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The Christmas Party

I thought this Christmas party would be boring.
“Ugh, the customary work Christmas party,” I said as I opened my car door to the cold winter night. ‘I hate this,’ I thought as I trudged through the snow. ‘This is so wrong. I don’t even like these people when I get paid to be around them and now I have to be nice when I’m not getting paid.’

The cheaply decorated room with its paper ornaments and awful red and green tablecloths didn’t improve my mood. I set my gift on the table with hope that it was my boss that picked it since it was an old mug with the Grinch on it that said, ‘The mean ones have more fun.’

I quickly found the punch bowl and hoped that someone had spiked it, but as I took a drink of the fruity liquid I sighed. ‘I work with angels,’ I told myself. As I meandered around trying my best to look joyous I saw a man sitting alone looking as unhappy as me. I made my way toward him and had no idea who he was.

“Hi, is this seat taken?” I asked.

“Open for grabs,” he said showing me a pretty nice smile that reached his dark green eyes.

“Thanks,” I said as I sat down.

I started to make small talk and found out he was the husband of one of the new girls working with me. He didn’t want to be here anymore than me. We laughed that the punch was not spiked and I told him about my gift. He said he had a mug just like that at home and I told him that the one in the box was a spare for me. We were hitting it off pretty good until his wife walked up. She pulled him away and it seemed like days that I sat there alone.

When I decided to wander the room again, grab my gift and make some excuse to leave I saw him walking straight for me. He had a determined look in his eyes and I felt like I was prey to his hunt. If he were not married I’d take him home for some meaningless sex. As I locked my eyes with his and walked toward him he smiled and shot a quick glance down my body. ‘Maybe he wants a little meaningless sex,’ I thought.

“Meet me outside in ten,” he said as he passed me.

I was stunned and turned to see him grab his coat and walk out of the room. When I came back to myself I looked at my watch and quickly found my boss. I told him I was not feeling well and was going to leave. He smiled and nodded as he told me ‘Merry Christmas.’ I reluctantly said it back and as I turned from him I rolled my eyes and made good time to the table of packages and grabbed one. I picked up my coat and was out the door as fast as I could.

I stepped into the cold and yelped as I was pulled around a corner. I was panting and in shock as I clutched the small box in my hands to my chest.

“Shhh…” he said as he held me close.

I nodded and took a deep breath. He pulled me down a flight of stairs and through a doorway. We stepped into a very warm room and I realized it was the boiler room.

Before the door could close he pushed me up against it using our bodies to slam it shut. He stared at my wide eyes lustfully and I knew what he wanted because I wanted it too.

He leaned in to kiss me and I dropped my gift and pulled him in. His soft lips danced with mine before I opened up to him. We let our tongues play as our hands wandered slipping off each other’s coats. I made short work of his shirt flying through the buttons as his calloused hands made their way up my body. Our timing was perfect as I undid the last button he slipped my dress off. I stood before him in only sheer panties and thigh-highs hearing him groaned his approval.

I smiled at him and started to open his pants. He leaned against me and mauled my breast. It was starting to get difficult to concentrate on my current task, but I managed to get his pants open. As I started to push them down I began to squat before him. I locked my eyes with his as I unveiled his cock. I licked my lips when I saw he was hard and ready.

When I stood I gave his manhood a quick kiss before kissing up his body. He let out a long breath and pulled me to him with his hand cupping my warm, wet pussy. I moaned as his cupped hand balled up my panties and tore them open. ‘God the strength he has,’ I thought and quivered realizing I was going to be ravished.

As he picked me up I wrapped my legs around him. With perfect accuracy he pinned me to the door by driving hard and fast into me. I bit my bottom lip to hold back my scream as he bottomed out inside me. It only took a few hard thrusts and his hand pulling and pinching my nipple to make me drill my nails into his back. When he winced I smiled and raked my nails up his back knowing I was leaving marks. He bit into my shoulder and I cried out.

“Scream… no one can hear you,” he whispered into my ear.

I obliged and let all my pent up screams out. This must have been what he wanted because his pace hastened and I could hear the door creaking.

“Oh my god… harder,” I yelled.

“My pleasure,” he said pulling back and almost out of me.

When he shoved back into me I screamed again and heard him growl. He held deep inside me and pulled me away from the door. I panicked that he was going to drop me so I grasped his neck. He smiled and carried me to a desk and sat me down.

“Turn around and lean on the desk,” he ordered coldly.

I looked up at him as innocently as I could and did as he said. I pushed out my bottom and looked back at him. He stared at my bottom and started to caress each cheek. He glanced at me and I winked. His smile grew and his eyes widened cluing me in to what he wanted.

He moistened his head along my wet slit before teasing my ass and I was so in the mood. He circled around like he was water and I was the drain before he pushed inside me. When I pushed back on him he shoved his length inside me in one hard stroke. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back getting even deeper as I screamed for him. I was almost standing when he pushed me back down and pulled out quickly. The change left me empty, but he filled me again as he slammed into my pussy.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back holding them with one hand. His other hand grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled my head to the side. He held me down and ‘made’ me watch him pound into me. ‘God he is so perfectly brutal,’ I thought as my legs weakened. I didn’t care about anything but him at that moment. I was relishing his mercilessness as a familiar sensation began inside me. I was so close that when he stopped deep inside me I thought he was going to leave me hanging.

“Scream… scream now,” he commanded.

His eyes and tone of voice terrified for a split second, but being rational was not on the menu. When a scream did pas my lips he started to punctuate them with a hard thrust. Thrust after thrust, scream after scream, and grunt after grunt bringing us closer to falling off the wave.

I was first to fall and when I cascaded over I pulled him with me. I clamped down on him and felt each spurt fly up inside me. With his last volley he collapsed onto me.

As we caught our breath he slipped out of me and stepped back. I slowly stood and could barely keep my feet under me.

We dressed in silence and just as he was about to open the door he pulled me close and kissed me. I wasn’t thinking about a second round, but I bet I could’ve done it.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered.

I may not be able to look at his wife the same way again, but now I’m counting the days until next Christmas and hoping for a repeat performance. Until then I can only dream about him.

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