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Sex In This Club

Sex In This Club

If there was a magical door to his raw emotion, she had stepped through. There would be no escape.
“Get your fucking hands off me,” Regan demanded, trying to reclaim her arm. Her step-brother’s grip was like steal. Out of nowhere, he had grabbed her by the arm and dragged her off the dance floor like a rag doll.

“Be still,” Ian ordered. The defined line of his jaw was set and its muscle flexed.

Having made it off the dance floor and away from the mass of people, he finally turned to look at her. His blue eyes were like glacier daggers. Under their piercing glare, her heart caught in her throat. His anger was frightening but his sexiness never more present. The heated flow of blood to his face deepened his tanned coloring. His shirt highlighted the toned definition of his chest and shoulders, almost straining across his biceps. His blond curls looked darker, smoothed into waves that flowed to the back of his head. Anger rolled off of him like a tidal wave.

Regan was scared and turned on at the same time.

She could feel her thong getting wet. Her dark, almond shaped eyes were stretched wide and glistened like glass reflecting the pulsating lights of the night club. Her full lips were set into a glossy heart shaped pout that angered Ian even more.

Ian cursed himself, swinging her around, forcing her back to him. He did not want to see her lips nor her eyes. With her arm still held tightly within his grasp and his other wrapped across her midsection, he lifted her off the floor and carried her down a small side corridor. A door was at the end of the narrow hall and a glowing red exit sign shown above it. Stopping, he dipped his head. His breath was hot and moist at her ear. She could feel him hard like a brick wall against her back and she could smell the undeniable seductive scent that was only his permeating from his heated body.

“Why are you here,” he growled.

“Well I’m not following your arrogant ass that‘s for sure,” she hissed.

“There you go with that filthy mouth of yours.” He laughed, dryly.

He squeezed her arm in retaliation and she winced from the pressure.

“You’re hurting me,” she spit through clenched teeth.

“Good! What I need to do is put you over my lap and spank the shit out of you!”

“And, we all know that would just be another excuse for you to put your hands on my ass you perv!”

The fire in him spread,

“For one thing little girl,” he said, rubbing his nose along the outer curve of her ear, inhaling her sweetness, “you’re supposed to be twenty-one or older to get into this club. You are a two years short of that.”

“You gonna’ ask them to kick me out big brother?

She tried unsuccessfully to shift her head so that the heat of his words would stop playing with her senses.

“I am not your brother, remember.”

He pressed her even harder against him, knocking the wind out of her lungs. “Who was that? You were pretty much asking him to fuck you in the ass right there on the damn dance floor.”

“Now who has the potty mouth?”

“Answer me,” he demanded.

“Is that how you like to give it, up the ass? Oh, but my ass isn’t good enough for you. So, what do you care! ”

Her words struck Ian like a punch to the gut. He stood there for a moment absorbing the blow, holding her, trying to dredge up some semblance of self control. Did she truly have no idea how she affected him? Just hours ago, Regan was completely focused on him, offering herself to him. Now, she was lap dancing with some damn kid.

“Ian.” she struggled to breathe. “You’re hurting me.”

Shame doused his anger, reducing it to a threatening steamy simmer instead of a raging fire. He loosened his arms. Regan slid down his body, her high heels finally touching the floor.

When his grip lessened, Regan’s first impulse was to pull away from him. Her body wouldn’t let her. Butterfly wings beat against the inside of her abdomen and fluttered across her pussy lips.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was almost calm now. Guilt overtook him for wanting her the way that he should not. The last night was still fresh between them. He had stopped himself, but only after having gone too far.

His regret struck a raw chord in Regan and a new sense of rejection overcame her. “I hate you,” she sneered, finally trying to pull away from him.

Her words struck him again. This time it was dead center. Ian swung her around viciously, barely managing not to break her arm before he let it go. Not missing a second, he forced her deeper into the corridor, away from the pulsating lights and curious eyes. Regan’s back hit the wall hard, knocking the breath out of her. His arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her against the length of his body. His show of strength made her heels, once again, leave the floor. Now she was pinned by his entire body, including the hard column of his cock. His body was unyielding.

Unable to move, her breath quickened. She turned her head to the side, thinking that would somehow lessen the force of his presence. His hand shot out against the wall, not even a centimeter from her nose. She jerked her face away and her glistening eyes fell to the only refuge there was. His piercing blue eyes held her.

If there was a magical door to his raw emotion, she stepped in and out at her will. Her beautiful body was warm and pliable in his hands. The swell of her breast pressed against him. Her scent, citrus and flowers and sun and water and sex, was like an intoxicating mist that enveloped him.

“Ah shit,” Ian groaned, overwhelmed by the need to touch her. He cradled the side of her face in his large hand and ran his thumb across the soft flesh of her lips.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly again, lowering his head and tasting her lips with his tongue before gently touching his lips to hers. Within seconds that kiss gave way to unfaltering need. His lips took her, tearing down any doubt that threatened their need for one another. He drew her into him like air, forcing her reliance. She emitted a throaty moan and fastened herself to him.

His hand slid down the delicate skin of her neck, eased over the curve of her breast and the hard bud of her nipple through the delicate material of her dress.

She moaned once more.

“No one fucks you but me,” he growled, sliding his hand under her dress and up the back of her thigh. “Say it.” His teeth pulled on her bottom lip mercilessly. With one hand he revealed just how ready her pussy was for him. He rubbed her clit, sending a shock of pleasure through her. Then he slid her panties down. Once they hit the floor, he lowered her back on her feet.

He undid his pants, allowing his raging cock just enough freedom.

“No one fucks me but you,” she panted.

In one swift movement, Ian lifted her off the floor with her legs over his forearm, cradling her. With practiced expertise he balanced her weight effortlessly against the wall, legs spread perfectly apart.

“Ahhhhh.” The moan was low in his chest as he entered her.

Regan’s arms tightened around his neck. There was so very much of him.

Ian began to fuck her.

He wanted to be gentle but his need for her was overpowering. He rammed into her, forcing himself deeper inside. She could do nothing but grunt in return. He filled her, and then left her hollow and wanting. Then, he plowed forward again. His rhythm smooth and quick, sending her into a state of small spasms, culminating until her entire body shook.

“That’s right,” he crooned, “cum for me.”

Her pussy tightened like a vice, milking the thick length of him. He absorbed her cries with his mouth. They only added to the violent current that pulled him over the edge.

She felt so good.

“Mine.” He groaned as he exploded inside her, the muscles in his thighs and ass locking upward.

Ian reveled in the feel of each last drop leaving him in heavy spurts.

There was silence. Then, slowly, the pulsating sounds of their surroundings slipped into their consciousness.

Regan’s legs slid down as Ian slowly released them. He positioned her against him so that she would not fall. With one hand Ian pulled his pants back up on his waist. With the other, he smoothed down her dress.

“I have you baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“Promise?” she moaned breathlessly, the descent from her climax deliciously slow.


And, he meant it.

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