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My Wife And Me At The Nightclub

As my wife and i visit a new nightclub she gets caught up in a bizzare situation.
My wife and I had heard about a new nightclub that had just recently opened up in our area. They offered music and dancing from the 70’s and 80’s. This was the era in which my wife and I had grown up in.

That Saturday night we decided to check the place out. It was located about an hour from where we lived but we had hopes the drive would be well worth it. It was a fairly big place as we found a table off in the back. The table sat a little ways from the stage and dance floor but we didn’t care. We each had a drink while we listened to some of the old tunes. We talked about the old days on how we met and the good times we had dating. We hadn’t talked to each other like this in years.

We had been there about an hour when a very good looking young gentlemen came up to our table. He commented on how great my wife looked and he wanted to buy us a drink. We offered him a seat as he sat down next to my wife.

He seemed like a great guy as we told him all about ourselves. He kept commenting how gorgeous my wife was. My wife did look great as she had on a very nice outfit that showed off her body nicely. He was shocked as I told him my wife was 48 years old.

“No way!” he said.

My wife blushed and was enjoying the attention she was getting from him. I decided to go up to the bar and get another drink while I left him with my wife at the table.

I was on my way back to the table when a young gentleman pulled me aside. He said, “Do you know anything about that guy at your table with your wife?”

“No, not really! He came up and started to chat with us. He seemed like a nice guy,” I said.

“You should leave now!” he said back to me.

“Why? We are having a great time,” I quickly replied.

“Do you see that door down the hallway?” he asked.

“Yes, I see it!” I said.

“Well, let me tell you a little story about your friend over there at your table. He loves to conquer wives at this club while their husbands watch them get fucked silly. Him and his buddies around the club place bets on whether he can seduce an older wife and fuck her in the backroom. Last weekend he fucked this beautiful 35 year old wife. She was hot as he got her to go with him into the backroom and he fucked the hell out of her. His buddies watched on as he made her cum over a half dozen times with his huge cock," he said.

“How big is his cock?” I asked.

“His cock is close to 10 inches and he has made women actually pass out from it. Last weekend the husband had to beg him to stop fucking his wife as she couldn’t take anymore. He finally did stop but not until he came hard all over his wife’s beautiful face. He had to almost carry his wife out of here,” he told me.

“Wow! I had no idea!” I said to him.

“I would be very careful because your wife is on his hit list tonight,” he quickly replied back.

I quickly headed back to our table. As I got close to the table I could see that he and my wife were gone. I looked carefully around but they weren’t in sight at all. There were way to many people milling around to see very far. My thoughts immediately turned to that room in the back hallway. I was gone about 10 minutes so maybe I could still stop this from happening.

I headed back towards the long dark hallway. I stood there for a few minutes as I watched a few guys head into the room. This was the room he had told me all about. I wondered, ”Could my wife be in that room right now? Is he fucking her?”

My mind raced in all directions as I needed to go into that room and see for myself what was going on. I walked slowly up to the door and put my ear close to it. I heard several guys making noises as I grabbed the door handle. I opened up the door to see about 15 young guys hovering around what looked like a poker table.

My heart raced as I made my way to see what was going on. As I got closer to the poker table I couldn’t believe what I had saw. It was the good looking gentleman ripping the clothes off my beautiful wife. My wife stood there as piece by piece, her clothing dropped down onto the floor.

He felt up her tits and ass with his hands. He pushed her down in front of himself as he opened up his pants. He pulled his underwear down as his massive cock popped out right into my wife’s face. He then shoved his big cock right into her mouth as she began to suck on his enormous cock.

He then grabbed her and laid her down onto the poker table. He yanked her legs far apart as he pushed his enormous size cock up against her pussy. I watched as money began to change hands between the 15 or so guys watching on. It took a few tries, but his big cock finally penetrated my wife’s pussy. My wife screamed out as the guys cheered him on. His cock was so big and thick her pussy had trouble excepting it.

My wife cried out, “Oh god! It is way to big!”

He grabbed her legs and pulled them over the top of his shoulders as he drove his big cock deep inside her. My wife cried out as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. A few minutes later she screamed out as she began to cum all over his big cock. This brought a roar from the guys as they stood around the poker table.

He continued to fuck my wife extremely hard with his huge cock. Her pussy was being split in two as his cock slid back and forth inside it. She screamed loudly out again a few minutes later as she had another powerful orgasm on his cock.

He fucked her for several more minutes very hard as the poker table shook violently. His big balls banged hard up against her ass as I heard their flesh pounding against each others bodies. He was ready to cum as he gave her several last hard thrusts with his big cock. He pulled out of her and quickly slid her down off the poker table down in front of him.

He said, “Open your mouth!”

My wife opened up her mouth as he began to stroke on his big cock. A minute later he pushed his enormous cock up against her open mouth and began to shoot his cum right into it. My wife gagged on his cum as she spit some of it back down onto the floor.

He began to collect on his bets as a new bet now arose. The bet was that he couldn’t fuck her for a second time. He quickly took that bet as he grabbed my wife and laid her face first onto the table.

He took his big cock and pushed it back into her from behind. He fucked her very hard again as my wife screamed out. She couldn’t take his big cock anymore but he didn’t care. He continued to fuck her hard from behind as she began to cum again.

A few minutes later she screamed out again as she had another very powerful orgasm. He pounded his big cock into her for several more minutes. He now had enough as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and began to shoot his cum all over her ass. This brought on a huge roar from the guys as he again collected on his bets. He must had made several hundred dollars.

As soon as everybody was square they all left the room as I checked on my wife. She still was laying face first on the poker table as she was totally worn out. Cum ran down her legs as she tried to get up off the poker table.

A few minutes later we left the room and club as I helped her out to the car. I walked right by the guy who had tipped me off about him. He said, “I warned you!”

My wife’s pussy was sore for several days after that incident. The bad thing is that I really want to go back to that club again.

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