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The music is the rainbow, and passion the pot of gold.
I could hear the music from the gate at the end of the quarter mile long driveway. The deep bass resonated through my body and had my hips swaying as soon as I parked and left the car. The heels of my stilettos sank into the gravel path a little as I made my way up the rest of the drive and to the door.

I had been looking forward to tonight since receiving the invitation by text last week. Usually held once or twice a month, these parties were never in the same place twice in any six-month period. A different member of the “club” would host the party each time. I remembered with relish and a rush of heat to my groin the time one of the members had rented out a two story warehouse to hold his soiree. I was wet already and dressed for battle in stilettos that added four inches to my diminutive frame. Lace-topped thigh highs with a matching garter, were completed by a pleated black skirt that flared nicely over my ass and a blood red silk tank top.

I pulled the plain red mask in place before I opened the door. The slow pulsing bass was a physical force that enveloped me completely as I entered the house. The foyer was packed with warm bodies, some with drinks, some yelling into ears already assaulted by the music. The center piece on the console table next to the door was a large fishbowl that was only half full of a variety of condom packets. It was early yet. I pushed past the masked people congregating in the entryway and made my way deeper into the house, following the volume of the music. I maneuvered through the throng touching arms, shoulders, and waists as sought what I was looking for.

I found it in the tight packed mass of bodies dancing to a live band that made sensuality and music one living, breathing organism. I moved into the boiling center of rapturous humanity and joined them in their revel. Some of the dancers were mostly nude as they swayed and gyrated to the music. Strobes and colored light flashed from ceiling recesses, making sweat slicked bodies gleam blue, green and red.

I slid through a sudden opening in the wall of flesh and found myself surrounded by men. One of which was wearing a full faced mask like myself but of some indistinguishable color. He was down to a pair of slacks and his naked torso was lean and finely muscled. I watched a pair of hands with red lacquered nails slide across his chest from behind him as he tried to reach for me.

I was willing to let him slip away without regret as I threw myself into the music and warm bodies. I had time and plenty of opportunities. A strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back into a hard chest and even harder erection that pressed into my skirt. I leaned into him more and began rubbing myself into him in time to the music. He locked me into the movement of his hips as he danced and kissed at the back of my neck. I reached behind me and slid my fingers through his sweat damp hair to hold him to me.

A woman in a feathered half mask moved up against the front of me. She reached out and pulled my shirt up over my head, making the man behind me release me for a moment. When he reached for me again, one hand found my breast and massaged me through the lace of my bra. I moaned and leaned back against him once more to find that he had freed himself from his pants, and the bare length of his penis now ground into my ass cheek.

I sighed as the woman who was nude except for a piece of dental floss that was supposed to pass as a thong slid up closer to the front of me and cupped me in her hand. I was so wet already that I couldn’t help pushing my hips towards her as the man behind me began to run his cock between my ass cheeks. She moved a finger to tease my lips apart so she could start stroking my clit with quick soft flicks. My orgasm came suddenly and she grabbed my hips as she dropped to her knees right there.

She reached between my legs and helped to guide the mystery man into me. He thrust against her hand and entered me from behind. I was held in place by calloused hands and the more delicate fingers that spread my lips apart and the tongue that started long slow licks against me in time to the deeper sounds of the music. My right hand covered the man’s as he pushed the lace down to play with my nipple, and the left was clenched in the soft hair of the woman kneeling in front of me.

Each thrust into me was echoed by the tongue stroking me, and I was so tight, so wet, and the only thing holding me up was their hands against me. I was a quivering mass of sensation, ready to blow apart in a high wind. Her tongue strokes came steadily until she began sucking gently and the knot of sensations changed, as I was close, so close.

The man began rocking into me as hard and as fast as he could, his hands tightening almost painfully on my body. The orgasm hit suddenly as the woman bit softly around my clit and raked her nails down the outsides of my thighs. I jerked hard against the man holding me as the feel of him moving all of that flesh in and out of me became too much. His hands crushed me to him as he came inside me and lifted me off the floor. I was left gazing down at the woman whose lower face glistened wetly in the multicolored lights.

I was lowered gently to the floor and gave a hand to the woman still kneeling in front of me. I helped her to her feet and we all moved out of the press of bodies. They left me in the hall to make my way to a bathroom to clean up. I sat on the edge of the tub until I could stand and walk without wobbling in the stilettos. I pulled my top on over my head, and took the mask off to wash my face. When I had recovered, I put the mask back on and walked out the door to my car, wondering what I would wear to the next party.

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