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Charge Nurse

Charge Nurse

Nurse Bobbi takes charge of her patient care
Tom lay in bed looking at his leg; the cast on his foot still looked odd no matter how many times he looked at it. He was used to seeing his feet clad in an assortment of boots or shoes, but this cast was difficult to accept. An independent man, he was not used to having to be assisted with all of his daily activities. There was no privacy either in this facility. The staff, though pleasant and accommodating, was persistent in their constant care. He just wanted a few minutes for himself, by himself, alone. The resentment he felt built up but was only revealed in gruff moments with the staff. The doctors told him that it would be another week before he would be allowed to go home. In the meantime he was stuck in this hospital bed, an invalid.

“Good Morning Mr. Miller,” yet another staff member, this time a nursing aide, knocked on the door as she swung it open and entered the room. “How are you feeling today? I have your cleansing wipes and new sheets.” She was a chatty young thing who did not wait for answers but merely plowed on. “I’m going to change your sheets and leave the wipes here for you.” She, ironically enough Gabby according to her name-tag, bustled around the room tidying up, pushing a thermometer under his tongue, placing the blood pressure cuff on his arm, and changing his sheets by rolling him from side to side.

The wipes were technology's advancement on the bed bath. Like so many other advances, it took the personal connection out of the experience. Tom knew many men, including himself, who had had many a pleasant daydream of a cute nurse administering to him. The iconic image of the nurse lovingly and careful washing her patient with a warm washcloth, the flagship of all dirty boy fantasies, was replaced by a packet of moist towelettes. It was enough to make the horny teenager hidden deep inside him cry.

The girl’s dark hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail that swung slightly side to side as she moved. Tom could not help but admire her efficiency as well as her trim compact body that the dusky pink scrubs she wore did not hide. Her breasts were smaller, but very perky, and they complimented her small frame. The v of the top did not expose much, but Tom watched as she bent over dumping the trash. It had been a while since the last time that he had been able to have a few minutes to himself, but this girl was sure to star in a few up and coming day dreams whenever he got a stolen moment. The tail of her shirt rode up as she bent over the end of the bed and he could see just the hint of Gabby’s black thong peaking out the top of the elastic waistband of her pants. She noted the vital signs on a piece of paper that she carried in her pocket and then hurried out.

Tom picked up the package of warm wipes and used them to clean himself. It was a little awkward and he would be glad when he could get into a shower. They were warm and they cleansed without residue, but he missed the spray of water. Wipes were a poor substitute for the fresh feeling left by soap and water.

Outside the room, Nurse Bobbi was in the nurse’s station watching Gabby as she went from room to room. As she charted, she watched the girl go into room 315 with an armload of sheets and the pack of wipes balanced on top. Bobbi started to chart her assessments, and then noted with surprise how quickly Gabby emerged again from the man’s room. Gabby headed over to her and handed her a slip of paper with a set of vital signs listed.

“I’m done with my rounds, I’m going on break” the petite and pretty girl announced. Nurse Bobbi stood up. She wore a white scrub dress, it was a little old fashioned maybe, but it commanded respect, the same as her white stockings that ran down her long legs. Her hair was drawn back in a severe bun.

“Wait a minute” she said to the younger girl. The girl stopped turning around with insolence written all over her pretty face. She stood hands on hips staring up at Nurse Bobbi. Bobbi could all but hear the gum popping as the young girl looked at her, no trace of respect anywhere in her attitude. “You were done in Mr. Miller’s room very quickly. Did you change his sheets? Get his vitals? Give him a bath?”

Gabby looked up at the nurse in charge, her large breasts pressed tightly against the ridiculous scrub dress she wore. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would choose to wear such old fashioned clothes.

‘It might have been okay twenty years ago, but really who wore that kind of outfit today?’ she thought. Besides, it just hugged the nurse’s large round ass. Gabby ran her hands down the sides of her pants as she thought how glad she was to have been born slim instead of curvy. Like others her age, she judged others through the self assured supposed superiority of her young looks. Youth never realizes that maturity has its own perks, experience and quiet confidence.

“I changed the sheets, got his vitals and gave him the package of wipes,” she retorted. “He can wash himself. I am headed to my break.”

Nurse Bobbi gapped at the CNA. She could not believe how insolent the young girl was. ‘That’s the problem with all these college girls,’ she thought, “no respect.” Certainly the girl knew she had looks and flaunted it. She just assumed that because she was Barbie doll pretty the world owed her something. Well, not on Bobbi’s shift it didn’t. Even the pretty girls had to pull their weight. Certainly they had to provide quality care. Nursing suffered from the influx of these young girls who felt that menial tasks were beneath them. Nursing meant caring for the patient, and on Bobbi’s shift that is what the patient received, care.

“Handing a patient a package of wipes is not the same as bathing him,” the experienced nurse announced. “Come with me, we are going to go in there and I am going to make certain that you know the proper procedure for bed bathing. Then the next time I'm sure you will give a proper bed bath.”

Gabby stared in disbelief at Bobbi. She couldn’t believe the nurse was making her do this, it was so old fashioned. However, as she was coming around the end of the desk, there wasn’t really anything else she could do. Hopefully the man in room 321B had already used the wipes. She wanted to leave the floor, away from this strict taskmaster. She was missing her break for this.

Tom startled at the knock, his hand jerking guiltily away from his cock and quickly tried to think of baseball, not the baby smooth skin the CNA had exposed when she bent over. Baseball, baseball, baseball not sexy, young, creamy skinned, silky tongued girls who presented their firm ripe ass to him at least 4 times a day.

In all the time he had been stuck in this room he had not gotten used to the constant invasion of his privacy. It was impossible for him to squeeze one out without being interrupted, and he certainly didn’t want to become known as the dirty old man in room 315.

He watched the two women walk into his room. They were both sexy, the slim young college student and the rounded thirty something nurse. The curvy nurse’s tits poked the front of her tight white uniform and he longed to reach out and touch them. A stroke, a touch a squeeze, a pinch. He had imagined doing it several times. She had a commanding presence that begged to be pleased. He could see her standing there, glove in hand, commanding he slid her skirt up and press his tongue against her pink folds. Licking and sucking till the juice ran from his chin, her face a vision of stern pleasure. His cock twitched again.

“Baseball, baseball, baseball”, he drilled.

The nurse shut the door and drew the curtain, “Good morning Mr. Miller. Gabby here needs to have an update on hospital procedure so I am here to help her learn. I hope you don’t mind being our guinea pig,”

Bobby smiled down at the man lying in the bed. He wore the tan of someone who worked outdoors, and his arms were chiseled by the carpentry work the chart said he did. His face was slightly scruffy; yet another task his cna had not assisted him with. It made his face look like he had been cast as the bad guy in an action movie, a sexy bad guy.

“Not at all,” Tom replied. Gabby stood with her arms crossed, leaning on the wall. Bobby saw the package of wipes was partially used. She pulled one from the open package.

“Gabby come here. I know you think that this man is clean but I want you to wash him.” She handed the warm wipe to the girl and drew the blanket down exposing the man to the waist. Gabby walked up and took the wipe from the nurse. She untied the dressing gown from the man’s shoulders and swiped at his chest.

“It looks pretty clean to me” she announced. She ran the wipe over his arms and rolled her eyes at Tom. The wipe was warm and felt good being run across his chest. Bobbi got a second wipe out of the package and pulled the gown farther off of Tom, she ran the cloth across his leg.

Now both girls were giving Tom their attention. This was quite the improvement from the hasty exchange he had with the girl early. He wasn’t certain where he should look, but he also knew that unless he really wanted to embarrass himself he should keep thinking about baseball, not the girls currently stroking and washing him.

“I am certain that he had a hard time cleaning himself. You should always help the client so that he feels clean.” With these sterile words Bobbi and her warm wet wipe reached down and surrounded Tom’s penis. She rubbed it up and then back down his member. “Do you see how much cleaner we can make it for him?” She asked the girl.

“Well, I'm sure I could clean it better yet with my mouth, but that doesn’t mean I'm going to,” Gabby snapped at the nurse. This was supposed to be her break. Instead she was stuck in this patient’s room washing his cock.

“Oh, really?” Bobbi fumed at the girl’s attitude. She wanted to dominate that girl and break down her resistance. The pretty girl needed to learn that sometimes other people would be telling her what to do, and that she should do them. She grabbed the girl’s arm and placed a clean wipe in it. “Clean that man” she announced. “I want him as clean as he has ever been when you are done.” She assumed the girl’s position by the wall, hands on hips.

Tom couldn’t believe his luck. This was how several of his daydreams had started. The young girl pursed her pale pink lips as she rubbed his stiffening shaft. The warm moist cloth in her hands rubbed up and down. She added a little pressure as she rubbed. The tightening sensation was a pleasure. The wet cloth wrapped in the girl’s slim fingers wrapped around his cock and slid up and down his cock with a slight twist, squeezing him firmly. He placed his hand over Gabby’s and said, “Let me help you”. She stopped startled then got a small smile on her face and started to rub a little more authoritatively. She reached down and ran the warm cloth over his balls gently rubbing them then returned to stroke his cock.

Nurse Bobbi watched the girl work on the man. From the angle she was standing at she couldn’t see exactly what the girl was doing, but she could tell by the rigorous movements her tight little ass made that she was busy working. Her hair in its pony tail swayed with little movements. Bobbi was enjoying her uninterrupted view of the girl’s butt. She could feel her nipples start to become hard. The starched material of the uniform was rough and scratchy against them.

Gabby knew the nurse couldn’t really see what see was doing so she continued to make this bath as sensuous as possible. She would rub and caress this man till he was rock hard to show the nurse how much better it was for everyone if they just let the patients bathe themselves. She stroked him expertly, using a swirling movement as she licked her lips and looked at the man who was obviously enjoying her administrations. He cock was growing in her hand and she was impressed despite herself. He certainly was a lot larger than most of the boys she dated. She couldn’t help but wonder at how that cock would feel and she could feel herself start to get a little wet just imagining it.

Bobbi walked over to the bed intending to tell Gabby that she was returning to the desk, but then she saw what the girl had been doing. The young girl was vigorously giving the patient a hand job with the warm wipe. Her eyes were bright and the tip of her tongue poked through her lips. As Bobbi watched a small drop of spit dripped of the end and landed on the tip of the man penis, to be washed away with the next stroke from the girl.

“Well, if that is the kind of cleaning you are going to do, you should definitely use your mouth.” Bobbi said. Gabby stared at her with her lips open in a perfect O.


“You heard me. You owe this man a good bath. If that is that way you want to clean him, then get down and use your mouth.” Bobbi couldn’t believe her own words, but she knew what the girl was doing and it wasn’t right that she leave that man like that. She really did need some discipline. Gabby just stared at her.

“I don’t have to listen to you. You can’t make me do it.” The young girl stared back one hand on her hips the other still stroking Tom’s cock. Bobbi didn’t quite know what possessed her, but the girl’s attitude infuriated her. She stepped up and grabbed Gabby’s long ponytail.

“I am the nurse here and you will do as I tell you to.” She pushed down towards the man on the bed hand wrapped in the silky hair of the girl. The girl looked at her with her eyes wide, but opened her mouth and took the man’s head into it. Bobbi pushed her head up and down the shaft, watching as her checks bulged with each stroke. A couple of strokes the girl gagged a little and her eyes watered, but she quickly built up a rhythm.

Gabby sucked the cock in her mouth. She couldn’t believe the nurse was doing this. She was pretty sure that if she wanted to complain she could get her in trouble, probably make her loose her license, but surprisingly Gabby was actually enjoying this. The nurse’s forceful hand in her hair pushed her head up and down the man’s shaft and Gabby sucked as it filled her mouth and throat. She ran her tongue along the smooth skin and felt the veins that pulsed there.

Bobbi bobbed the girl’s head on the man’s cock with her left hand as she looked at the tight ass that showed the black thong the girl was wearing. She ran her finger along it, feeling the satiny feel. Gabby was making little wet slurpy sounds as she sucked the man greedily. Bobbi caught the waistband of the scrub pants and pulled them down towards knees, sliding them over the perky little butt of the girl. The satin material of the girl’s panties was dark revealing the girl’s excitement. Bobbi stood beside her with one hand wrapped in the girl’s hair, the other running across that very fine ass. She drew her hand back and spanked it, leaving a very distinct red imprint of her hand. Gabby yelped around the cock that was filling her mouth, but Bobbi didn’t let go of her hair, and continued to push her head up and down.

Tom stared at the two women. He was afraid to say anything. He certainly didn’t want to have them stop now. He reached down and placed his hands on either side of Gabby’s face and helped Bobbi set the rhythm. Bobbi released her hold of the girl’s hair. Tom continued to press Gabby’s face up and down. The girl really could suck cock. She sucked and licked and used her mouth and throat as she devoured him.

Bobbi stood behind the younger girl. The satin of the girl’s panties was soaked and clung to the girl’s swollen pussy underneath. She spanked the other cheek, leaving a matching print on that side as well. Bobbi ran her finger along the wet cloth. A shiver ran through the girl and she moaned around the cock that filled her mouth. The older woman bent forward and grasped the mound of satin covered pussy gently with her teeth. This time the moan was definitely louder. She slipped her fingers under the edge of the panties and along the edge of the girl’s wet pussy. She ran them up and back along the edge of the slit, rubbing the smooth shaven skin there.

Slap, Slap, Slap! Tom kept his hands in Gabby’s hair and fucked her mouth while the nurse spanked her repeatedly on her bare ass. Even from his position he could see the red welts she was leaving behind. The nurse’s hands were smacking the girl on the bottom of the swell, and Tom was sure her fingers were slapping her pussy too. Either the girl was really turned on or she was really trying to do a better job to avoid more punishment. Either way, she sucked him like it was the last cock she’d ever have.

“O please,” Gabby moaned with her mouth full. She didn’t know if the nurse heard her, but she felt her pull the satin thong down, leaving her bare skin exposed. She sucked greedily as the man on the bed continued to pump her mouth up and down his shaft. Then she felt the nurse’s tongue. It was running along the same places her finger had just been. Her ass was burning from the spanking the nurse had just given her. The older woman had been cruel with her hand and when she had caught her pussy with her fingers, Gabby had jumped. The hands on her hair and back had kept her from jumping very far, but the shock of it had made her suck harder. The heat from the spankings had made her pussy tingle. Gabby had never experienced anything like it before and was amazed at how good it felt to be punished like that. Now the wet tongue of the nurse was caressing the hot red flesh.

Bobbi knelt down behind the girl her skirt bunched up exposing the tops of her white stockings and the tanned flesh above them. She ran her hands slowly along the creamy thighs of the young CNA and ran her tongue along the slit that was both red and dripping. She tasted the girl’s juice that was collecting there. She tasted the sweet tangy nectar that betrayed how much the girl was enjoying the harsh treatment she had received. Her tongue lapped at the large swollen outer lips and the young girl moaned while she sucked. Bobbi stroked the flesh there slowly, lightly, soothingly. The girl started to stop her stroke to say something but Tom pressed her down on his cock.

“You are not to talk.” Bobbi said. “You are cleaning that man till I say you are done and in the meantime you are not to talk.” She resumed her oral stroking of the silky shiny skin. She licked around the hard and exposed clit and then down to the wet dripping hole. Placing her lips on them she stroked all along the young girls pussy lips with her tongue in long laps. Then she circled closer to the firm clit.

Tom kept his hand tight in girl’s hair as he pounded her face up and down on his cock. She made little spurts and gagging noises from time to time if he pressed down to hard or deep. His balls were tight and his shaft was rock hard. He struggled to keep his self control as she sucked and licked him. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened to him and he certainly didn’t want to blow it too soon.

Gabby moaned as the tongue circled in on her clit. Her mouth was full and the control had been taken from her. The man on the bed used her mouth just as the nurse behind her was claiming her pussy. All Gabby could do was lean on the bed and suck. She gasped and moaned around the cock that filled her mouth as the tongue was accompanied by teeth. The nip at her clit had her aching to cry out and cum but the threat from the nurse made her stay silent. As the tension in her rose to an unbearable point she sucked harder and harder, finally shuddering and twitching as her orgasm broke. She moaned around the cock in her mouth, but he never changed his rhythm and the tongue and teeth continued their assault on her pussy. The shudders racked her body, but still the patient and the nurse used her for their own designs. Tears fell down Gabby’s face from the pleasure that it was wringing from her body. Still the man pounded her mouth.

Bobbi watched as the fluid poured from the girl; she licked and sucked collecting as much as she could have the girl’s creaminess. She licked it from her thighs as it drenched her face. The girl’s orgasm was a strong one and she could feel it shake her body. Bobbi was impressed that she didn’t yell with them, although it would have been hard the way Mr. Miller was pounding her mouth. She doubted he could keep that kind of rhythm up for long. Bobbi slipped a finger, then two in the girl’s pussy while she grasped her clit with her teeth and sucked. She started mimicking the same rhythm the girl was getting to her face. While he was pounding her face up and down Bobbi pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. She could feel how tight the girls muscles were and knew she would soon have another orgasm.

Tom felt his balls tighten and knew he was close to his orgasm. His cock felt stiff and swollen in the girl’s mouth as she sucked and slurped while being rocked and impaled. Her face was screwed up flushed and tense. Then a huge wave flushed through her sucking changed its tempo and she sucked hard, harder than he had ever felt before, as she sucked deep and long with shudders. Her lips quivered with the effort. Her hands were balled up in fists in his sheet. The long strokes were the last thing Tom needed as he felt himself go in a mind blowing orgasm himself. He sent rope after rope of cum into the girl’s mouth as he held her steady. She gulped and sucked, then gulped again.

Bobbi felt the girl’s orgasm as she pushed her fingers in and out of her snatch. It squeezed and clenched her tight. Bobbi slowed her actions to a bare slow lingering rub around her nub as the girl twitched and watched as her eyes glazed over. She stood slowly, still rubbing slowly, extending the girls pleasure. She saw the man was also cumming with obvious enjoyment. Her knees ached and she reminded herself that she was no longer a young girl. It was the young girls who should be doing the work on their knees. Next time, she thought to herself, next time. She released the girl and readjusted her dress. The girl slumped forward resting her forehead on the bed beside where the sheet had been balled in her fists.

The door opened on the other side of the curtain and Nurse Bobbi heard a different CNA escort a patient into the second bed. She washed her hands in the sink and walked around the end of the curtain.

“Hi, my name is Bobbi. I'll be your nurse today. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to ask.”

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