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Look into my eyes

When things get up close and personal with the optician.
Dear Diary,

I had to write this down to make it real in my mind. I never want to forget what happened today.

I had an appointment for an eye examination at 10 am. Making my way there in the baking sun had left me hot, my flimsy short strapless sun dress stuck to my body in several places. I had been hanging around in the waiting room, uncomfortable in the sticky leather chair, for half an hour before the optician walked in. He greeted me with a smile and pleasantries before asking me all of the usual questions.

He was a young man, younger than me, I would say mid-twenties. I got the impression he was new. I recalled this process being faster with the older man who had tested my eyes the last time. After much double-checking, the lights were dimmed.

As he asked me to look into his eyes, I felt myself blush. He was a handsome man, short dark hair and even darker, brown eyes. I duly read out all the letters from the screen, followed the pen in his hand and then he explained that he wanted to check the health of my eyes.

The close proximity quickly became intoxicating, his eyes staring into mine, my eye lashes tickling his hand. I tried to reason with myself that this was his job, his routine, I was just another patient. This rationalisation did not seem to help. He was just so close that it almost felt criminal that this was not an intimate moment. However inappropriate this now sounds, with his face nearly touching mine, I could not help but wonder what would happen if I kissed him, if my lips brushed against his. At once, I felt a strong jolt in my crotch and the seat underneath me dampened at the thought. I wondered if he could tell, were my pupils dilating wildly in aroused anticipation?

It was silent. All I could hear was our breathing, mine coming a little heavier with every second. I felt so turned on that I did not want this part of the examination to be over. I longed to make a move but I did not dare. It seemed like lunacy to even contemplate such a thing.

I parted my legs a little, then wider still, my tiny dress riding up to reveal the top of my thigh and then just enough for my white panties to be visible. He moved closer, standing between my now fully opened legs, his breathing came faster than before. He still held the optical instrument and continued to look into my eyes. I felt my nipples harden, straining against the cotton of my dress.

‘Your eyes look healthy,’ he stammered.

My legs widened further, my dress now resembled a t-shirt in length. My panties were completely on show.

I still cannot believe that I did this, but my hand reached down, slid by the elastic and settled on my clit. I felt his body stiffen and I did not dare to move until he did. I saw the bulge of his cock then, his trousers tightening and my fingers got busy playing. I was already soaking wet. He watched my hand intently as it slid up and down with vigour.

Finally, it was too much for him to stand. His hands roughly groped at my tits, tweaking my giddy nipples through the fabric. His lips met mine and it was all I had waited for. He slid down, tugging at my panties, removing them swiftly, without fuss, over my high heeled sandals. His mouth met my swollen clit and my own fingers that were still playing there. He fell to his knees, lapping at my pussy lips, darting down to my hole. With us both giving my sopping pussy so much attention, I knew I could not last any longer.

I sat back, pushing myself further into his mouth. His tongue dived right into my dripping cunt and I could not stop myself. I came, long and hard. From the tip of my toes came an enormous tremor and I squirted my juice. I tried my best to contain my purrs of pleasure but this was, far and away, the strongest orgasm of my sexual life. I buried my face into the side of the seat as the ripples started to fade.

I was pulled to my feet and turned around. I heard the rustle of his trousers falling to the floor. Immediately, a long, thick cock pushed against my ass. I fell forward, my hands holding on to the chair, my bare ass in the air. Rubbing his giant cock into the wetness of my pussy, he found the hole and eagerly stuck his cock right inside me.

I inhaled sharply, his size and the angle of his penetration hit me hard. It was an intense fuck, fast, furious and fierce. I matched his rapid rhythm, surprised by the rough nature but loving every second. He pulled on my hair, dragging my head up, forcing me to stand. I saw our reflection in the mirror then. I could watch myself get fucked.

‘Harder,’ I whispered, enticing him, an open invitation for him to take what he wanted. He groaned loudly, hands flailing, searching for my wobbling tits. I helped him, pulling the top of my dress down so he could feel the flesh.

Seeing his hands all over my tits in the mirror was all he needed to let go, moaning. His cock shooting out his hot come inside me, trembling, falling on to my almost naked body for support. We stayed like that for a minute, our brains rushing to catch up with our bodies, our breathing slowing down. He picked up my panties and stuffed them into his drawer. After a brief clean-up, he told me that my eyes were fine but that I should return any time if I had any wish to. I smiled at that and left without speaking.

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