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In the Dark

Into his darkness she crept...
It is dark. I lie on my bed wondering when Clarisse will come. My naked body is ablaze with the need for her presence, but I am alone.

Then I hear it. Faint motion in the darkened room. The rustling noise of clothes sliding off a body. The bed shifting and creaking a little. Something in my nether regions stirs in response, knowing that my lover has arrived.

A hand caresses my naked chest. Fingers run through my curly chest hair before gently rubbing my nipples. They harden in response. Little tingles run down to my cock, stirring it to life.

Before I can speak, my lover’s mouth is on mine, her tongue sliding past my lips to greet my own. Clarisse presses in close to me, her naked breasts rubbing against my body.

Her mouth leaves mine. She kisses my chin and then along my jaw to my throat. A hard suction and gentle bite. Clarisse is leaving her mark; claiming me for her very own.

Then she’s kissing her way down to my nipple. The tip of her tongue teases it. Clarisse slowly licks it before bringing her teeth down on it. The bite is gentle, just hard enough to send another shot of pleasure to my stiff member. For a few minutes, my lover concentrates on my nipples, knowing what it does to me. Clarisse licks, bites, and sucks first one, and then the other, until I am aroused to the point of being helpless.

Her mouth moves down my body. She kisses, licks, and even bites the soft flesh of my belly. Burying her face in my navel, Clarisse blows into it, making an unsubtle fart noise that cracks up both of us. Then she is on the move again, her mouth never letting up in its relentless teasing and stimulation of my flesh.

Clarisse bypasses my cock, which leaves me a little disappointed. The disappointment fades when she slowly kisses and nibbles her way up the inside of my thigh. Taking a ball into her mouth, she sucks on it. I spread my thighs wider to give her room. My lover releases it and sucks on its mate, then runs her tongue up my hard shaft from stem to head. A few of those licks, and then my cock is in Clarisse’s mouth. She sucks it slow and hard, her fingers playing with my balls and even rimming my anus as she does so.

I am getting close to exploding and Clarisse knows it. Releasing my cock, she mounts me. While I cannot see my lover clearly, I feel her hand holding my erection in place as she sinks down on to it. Clarisse’s warm, wet vagina enwraps it. Reaching up in the darkness, my hands encounter her tits. I stroke and squeeze the soft flesh and hard nipples as she slides up and down my hard cock.

I move my hips, trying to time my thrusts with Clarisse’s movements; trying to drive myself deeper into my lover’s body. The sensation is wonderful. I long to switch on the light so I can see Clarisse’s naked body and feast my eyes on her big, soft tits that jiggle as she rides me. It is not allowed on this night, however.

The need to release builds to a fever pitch. I can hold off no longer. My eyes close and my body stiffens as the first blast of cum shoots into Clarisse. Wave after wave of pleasure washes over me as my cock pumps out its load.

Then it is Clarisse’s turn. Her moans turn to soft cries. Her vagina flutters around me and her juices moisten me. She rides me until her lust is sated. My lover collapses on top of me. I hold her tight. Clarisse cries softly into my shoulder, moistening my skin. I am in tears, too, knowing it could be weeks or months before this happens again.

Minutes pass, maybe an hour in total. Then Clarisse slips away from the bed. There is a rustle of clothing, the faint sound of a door closing, and silence.

When I turn on the light, I am alone. With a sigh, I wander to the bathroom to shower. I wash the mementoes of our tryst from my body and pull on pyjamas. Quietly, I crawl back into the bed that was, for an all too short hour, our love nest.

I turn off the lights. It is dark.

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