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On my way to work

On my way to work one day I met a goddess
It was a Tuesday morning and it was going as normal as normal can be. Grabbed a quick shower after downing my morning coffee and finished up all my morning chores before heading out. I locked the door to the brownstone I had bought just a few months before. I walked down the street a few blocks to where I caught a bus for the ride into town and face another dull day at the office.

When the bus arrived I flashed my pass as I got on. looking towards the back I saw it was going to be a standing room only morning again. That was when I saw her. She was simply the most sexy and beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had brunette hair that went down to the middle of her back. It was just a bit kinky so as to be full bodied and not just straight. I was already imagining what it would feel like to bury my fingers into it. She was wearing a white blouse and what looked from here to be a skirt. But her eyes were what caught my immediate attention. They were a blue that reminded of the deep waters off Hawaii. I could see that her breasts were full and firm and a waist that was slender. She seemed toned well. Not too skinny but not an ounce of fat from what I could see.

I made my back down the aisle and as I excused myself as I passed her I stopped behind her and settled in for the long ride. During the first block I played non interested in her and listened as she was talking to another woman in front of her. By their conversation I could tell they must be co workers and were talking about what they had to do that day. I turned towards the front now and looked down to see a perfect set of legs and ass beneath her skirt. Her skirt was business short, you know, not too short but enough to turn a lot of heads as she walked by her office workers. Her legs were as nice as any man in his right mind would die get his hands on. Her waist was in perfect proportions to the rest of her body.

At this point my mind was reeeling with all kinds of thoughts of what I would love to do with her. I was imagining how soft her thighs would feel under my fingers. Was imagining standing behind her with us both naked what her full breasts would feel in my hands as I massaged them and rolled her nipples between my fingers. My mind was reeling......

Then the bus came to a sudden stop and I was pushed into her from behind because of the force. I barely caught myself from completely falling over. Feeling a bit embarrassed as I straighted back up she turned around to look at me. I said, "Sorry about that, it was the sudden stop."

"That's OK. The driver needs to get better at his stopping. I almost fell myself." she replied as I saw she gave me the quick one over and when our eyes met she gave a cute little smile.

I could not get over the look of her eyes. Those wandering thoughts flooded back into my mind. It was then that I realized I had become somewhat aroused. My pants were starting to get a bit tight. I looked around quickly and everyone was just in that zombie stare riders get or engrossed in their newspaper or paperbacks. So I was relieved that no one saw the bulge my trousers were showing.

As the bus took off, the driver was a bit in a hurry I guess because this time she was forced back into me. Only instead of righting herself back up quickly, she pressed her sweet ass into my groin and swayed it side to side a bit. I was completely shocked that she had done that but aroused instantly again because of it. When she did right herself fully upright again I looked around quickly and saw still no one had noticed this. Feeling unsure about what to do I decided, what the hell, and with my hand that was at my side I cupped one of her ass cheeks. As I had done this she flexed it to let me know she felt it and approved because she also swayed her ass again as she did when she was pressed up against my groin.

I slipped my hand down her skirt and came to the soft skin of the back of her thigh. She repositioned a bit spreading her legs just a slight bit. I could not believe what was happening but was loving it. I also noticed that she had not broken her conversation with her coworker. this intrigued me and I began to wonder just how far she would let me go. So I brought my hand to the inside of one of her thighs and she flexed them as well. her legs were as soft as I imagined they would.

Having lost all embarrassment any thought of stopping I slid my hand up with my thumb pointing up and found she was not wearing any panties. I could feel her pussy was warm and moist. Doing a glance around and seeing all this was still going unnoticed, I inserted my thumb up into her warm pussy. I heard her take a brief gasp. her coworker suddenly asked if everything was alright and she said it was. So I left my thumb there and started exploring her insides with it. I was trying to see if from this angle I could find that sweet spot. I knew I had when she suddenly got weak kneed. Again her friend being oblivious as to what was really going on asked if she was alright. She again said she was and it was just a quick dizzy spell. So I continued to stroke that spot with a slow place and she was responding by clenching my thumb with her muscle inside that now not just moist but full blown wet pussy. 

As I continued thumb fucking this glorious woman I suddenly felt her free hand on the crotch of my pants. She started rubbing my hard cock through my pants in a rythum that was matching my work inside her. I wanted to explode inside my pants almost instantly and it took everything I had not to. I could tell she was about to orgasm herself. Her legs were starting to quiver and her pussy was tightening up on my thumb. Then it hit! She had to squeeze her thighs together and it felt great. Here I was giving this woman, a complete stranger an orgasm here on the bus. She was cuming hard. I could feel her juices starting to drip down my wrist and could not wait to figure a way to taste her juices without giving away what was happening.

Then I realized she was slumping a bit from the intensity of her orgasm and her friend was giving her a very quizzical look. Her coworker had still not figured out what was going on and now was giving her a worried look. It was almost like she was not sure what to do because her friend was having a mild seizure or something. Seeing this I figured I better slide myself out and let her recompose herself. So I did and found my thumb was soaked. I so wanted to bring it to my mouth and taste her but dared not bring that kind of attention to me. The bus took off again from another stop and again she pressed her sweet firm ass up against my rock hard cock. It was driving me absolutely crazy!!!

Then the bus came to it's next stop and saw her friend reached down to get a briefcase she was supporting between her legs. Turning now her friend started towards the front to get off at this stop. The woman I had just fucked on the bus on the way to work then turned around and whispered in my ear,"Thank you, lets do that again." then turned to get off the bus herself.

I have now ridden that same bus at the exact same time every day during the week for two weeks now looking for her again................
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