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Catching up with Natalie

Natalie was skinny dipping using my pool, completely oblivious to the fact I was just around the corner.

I was on the phone to my girlfriend and having a cigarette. Natalie was one of my closest friends, She had turned nineteen just a few days ago.

“You can never seem to get her out of it, even when we hid her bathers she retaliates with, Oh, I’ll just swim naked..." I whispered to Michelle trying to not get Natalie’s attention as she’d freak out if she knew I was out here while she was nude.

“Ugh… I know she’s your friend and all, Chris, but who actually goes skinny dipping when people are home? Especially at your house? She’s kind of skanky, no offence,” Michelle replied.

I could hear the jealousy in her voice. Ever since Michelle met Natalie she had always been jealous of her and insecure that I have a thing for my dearest friend. It is just ridiculous—I've known her since we were little; I’ve never even considered about thinking of her that way. Natalie was 5ft 8” with a petite body, long auburn hair, green eyes, tanned skin and 32DD breasts, and she always had at least a couple guys after her at once, so I can see why she gets insecure, but I’ve been with Michelle for two years. I would had thought she would know I love her by now.

I took a drag from my cigarette, looked up to the evening sky and exhaled. “I actually think she thought no one was home. I mean, we were meant to be camping but that planned fucked up…”

“Sorry baby, again; it’s really not my fault. I can’t help I got called in. I love you!”

“Yeah, I understand. I love you, too. I should probably let you go so you can get some rest before your early morning shift,” I replied, flicking my cigarette on the ground and stamping the flame out.

“Alrighty, night night!”

“Night,” I hung up.

“Those things will kill you ya know,” a voice said from behind me, startling me as it caught me off guard. I turned around.

Natalie was standing there, her long hair dripping wet, towel half draped around her but not covering much.

“Did I surprise you?” she smiled with a cheeky grin and stepped closer to give me a hug, her big, soft breasts pushing on my chest.

“Yeah, a little bit,” I laughed.

“So what are you doing home? What about camping with Michelle?” She stepped away and sat down on the garden bench.

“Ah, change of plans. Work called her in to work tomorrow but, eh, I’ll find something else to do.” I gave a disappointed half smirk and looked to the moon, it was so bright.

“You have nice brown eyes, just like your dad’s,” she smiled.

“Thanks, Nat.”

She went to sit up again and as she did her towel slipped, revealing one of her perky breasts.

“Shit…” she blushed, going extremely red and quickly grabbing her towel.

“I didn’t see anything…” I lied.

She didn’t say anything; she just stood looking embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Want a drink?” I asked and walked over to the bar.

“Sure," she replied walking over, holding her towel around tighter than ever.

“Midori for the lady?” I smiled and she nodded back.

I poured a scotch and coke for myself and a Midori and lemonade for Natalie and sat down next to her on the bar stools.

“So… what’s new, Nat? You have a boyfriend these days?”

“Nope, just dating for now; can’t really be bothered these days for relationships.”

“Yeah, well, you’ll find someone right eventually.” I smiled trying to break the awkwardness from me seeing her half naked.

“How’s Michelle?” she asked, starting to look more comfortable as she finished her drink and poured another one.

“Yeah, alright. I love her so much but lately, I don’t know, I have this strange feeling she’s cheating on me... Can I get another drink, too?”

“Oh… I see.” She frowned and poured me a drink.

She went and got dressed. We then sat there catching up like old times for another hour and heavily drinking as well, so by the time we decided to come back inside we were really feeling the alcohol. I banged into the wall as I stumbled through the kitchen.

“Watch yourself, Chrissy.” She giggled to herself and came over to help me stand.

“I think I’ve drunk a little too much…” I laughed and, as she helped me up, she then gave me a cuddle.

“I’ve missed times like this with you,” she smiled with her head on my chest, looking up into my eyes.

I felt this sudden overwhelming feeling towards my best friend I had never felt before. I strangely felt the urge to kiss her rosy soft lips, as she stared back into my eyes. I wasn’t sure what to do or what to think about this situation. Maybe I was way to drunk…

“I’ve missed you, too.” I gulped and looked away.

She frowned and let go and went off to my bedroom where her belongings were.

“I’m never good enough for anyone.” I heard her saying from the distance. I walked closer to listen in to what she was saying. “… It was silly of me to think these of someone with a girlfriend. You’re so stupid Natalie, God!”

“Think what?” I asked and stepped into the bed room. Natalie turned around, there were tears streaming down her face. Her emerald eyes were glistening in the light; she looked so beautiful even when she cried.

“Never mind…” She looked towards the posters on my wall and wiped away her tears.

“You’re beautiful, Natalie. Any guy would be lucky to have you. I’d even want to have you...” I said, surprised by my own honesty.

I was startled when she suddenly burst out crying again. Look what I’ve done now… I should have shut my mouth. I walked over to her and sat next to her on her bed. I put my arm around her.

“I’m sorry, Natalie.” I held her closer in my arms as she cried on my shoulder. For at least five good minutes we just sat there holding each other. Natalie finally sat up from my shoulder, wiped her tears, fixed her hair and sat up on the bed.

“There’s something you should know…” She bit down on her bottom lip and fiddled with her fingers. “Um… well… I think I might… oh god… how do I say this. Well, um… I like you.” She paused.

“..I like you a lot. I mean I like you more than a friend. I have for some time now…” She looked to the ground trying to avoid eye contact.

I sat in shock looking at her beautiful face, fuck she is really, really beautiful. I pulled her fringe out of her eyes and lifted her head up to face me.

“If it means anything I think I like you, too… More than a friend should and it’s scaring me because a part of me wants you so badly but the rational side keeps instilling that you’re like a sister to me and I can’t.”

She leaned over and kissed me, I was surprised but kissed her back. Her lips were soft and gentle and she really knew what she was doing. She opened her mouth more and our tongues entwined and massaged each other. I pushed her back onto the bed and we made out more passionately. My hands moved up and down her sides and she had her hands around my neck. I parted from her lips to speak.

“Should we be doing this?” I asked hoping for her to give me confirmation to go further. I was so aroused. My boner was exploding out of my jeans on to her thighs.

“There’s condoms in my top drawer,” she smiled and kissed my cheek.

I reached for a condom and got one and left it on top of the bed side table. I took my top off and I rolled over so that Natalie could sit on top of me. She took off her dress exposing her bra-less big breasts and her little black g-string. I spanked her ass and put her breasts in my mouth and slowly caressed her nipples with my tongue. She let out a little moan and I rubbed my hands all over her soft skin and gave her a harder spank.

“Ohhh!” She bit down on my shoulder and I spanked her again, still sucking her breasts.

“Harder!” She yelled and I spanked her once again even harder.

I reached under and grabbed her sweet hairless pussy. It was soft and smooth and as I went to her vagina I noticed how wet she had become. I moved her g-string to the side and stuck my index finger inside of her and she gripped on to me tighter. I started to finger fuck her slowly and then put my middle finger inside of her.

“Oh, yes. Just like that!” She whispered into my ears, eyes shut and licking her lips.

With my ring finger I wiped some lube from her vagina and then inserted into her tight asshole to try something different. I fucked her from both holes and she yelped in pleasure, she was obviously a girl into anal.

“Fuck, I love that!” she squinted up her face and panted. Her vagina began to pulsate around my fingers so I fucked her harder and with my other hand played with her clitoris. She dug her fingernails into my shoulders.

“Cum for me, baby!” I yelled and seconds later she was screaming, her whole body shaking and she had squirted down my arm. She rolled off me exhausted and I climbed on top of her.

“Are you ready for me?” I teased and grabbed the packet from the bed side table.

“Yes, please! I want you inside of me so badly…” she said breathlessly and biting her lip again as she watched me roll the condom onto my cock.

“You’re so big!” she exclaimed in excitement and played with her nipples, patiently waiting for my cock. I pealed her panties down her leg and threw them onto the floor.

“Wait a sec…” I reached over onto the bed side table and turned on the Ipod dock, I searched for the genre heavy metal on her Ipod and put it on repeat.

“How naughty!” She giggled as the fast music started playing and got us both into the mood. I put my cock into the entrance of her pussy and she licked her lips and rubbed back and forth across my back, getting restless.

“Just shove it in!” And with that I shoved myself inside of her and she let out a loud groan.

“Jesus, you’re huge…” she dug her fingernails into my back.

With the heavy music still playing in the background I decided to fuck her hard and fast to the beat of the song. She was so tight and so incredibly wet it was dripping down her thighs. The harder I pounded into her the louder she moaned.

“You feel… so good!” She yelled through clenched teeth breathlessly. It was being too much for me with all her moaning and how her pussy gripped so tightly around me, I felt myself building up to cum. I felt her pussy began to pulsate around me so she was also about to cum.

“Cum… for…. Me!” I yelled and groaned as I filled her up with my hot cum and she too yelped with pleasure, bit my shoulder and squirted once more.

“Holy shit, that was amazing!” she said puffed out and I rolled off her. I got from behind her and held her in my arms. We pulled the doona over us and closed our eyes.

“It really was!” I smiled and held her closer. A few moments of laying there and we had fallen asleep.

It was 3am when we woke up and luckily no one seemed to be home yet. I sat still holding her but now sober and thinking about what happened just hours ago between me and Natalie.

“Mmm, it feels so nice to be close to you. I really have missed spending time with you.” She turned around and kissed me. “What’s going to happen now? I hope things aren’t going to be awkward between us and what about Michelle?”

Shit, Michelle. I had forgotten completely about her…I let go of Natalie and stared at the ceiling.

“I mean we can’t just let what happened slip but I don’t think anything will be awkward at all. As for Michelle well, I’ll have to see what happens but I’ll let her know I cheated on her, I won’t say with you but I’ll let her know.” I turned back to her. “If it means anything I really REALLY enjoyed it, and I have all these overwhelming feelings, I did just break one of the number one morals; cheating. We should just take things slowly and see what happens.” I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Sounds good, I completely agree!” She got up and slipped her dress back on. “I’m going to go have a shower.” And with that she started to leave the room. “By the way, I’ll be looking forward to the next time we catch up.” She gave me a wink and a cheeky grin and then left the room.

“Same here.” I said aloud to myself and smiled.

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