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An Old College Buddy Visits

An old college buddy visits his old friend, but ends up fucking his wife instead
“Who was that on the phone Tim?” his wife Amanda asked.

“Omg! You wouldn’t believe it! It was my old college roommate Dave!” Tim responded back.

“What did he want?” a nervous Amanda asked.

“He is town next week and wanted to get together. I told him he could stay with us. I hadn’t talked to Dave since we graduated 6 years ago. We both went our different ways when we graduated. Boy, the memories we had in college.” Tim said.

“He is staying with us?” Amanda asked.

“Yah! It will be great! You remember Dave don’t you? I am pretty sure you met him our last semester at college.” Tim asked.

“I vaguely remember him,” a stunned Amanda responded back.

“What a great guy he was!” Tim then said.

Amanda quickly raced off to their bedroom as she felt sick to her stomach. Dave brought back old memories that she wanted to forget. She had a dark secret that Tim knew nothing about and it involved Dave.

Amanda and Tim had been married for the last two years. They had started dating their last semester of college. It was then that Amanda had cheated on Tim with Dave.

It all had started on a spring day in their last semester of school. Amanda had stopped by to see Tim on a sunny bright afternoon. She had a key to his place that he had been renting. She wanted to surprise him as she didn’t notice him anywhere in the living room or kitchen. She then checked the bedroom and lone behold she heard the shower in the bathroom. This gave her another idea as she quickly got undress and quietly snuck into the bathroom.

She knew Tim had no idea that she was in their as she went up to the shower door. She gently began to pull the door open when she got the surprise of her life. It wasn’t Tim, but it was actually Dave his roommate in the shower.

A totally naked Amanda froze up as she back away from the shower door. Dave was stunned also as he came out of the shower soak and wet. He said, “Amanda! What are you doing here?”

A stunned Amanda said, “Ohhhh! I am sorry! I thought you were Tim! I wanted to surprise him!”

Amanda stood totally naked only a few feet from Dave. Dave’s body was much more define than Tim’s and his cock was significantly bigger and thicker than Tim‘s. Her eyes quickly had become glued to Dave’s cock as it grew in size as she stood their in front of him.

Dave noticed Amanda had been starting at his big cock when he said, “You like what you see Amanda?”

Amanda couldn’t talk at all as she stood their stunned and naked in front of Dave. Amanda had a gorgeous body with big tits and a great ass. Her nipples harden as she couldn’t remove her eyes from his big cock.

Dave then said to her, “Why don’t you come over here and suck on my big cock Amanda!“

Amanda began to melt right their in front of him. She was really turned on now as knelt down in front of him. Dave’s beautiful cock was now only a few inches from her mouth.

Dave said, “Come on Amanda! I want you to suck my cock!”

Amanda grabbed Dave’s cock and slowly inserted it into her mouth. Dave‘s cock was way heavier and thicker than Tim’s. She gave Dave one of the best blow jobs of his life right their in the bathroom. It took all about 10 minutes and Dave began to fill Amanda’s mouth with his cum. Amanda eagerly sucked every drop of his cum down her throat.

“Wow! I knew you would love my big cock Amanda! Don’t worry! This will be our little secret,” Dave told her as he left the bathroom.

Amanda couldn’t believe what just had happened. She never had felt such an urge to do anything close to this before, but something just came over her. She quickly got dressed and headed back out of the house.

The next few weeks Amanda couldn’t get Dave’s cock out of her mind. She dreamed several times about Dave fucking her with it. Her pussy was hot all the time as it began to consume her. She knew she had to confront Dave about what had happened. She wanted to talk it out and hope that everything would be fine.

She visited Dave one afternoon while Tim was in class. She said, “I made a big mistake Dave. I hope we can move past this.”

“Amanda I think you are lying! I believe you just came over here because you want me to fuck you with my big cock! I brought the slut out of you!” Dave said.

“Dave you are way off base!” Amanda replied.

“Am I! Well, we will see about that!” as Dave yanked his pants down in front of Amanda.

“You know you want it Amanda! Go ahead and take it!” Dave said.

Dave was right. Amanda couldn’t help herself as the slut in her came out. She knelt down and began to suck hard on Dave’s big cock.

A few minutes later Dave ordered Amanda to stripped. Amanda stood up and began to remove her clothes. Dave always loved how big and beautiful Amanda’s tits were as he immediately groped at them with his hands.

Dave then moved Amanda down onto the bed. He yanked Amanda’s legs apart and pushed his big cock right into her. She moaned out as she felt the power of Dave’s cock inside her. He fucked her good and hard as Amanda cried out, ”Oh’ Fuck! Oh’ Fuck!”

She orgasm a few minutes later as Dave pounded his big cock into her. Dave then said, “You like my big cock inside you! That’s it Amanda take it!”

Amanda came again a little later on as Dave punished her slut body. Amanda laid on the bed motionless as Dave had already worn her out with his big cock. Dave then finished her off as he pulled out of her and shot his cum all over her nice big tits.

She fucked Dave one more time right before graduation. She again went over to Tim’s place while Tim was doing his final exams. Dave knew Amanda had become his slut as he fucked her very hard again. This time he fucked from behind as he slammed his cock into her for a good 20 minutes. Amanda had two more powerful orgasms as Dave then came all over Amanda’s gorgeous ass.

Amanda had thought after graduation that she would never see Dave again. She now was wrong as Dave suddenly reappeared 6 years later. The bad thing he was going to be staying with them while he was here.

Tim went to the airport to pick up Dave. Amanda was extremely nervous as she waited for both of them to arrive back. She had no idea how she would react to Dave. She didn’t care that much for him, but she worried that he might try to fuck her again.

As they both walked in Tim immediately introduced Dave to Amanda. “I am not sure if you two met before?”

Dave said, “I think we did meet a few times. Hi I am Dave!” as he smiled right at Amanda.

Amanda felt her inner emotions start to come out again for Dave. The bastard who she really didn’t like was now under their roof for the next few days.

That night after dinner the three of them played pool down in their lower level. Dave and Tim each had a few beers and then they decided to play pool for shots. Dave mopped up on Tim as Tim down several shots. It was about midnight and Tim was now passed out on the couch. This just left Amanda and Dave to play pool. Amanda tried not to say very much as she also ended up losing to Dave.

Dave then put his pool stick down and walked over to Amanda. He said, “I bet you miss this!” as Dave dropped his pants right their as Tim slept of the couch.

“What are you doing Dave?” a stunned Amanda said.

“You want it again! I can see it in your eyes! You want me to fuck you like a slut again!” Dave said to Amanda.

“You are you crazy! Tim is sleeping right their on the couch only a few feet from us. There is no way!” Amanda responded back.

‘Don’t worry, Tim will be out for a while. He never could handle his alcohol.’ Dave said.

Amanda stared right at Dave’s big cock as it started to harden. Her body began to tremble as the inner slut in her started to come out. She couldn’t take it any longer as she dropped down in front of Dave. She took Dave’s big cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. She look over at the couch several times hoping that Tim wouldn’t wake up.

Dave now took it a step farther as he had Amanda brace herself with her arms on the pool table. He then said, “Pull your pants down!”

Amanda slowly undid her pants as her pussy was extremely wet. She slid them down to her ankles and then lower her panties. Dave quickly came in behind her and bent her over onto the pool table. He held onto Amanda’s hips tightly as he pushed his big cock into her wet pussy from behind.

Amanda tried in vain to muzzle her moans as she certainly didn’t want to wake up Tim. Dave then began to fuck Amanda harder as her orgasm began to build. Dave gave Amanda several hard thrusts with his cock as Amanda let out a muzzle cry. She started to cum right their on the pool table as Tim was asleep only a few feet from her. The orgasm she had was so powerful her legs had become very weak.

Dave now got even more brazen. He moved Amanda down onto the floor right next to the couch where Tim was at. He began to fucked her right their on the floor as Amanda laid on her back. Amanda tried but couldn’t keep from moaning out as Dave grabbed Amanda’s panties and stuffed them into her mouth. Amanda moaned out into her panties as she had a powerful orgasm a few minutes later. Dave couldn’t take it any longer as he yanked his cock out of Amanda and shot his cum all over Amanda’s body.

Amanda laid on the floor trembling as Dave headed off to bed. Amanda quickly grabbed her clothes and staggered upstairs naked as Dave’s cum dripped off her body. She had told herself this wouldn’t happen but it did anyway. She was very tired and upset with herself. She would deal with the aftermaths of all of this in the morning.

The next morning Tim woke up with a bad hangover. Dave said, “Wow buddy you passed out last night!”

“I know! I drank way to much. I hadn’t drank like that since our college days.” Tim said.

Tim then had a message on his cell phone. “Damn! I need to go into work for part of the day. They can’t do anything without me there. I am sorry Dave, but I will be back later and we can catch up some more of our college days.”

Tim quickly got ready and headed out the door to the office. He turned around to Dave and said, “It is sure good to see you again! I am sure Amanda will take care of you while I am gone.”

“I am sure she will Tim! Don‘t worry I will be fine!” Dave shot back.

Dave immediately headed for Tim and Amanda’s bedroom. He quietly opened the door and got undress as Amanda slept on the bed. He crawled into the bed with Amanda and pushed his body against hers. Amanda was still naked from the night before.

She woke up suddenly as she felt a hard cock being pressed up against her beautiful body. Two hands were wrapped around each of her big tits. She turned around to see Dave in bed with her.

Amanda jumped up off the bed and said, “What are you doing? Where is Tim right now! You need to get out of here now!”

“Keep your cool Amanda. Tim had to go into work for a few hours. It is just you and I. I know you want my big cock again!” Dave replied back to her.

“This has to stop Dave! I am married now and I don’t want to hurt Tim.” Amanda said.

Dave grabbed Amanda and rolled her on top of him. Amanda pleaded, “Please Dave not on our bed! I will fuck you but not here!“

She had become very wet as she felt Dave’s cock being pushed up against her pussy. Dave said, ‘Come on Amanda fuck me now!”

Amanda slowly sunk herself down onto Dave’s big cock. She began to fuck Dave hard right their on bed. As few minutes later her orgasm began to build up inside her. Dave reached back with his hands and grabbed Amanda’s ass. He then gave it all he had as he slid his big cock hard up into her pussy. Amanda cried out a few seconds later into a powerful orgasm.

He then moved Amanda onto her back. He knelt down in between her legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He reached down and grabbed each of her beautiful tits with his hands and began to fuck her hard on the bed. The bed shook violently as Amanda cried out for several minutes as she came very hard again on Dave’s cock.

Amanda moaned out, Omg! Omg! I want you to cum all over my face!”

A few minutes later Dave pulled his cock out of her and moved his cock up to Amanda’s face. Amanda with her mouth opened cried out, “Cum all over my face Dave!“

A few seconds later Dave moaned out, “Here it comes baby!“ Dave began to shoot streams of cum all over Amanda’s beautiful face. Amanda laid helpless on the bed as Dave’s cum ran down over her face and onto the sheets.

That night after dinner Tim and Dave went into the living room to watch a football game. Tim had asked Dave, “Do you need another beer?”

Dave jumped up and said, “It is my turned to get the beers!”

Dave went into the kitchen as Amanda was still cleaning up after dinner. Dave moved in behind Amanda as she labor over the sink. He ran his hands all over Amanda’s ass and then groped at her tits with his hands.

Amanda said softly, “What are you doing? You are going to get both of us in trouble!”

Dave slid his hand down into Amanda’s pants. He fingered her pussy as she stood their in front of the sink. Her body started to tremble as Dave had his finger buried deep into her. It only took a few minutes and Amanda was close to cumming. Her body shook as Dave rammed his finger into her. Just as Amanda was ready to cum Dave quickly removed his finger from her pussy. He left her frustrated as Dave grabbed a couple of beers and headed back into the living room.

The next day Tim said to Dave, “I hope you don’t mind I need to cut the grass. It shouldn’t take me more than a hour or so.”

“No problem Tim! I will chill out in here.” Dave replied back.

As Dave heard the lawnmower start up he quickly headed for Amanda’s and Tim’s bedroom. He heard Amanda in the shower as he quickly stripped off his clothes. He quietly went into the bathroom and enter inside the shower. He grabbed Amanda from behind as she felt his big cock being pushed up against her pussy.

He bent Amanda over in the shower as she held onto the wall with her hands. He began to fuck Amanda hard from behind in the shower as her screams were muffled by the sound of water running. He fucked Amanda good and hard for several minutes as gave her all he had. He then pulled Amanda down in front of him as Amanda stroked on his big cock with her hand. A few minutes later Dave’s cock began to erupt. His cum shot clear across the shower as Amanda pumped his cock very hard with her hand.

“How many more times are you going to fuck me?” Amanda asked.

“As many times as I can before I leave in the morning! You love it baby!“ Dave said to Amanda as he climbed out of the shower and quickly got dressed.

That night before they retired to bed Dave told Amanda to come to his bedroom after Tim had fallen asleep. Tim had quite a bit to drink so Dave knew Tim would be out very quickly. It was just after midnight and Tim was sound asleep.

Amanda climbed out of their bed and made her way into Dave’s room. Dave was very turned on as his big cock was rock hard. Amanda got undressed and began to suck on Dave’s cock. She sucked his cock for several minutes as she sucked on his big balls also.

Dave now had Amanda laid on her back on the bed as he crawled on top of her. He inserted his cock into her wet pussy and slowly fucked her for the next several minutes. Amanda was extremely turned on as she whispered several times into Dave’s ear, “Fuck me Dave! It feels so good!”

Dave brought Amanda close to cumming on several different occasions, but stopped each time she was ready to cum. Amanda then begged him, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard Dave!”

Dave then gave Amanda several hard thrust with his cock. Amanda moaned out as she began to cum harder than ever before on Dave’s cock. Her orgasm went on and on as Dave continued to fuck her hard.

Several minutes later Dave moaned out. He began to cum right inside Amanda’s pussy. He now had fucked Amanda for the last time.

The next morning Tim was ready to take Dave to the airport. Tim then said to Amanda, “Good news Dave has agreed to visit us again in a few months! Isn’t that great news!”

Amanda looked right at Dave and said, “That sure is!”

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