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Romantic Stories


Rough Day At Work

Gavin helps Elise when her boss makes her feel self conscious.

"Hey babe? I'm home!" I slipped off my heels and dropped my coat by the door. I walked into my kitchen to find Gavin, turned away and cooking dinner. I love this man more and more every day. "Awe, oh my God! You cooked for me?" "Of course I did, babygirl....

The Babysitter's Shorts

A woman makes a move before her husband does

Yadira couldn't resist looking up from her phone. It wasn't so much that she didn't want to, it was that she understood why her husband couldn't resist either. Their babysitter, Tania, was nineteen with a petite body and a deliciously proportionate bubble...

The Bet

I won, when I lost

I turned up at her house that night after losing the bet. “My rules for Halloween,” she reminded, moving to the bedroom. “Clothes off now and eyes shut,” she ordered. I felt her slide her warm, damp, perfumed panties up my legs. “If you like those,” she s...

... And Finally, The Happy Ending (Pt. 4)

After a good caning, Keith knows how his life should be.

The store didn’t open until noon on Sunday, and June only went in because Keith asked her to, for an unexplained reason. He opened the door just for them around eleven-thirty and went straight to the office, June following him. She smiled when she saw him...

The Piano Student - Chapter Two

An unorthodox teaching method proves to be freeing, in more ways than one…

He was late. My heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes. I hadn’t heard from him since he dropped me home Monday morning after such a glorious night together on Sunday. That had annoyed me, but I wasn’t concerned…until now. Ten minutes earlier, I said g...

A Candid Train Ride VII

Leanne struggles to find a way to deal with Mick…

Leanne appeared at my door a short while after her run-in with Mick. She was obviously distraught, tears were streaming down her cheeks. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, highly concerned. She explained to me in detail her conversation with Mick. She told me w...

The Rhythm of my Soul

The something that is created when lover dance

My rhythm was born between her certain grooves, Like a whimsical songbird she sang my name as with every breath we fell into sanctuary beneath moonbeams and the stars. I am the needle playing in your grooves around and round never-ending music to your ear...

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Finding Paradise

A realization dawns

We danced with such abandon in the warm humid evening air. There was something about the heat of summer that set our spirits free. Maybe it was how the sun lingered longer. Or, how free she felt twirling in her barely-there sundress. Or, how we simply san...

Old Times

"Just one more thing," he added, "trust me?"

The woman strolled along the sidewalk dappled with morning sun and shade, enjoying the scent of flowers, trees, and earthy things. The sky was a deep blue behind the Flatirons, and the fine spring day promised to be a warm one. She had taken the day off w...

Don't Fucking Touch!

“You belong to me. You are mine. I belong to you. I am yours.”

Walking into the house, I drop the keys into the dish, by the door, a little louder than characteristic. She walks in behind me, obviously uneasy. I close the door, lock it, and head to the kitchen. Pouring myself a glass of water I quickly chug it, tryin...

Anything Your Heart Desires

Fate intervenes on a rainy drive home.

It was good to get off the M74 after so many hours. I was relieved to reach Glasgow and to know I was close to home. The east-winding road to Edinburgh is one of my favourites; I don't know how many times I'd stopped along it as a student, just to get out...