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Truck Stop Encounter

My trip home is made memorable by a quick stop for lunch
I hated long drives. It was the reason I so rarely visited home during my four years in college. If I could have gotten away with it I would have skipped holidays at home too, but my mother would have none of that.

So that December I got into my car with a couple of suitcases and started the five hour drive home.

I really wanted to drive straight through but around 3:30 I just couldn’t drive anymore. I was starving and there was no way I could wait the two more hours I had until I got home.

The highway to Natesville wasn’t a bustling stretch – it was the reason I chose it – but I found a truck stop diner at the edge of a small town. It only had one car and a truck in the parking lot so I hoped I could get in, eat and get out quick.

The place was nice and warm, which was a welcome change from the slight chill in the air outside. Winter in Texas rarely required a coat but it could get a little nippy at times. As I sat at the counter I glanced over toward the end of the bar where an older gentleman sat, eating his own late lunch. He saw me, tipped his head in a friendly acknowledgement, and then went back to his meal.

The waiter was very friendly – he was around my age – and he brought my food and water quickly, checking out my breasts as he did so. I was used to it and just ignored it.

It was just me and the older gentleman and nothing was said until he got up to leave. As he passed by, he handed two twenty dollar bills to the waiter and said, “Here you go. The lady’s meal is on me. And keep the change.”

“Gee, thanks!” the counter man croaked – the tip for my meal alone was at least $10.

I looked up at the man, expecting him to sit and flirt with me – try to get his money’s worth – but all he did was smile again, nod his head and keep walking.

“Uh – thank you,” I called, feeling a little ashamed of myself for assuming the worst.

“Not a problem. You have a nice day,” he said, and he was gone.

I was almost finished and five minutes later I walked out of the diner and towards my car.

The man was still there – the truck was his – but he wasn’t waiting for me. He was bent over his back tire, checking his vehicle. I turned and walked toward him.

“Um, hey,” I said softly.

He stood, looked at me and then smiled gently. “Hello there.”

“Um – I just wanted to thank you again. That was very nice of you.”

“Not a problem. I know a starving college student when I see one.”

I laughed softly and said, “Well, I’m a student but I’m doing okay. But every little bit helps.”

“Going home for the holidays?” he asked, taking out a handkerchief to clean the dirt from his hands, of which there wasn’t much.

“Yeah, almost there. Just a couple more hours.”

“You be careful out there.”

“Always am.” I stood there awkwardly for a moment and then said, “Well, I better get going. Thanks again.”

“You’re very welcome.”

“Well, bye.”


I turned and started toward my car, which was parked at the edge of the building.

When I neared my car, I slowed and looked over my shoulder. He was standing by the door of his truck, but he hadn’t opened it yet. He was watching me. I smiled and then turned to keep walking.

I passed my car without even slowing. I walked to the edge of the diner’s building and into the dark alley created by the building and the storage units to the right of it.

I heard the footsteps behind me and smiled. When I turned around, he pulled me to him and I moaned softly when he kissed me, pressing his tongue into my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide for him and he groaned, sliding his hands down my back to my ass, pulling my hips against his. I could already feel his hard cock so I rotated my hips, pressing against it.

“Can I fuck you?” he whispered around our tongues.


“Pull down your pants, little lady.”

He was already undoing his belt buckle so I did as he requested. I was just starting to push them down my hips when he lowered his jeans to mid-thigh, his hard, heavy cock swaying before him. I stared down at him, wanting to wrap both of my hands around him.

Before I had the chance, he grasped my hips, spun me around then roughly pulled my pants down.

“Oh yeah,” he said, placing his hand on my ass, sliding his fingers down to my pussy. “Are you nice and wet for me, little lady?”

“Yes,” I whispered.


Both of his hands grabbed my hips and I bent over slightly, placing both hands on the brick wall. He pulled my hips back toward him I felt his cock-head searching.

We both groaned when his head found me and popped inside. With a few thrusts he was buried deep and he held himself there for just a moment.

And then he fucked me. Jesus Christ, did he fuck me. He humped my pussy fast, hard and for such a long time. His hands left my hips and moved up and under my sweater. His fingers pushed my bra up and out of his way so that his strong, rough hands could grasp my tits.

“Yes!” I whispered when his fingers pinched my nipples and he chuckled, still thrusting hard into me over and over.

I heard a scraping to our left and I looked quickly. The counter boy stood there, his eyes wide open, staring. I just grinned and winked at him which caused his jaw to drop. He stared for just a moment longer and then slowly stepped away, watching until he was out of view.

“You have great tits,” the man rasped.

“Thank you,” I answered my breathing just as heavy.

“Ah fuck, your pussy is so good, little lady.”

“I’m – I’m glad you – you like it. Oh fuck, I’m going to come!”

“Yeah, you come on my cock, little lady.”

“Jesus Christ, mister, but your cock is so fat! Yes! Yes!”

I came with a small cry and he laughed softly, fucking me even faster. After another minute I heard him groaning deeply and then he pulled out. I could hear the fapping of him stroking himself off so I turned around quickly, pushed his hand away and grasped his dick with both hands. I smiled - it felt just as hard and thick in my hands at it had in my cunt.

He leaned back and thrust his hips forward, letting his arms fall limp, and closed his eyes. His mouth hung open and he groaned as I pumped his cock. I laughed girlishly when he came, his spunk flying in the air.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned. “Yeah, little lady, keep stroking until I’m all done.”

I did as ordered and then some. Finally, I let him go and he opened his eyes, grinning at me. We both redressed and then he pulled me close, kissing me slowly but deeply.

“Thank you, little lady. That made my week.”

“Mmm, me too,” I said then squeezed his crotch.

He gave me one last light kiss and then smiled at me. “You have a good holiday.”

“It’s off to a great start,” I said and he smiled wider.

We walked out of the alleyway together. He held my door for me and closed it behind me. He waved and walked back to his truck and I took off. In my rear view mirror I saw his truck pull out and turn the opposite direction.

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