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Angela's Night - Father Paul (chapter 4)

The fourth installment of the Angela story. It can be read alone but you should read from the start.
Father Paul saw Angela's car turn into the drive way. His heart quickened and his hands started to shake. He tried to look busy with his plants and pretend that he didn't notice her. He heard the tires crunch on the gravel in front of the house.

“Please Lord, give me the strength to resist this temptation. Please give me the strength. Please. Please.” Father Paul prayed.

He heard the car door open and close and knew that his resolve was already fading. He hadn't turned to face Angela but he felt the twirling of desire fluttering in his chest. He wouldn't be able to hold out. He knew that. She had some sort of strange effect on him. It was as if every bit of self-control left his body when she was around. He found his thoughts returning to the first time they kissed. Her lips were so soft and full. Her bottom lip has a little permanent pout to it that makes her seem irresistibly kissable. It wasn't Angela that started it. When they first met at the church, he had been leaning forward and listening to her talk and his hand had moved up to her face without even thinking. They were sitting too close. She was looking at him with those impossibly large doll-like eyes and then...he kissed her. She didn't resist or pull away. He had expected her to resist but she pressed back into him and then she was in his lap. Her legs wrapped around him and they embraced. For the first time in his entire life he had pushed his tongue inside a girl's mouth. She was warm. She smelled sweet and her body was so soft. She pressed her sex on top of his erection and moved her hips to thrust her soft pussy against his erection. At that moment all his vows, all his beliefs and all his control had been forgotten. He was wrapped up in her and only her. He moved his hand up and with a tentative touch he felt her breast. Her breast was soft and very small. Really just a little roundness and nothing more. Like that of a girl many years younger. Her entire aureola protruded slightly and her firm little nipple stood erect. He moved his fingers across it and Angela moaned. No, moan wasn't really the right word. Angela melted into a sigh of bliss.

“Hi Padre!” Angela called.

Father Paul was snapped back to the present and knew he would have to face her. Already his hands were sweating and his heart was threatening to beat out of his chest. He didn't want to turn and face her. He didn't want to see her beautiful face. He didn't want to lose himself in her again. Oh God, what was he going to do?

“Hi Angela.” He said and turned.

When he saw her he swallowed hard. Angela had dyed her hair in streaks of purple and pink and pulled it all up into two ponytails that fell across her shoulders and framed her face. In the front she had pulled her bangs back and clipped them into place with a sparkling little hello kitty hairpin. The effect was meant to look like a little girl which seemed to be Angela's style. She had managed to make her large doll eyes larger with impossibly long lashes and dark make-up. When she smiled he felt his body go to jello. His knees almost buckled under him. But really he had to admit that her face wasn't what was making him breathe in short rapid pants. No, it wasn't her beautiful baby-doll face or permanently pouting lips. It was the way Angela was dressed. When he was younger, no girl would have dressed like this. He wasn't even sure how someone like Angela found the means to put something like that together. Everything she wore was black but with bits of color in just the right places. She wore what could be considered a top, but the top revealed as much as was possible to reveal while at the same time covering everything up. It was a two layered piece with the first layer covering her chest and sleeves that covered her arms but all of it cut in slits that opened all the way down the front and down her arms revealing her pale, perfect skin. Over that she wore a skin-tight little shiny black tank-top that hugged every inch of her chest and revealed her perfect little tiny breasts in a way that made his heart skip a beat. He could already see the shape of her nipples protruding through. Both tops stopped just above her navel and left her midriff bare. Years of dancing had made her stomach small, thin and completely flat. He already wanted to run his fingers across it.

Angela moved closer to him and as she walked, her hips swayed in a way that only dancers can achieve. It was like watching Salome walk before Herod. Just like Herod, Father Paul found her movements and her body impossible to resist. After all there was almost nothing there to cover up her beautiful little legs, hips and everything he didn't want to think about. She wore only a small miniskirt of black that barely reached low enough to cover her crotch. Underneath he could see the hint of little electric blue panties. Tiny skulls decorated the skirt and danced side to side as she walked. Garters extended out from under the skirt and attached to striped stockings that could be best described as holding on by a thread. The stockings were shredded fashionably down to her black thigh-high kick-ass boots with little green socks extending just above the top.

“Do you know why I'm here Padre?” Angela asked.

“I...” Father Paul tried to answer but his voice was choked up inside a throat too tight to even breathe. Angela was a vision of Gothic-punk beauty and he wanted to...God forgive him, he wanted nothing more right now than to rip that little girl skirt off and fuck her with everything he had. It didn't seem to matter that he had never had sex in his life.

“Remember? You were going to give me the key to the old church on the hill. Don't tell me you forgot. You aren't going to force all of us kids to have to climb through the fence and break in are you? I've already sent invitations out to all my friends and a bunch of kids are coming. It's going to be amazing.” Angela walked closer to him. She reached out and touched his chest just like she had done that day.

His mind flashed back for a moment and he remembered her hand on his chest. Her top was off and she was straddling his crotch and her panties were soaked. Her little light pink nipples were hard and there were red marks around them from where he had been sucking. They were flushed and swollen and he was losing control by the second.

“I want your cock.” Angela had said.

“I can't.” He had answered from somewhere inside a dream.

Angela hadn't accepted his answer and she kissed him. He felt his body go weak inside that kiss. While they kissed she fumbled with his pants and worked at his belt. She managed to get the belt undone with one hand and then went to work on his button and zipper. He didn't resist. His body wanted this. His mind was lost in her. Angela moved with skill and experience and it was only when her hand found the naked burning skin of his throbbing cock that Father Paul snapped back to reality.

“You seem lost today.” Angela said.

Father Paul was brought back to the moment again and looked down at beautiful little Angela. Her painted eyes looked back up at him and swirls of cool blue mesmerized him. She was the most beautiful creation he had ever seen. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to tell her he was in love with her. Instead he said, “I am. I have so much to do today. How about I go inside and get you the key and you kids have fun this weekend.”

Angela seemed to sense his pulling away and she followed him. He tried to walk faster, he tried to escape. There was no escape from her bewitchment. She caught up with him and grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He turned but closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to look at her. He couldn't stand it if he looked at her. He would tell her he loved her. He was willing to give up everything he had spent his whole life representing if he could just have a moment of bliss with her.

“Stop right fucking there!” Angela said.

He kept his eyes closed but felt the sting of tears already rising in them.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” Angela commanded.

He slowly opened his eyes and tears spilled down his face.

“Oh God! Oh Paul! Why...why are you crying?” She asked. The sound of concern and hurt in her voice made him want to take her in his arms. He couldn't. He only had to get away from her. Oh God, he just had to get away from her.

“I...” He tried to talk but more tears spilled down and he couldn't. Angela didn't wait for him to speak or explain. She grabbed his face and pulled it to her and they kissed. He tasted the salt of his own tears on her lips as their tongues caressed. She was so sweet. She was so beautiful. She was everything he wanted. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her soft little body into his. He felt her tiny breasts press against him and her crotch push into him. He was already throbbing erect and burning to release inside her. He wanted to lift her up and carry her into his home, a home paid for by the church, and fuck her. He moved his hand down her sleek little feline back and over the short skirt and touched her round little ass. The skirt easily moved up, since there was very little fabric to get in the way, and revealed the naked skin of her ass. She was wearing a thong and there was absolutely nothing to get in the way of his hands on her smooth little butt. He pulled her ass to him and she pushed against his erection. But just like that day in the church, he couldn't. He had taken vows! This was wrong!

“No! I can't do this! Don't you see? I can't Angela. I just can't! Please. Oh God. Please.”

“Paul. You can. Nothing should stop us. Why? Don't run away. Please Paul, just tell me why you can't.”

Father Paul turned and ran into the house. He wanted to lock the door and hide like a child. She followed him and slammed the door back open. She wouldn't let him escape. Just like Salome with John the Baptist, Father Paul felt he was caged and forced to into her seduction.

“No. You can't just run away like I'm nothing. We shared something. I know we did. You turned me down once and all I've thought about since that day is you. I haven't even wanted to be with another man since then. All I can think about is kissing you. Doesn't that mean anything to you?” She asked.

Father Paul turned and looked at her. Her make-up was streaked by tears that ran down her face. Her perfect blue eyes looked so sad. His heart ripped to shreds at what he was doing to her. Why was he doing it? Why didn't he just give in?

“Yes, of course it means something to me but...”

“Then take me. Let's be together. Who cares about the rest of the world! Who cares about your stupid church!”

At this he realized what he was doing was wrong. She had said the wrong thing. The church wasn't stupid. She was just a child. Sure she was old enough to drive and as far as he could remember she was far older than she looked, but inside she was still just a little girl living in a fantasy world. All of her was just a fantasy world. Her Gothic black clothes. Her make-up. Her ponytails. Everything was just Angela creating an illusion of a reality that didn't actually exist. It was suddenly clear to him that he was just part of that fantasy. The impossible older man. The guy she couldn't have. No. The church wasn't stupid. The church was God's way of reminding man what was actually important in life. It was exactly moments like this that were the reason the church existed. Angela could see she said something wrong and she ran forward and put her arms around him and cried.

“No...I'm, please.” Angela begged.

Father Paul pulled her arms away from him and pushed her back. She wept. Long hard weeping that shook her entire body. He felt cold inside. Colder than he had ever felt. He knew he should feel the warmth of God's love but instead he felt the icy death of being alone. Yet he still managed to say, “It's over Angela. I can't do this again. I'm a priest and the church is my life. People rely on me. I'll get you your key and then you can't come back again.”

Father Paul walked toward the study and his body was numb. He found the key and brought it back to her. He had to open her hand and place it inside because she was weeping and wouldn't look up. He walked her to the door and almost shoved her outside. He closed and locked the door and turned to walk back to the study. He found the chair and fell into it. His tears didn't come. He was dead now. He couldn't believe what he had done to her. Inside his heart had just died. He regretted it the moment he realized this was forever. His one chance at love and now he had shoved it outside and locked the door on it. Father Paul screamed.

Angela drove back to her place with the key still in her hand. She didn't know what to do. Tears still came but she was numb. She had heard him scream. What did that mean? It was the fucking church! That God damn fucking piece-of-shit church with their old out-dated stupid medieval rules! Fuckers!

She slammed the door to her dorm room and was thankful that Gitane, her roommate and lover, wasn't there. She had work to do. She had a party and this Halloween she was going to make sure that this party was one no one would ever forget.

Angela pulled out a box from her closet. It was her grandmother's. It was an old box with leather straps. She had taken it from her Grandmother's place when she died because she thought it looked cool. Only a few years later had she looked inside to see what was in the box. She had been surprised by what she found. All sorts of cool gypsy looking jewelry and some old pictures of her Grandmother. Her Grammy had been beautiful when she was younger. She had seen several pictures of Grammy with her own gypsy Grandmother, Angela's great-great Grandmother, and the two had been stunning together. Under all the stuff had been a leather bottom but it was hanging at an odd angle. Angela pushed it and it flipped up. She pulled it the corner and it revealed a secret bottom. Inside Angela found old candles and books and more pictures. The pictures she found were of her Grammy again but these showed her naked. She had been stunning and Angela found herself slightly embarrassed by the photos. Around her Grammy were men in black robes and the pictures showed her Grammy dancing naked around them. There was one last picture of her Grammy laying on an alter with a man fucking her and another getting sucked by her and several other men jerking off around her.

Angela came back to the present and remembered the book. She opened it. It had taken her years to learn enough of the old language to figure out the book. She had used many spells from it before but now she was going to try a few new ones. She took out the candles and opened the book. She flipped to the pages she had read from while creating the invitations to her party. Now she arranged the candles and started chanting. Her eyes rolled back and she lifted a piece of paper over a candle. The paper burst into flames and Angela dropped her hands over the black invitation.

Suddenly all over town everyone that had received an invitation from Angela stopped and their heads popped up and turned, unknowingly, toward Angela. Jill, the little christian girl who dreamed of one day getting married and having children suddenly decided to dress as her character from Dungeons and Dragons. Jill decided that she would dress accurately which meant small leather top and short leather skirt and no underwear. Cary, the little Asian teenager that wanted to be just like Angela decided to invite her boyfriend and knew she was going to dress as Tinkerbell because she knew it would make her look even younger. She hoped her boyfriend would want to be Peter Pan. Clarissa suddenly knew her brother was watching her from under the bed and she allowed him to watch her undress. She would wear her Cinderella outfit. While her brother watched, she tried on the white garters and stockings. Ben Tramer stopped fucking Gitane, Angela's roommate, for a moment and thought of how he could possibly dress to impress Angela. Gitane just kept grinding her wet pussy on Ben's stiff cock. She was going to cum.

Father Paul looked up and knew the answer to his problem. It was suddenly very clear to him. Angela's party. He had to go to Angela's party. It was Halloween after all. How would anyone know him if he was in costume. Of course! He would go to Angela's party. Why hadn't he thought of it before?

Angela stopped. She was weak. She fell back on her bed and knew her magic had reached him, but in doing so she didn't know it had reached everyone else as well.

Yes, this year Angela was throwing a Halloween party that everyone would remember.


Author's note:

I have a few more stories to write to finish this little novella off. It's a favorite story of mine that seems to have confused more than it should. It is extremely difficult to write a long story and break it up into shorter stories so that it is easily digestible. I wrote this before as one long story but people were unwilling to spend a long time reading a story like that. As with most novels, there is a lot of build up before you finally get to the “action”. It has been a learning process for me to write this and I appreciate the feedback from those of you reading it. I invite everyone reading to please help me improve my stories. I hope when Angela's story is done you'll go back and read all the sections and see how it was all coming together. I realize now that I probably should have revealed Angela's gyspy heritage earlier. I should have had a bit about her creating the invitations. I should have started every story with each person getting and invitation and then seeing how that invitation affects them. Rather than go back and rewrite it, I just thought I would leave a note here to let you know that I wanted to start with no knowledge of Angela's “powers” and allow the story to develop. Also I wanted you to know a little about each character before we get to the party.

Thanks for reading. I hope you'll continue.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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