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First time Bathroom Sex

A time when the bathroom was the hottest place for sex!
This is my first story. Please let me know what you think so that I can improve in the future.
This is true and I will admit that I had to pause while writing this to finish myself, I got really worked up remembering this fantastic time.

I was a horny 22 year-old when I received a call from this girl whom I had met the summer before, while fighting forest fires. I would go into the local town and frequent this one bar and that's where I met Gina. She was a hot local girl but she didn’t look local at all. You see, this was a smallish town in the Pacific Northwest which was predominantly white, like myself. She was a dark-skinned, dark-haired beauty who had been adopted and had lived there since she was very small. Well, being the new guy in the bar that summer, I got a lot of looks. Gina was the one who came over and showed some interest to me, a stranger. Over that summer, we had many, and I mean many, wonderful naked and nasty times.

Well, as I said, I got a call from this hot piece of ass whom I hadn’t seen for months. I hopped into my car and drove the five hours to meet her for a weekend of 'downright dirty, sweaty, naked fun'. Those were the exact words she used on the phone. As I was driving down to this town, I found myself thinking a few times of some of the different times we'd had together. I then realised that I was rubbing my rock-hard cock through my jeans. I just couldn’t wait to see her.

I got there late in the evening but to my disappointment, she was still living with her folks, who were there as I arrived. Now although they were very nice, they were a little old-fashioned, in that I was not going to be able to stay with her, so the chance to 'get down' with her right away was not going to happen.

We planned on going to a local club in a hotel lounge that night. So I needed to take a shower after the drive. I made it quick because I was looking forward to getting the evening started.

We had been dancing and drinking for a few hours and I was getting more and more horny. She was wearing a short loose-fitting dress which barely covered all the areas that I wanted to get at. We went down to the bathroom at one point, I of course went quickly and was waiting for her a while. After what seemed like ten minutes, I just went in to the ladies bathroom to see what was happening. Luckily there was no one else in there at the time.

Gina said, “It is about time you got in here! I’ve been rubbing my clit, getting myself wet and waiting for you!”

Now I was hesitant but willing. I went into the stall where she was, her dress was around her hips and her firm 38dd tits where pulled out of her top. My cock grew and hardened instantly. I think I am of average size but I swear it was a inch longer due to my excitement!

She took her fingers off of her wet, swollen clit to reach up and undo my pants. My cock was straining my underwear. Once she pulled those down, my solid, purple-headed shaft stood straight towards her wanting lips. As she started to lick the shaft from bottom to top and use her tongue to circle the tip, I began to hear some ladies come into the bathroom. I got nervous but I did not want to have to stop. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock and pulled it deep into her throat. At that point I didn’t care who was around. I was so horny I started to feel like I was going to erupt soon. I strained to hold back as she was treating my dick like it was her favorite popsicle. I felt her tongue working the base of my shaft as she sucked with all she had.

I needed to get in her! As she stood up, I sat on the toilet and inserted two fingers into her moist pussy. I realized it wasn’t moist but wet, very wet. The wettest pussy that I'd had to that point. Her juices were starting to run down her legs, so I quickly licked the drips and ran my tongue up and down her swollen pussy lips several times. Then with a few flicks of my tongue on her clit, she forced my face into her pussy as she came. I grabbed that ass of hers and sat her on my rock hard dick. With her feet on the wall behind me, her leaning back and resting her hands on the stall door, she started to grind her slit on my cock, working all her pussy muscles.

Then I noticed someone come into the stall next to us. I saw some panties fall to the ground and heard her pee. I leaned back, the flusher in the middle of my back. I was pretending I was going to the bathroom and making sure that Gina was as quiet as possible. It was really difficult because now she was working that wet pussy up and down on my cock. I was biting my lip to keep from moaning in pure ecstasy. I could hear the girl next to us finish peeing and a little giggle. She had to know what we were doing next to her. I then heard the sweet sounds of us fucking, that wet squishy sound of my cock and her pussy slamming into each other. That sent me over the top, I had to cum and cum now! I filled her pussy with so much man juice that it was oozing out and getting all over the both of us.

We rested a bit, cleaned up and walked out of the bathroom like we owned it. There were a couple of older ladies in there at the time who we just gave a quick little smile to and said “sorry,” as they looked both puzzled and interested.

That wasn’t all for that night, I’ll have to finish the story at another time, stay tuned. I did have a huge bruise on my back the next morning from the flusher.
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