I begged.  “I’m so fucking horny for you that I’m dressed for work but sticking my hand down my panties.  Do you know how wrong this looks?  A professional woman frigging herself to exhaustion in her best business suit?  Fuck, my clit is so aroused.  I can’t stop touching myself, all dressed up for work but thinking of play.  Playing with you.  Playing with your hard cock.  Damn, I want it in me right now.  I want to be stroking you off and I can’t because you’re not here where you need to be: inside my warm, wet pussy.  Can you hear me rubbing my pussy?”

I put the phone close enough to my cunt that he could hear the damp, sloshing sound of my furious fingers pumping my gash.  I brought it back up to my mouth so I could tease him even more mercilessly.

“That’s how wet I am for you right now,” I moaned.  “Wet enough to stain my pants right through my panties.  The dry cleaner won’t be able to get these stains out.  My nipples are so hard.  My nipples are so fucking hard!  Damn!  These pebbles of love are waiting for your tongue.  Waiting to be bathed by your talented tongue and your gorgeous mouth.  I just have to play with them.  I’m pinching and slapping them right now!  Ow!  Fuck!  That feels amazing.  My titties are sore and excited, aching for your touch.  Why aren’t you here yet?”

I moved to another part of my body I knew he’d love.

“I’m squeezing my ass right now and it’s just not the same.  I’m trying to squeeze and spank my ass the way your big, strong hands do and I’m failing.  I’m failing and desperate.  Desperate because you’re not here to spank my ass.  Shit, I need you to slap my ass and my pussy.  Fucking hell, I’m so horny!  I’m lightly fingering my asshole right now.  I’m teasing the rim and thinking of putting a finger in.  I’m circling the hole and imagining you circling that hole.  I think I’m gonna put a finger in right … .”

I ended the call.  Good thing I did, too, because I just had to jill myself off to three body-trembling orgasms.  Jilling myself off not in my sex-appropriate lingerie, but in my serious-as-a-heart-attack business coat and pants instead.  This was so depraved, but it felt so good that I just had to.

I heard his car screech into the driveway.  He ran to the door and flung it open.  I met him there a second later, banging the door closed then flinging myself at his crotch.  I expertly unbuckled his belt and hurled it singing through the loops.  I yanked his pants and jockeys down, greeted by his bulging erection.

“That’s it,” he gasped.  “Suck my dick right here in the foyer.  Geez, I’m so hard for you right now.  I thought I was gonna come right in my pants at the meeting.  I thought everyone could see my boner.  Damn, you get me so excited.  That's it, lick my balls.  Lick my fucking balls.  Fuck, you’re good at that.  Stroke my dick and suck my balls in your mouth.  Ah!  Shit!  I don’t wanna come yet.  Get those damp pants off so I can fuck you right here in the hallway.  That’s it: face down, ass up, just the way I like it.  Look at you, just look at you, you unprofessional professional!  I’m fucking you doggy style on your knees.  I’m fucking that wet, hot little pussy that I love so much.  Just look at you.  Mmm!  Dressed up in your business coat with a bare, bouncing ass twerking all over my cock.  That’s it.  Fuck me back!”

It was my turn to take the reins.

“I am fucking you back,” I purred.  “I’m fucking you back because I have to.  I have to fuck you in the hallway like an animal.  I have to be on my knees, shaking with lust for you, because you drive me crazy.  Just keep fucking me with your beautiful dick.  That’s it.  Hit my G-spot just like that.  Mmph!  Fuck!  Yes!  Can you feel my pussy squeezing you?  Do you know you’re responsible for this?  Fucking me like a desperate wild woman panting with desire?  You’re making me shake.  You’re making me shake all over.  Ah!  Your cock!  Your fucking cock!  Grab my hips and pound me.  Make me take your cock!  Make me come and scream, dammit!  You know I’m usually reserved, but you’re undoing me.  You’re unlocking secrets I almost never reveal.  You’re discovering how filthy I really am because of your dirty mind.”

In between all of this verbal perversion, I squirted my agreement in hot wet spurts.  However, he took the reins back like the good bad boy he is.

“Get on your back with your legs in the air, baby!” he commanded.  “I want to taste you.  That’s it.  Let me look at your beautiful cunt.  I just want to drink in the sight of you with your legs wide apart.  Let me lap up your juice.  Let me smell you.  Mmm!  Damn, you taste good.  I could live between your legs.  You smell amazing.  Fuck!”

He interspersed his lovely obscenity with hums and licks, clit sucking and flicks.  I shook uncontrollably from hips to heels.

“Look at you shake!” he barked between mouthfuls of me.  “Mmm!  Damn, you smell like coconuts and sweat.  You taste so sweet, so earthy.  Just let me kiss and lick your pussy.  Your beautiful pussy.  Mwah!  So good.  So fucking good!  I can feel you pressing your clit against my tongue.  You want this.  You want this so bad you’re using my tongue.  You’re not even pretending to hold back.  Press into me.  Press your fucking pussy right into my face!”

Him making me come was only making me bolder.

“Now get on your back,” I instructed.  “I wanna be in control now.  I’m gonna get on top of you.  That’s it.  Here, let me guide you in.  Ahh!  Fuck!  Ooh!  How can you still be so hard?  So fucking hard.  I just need to shake my hips and grind my clit against you.  Yes!  Pull me down and wrap me in your arms.  Hug me close and fuck my pussy!  Fuck that pussy!  Damn!  Can you feel how wet I am for you?  Can you feel how much I want you?  Spank my ass.  Spank my ass and hold me close.  Pull my fucking hair and spank my titties.  Yes!  Fuck yes!  Let me work that dick.  Let me get in reverse cowgirl and stroke that cock inside of me.  Oh!  Damn!  I am shaking all over.  I am shaking with lust all over.”

As he held onto my hips, guiding me back and forth on his cock, he tickled me.  I yelped and giggled my surprise.

“Look at you,” he observed.  “I can still surprise you just as much as you surprise me.  Look how ticklish and playful you are.  I’m gonna make you come and laugh at the same time.  That’s it.  Let it loose.  Don’t hold back.  Fuck!  Your pussy’s so tight right now.  You want me to tickle you some more?  No?  Okay, baby.  I’ll just fuck your pussy right.”

He rocked me to another glorious climax.  I was thoroughly spent but it was time for him to come.

“Get back on your knees so that I can come all over you,” he croaked hoarsely.  “That’s it.  Pump my cock with your hands.  Faster.  Do it harder.  Jack me off.  Fuck!  I’m gonna come.  I’m gonna fuckin’ come.  Keep going, baby.  Work that dick.  Kiss it and suck it.  Oh, shit!  I’m almost there.”

And before I was ready, his hot, splashy load spurted against my cheek and lips, dribbled down my chin between my coat lapels onto my breasts.  I licked and teased his still hard erection, kissing and sucking it, dreamily looking up into his eyes and smiling.

We cuddled right there on the floor and took a few minutes to recover.

“Did you get it?” he asked.

“I did,” I said and reached into my coat pocket to turn off my digital audio recorder.  I got up to plug it into our speakers and turned up the volume.  The MP3 replayed our most recent naughtiness in stereo and it impelled us to jack and jill off for each other to each other.

Often when we find ourselves in a rut, we use that recording to bring us roaring back to sexual life.

Thank goodness I boxed that dirty talk for posterity!

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