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The Promise- Part 2

An attorney is involved in a game of sex, lies and murder.

Rebecca woke to relentless shrieking, otherwise known as her alarm clock. Reluctantly, she forced her eyes open and tried to think about the Spinelli case. Her meeting from yesterday was…strange, to say the least. Sleep hadn’t came easily as she debated over the truth about Andreas’s involvement. She had finally acquired to her exhausted body, promising herself that she would wake up with an answer in the morning. A way to assuage her overly ambitious guilt. Unfortunately, she woke up without one. She’d learned enough in law school to know that determining who was innocent and guilty wasn’t part of her job description. Her job was to present all available evidence in as ethical and legally sound manner as possible.

If the DA’s office was using this prosecution to hound a citizen, even one with a reputation like Gio Spinelli, that was wrong. That was something she should do something about. There was no security footage from the club. Conveniently and suspiciously, the system had a recording glitch that night. Her first instinct screamed Andreas was guilty, but with the type of footage that could be found from that club was also an issue. Who knew what really happened when any trust-fund scions partied together?

Without a digital record, the case rested on two eyewitnesses. The bartender who had served both parties and said he’d seen the punch in question, and another girl at the club that night who was willing to testify that Andreas had started the whole brawl. Too bad it wasn’t just left at a brawl, Rebecca thought grimly. Somewhere between brushing her teeth and walking the blocks to her subway station, Rebecca decided to focus on their backgrounds. Even if Andreas was guilty, she’d be saving her boss from any surprises on the stand. She didn’t mind the idea of getting ahead off information from a less-than-savory source like Gio, but she wasn’t entirely keen on working for him. At least this was due diligence any good lawyer would be obligated to perform.

She got to her desk and started digging through the stack of files for the information on the witnesses. Eventually, she found the bartender’s folder. It was slow, investigative work. Somewhere between the dry description of the police report and the assorted bits of personal data from public records, there was a life here. Rebecca needed to know if anything in that life suggested the witness was unreliable. Sighing, she flipped over yet another document. Her entire day would be consumed with this case. At least no one could blame her for not being through.

She spent the morning gathering information on the bartender - past employers, landlords, anyone he’d entered into a contract with. He’d never been married and didn’t own property, but even the dead can be tracked if they paid taxes. Following his tax record, she called his past contacts, trying to pushy any information out of them that would work in their favor. She was starting to think Gio was wrong about his kid and it was an open and shut case when she stumbled upon a hole in the bartender’s character. It was a few years go, but his previous boss had less than a stellar recommendation.

“Chris Ashton? Yeah, he worked for me. What’d he do?” Holding her breath, Rebecca tried to keep her tone casual.

“Nothing bad, sir. Just checking up on him. He’s a potential witness in a trial.”

“Well if he’s the same kid I fired, I wouldn't trust him. That shit wasn’t worth his paycheck.. Little junkie stole from me,so I fired him. Didn’t report it, you know, didn’t want to really screw him. Kinda hoped he’d get it together. Wrote it off as a lesson about vetting my employees better. If he’s clean, you know, that’s a different story. I got a brother who got off Oxy and he’s doing good now, but whoa...he was on it, you couldn’t leave him alone in your house, he’d rob ya blind.”

“Thank you. I’ll look into that and make sure which Chris we’re dealing with. Thank you for your honesty.” Inwardly both grinning and wincing, Rebecca hung up and began combing back through the documents. Sure enough, there it was. A known dealer picked up a few weeks back at the same club. The cops were still trying to figure out if he’d had some kind of arrangement with the club or the employees, but had nothing concrete. Almost didn’t make it into the file on the club at all, except the officer assigned to the case wanted to keep it open and watch who filled the dealer’s void. Rebecca called down to the precinct and asked to speak to the officer.

“Alvarez here. Go.”

“Officer Alvarez, this is Rebecca Johnson over at the DA’s office. I needed to ask you a question about a dealer you picked up last week at Raze, that nightclub in the East Village? I need to know if he dealt to a bartender there.”

“Yeah, I know who you’re talking about. That kid would likely say anything about anybody. Weasely little shit. He had a decent amount of pills on him, and we found a scrip pad in his apartment, so now he’s part of some doctor-busting case uptown. I can ask him about your guy, but I can tell you right now he’s not gonna talk without a deal. Personally, I wouldn’t trust a damn thing from him.”

“Good to know. Thanks.” Rebecca hung up. She didn’t know if the bartender was using or not, but she was sure the defense could get the dealer to swear he’d sold to him. That would be enough to knock the shine off of him in the jury’s eyes. She put the folder aside. She’d have to bring that to the DA, but there was still the other witness to consider. That folder wasn’t in the stack. Brody must still have it. She looked at his office door, half-open, and realized just how late it was. The whole day had slipped past her while she was absorbed in the case. Hardly anyone remained in the office, and most of them were gathering the last of their things and heading to the elevators. Brody was still here. That means it would just be the two of them and the custodians. Damn, damn, damn. She hated that fat pig but she needed this case. After all, she preferred to be among the land of the living. Taking a deep breath, she braced herself and strode towards Brody’s office.

She knocked on Brody’s open door as a courtesy that the asshole really didn’t deserve. He was sitting at his desk, reading something on his computer and clearly pretending to ignore her. She waited. Minutes passed. She started to enter and he held up a finger at her, still reading. He was clearly making a show of this. He had a door and an office while she had a desk in the bullpen of the main office area. It wasn’t something she hadn’t noticed, but the glaring difference wasn’t so obvious as it was now. After nearly ten minutes, he finally invited her in. Had he not ahead of her on the food chain of this case and technically above her in office power, she would have stormed in and slapped him. Instead, she hovered until she was asked to sit like some type of domesticated animal.

“How can I help you, Ms. Johnson?” Brody was his usual condescending self. “Need help deciphering some of the files?”

Gritting her teeth, she mentally counted to ten. “Just doing the legwork vetting our witnesses. I need the file on the other witness, Ashley Creighton. I don’t see it in the stack you gave me yesterday.”

Brody got up and went to a cabinet. “Yeah, here it is...sorry about that.” He turned with the folder. “Shut the door for a second, would you?” Rebecca closed it with a click, then turned back towards him.

“Brody, come on. Just give me the damn file and let me go home. It’s been a long day. You don’t have to be patronizing.”

“No, I don’t have to be. I also don’t have to give you this folder. You have plenty of other things you could be prepping instead of acting like a defense attorney and picking apart my witnesses. I could just hold onto this.”

“Why are you like this?”

“Because it’s fun, Becks. Maybe I’d give you the folder if that were fun, too.” He looked her up and down with a predatory stare. “You want the file? One condition.”

Rebecca shuddered to think what Brody might say next. “What?” she asked, bracing herself.

“You let me eat that pussy of yours for as long as I want.”

“What? Gross, no! Fuck off, Brody.” She started to turn toward the door.

Brody spoke again. “I can win this case against that little shit, bitch my words. Or I could lose it embarrassingly because some attorney working on the case fucked it up so badly we get creamed in court. Just so we’re clear, in my version that incompetent lawyer is you, Rebecca. So which is it - me under your skirt, or you under the bus?”

Rebecca stood with her hand on the doorknob and wondered if she shouldn’t just let him ‘throw’ the case. Brody was a disgusting pig both in personality and appearance. The thought of him even touching her, let alone eating her was disgusting. The problem was that Brody was working this case as a political move and didn’t care about justice or fair play. Maybe Gio was right and Andreas was being railroaded. On the other hand, if Brody lost the case, then whispered in the DA’s ear over drinks that it was Rebecca’s failure... Well, the best case scenario would mean her rise in the office would be stopped. And the worst case, she’d be unemployed with a reputation for bad work. No to mention possibly dead.

The case had to be lost, but on her terms. She left the door closed and thumbed the lock. Brody was smiling when she turned back toward him. Slamming the blinds down as a final act of defiance, she spat out, “Fine.” Shaking from the anger and energy it took trying not to kill the dipshit, she painfully unlatched the belt on her gray skit. Unzipping the side, without the belt to secure it on her thin waist, it slowly slid down her lush, hippy curves. Mortified beyond belief, she kept her face down as she stood with her cream blouse covering her panties. Exposed completely on the bottom, save her panties and tan colored stockings, Brody whistled softly in appreciation. If there ever came an opportunity to ruin him personally or professionally, she’d take it. She roughly pulled her panties to the side and lifted her shirt up, exposing her hairless pink pussy. “Here, let’s just get it over with.”

Brody rubbed himself through his pants and demanded that she look at him. She slowly raised her eyes, determined for him to see how much she hated him in her glare. Distracted by the movement his hand caused, her eyes flickered downwards to the middle of his pants. If he was hard, he was small- at least that part gave her solace. The jackass! Rebecca tried to not smile or laugh as she thought about it. She didn’t want to set him off any further. She cleared her throat when he didn’t move.

“Oh no...” he said, still staring at her pussy. “All of it off. Except the stockings. Leave the stockings.” She began to unbutton her blouse. Once it was off, she folded it and stepped out of the ring of her skirt on the floor. She put both on one of the leather chairs in front of his desk, then removed her bra and added it to the pile.

“Good girl. Clean off my desk. Carefully, don’t go breaking stuff.” He continued to rub himself in small circles through his slacks. Rebecca tried to hide her disgust but couldn’t stop the involuntary curl of her lip. She took each item off the desk and set it carefully on the floor. Once it was clear, Brody told her to lay on her back on the desk. Reluctantly, she followed his orders and the cold hardness of the desk caused her to involuntarily arch her back.

Grinning, Brody advanced towards her. The sudden loss of power was frightening and she secretly prayed for her vagina to stink. She briefly pondered how she could prove a sexual harassment claim, but then Gio’s menacing face popped into her head.

Well, I guess it’s better than being dead, she acquiesced. Lost in her own pity party, she jumped as she felt something ice-cold against her thigh. Brody took the letter opener from the desk-pile on the floor and cut her panties, pulling them free from the stockings and putting them in a drawer. He dragged her down the desk slightly until her legs hung off the side. She tried to focus on the cold of the lacquered wood, thinking inappropriately that she should have a desk this large, not Brody.

She was unconsciously wincing, bracing herself for the slime caused by this disgusting man’s mouth. Instead, she felt a shock of pleasure as his thick, fat tongue licked her clit from the top to the bottom in one solid stroke. A small cry escaped her mouth and Brody stopped immediately. 

Panting heavily, she saw him grab a tie and come towards her face. “Wha-what are you do-“

He roughly pulled her head back, forced her mouth open and stuffed the bottom part of the tie in her mouth then tied a knot at the back of her head securing her in a gag. Satisfied, he immediately returned to lapping at her pussy. She hated herself instantly for how good his tongue felt. The gag only enhanced the pleasure. Brody began sucking on her clit, lightly touching his teeth to it occasionally, coaxing her up further and further toward orgasm. His tongue slid in and out of her lips, making them swollen with pleasure. His tongue was thick, long and rough; his strokes were forceful and demanding. He ate her pussy like a starving man getting a fresh piece of bed. The office filled with the sounds of wet slurping noises.

Disgusted with herself, him and her gag, Rebecca prayed for the ending. Her juices were beginning to flow freely and Brody was determined that her pussy stay dry. He slurped, sucked, licked and swallowed every single trickle of pleasure. Beyond reason or choice, her body and she twisted on the desk, her legs clenching around his head. Brody bent her knees up and moved away from her clit, focusing his tongue on the slow licks between the lips of her pussy. Her body went crazy and she felt heat racing in tendrils across her body. Brody, the most disgusting man she knew, was going to give her the best orgasm she’d had all year.

He replaced his tongue with a fat finger, fucking her with the sheer tenacity of a dominant man. As she arched off the desk in a fresh wave of ecstasy, he put a thick law textbook under the small of her back to hold her in that position. Her pussy opened to him as she laid in a bow, her feet on his shoulders as he sank back to his knees and continued to finger and lick her. Her nipples hurt so much she nearly cried from the pleasure. Her large, 32D Natural breast bounced heavily and her body began to involuntarily shudder. Another wave of pleasure rocked her and she spasmed so hard, her pinned bun came out, long blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders.

Pinching her nipples and gasping for air, Brody added another finger inside her. He pushed in and out of her creamy wetness, while his tongue licked around her labia, up the crease where her leg met her crotch, and under his fingers where her juices were making a puddle on the desk. She thought she even heard him lick her off the desk itself, greedily devouring all that she gave from her dripping pussy before adding yet another finger and returning his lips to hers. With four fingers and his tongue, he broke her. Rebecca screamed but it came out as a muffled groan, as the gag prevented anyone from really hearing her ecstasy.

Brody pushed her past any previous orgasm she’d had, his fingers making a mess of her cunt as she ground herself into his face. He hadn’t touched her clit since he began his work, and only now, as she crested her highest wave of pleasure, did he return to that sacred bundle of nerves. His tongue hit it like an electric shock and he roughly pulled his hand from her pussy. Rebecca gasped and dropped her breasts. Her nipples were bright red from pinching. She ran her hands through the sides of Brody’s remaining hair as he sucked hard on her clit. He took both her wrists with one hand and freed himself from her delirious caresses, using his other hand to rub roughly on her clit. She came again, a cry of pleasure caught in the tie as she squeezed her eyes shut. Brody stopped his hand and began to gently lick all the juices from her, cleaning her with his tongue until she was wet only from him. He took the book from under her back and she collapsed back onto the desk. Brody smiled and laughed at the control he had over her. Rebecca’s legs still moved against each other, grinding out the afterglow.

“Get up.” Rebecca took a moment to register his words. “Now.” She sat up, shakily. Brody put a hand behind her head to help her, then leaned in and stole a kiss. Rebecca could taste the sharp flavor of herself on his lips and started to push him away, but Brody broke the kiss himself. “Put my desk back and leave.” A little stunned, she sat his curios and paperweights back onto the desk, then stepped into her skirt and buttoned her blouse while Brody watched from his chair. He shut the drawer with her panties. “Don’t forget your file. Oh, and shut the door on your way out.” He smiled a thin-lipped grin. As she turned the handle on the door, finally on the other side of it and holding the folder, she heard the wet slapping sound of Brody finishing himself off. Rebecca could still hear that sound as she fell asleep that night, trying desperately not to think of the day’s moral compromise or the orgasms it had brought.

Rebecca dressed and left for work the next morning with a knot in her stomach at the thought of facing Brody again. It didn’t help that a part of her wanted to face him again. She stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of her building and began to walk toward her stop. A long black car pulled to the curb next to her and rolled down a mirrored window. Gio Spinelli smiled, unleashing a flood of wrinkles onto his face.

“Good morning Rebecca. Give you a lift?” The door opened. Rebecca looked up and down the street for anyone who might notice a city attorney getting in a car with a suspected felon, but she was a long way from the office. She decided looking around probably seemed more guilty than just getting in the car.

Gio sat facing her in the backseat of the limousine. Next to her was a large African American man in what had to be an expensive custom suit. Nothing off the rack could possible fit the man, and she could only barely make out the shoulder holster of his handgun. A similar mountain, but of the Italian variety sat next to Gio. “Don’t mind the boys. As I’m sure you’re seeing on this case, there’s lots of people in this town who try and take shots at me. These guys just try to make sure I’m ok, ya know?” Rebecca didn’t care for the idea of being the Spinelli family’s courtroom enforcer. She had avoided the big defense firms precisely so she wouldn’t be helping criminals. While she was pretty sure Andreas might not be all the way guilty, she didn’t want to make helping him a habit.

“Mr. Spinelli...”

“Gio, sweetie. Please.”

“Mr. Spinelli...” Gio’s smile dropped. “I looked over your Andreas’s case. The DA looks to be relying on some less-than-credible witnesses. One in particular is not going to be useable on the stand. The other I haven’t gotten to really look at yet, but I don’t think the case is winnable. I think he’ll be fine in court.”

“So you’re sure you can find something on the other witness, or what? I don’t like the sound of ‘I think he’ll be fine’, Ms. Johnson.” She had clearly changed the dynamic of their conversation with her insistence on formality.

“It means that I’ve done all I can do for you, and even this pushes the boundaries of my professional ethics.”

“Oh does it, now? Because I hear from my sources that you had some office hanky-panky going on last night.” The knot in Rebecca’s stomach dropped and grew ten times bigger. Stunned into silence, she could only listen as he continued. That’s right, Ms. Johnson, I see a lot of this town, all the time. You and some coworker steaming up the windows behind a locked door? Spare me the ethics lecture. Show me the file on the other witness, the bitch from the club.”

Rebecca started to grab for her briefcase. She was sure now that no matter what Andreas did or didn’t do at the club, Gio Spinelli was behaving like a criminal. The doors of the limo locked as the bodyguard next to her took her hands in one of his giant mitts and squeezed. She thought he was going to break her wrists as tears pricked her eyes. The other bodyguard took her case and rifled it until he found the file. He removed the inventory list and replaced it, then added a few photos to the folder before replacing it and returning the case to her. She rubbed feeling back into her hands as her wrists were let go.

“I had hoped you would take care of all this for us, Ms. Johnson. Work on that next time. For now, just return that file to your office and forget we met today. I don’t think that witness is going to prove very useful on the stand.”

The car stopped. They had circled the block and the door opened to reveal her building. Rebecca stepped onto the sidewalk with her bag and the tampered folder. Gio Spinelli looked at her over the half-opened window. “Once you get this case dropped, I want you to escort my boy from the jail. Let the press get some pictures of you two. I think you two would look good together. You do this personally, Ms. Johnson.” He rolled up the window leaving her to stare at reflection, then pulled away. There was no expectation of agreement from her. She understood now that she was very close to being owned by the mob. If she didn’t get herself ahead a little, she’d be swept up in the power plays of others for the rest of her career.

She looked at the file on the subway. The new inventory was the same as the old, with the addition of a line item referencing the pictures that were now paperclipped to the folder. They were explicit and showed the witness in several compromising positions with Andreas Spinelli. It wouldn’t take much for a defense attorney to make a jury wonder if she was retaliating for a one-night stand and some embarrassing pictures. Whether Andreas was innocent or not, the way the Spinellis were handling this, didn’t look at all like an upstanding family. Who the hell was she kidding?- They’re the Mafia for god’s sake. She threw the folder in her bag and tried to clear her head for the rest of the trip.

She arrived at the office knowing the case was dead. With no witnesses to testify and no camera footage, it was two drunk rich kids’ word against each other. No judge would bother with this.

Brody was the first person she saw stepping off the elevator. She tried to not blush or flinch as he passed her. She didn’t know who in the office was a spy for the Spinellis, but she knew she’d never be able to move or speak freely at work again. As Brody passed her on the way to her desk he smiled and licked his lips. Rebecca looked down at the floor, feeling angry and ashamed. 

Fuck this bastard- it’s time to play dirty, she thought. With Brody headed to the break room for his morning coffee, she walked directly into his office. She tried not to think about the previous day, but she could still smell herself in the air. She opened the drawer where she’d seen Brody put her panties. They were still there, but crusty now with his seed. Rebecca threw up a little in her mouth as she shoved them into her bag and put the photos in his desk. As she shut the drawer and moved toward the door, Brody walked in. Rebecca covered in the only way she could think. She passed by him in the doorway, squeezing through instead of waiting. Her hand was low and she rubbed against where she assumed his dick would be, but only caught the tip against her palm. Brody was smaller than she’d thought. Nonetheless, she smiled seductively and rubbed him as they passed. Whispering, she said, “I was going to thank you for yesterday. I may need another file later if you could help me out.” Brody turned beet red and he nodded. She felt him stir in his shorts.

“Sure, anytime. Just knock.” He said hoarsely.

She smiled and left him in his office, shutting the door behind her, and headed directly to the DA’s office. Well, so much for fighting fair, she thought. District Attorney Spencer had been elected by a narrow margin and was constantly looking for the wisest political move. It made for an infuriating boss if you wanted to put away criminals. Most of their cases turned into plea bargains and trade-offs as they looked to keep things running smooth for city hall. The other side of the politician coin meant he was an approachable boss, even if he wasn’t the crusader the office needed. Rebecca wondered if he knew the Spinelli family had eyes here. Probably not, she thought, as she knocked.

“Come in.” she heard through the door.

“DA Spencer,” she said, greeting him with her hand extended. “Rebecca.”

“I remember, Ms. Johnson. I hired you. I don’t seem that far removed from the fray, do I?” His barely glanced at her as her continued signing ledgers.

“Uh,” Thrown off a bit, Rebecca scrambled to recover. “No, sir, I just didn’t want to presume you remembered me. I just made it onto the Spinelli case.”

“Yes, that. Brody Anderson is your boss. Talk to him.”

“Yes sir. I wanted to point out a couple of things I found in the discovery documents Brody gave me yesterday. Our witnesses have some problems.”

“Oh?” He leaned forward on his elbows, temporarily stopping his work. The D.A. was a silver fox type of man. Dapper, determined and entirely dangerous. Perfectly tanned skin, thick black hair with streaks of silver and cold, ice blue eyes stared back at her. Gosh, his hair was amazing- was he Italian?

“Ms. Johnson?”

“Oh, um..” Rebecca blushed. What the hell was she doing? Since when did she become so sexual? Who was she going to fantasize about next- the 70 year old postman? Clearing her throat, and smoothing down her blouse she continued, “Sorry, sir. I’ve, ah-

Interrupting her with a roll of his eyes, he resumed his paperwork. “I’ve assumed you discussed this with Anderson?”

“That’s the thing, sir. One of the witnesses may have a drug problem. Even if he’s clean, there’s a dealer busted last week who would likely testify the guy bought oxy from him. True or not...”

“The optics. I know. The appearance of a problem is enough sometimes.” The DA looked pensive, his eyes narrowed, looking somewhere past Rebecca. Finally, he spoke again

“God damn it.” He stood up from his desk and began pacing his office. “Damn!” He slapped his desk, rattling a pen out of its holder. Rebecca started to replace it. “Don’t. Just leave it.” She followed orders this time.

The DA wandered over to his office window and looked out, his hands on his hips. “I was hoping this might be the toehold I could use to get somewhere on Spinelli. He’s too good to go at straight, but then Andreas beats some guy in a public place...” He turned to Rebecca. “Do you really think the defense was going to track down all that on the bartender? I looked at those files, I didn’t catch anything about drugs. How did you?”

Rebecca explained the time and effort that went into uncovering all of this, in hopes of admittance into the boy’s club.

Frowning, her boss stated, “You spent an entire day on the taxpayer’s dime tracing back every employer, girlfriend, or landlord some bartender had in the last decade? Next time you want to get ahead, try not to do it at the expense of a very public win against a mob family. My constituents and I would appreciate it. Drug history or not, we’re getting this kid, and then we’re crawling up the vine until we can weed that whole family out of this city. I can win a jury over on some kid with a troubled past, and we’ve still got the girl, Creighton.”

“Yes, sir.” Rebecca stood, listen to her balloon of pride get deflated. Damn, if only she had been born with a penis! She went for her remaining chance at a victory. At least Brody would go down. She winced at the pun, then steeled herself and spoke. “The other thing involves Mr. Anderson. I wanted to come to you directly.” She put the doctored file on his desk. “The inventory here lists some photos, but I don’t have them in the file. I asked Brody about them and he acted strangely, told me to get out of his office. I don’t mean to pull you into water-cooler drama. I just need to see those photos if they exist so we don’t get blindsided on this witness.”

DA Spencer straightened his tie and gestured to his office door. “Yes. Better to find out everything here and not in front of the jury. Let’s get Anderson in on this and see what’s going on with those mystery photos. Then I’m going to ask that you focus your paid hours on something productive, and try to remember we’re called the prosecution, not the defense.” Gulping, Rebecca followed him as they crossed the open bullpen floor to Brody’s still-closed door. Without knocking, DA Spencer swung the door open, and Rebecca crossed her fingers, listening for that skin-slap noise she hoped would get her a bigger desk...


Rebecca fought the urge to leap into the room and yell “Gotcha”. Unfortunately, Brody sat at his desk sipping his coffee. If he’d done anything untoward after their encounter at the door, he’d finished already. DA Spencer followed her into the office. “Hey boss, Rebecca. What’s up?”

“Rebecca here, was just telling me there’s something up with the bartender witness. She’s all excited about it, but it’s nothing. He lost a job a few years ago over drugs, and there’s some dealer who may or may not have dealt to him. Be ready for cross.”

“Will do, boss” Brody replied. Rebecca was furious at being sold out so quickly by Spencer. I fucking voted for you! she screamed in her head while trying her best to maintain a composure that wouldn’t get her fired. “Anything else? We doing happy hour tonight?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there a little late. Don’t let Thompson and Wright get too far ahead of me with the scotch.” He turned to Rebecca. “What was it you were missing from the file? Some photos?” Brody looked at her and smiled.

“Oh, yeah, boss. I was about to come find you about those.” He opened a different drawer than where Rebecca had planted them and braced herself for whatever surprise Brody had up his sleeve. He laid the photos out on his desk in all their pornographic glory. “Rebecca may want to avert her eyes. Some of it’s pretty graphic. Looks like our witness had sex with the defendant on at least one occasion. I don’t think she’s going to work on the stand, though she’s pretty good on the lie-down if you know what I mean...” He and the DA laughed.

Hello! Anybody care that there’s a female in here, Rebecca thought furiously. “Between this and the drug thing, it starts to add up. What do you think, boss?”

DA Spencer looked at Rebecca as if she had taken the photos and given the bartender drugs personally. Brody smiled, enjoying the shooting of the messenger. The DA spoke. “Yeah, you may be right. We’ve got no good witnesses except the accused and the attacker, and they both took a couple of punches. We move with this, it’ll undercut our prosecution of anything in the future. I don’t want to look like we’re bullying the Spinellis. We’ll end up getting sympathy for the scumbags.”

“What do you want to do, boss?” Smugly, Brody spoke to Spencer but stared at Rebecca.

“We take it to court, and make a show of dropping the charges. Rebecca, you’re going to talk to the press afterwards, turn it into a story about the nose-to-the-grindstone work we do here. The city will come off as fair, at least. It’s not a win, but it’s not a loss.” He turned and with a wink at Brody left.

Gathering up the photos, Brody grinned like a kid in a candy store, watching Rebecca fume. “Did you want these back? I don’t know where you got them, but they sure are sexy. Maybe you swing that way. You sure liked a good tonguing last night.”

Snatching the photos, she silently promised herself that this wasn’t over. “And I’d like that pair of panties back.” Remembering his cum on her underwear, she paused. “Actually, make that a fresh new pair...” Slamming the door, she rushed out before he could say anything else.

Sighing, Rebecca trumps back to her desk, glancing at the clock as she sits down. Not even 11am yet and she already feels defeated. What the hell- why don’t I take an early lunch? Not like anyone will notice, she thinks grimly. Gathering her purse and her phone, she walks to the elevator. Receiving a text from her phone, she reaches into her purse and reads it. Good job, sweetie. Wear something pretty to court and smile for the cameras. You’re about to get famous...

Deleting the text message, she steps out into the lobby of the building, her appetite gone.


Authors Note: Whew! That was certainly a longer delay than I expected. How DARE Christmas come and interrupt my writing flow?!!

I apologize for the wait, but I think you'll enjoy what I cooked up.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, as it always helps to see things in a different light!

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