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Emma Watson - The Fisherman's Friend

A fisherman and Emma Watson spend some time on a boat
It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. It had started off as a relaxing day of fishing out in the Bristol channel on Rory's boat. Work had been a nightmare lately and I needed to just unwind a little. I had no idea of what was ahead of me that day. We had come back into the harbor and moored up before saying good bye to James and Michael who had accompanied us out. As usual they were the first to disappear to the local pub once we were back leaving me and Rory to tie up the boat and unload the gear. Rory's boat was almost thirty three foot in length with a large wheel house at the front and a long open back ideal for our casual fishing on the odd occasion. It was hardly a romantic setting for any liaison.

"Look at that!" said Rory looking up at the car park overlooking the harbor.

I looked up to see what it was Rory was talking about. A brand new Bentley had just parked up near the edge of the dock, its black paintwork glistening in the afternoon sun. The door opened and a woman stepped out before closing the door behind her. My eyesight has never been excellent so I couldn't quite make out her face from that distance but I could see she was wearing a pair of blue denim jeans and a white t-shirt sitting underneath a leather sleeve-less jacket. Her attire hugged her features smartly revealing that she had an above average body but that was it. I always liked that however. I've always hated women who just show everything and leave nothing to the imagination.

What stood out more than anything however was her dark blond hair that hung over her shoulders.

I felt hypnotized by the sight of her. I couldn't help it. It was like there was a powerful force pulling me towards her. I watched her as she slowly walked up to the handrail and began to lean on it looking out at the boats moored in the harbor. Suddenly I saw her head turn towards us. I knew I was staring and that she was looking at me but I didn't care. It took a thump in my right arm from Rory to snap me out of it and I returned to unloading the boat. I glanced back every so often and saw her standing there. Every so often we saw each other looking at one another again but only for a few seconds. Then at some point she was gone but the car was still there.

We carried all the stuff up to Rory's van and loaded it back up. He never kept anything on the boat that could be swiped by someone passing by. Once it was done I went to the nearby shop to pick up some stuff for a night in in front of the television; a perfect end to a chilled out day - or so I thought. I went into the shop and walked up to the alcohol section. I picked up two bottles of whiskey, a crate of Budweiser for Rory and some rather unhealthy snacks. I paid for my stuff and walked out through the door.

I nearly dropped everything I was holding as I left the shop. Outside was a set of benches where people could buy ice creams and sit and watch the boats going into the harbor. Sitting on one of the benches was the woman I had seen get out of the Bentley. What stunned me was I recognized her! I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first and wouldn't believe what my eyes were telling me but the more I stared at her the more I came to believe it. It was Emma Watson.

She saw me standing there like a right idiot and I felt compelled to acknowledge her. I rather nervously nodded a hello in her direction and she smiled back. The smile was half hearted and I suspected that she was afraid I was going to go rushing over to her like some crazed fan. Not wanting to seem anymore like an idiot I just carried on and walked passed her feeling like I was in some kind of wierd dream.

"Having a night in?"

My head seemed to snap back in the direction from which the voice came. It really was her asking me the question.

"Yea," I replied still in disbelief, first that it was her and now that I was actually talking to her. "Just a chilled out day today."

"I know the feeling," she said looking away momentarily. There was something in her voice that portrayed sadness. It was familiar somehow like we were both just looking for an escape from our everyday lives for just one day.

"What about you?" I asked.

"I'm sorry?"

"What are you doing down this way? It's not exactly Hollywood," I said immediately wishing I hadn't since I now sounded like just another fan.

"Just went out for a drive and this was where the land ended and the sea began," she said looking out at the sun that was now just slightly above the horizon turning the sky orange.

"Well," I said not wanting to overstay my welcome. "Enjoy the view." She smiled a thank you and I walked away towards Rory's van. My face was absolutely beaming when I returned to the van.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Rory. I tried to explain when suddenly I was interrupted by a voice behind me. It was her. She had followed me.

"Excuse me," she said. Rory's eyebrows almost shot into his hair as he saw Emma Watson walking towards us. "You have a boat, right?"

"Uh, yes," I replied on Rory's behalf. She reached into her pocket and took out her purse. Stuffed inside was a bundle of twenty pound notes.

"I have three hundred pounds here," she said handing them to us before we had even agreed to anything. "I'd like you to take me out to that island over there."

The island she was referring to was a large rock about five miles out from shore. We had been fishing around it all day and was looking forward to going home for a shower but I found myself unable to say no. It wasn't the money. I just didn't want this bizarre experience to end. Rory felt compelled to agree and soon we were back on board the boat heading back out to sea as the sun continued to go down. For the journey out me and Rory stayed in the wheelhouse only occasionally looking back at our passenger who sat at the end of the boat looking out at the sea and listening to the Sea Gulls hovering around us hoping to scrounge a few pieces of fish off us.

We reached the island and Rory cut the engine to allow us to float around it. In my rush to go back to sea I had taken the bags I had bought in the shop with us on the boat. As the boat bobbed up and down in the sea a bottle of my whiskey rolled out across the floor and stopped by her feet. She picked it up and looked at it before asking me, "Do you mind?"

"No, go ahead," I replied. Before I could offer her anything to water it down she had taken the top off and swigged the bottle back. Her face twisted as it burned her throat but I was impressed by the volume she had consumed. She handed it to me as she wiped away some of the excess from her lips before giggling. I started to laugh before I too took a sip although it wasn't quite upto her standards. She was obviously accustomed to drinking spirits.

Rory stayed in the wheelhouse almost afraid to come out. He stayed there watching us as we stood at the back of the boat handing the bottle back and fore. Before long the two litre bottle was half gone and I could feel myself feeling quite tipsy. I suspected she'd had most of it but couldn't be sure. I kept waiting for her to say something but she just kept handing the bottle back whenever she wasn't having any. I had seen this look before on people who were drinking. Its the look of someone trying to forget something.

"I don't know your name," she suddenly said. I was about to answer when she suddenly threw her finger to her lips and said, "Sssshhhh! I don't want to know."

Holding the bottle she walked up to me. She moved the bottle towards me and lifted it up to my lips forcing me to drink it. I swigged it back for several seconds before my need for oxygen forced me to cough out the portion in mouth. I stumbled backwards much to her amusement. She lifted it up to her lips once more but this time she kept her eyes on me as she drank another mouthful. The bottle was almost empty now and once she was done she threw it into the sea.

Having watched it go in I turned back to her and found her walking towards me with eyes that made me feel like I was the object of attention for some kind of predator. She started to take off her sleeve-less jacket and dropped it on the floor. Suddenly, in one quick move she took off her white t-shirt and allowed it to slide down her arm. Underneath she wore a small black bra that cupped her shapely breasts so perfectly it was as if it were painted on. I was both excited and scared but whatever I was feeling I could feel myself stiffening up. It was like electricity was emanating from the sight of her topless and flowing through my body to my cock.

She walked up closer to me until I could feel her breath tickling my neck and she whispered into my left ear, "Have you ever done anything really stupid?"

"More times than I care to remember," I replied. She suddenly threw her mouth onto my lips and she kissed me in a hard and powerful fashion. Our lips and our tongues intertwined in a desperate effort to explore every part of one anothers mouths. She placed her hands on my shoulders and seemed to hang off me. I finally worked up the courage to lift my hands up and I rubbed them across her back. Her skin was smooth, almost silky to the touch. As my fingers moved up and down her spine she seemed to shudder in delight as they tickled her.

She stepped back and looked at me to see what my reaction was going to be. I felt like a Rabbit caught in a car headlights but I have never felt so excited in my life. She glanced over my shoulder and saw that Rory was watching. She smiled devilishly at the thought of not just being with a stranger but being watched by another stranger. It seemed to be an enormous release for her and she revelled in it.

She looked back at me before dropping slowly to her knees. She reached over and began to unzip my jeans. She tried to take my cock out through the zip but it was so stiff that it proved too awkward. Almost impatiently she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers to reveal my excitement. She placed her right hand on me. I've never experienced such a sensation as I did to having her touch me. She slowly began to caress it and it grew even harder up to a point where I felt it couldn't possibly get any stiffer. Her touch was delicate but firm and each stride her hand took made me tingle all over.

I became impatient for more. I didn't care that Rory was watching us. I never thought that having an audience would be such a turn on. It was as if to have him watching us confirmed that it was real.

I reached down and pulled her head towards me. Her mouth instinctively slid across the end of my cock and her lips slowly explored the shape of it all the way to the base before slowly retreating back. My eyes felt like they were doing somersaults in my skull and my toes were digging into my shoes. She repeated this movement slowly but steadily. I sensed that I had no control over anything that was happening and I loved everything about it. She repeated it back and fore sucking my cock in a slow but intense way. I could feel her tongue pressing up against the lower half of my shaft as she retreated back. As her lips left my cock she kept her tongue on the very tip of my dick and began circling it around. As she was doing it she looked up at me and smiled devilishly.

She got back up onto her feet and stepped right up to me silently daring me to make a move with her but I was totally under her spell. She kept her hand on my cock, rubbing it as she reached up and started kissing me again. I was so turned on I had to do more and reached down and onto her waist before running my fingers around the the front of her denim jeans. I opened the top of her jeans and my hand reached inside. I could feel the rough texture of her knickers against my skin. I pushed them down until I could feel the contours of her pussy without actually touching it. I pushed the rough fabric into her pussy and used it to rub her clit. For the first time since we began she took her hands off my cock and threw her arms around my shoulders, hanging from me as I played with her. Her head tilted back in delight at first before she fell forward and rested it next to my head. I could hear her whimpering with delight as I began to rub harder and harder.

Before long I got frustrated and so I reached into her knickers from the the top. Just touching the bare skin of her pussy made me skip a heartbeat with excitement. It was so smooth and soft with barely a hint of pubic hair. As my fingers squeezed in between her flaps I could feel her excitement as they began to slide easily around her wet clit. This direct contact caused her to shudder with greater pleasure than she had done. I felt her arms tightening around my neck as her legs became weaker from the sensation. If she let go now she would probably have collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly she began to reach her climax. Her breathing became heavier and heavier and as her own pleasure increased I began to feel an overwhelming sense of euphoria that I was providing it for her and I wanted her to cum as much as she did. She suddenly took hold of my whole upper body and let out a deep moan of pleasure. It was a double barrelled orgasm and as the second surge of ecstasy burst through her body she held her breath as she tried desperately to take control of her body.

Her legs couldn't hold her anymore and I slowly helped her down onto the floor. I laid her down on the floor and she still shook as she came down from her climax. She began to slide down her jeans and knickers, presenting herself to me. Her pussy was perfect in every way. It was the very definition of the female camel toe. I removed her trousers from the bottom of her legs freeing them up completely before she began to pull my own off. She was desperate to start and I was more than happen to oblige. Free of my own clothes from the waist down I climbed on top of her and began to kiss her before I pushed her legs apart allowing me clear access. My heart beat hard in my chest from excitement as I entered her.

Her pussy was warm and moist yet firm as it gripped my cock. I started off slow as we both became used to one another. She reached up with her arms around my neck as I began to push in harder and a little faster. The sensation of having sex with her sent my head into a whirlpool. The erotic ecstasy that consumed our bodies seemed to reverberate into the boat. I started to kiss her neck as I got into my stride. Before long my kisses went lower down passed her throat and into the middle of her breasts which still sat comfortably in her bra. I reached around her shoulders and pulled her straps down her arms thus freeing her breasts which seemed to pop outwards with her heavily erect nipples begging me to nibble on them. Her response was one of loud delight as I took them gently in my teeth.

Impatiently I pulled out and motioned for her to turn over. I think she wanted to carry on as we were because she moaned slightly but nevertheless she turned over and got onto all fours. I knelt up behind her and spread the pert cheeks of her buttocks. I squeezed my cock back inside her and thrust as deeply as I could. She clenched tightly as I went in and out making her pussy seem tighter than before. It was as though she were trying to strangle my cock and it made it feel ten times better. A thousand times better! It was just incredible. I wanted to explode inside her then and there but I was fighting it with all my strength while at the same time trying to savour every second. The feeling of pleasure began to spread from my cock and my head to other parts of my body as I became overly sensitive to the slightest of things. Even the rocking of the boat seemed to add to the power of the orgasm that I knew was coming.

I was so busy selfishly concentrating on my own pleasure that I almost failed to notice that she was reaching her second orgasm. Her legs were shaking wildly as the power built up in her shapely body. She lowered her arms down to rest on her elbows as she suddenly gave out a cry of delight. As she came her pussy stiffened and pulled on my cock that was still furiously thrusting in and out of her.

It was too much. I could feel a gush of my cum burst from my bell-end into her pussy. I erupted in three sharp bursts, each one sending jolts of energy around her body and once we were done she slumped back onto the floor. This time I had to follow. My head was so dizzy that I just couldn't stay up and I fell down beside her. Her eyes were shut as she shifted over and we cuddled on the floor of the boat. It was only then I remembered Rory had watched the whole thing from the wheelhouse. I chuckled at the look of shock on his face at what he had just watched.

It was the dead of night when the boat returned to the harbor. Like two friends we parted company never to see one another again. From that day on I saw her on TV and in movies many times. The woman I saw on the screen was not the woman I knew that day. I think that for that one day she wanted to escape everything and do something reckless and fun. I suppose in a way I was used but the truth is I wouldn't mind being used like that more often.

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