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Unexpected Quickie

A quickie in mother in law's bathroom.
This all happened one summer afternoon when my wife and I had arranged to spend a few hours at her mum's bungalow along with some of our other friends.

My wife, Kim is twenty-eight years old 5' 8" with shoulder length brown hair, 34c breasts and lovely long legs. On this day she had dressed in a denim ankle length skirt with a split that went three quarters of the way up it and a cotton blouse.

While we were at her mum's I could tell from the way she kept looking at me that she was planning something. She had that smoldering look in her eyes that sent pulses straight to my cock.

After a couple of hours the other couple who were there decided to go to the shop for more supplies of food for the barbecue we were about to start. I had gone into the kitchen for something when Kim followed me in and stood against the work surface with her back to the window so her mum didn't see anything. She then slowly pulled up the hem of her skirt slowly, she slid it up those gorgeous legs until she revealed the red lace panties she was wearing.

My eyes were glued to her and my cock was rapidly hardened in my jeans. She slowly rubbed her hand across the soft material of her panties and sensuously licked her lips, then she held out her hand to me which I took, a little unsure of what she was about to do. 

She walked towards the bathroom, which with it being a bungalow, was between the kitchen and the garden where her mum was. She dragged me into the bathroom and locked the door, whispering to me "I want you to fuck me now, I cant wait any longer."

Well, who am I to refuse a lady. I pulled her towards me and began tenderly kissing her lips whilst my fingers went to the buttons on her blouse and started to undo them one by one. Once they were open, I pulled her bra cup down to expose her soft warm breast to my touch, her nipple hardened instantly. I dipped my head and took it in my mouth, licked and nibbled it. Kim was starting to moan softly, and her hands were all over me as her need grew.

I then turned my attention to her skirt which I hiked up around her waist easily, then I slowly and teasingly pulled down those red lace panties and she stepped out of them.

I could see her arousal straight away, her pussy lips were red and swollen. I rubbed my finger over her pussy and her lips parted easily to reveal her wetness inside. I couldn't resist going down on her knowing how much she loved that although she can get quite vocal when she cums.

I lapped my tongue along her pussy as she rested her back against the wall and opened her legs a bit wider to give easier access. Her juice was so warm and sweet as I drank it down, it didn't take long before she was moaning and telling me to stop because she was going to cum. I felt the devil in me come to the surface, I continued my licking of her engorged clit whilst occasionally dipping my tongue down into her hole and back up to her clit again.

After about thirty seconds of that she covered her mouth to stifle a moan as she shuddered and came violently covering my tongue and lips in her warm juice.

As she slowly recovered, I undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor along with my boxers. Upon seeing my rock hard six inch cock she growled and said, "Oh yes I want that, come and fuck me right now," she turned around and bent over slightly to offer me her pussy from behind.

I got behind her and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy a few times before slowly sinking all the way in to her. Her breath caught as I slid into her and when I was in all the way she looked back over her shoulder and said in a low sexy voice, "Now fuck me hard and fast!"

That is exactly what I did, I withdrew my cock until just the head was inside her and then slammed in back in to her over and over again. She had to put her arm over her mouth and I could see her biting to stop from screaming out as I fucked her hard.

I reached under her to play with her nipples and the slight angle change set her off again and she came all over my cock. I felt the warm juice running down my shaft, this in turn set me off and I felt my balls tighten and I gave one last thrust and came deep inside her still quivering pussy.

As we came back to earth, we realized that the others had returned from the shop and were in the garden, they would of had to pass right by us on the other side of the bathroom wall.

I slowly pulled out of Kim and as I did our mixed cum dripped out of her well fucked pussy onto the bathroom floor. She put her lace panties back on and smoothed her skirt down, and she went to put her bra straight. I quickly took her nipple in my mouth and bit gently, moaning she said, "I can't wait to get you home so I can ride that cock and fuck you so slowly."

After we dressed, we emerged cautiously from the bathroom but everyone was outside. Although no-one said anything I'm sure they all knew what we'd been up to as we sat there eating the barbecue and Kim had my cum soaking into her knickers.

Needless to say we made our excuses and left as soon as we possibly could so we could go home and fuck properly, but that's another story for another time.

This is the first story I've submitted so any feedback would be nice.

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