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The Painter

Inspired by another kind of painter I know. ;]

Aiden was a painter by trade. Not the imaginative, Picasso type, but a decorator. It wasn’t what he had aspired to be, but for now, at least, it kept him living comfortably in his bachelor lifestyle. At 33 years of age, Aiden had yet to find a woman he connected with on a high enough level to convince him he wouldn’t be wasting his time and money on a wedding. It didn’t faze him though; he was good-looking, kept himself in shape and, from extensive experience, he was quite the ladies man. They seemed to be drawn to his confidence and witty arrogance. This, in turn, had helped his business to no end. His women customers, impressed more by him than his actual work, had a tendency to tell all their girlfriends of this delightfully alluring man who could come and give their walls a quick once over. Aiden had lost count of how many bedrooms he’d redecorated for these adoring women, but there were certain perks involved in a number of the jobs he’d done.

Currently Aiden had been contracted by a man name John Biggs to repaint the whole downstairs of his house. It was a big job that would take him the best part of a week to complete, but the pay was more than reasonable.
Aiden was 4 days in and had just started on the lounge. He didn’t know much about John; except for he didn’t like him. He strode around the house with his phone more or less glued to his ear, barking orders to some poor S.O.B at the other end of the line. Aiden assumed he must be a lawyer or something similar judging from the nature of his calls. The two men didn’t have a whole lot in common, so in the short periods when John wasn’t on the phone there wasn’t a lot of conversation between them. Aiden much preferred it this way and John was much too wrapped up in himself to really care. Aiden pressed on with his work. This was his last room, and then he could finally be out of there.

5pm. Aiden was packing up his things, ready to go home for the night. John was in the kitchen, typically on his phone. But when Aiden paused to listen he found that John was no longer barking orders; instead he was speaking calmly. Aiden strained to hear what he was saying.
“Why can’t you stay with your parents? No, it’s not that. I’ve just got some guy doing some decorating, everything’s a mess downstairs. Fine. Okay Grace, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. See you then, gorgeous.”
Aiden picked up his bag and headed towards the kitchen. He poked his head around the door frame, “I’m off now Mr. Biggs, see you first thing tomorrow.” John gave a quick nod and Aiden made for the front door. He couldn’t help but wonder who this Grace girl could be. His daughter? The guy looked like he was pushing 50 so it was possible he could have kids somewhere. But surely he wouldn’t have called her “gorgeous” if so, and he had also mentioned her parents, so perhaps she was of no relation. Aiden got into his van with the tiniest smile on his face. Maybe this job would get a little more interesting tomorrow...

Aiden pulled up on Biggs’ driveway at 8:52am the next morning. He opened the front door to the house, letting himself in as instructed by John. He went through to the lounge and immediately heard voices coming from the kitchen. One belonged to John, the other to a female. This, Aiden assumed, must be Grace. He headed in the direction of the kitchen. “Good morning, Mr Biggs,” Aiden called out through the open kitchen door.
“Ah, Aiden, come in for a second would you?” John replied. Aiden stepped in and looked in the direction from which John’s voice had originated. “I want to introduce you to my fiancée, Grace.”
Aiden gazed at the woman stood next to John. She was much younger than the man next to her; she barely looked to be 21. However her beauty took Aiden’s breath away. She had dark, chocolate brown hair that flowed half way down her back. She had the most intense green eyes that captivated Aiden, set into a delicate, pale skinned face. She had a petite frame; Aiden guessed she was no more than 5’ 2”. Her pert 32C breasts pushed at the material of her top, looking to be freed. Aiden’s eyes travelled further down her perfect body. She was wearing a mini-skirt, so her beautifully shaped legs were on full display. Looking at them, Aiden could only imagine what it would be like to have them wrapped around his waist. It had only taken him a split second to take all of her in but Aiden felt like he’d been staring at her for hours. He quickly came to his senses again. “Pleased to meet you, Miss.”
She smiled so sweetly at him then, that Aiden felt almost compelled to take her in his arms right there in front of John. “You’ve done a wonderful job with the decorating, it looks so much better than before.”
“Thank you.” He lingered there for a second or two, just looking into her eyes. “Well, I should be getting back to work if I ever want to get this room finished.” Aiden ducked out of the kitchen and headed into the lounge with a huge grin on his face.


Two hours later, Aiden was working hard when John came in to speak to him. “Since I have a somewhat unexpected guest, I have to go out and do a little shopping. I shouldn’t be gone more than an hour. Grace will be here if you need anything.” Aiden nodded and John exited the house, got into his car and drove away. Aiden stood looking out the window, watching John’s car roll down the street. He had butterflies in his stomach. He would be alone with this stunning girl for a whole hour. He didn’t know if he was more scared or excited. He wanted her, but could he run the risk of getting caught? Suddenly there was a hand on his shoulder. Apparently, she had already made that decision.


Aiden turned to look at her. He couldn’t believe how a girl like her could be with someone like John. He didn’t like to think it was money, but the guy didn’t have much else going for him. He looked into her eyes and saw his own lust reflected there. Neither of them said a word; they didn’t have to. She simply took him by the hand and pulled him in the direction of the staircase. They walked quickly upstairs and into a guest bedroom. As soon as Aiden had shut the door, Grace had both her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him towards her soft, waiting lips. Their mouths intertwined, tongues lightly probing the entrance to each other’s hot mouth. Grace had started unbuttoning the shirt Aiden had on, but after getting half way she got impatient and tore the rest apart, sending a few buttons pinging across the floor. Aiden shrugged his shirt off while Grace pulled her own over her head. Her firm breasts filled out a light pink bra, her hardened nipples poking at the material. She reached around and unclasped it, letting it slip down her arms and tumble to the floor. Aiden admired her young, pert tits. She had small, delicate nipples that just cried out for his attention. He pushed her against a wall and stooped to suck at one of the hard little nubs. She sighed as he took one into his warm mouth, circling his tongue around it. With his hands he reached down and under her skirt, feeling for the waistband of her panties. When his fingers brushed the elastic he tugged them down and let them fall around her ankles. She stepped out and flung them away with one foot. Aiden got to his knees, lifted her left leg and let her prop it on the arm of a nearby chair. He then ducked under her skirt and made first contact with her moist pussy.

He ran his tongue up her exposed slit, feeling the hotness emanating from her sex. He quickly found her clit and delicately flicked his tongue over it until her quiet sighs became more audible moans. Aiden sucked her clit into his mouth, his tongue flicking more fervently over it now. Her moans were becoming louder and she ground her pussy into his face. He quickly reached up and positioned two fingers at her entrance. By now she was dripping wet, and her juices ran down his fingers. He teased her soft, wet hole, gently nudging against her. He sucked hard on her engorged clit then thrust his fingers all the way into her hot passage. Her breath caught in her throat before letting out her loudest moan yet. “Ooh fuck!” she called out, “Fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers!”
Aiden was more than happy to oblige. He pumped his fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy, slightly curling them to hit her G-spot, whilst sucking on her throbbing clit. In a matter of minutes she was holding the back of his head, pushing his face into her pussy, legs starting to tremble as her moans became short and shallow. Aiden’s fingers pounded into her as fast as they possibly could, and suddenly she exploded with an orgasm. Her whole body trembled as she cried out, the muscles of her pussy gripping at his fingers. He removed them from inside her and sucked her nectar from his fingers. She was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

He ducked out from under her skirt and stood up, looking into her flushed face. Her eyes now burned with raw passion. “Fuck me,” Grace breathed, “I need to feel your cock inside me, now!” She reached for his jeans, unzipping them, yanking them down along with his boxers. With them still around his ankles he pinned her against the wall again, this time lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved his hips to position his cock under her pussy as Grace used a hand to guide it to the entrance of her hungry cunt. Aiden nudged against her opening, feeling her thick, creamy juices coat the head of his rock hard cock before letting her be impaled on his thick shaft. Grace arched her spine as she felt his cock slam into her, filling and stretching her tight pussy. She felt so good; her pussy muscles were pulling at his cock, desperate to take every inch of it for its own. Aiden placed his hands under her smooth butt to give extra stability, and then began slowly thrusting in and out of her. The feeling of her gorgeous legs wrapped tightly around him, her perfect tits pressed up against his naked torso and the hot slickness of her cunt made Aiden’s cock stiffer than it ever had been. He kissed her passionately on the lips whilst quickening his pace. Grace’s moans were muffled by Aiden’s mouth as he fucked her harder and her fingernails dug into the skin of his back. Aiden kissed and nibbled at her neck as he grunted, trying to pound every last inch of his cock into her wanting pussy.
“Oh God, Aiden, fuck me harder! Please!” Grace screamed.

Aiden used his arms to lift Grace up by her ass slightly, then drop her back down onto his cock as he trusted into her. This gave him maximum penetration and made Grace cry out in pure ecstasy. Aiden could see, and hear, that Grace was getting very close to a second orgasm, and he could feel his own building in the pit of his stomach. He continued slamming her cunt onto his cock until her moans once again started to get shallow. The next time he dropped her ass down he pushed a single finger into her tight anal passage. The sudden sensation of both her holes being penetrated pushed Grace over the edge. She screamed out her utter ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her body. Aiden felt her clenching tighter around his cock. His cock was slick with her creamy cum and the sound of her erotic moans drove him towards his crescendo. He lifted her once more and dropped her down hard onto him just as his cock twitched, then exploded with spurts of his hot sticky cum. With his cock throbbing and pulsing, and his seed filling every inch of her pussy, Grace came again from the sensations. Her nails clawed down his back as her pussy quivered around his spent cock. A mix of their juices trickled from her cunt, dripping down onto the floor. Aiden put her down and she stood on weak legs, smiling at him. Then she looked past him, to where the bedroom door was, still smiling. Aiden turned around.
“That was quite a show. You looked like you enjoyed that, my dear Grace. I think we both did.”
Aiden stared at John Biggs, who was leaning against the door frame with an obvious bulge in his pants. “What? You’ve been here the whole time?”
John chuckled. “Don’t worry; I’ll pay you for the... extra work. Perhaps you can come and work for me again in the near future.”
Aiden looked towards Grace. A smile touched the corners of his mouth. “I’d like that.”

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