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The Room

I was standing next to the door of the Hotel lobby.  I was seventeen years old and spending my summer working for my uncle at his luxury hotel resort in Florida.  It wasn't exactly the highlight of a teenage boys life.  Sure there were plenty of girls running around in next to nothing, but they were all rich snobs who where there spending their daddies money and they all looked at me like I was some kind of cock roach.

I wasn't a bad looking guy.  I may have been a little too skinny and a bit too tall, but I was toned from playing volley ball and I had a six pack that you couldn't see through the dorky monkey suit I had to wear that was a sorry excuse for a work uniform.  I had dark blonde hair that had natural highlights in it from the sun and I had a pretty kick ass tan, but none of it was enough to get the attention of these hotel snobs.

The only action I had gotten all summer was from the slut that worked behind the counter.  I don't call her a slut because I am trying to put her down.  I call her that because that is exactly what she was.  She was a bitch too and she was standing there behind the counter checking in some hot piece of ass that I knew would never look my way.  I walked over to the counter as she was handing the key to the young girl.

The girl was hot.  She had long dark hair and milky white skin.  It's not something you see in Florida very often unless you count the scary gothic people.  But this girl was built like a super model.  She was a good five inches shorter than I was and her skin looked like soft porcelain.  She had the most electric green eyes I had ever seen on a girl.  She looked up at me and smiled with her full pouty lips and I almost sprang a hard on right there.

I was studdering my words.  "Uh.. will.. will..  Will you be needing help with your bags?"

I could feel the little cunt behind the counter smiling at my flamboyant approach.  I knew I was going to catch hell for this later.

The little snow white looked up at me and smiled a genuine smile.  It wasn't the kind of smile I was use to from girls around here.  Most of them smiled just because they were trying to be polite, but you could always see the disgust in their eyes.  She was actually smiling at me whole heartedly.  "Oh, Thank you, but my bags haven't arrived yet.  They won't be here for a while.  My parents are bringing them when they come, but thank you so much.  I really appreciate the offer."

She walked towards the elevator and turned before she got on and smiled and waved at me.  I couldn't believe how nice she had been to me.

"Oh, now that was smooth.  Damn Luke, you are really a ladies man."

"Shut the fuck up Victoria.  I didn't ask your opinion."  Victoria was the cunt, slut, what ever you want to call her that was working behind the counter. 

"You know she would never have you, right?"  She had a smirk on her face.

"A guy can dream can't he."  I turned and looked at her and thought for a second that I saw jealousy in her eyes.   "I hope you enjoyed that at my expense."

She smiled.  "It kind of turned me on.  Do you think you could get away here in a little while.  I get my break in about an hour."

I knew what she wanted.  It was a game we played every time we got the chance.  She would give me a key to one of the vacant rooms and tell me to wait about 20 minutes.  I would go up and go into the room and she would be laying in the bed like she was asleep or something and I would pretend to rape her.  It was her idea, not mine.  I didn't really like the whole role playing thing, but it was a piece of ass so I went along with it.  And really it wasn't rape at all, so I didn't mind roughing her up every now and then.  Hell I would probably enjoy it if she didn't like it so much.

"Yeah, I can sneak away.  What do you have in mind this time?"

She smiled at me.  "Oh this will be a brand new game.  I will have the instructions written down for you when I give you the key.  Just be ready and make sure you follow all of the directions."

She walked off swaying her hips trying to look sexy.  Hell she probably would have looked sexy to me if I didn't already know what a slut she was.


I carried more bags in that hour that I had since the summer season started.  It seemed like there couldn't possibly be a vacant room in the hotel, but Victoria motioned me over and dangled a key from her hand.  I know, most hotels have those electronic keys now, but my uncle had insisted on keeping it old school, because he didn't like the "feel" of the electronic keys.  His words, not mine.

I walked over to the counter.  Victoria jerked the key out of my reach and looked around.  "Okay, her and the instructions.  Follow them exactly.  I am going to be so pissed off if you don't follow them exactly as I told you.  I have arranged everything down to the second.  I want you to wait twenty minutes before you read the instructions, then I'll be waiting."  She gave me a wicked grin and walked off turning when she was about four steps away from me and putting the key and the instructions on the counter. 

I thought it was kind of weird that she gave me one of the keys that the maids used to enter the rooms for housekeeping, it was just an ugly key with a plastic number on it that said "room 319".  She usually used the keys that were for the guest.  The ones with the fancy key chain on it with the fancy font on them. 

I picked up the key and the instructions.  I waited the full twenty minutes and then read the instructions.  I was a little shocked.  I mean how far could this bitch take this game?  But hell, I was a piece of ass and she told me in the instructions to not take no for an answer and to make sure I fucked her no matter what.

I got on the service elevator like I was told and got off on the third floor.  I walked over to the breaker box and flipped the breaker off in room 319 like the instructions told me too.

I went to the room and unlocked the door and walked in.  The room was huge.  It was one of the rooms that had several rooms within it.  The only light that was coming through the room was from the sliding doors that lead out to the deck. 

I heard someone shuffling around in the other room.  It was a bedroom.  She went all out for this.  I couldn't believe that this room hadn't been rented. I didn't put any thought into it. I walked into the room and seen her standing there with a robe on and a towel around her hair with her back turned to me.  I rushed up behind her and pushed her forward onto the dresser.  I felt the towel that was wrapped around her hair fall between us.  I threw the damp towel to the floor and proceeded to push up the robe while still holding her hands down on the dresser.  I was surprised to find that she didn't have any panties on.  That was one of the things she loved the most.  She really got into it when I would rip her panties off of her. 

I had her robe lifted up onto her back now and her bare ass was wiggling as she struggled, pretending to fight me.  I pulled my cock out and spit on my hand just like she told me to in her instructions.  I rubbed my spit on the head of my cock and then in one motion I thrust it into her pussy.  I was surprised at how tight she was.  I didn't ever remember her being this tight.  Maybe it was because of the struggle. 

I started thrusting in and out of her and she kept fighting.  Then after a few minutes of me really  have to fight with her to even keep my cock inside of her she started to relax.  It usually didn't take this long for her to give up her game, but she told me it would be different this time.  She finally started to relax and then even started pushing back and moaning.  I let go of her hands and grabbed her by the hips and really started fucking her hard and fast.  She was meeting my every thrust and then she had her hands on my ass pulling me into her. 

Wow, I didn't remember Victoria ever being this good.  I felt something cold and wet brushing against my cock as I slid it in and out of her.  It almost felt like wet hair, but Victoria's hair wasn't that long.  I figured it must have been the robe or something. I couldn't hold on any longer.  I blew my load into the end of the condom I had put on before I even came into the room.  There was no way in hell I would ever sick my cock in Victoria without protecting it first.

I pulled out of her and bolted out of the room.  I know it sounds like a jerk move to fuck and leave, but she had actually put that in the instructions.  I thought it was kind of weird because Victoria usually wanted me to cuddle with her for a few minutes.  I can honestly say that the sex was so good this time, I didn't really want to leave the room, but I swore to follow the instructions.

I ran into the hallway and made sure my cock was put up properly.  I wouldn't want to scare the hell out of any guest.  I threw the condom in a trash can in the hallway.  I walked over to the service elevator and got inside.  I smiled when the door shut.  Damn that was hot.  I had never enjoyed sex as much as I did that time.

I didn't really enjoy the part when I was pretending to rape her, but when she stared going along with it it was mind blowing.  It had never been that good.

The elevator stopped on the first floor and opened.  I still had a grin plastered on my face.  Then I looked up and seen Victoria standing behind the counter talking to an older couple.  I could feel the color rush from my face.  She looked up at me and smiled.  "Ah, there you are Luke.  Could you help Mr. and Mrs. Dante with their bags and their daughters bags.  Their daughter arrived earlier today.  Remember?"

Mr. and Mrs. Dante were both staring at me.  I'm sure they were wondering why I had such a frightened look on my face.  All I could think was.  "If Victoria was down here the whole time, then who did I fuck?"  Then my heart sank further.  "Who did I rape?"  Seemed like the better question.  But she got into it.  She was actually moaning and seemed to be enjoying it.  Who was it?  My heart was pounding.

Victoria looked at me like I was retarded.  "Hellooooo?  Luke?  Could you please help our guests to their room?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry.  Sure, what room are you going to?"

The older woman looked at the key in her hand.  "Room 319"

My heart hit the floor.  It was Snow White.  I had forced myself on Snow White.  Wait, she started enjoying it.  She was actually getting into it.  I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I had stayed in the room.  Would she have called security?  Would she have fucked me again when she realized who I was.

I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head the whole way up to room 319. As we walked down the hall I noticed the condom in the trash can that was full of my cum. He didn't seem to notice it, but to me it seemed to be the size of the table the trash can was sitting under.  I felt sweat bead on my forehead.  Mr. Dante opened the door.  The room was dark.  Shit.  I forgot to turn the breaker back on. 

He flipped the switch a couple of more times but the light wouldn't come on.  Then suddenly Snow white appeared with a huge smile on her face and just a towel wrapped around her body.  When she realized it was her father standing there her smile quickly faded.

"REBECCA!  What are you doing with just a towel around you?"  Her mother squealed.

I felt my cock twitch.  She was anticipating another raid and was disappointed when it was her parents.

Mr. Dante looked at his daughter.  "Where are your clothes young lady?"

Her face was red but she managed to speak.  "Well all my clothes were with you and I took a shower.  I just thought I would wait around until you got here with my clothes.'

She looked at me and gave me a sly smile.  I wondered if she knew it was me in her room. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dante looked at each other.  If they didn't believe her they didn't say anything about it.  "Well here's your case.  Go get some clothes on."

Mr. Dante looked at me.  "Son, do you know what is wrong with the lights."

I looked at him with a guilty expression, but he didn't seem to notice.  "Uh, well it could be the breaker.  Hold on and I'll go check it out."

I walked to the breaker box down the hall

l and flipped the switch for room 319.  Then I walked back to the room.  "Uh, did that fix it?"

Mr. Dante smiled at me.  "Yes, thank you." He patted me on the shoulder and then handed me a hundred dollar bill.  "For your trouble and to keep this little incident quiet."

"Of course Sir.  Thank you and enjoy your stay."

I walked to the elevator and went back down to the lobby.  When I stepped off the elevator I had only one thought in mind.  I was going to kill Victoria. 

I looked around until I found her talking to a guest.  When the guest walked off I grabbed her and drug her into the back room.  I waited until a few other employees left the room and I looked at her and said "What the fuck where you thinking.  Do you know how much trouble you could have got me into?"

She smiled a wicked smile at me.  "Well I guess you won't look outside of your league anymore now will you.  Tell me, was the precious little Miss Dante balling her eyes out when you brought up their bags?"

"No actually I think she enjoyed it.  She actually started to go along with it." I wanted to laugh at the bewildered look on her face.  "That's right Victoria, she actually fucked me back.  It was so fucking good.  I blew my load and could have went again.  If it wasn't for your stupid instructions I would have. I should have known it wasn't you.  There is no way in hell you could ever be that good."

"There is no way she knew it was you.  She wouldn't have been so excepting if she did.  She would have cried rape the minute she saw your face.  You can't actually  believe that a girl like her would ever want to fuck someone like you.  A pathetic little bell boy at a hotel."

I pushed her against a wall.  "I want you to stay the fuck away from me Victoria.  Our little sex games are over.  I'm done with you."

"Oh come off it Luke, don't think for a minute that just because you got a little piece of rich pussy that you are anything more than what you were two hours ago.  You are exactly the same and that is a big fat nothing."

I smiled at her. "Well Victoria I guess that is something we have in common then isn't it.  Besides I would rather be a big fat nothing than to be the fuck buddy to a manipulating little cunt like you." I turned to walk out of the room.

"Oh you think you can make the rules now.  I don't think so.  If you think for one minute that you are going to quit me you have another thing coming.  I will march my little manipulating ass up to room 319 and tell them everything I know.  If you want to keep your job and stay out of jail you will do exactly as I tell you to do."

She had me.  There was nothing I could do about it either.  Unless....  No it would never work.  What if Victoria was right.  What if I told "Rebecca", that was her name.  What if I told her that it was me and she wasn't happy about it.  She could get me in trouble, but still that seemed better than being Victoria's little slave for the rest of my life.  I didn't know what to do yet, but I knew I had to play my cards right if I wanted any of this to work out in my favor.

"Whatever you say Victoria.  I'll do whatever you say."

"That's what I thought."  She stormed out of the room

I had to talk to the girl, to Snow White, to Rebecca. 

Victoria was off the next day and I waited around in the lobby all day.  I was waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Dante to leave the hotel.  Finally they stepped off the elevator and there must be a God because their daughter wasn't with them.

"Hey you.  Young man." Mr. Dante was motioning me over to him.

"Yes Sir.  How can I be of service?"

"My daughter is saying she is ill and she is up in the room.  If anyone comes in here asking to go to that room please call my cell phone.  Her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her and I don't want him near this hotel."

I smiled.  Damn I was loving my luck today.  "Certainly Sir.  Anything you need I'll be happy to be of service."

He smiled at me. "I wish my daughter would find a nice young man like you instead of these losers she seems to attract."  He handed me another hundred dollar bill and walked out the front door. 

I wondered if he really meant that.  If his daughter did choose me would he be happy about it, or would he throw a fit.  Was that just something he was saying to make me feel good or was he genuine about it?

I left my thoughts in the lobby and got on the elevator and went to the third floor.  I walked to room and knocked on the door.  I heard someone inside call out.  "Just a minute."  Then a few seconds later she opened the door.  She smiled at me.  "Hey there."

She didn't look sick, but she did look flushed and a little sweaty.  Maybe she was running a slight fever, but she sure seemed in good spirits to be sick.

"Um.. Your father asked me to check on you.  I just wanted to see if you needed anything."

Her smile grew wider.  "My father just left like five minutes ago.  Where you that worried that you came right away to check on me or did you have other motives?"

I was floored.  I started studdering.  "I.. well.. you see, we have some medications that may help you and make you feel better.  I didn't know if you knew those were available to you."

She nodded her head.  "I see.  And I guess you couldn't just call up to the room and check could you.  I suppose you really needed to come here in person."

I studdered again.  "Well of course I could have called, but I was... uh.. I was on my way up here anyway, so I just thought I would stop by and ask."

She smiled a sly knowing smile.  "Hmm.  Well I'm not feeling well and I could really use some company.  I'd also love to have a massage, but the only masseuse in the building is a female and it makes me a little uncomfortable to be touch by a female.  Would you mind?"

I smiled at her.  I was on to her game now.  "Well it isn't' customary for a bell hop to give the guests a massage, but I don't suppose it would hurt as long as you didn't tell my boss."

"I won't tell if you won't.  I have a question though.  Did you know that there was a man running around inside the hotel going into girls rooms and having sex with them?"

I looked at her with bewilderment.  "I.. uh.. No I didn't know that."

She looked at me with disappointment.  "Oh, alright, never mind then.  You can come on in.  You don't have to give me a massage, but I wouldn't mind having some company."

We sat in her room and talked for hours.  She was amazing.  She wasn't like the rich snotty girls around here.  She actually lived in Florida, but she lived up north like I did.  I was just here visiting  and working for my uncle and she was here with her family on vacation.  Our home towns were only about 45 minutes away from each other.

The more we talked the more comfortable I felt with her.  I finally got up the nerve to sit beside her on the bed.  I let my hand brush against her.  I was nervous as hell.  What if she was just being nice to me?  What if it was just in her nature to be a nice person to everyone and she really wasn't attracted to me at all?

Fuck it I told myself.  I leaned over and kissed her.  She pulled away from me quickly.

"I'm so sorry Rebecca.  I just thought..."

"No, don't be sorry.  I mean don't get me wrong, I like you Luke, but I'm kind of waiting for someone."

I thought about what he father had said about her ex-boyfriend.  "Oh, you mean your ex."

She looked at me with shock and disgust.  "God no.  Why would you say that?"

"Well your dad said that... "

"Oh no.  He is history.  It's a different guy.  I think he might be from here."

"Wait, you don't know?  How can you be waiting for someone that you don't really know.  I mean you just arrived here yesterday and you haven't been out of this room."  The it hit me.  "Wait, are you talking about the guy that came into your room and had sex with you?"

She looked at me and smiled a small smile.  "I didn't say that anyone came in my room and had sex with me.  I just told you that someone was going around the rooms and doing that.  How did you know that they came to my room?"

"I.. uh.. well I just assumed because you knew about it.  I mean.."

"Luke, was it you?  You can tell me.  I won't be mad.  I don't think you are the type to be a rapist.  I'm sure if it was you, you have a logical explanation."

I was defeated.  I couldn't lie to her.  So I told her everything.  I told her about Victoria tricking me and how she had planned the whole thing out.

She smiled and kissed me.  Then she stood up and took off her robe.  "When you knocked on the door, I was masturbating thinking about you.  Well how about we see what it's like when we both want it?"

That explained her flushed face when I got there.  I grabbed her and pulled her naked body into my arms.  I was kissing all over her body.  She smiled at me.  "Slow down.  I'm not going to run away like you did."

She pulled away from me and pulled my pants down.  My cock was harder than it has ever been before.  She smiled at me.  "I knew it was big, but I must say, I didn't think it was this big."  Then she took it into her mouth and gave me the greatest blow job I had ever had in my life.  She sucked me off like a pro. 

"Rebecca, I'm going to cum."

She started going faster.  Stroking me with her mouth and her hand at the same time and I blew my load in her mouth.  She swallowed all of my cum and stood up and started kissing me.  I could still taste my cum in her mouth, but her kiss made me forget all about that.

My cock was still hard despite the fact that I had just got off.  I had never had that happen before.  Usually once I blew my load I was done for a while.

I pushed her onto the bed and got on my knees in front of her.  I pulled her panties down and started licking her already soaking pussy.  She moaned in pleasure. "Oh, God that feels so good Luke.  Use your fingers too."

I did as I was told and put two fingers in her cunt.  I was moving them in and out at a slow pace as I flicked my tongue across her clit.  I could feel her pussy contracting on my fingers every time my tongue came in contact with her clit.  I did this for about five minutes when she started convulsing.  "Oh god, I'm cumming.  Go faster Luke."  She was thrusting her hips and pushing her pussy onto my fingers and her clit into my mouth.  I almost came again just watching her body be ripped with an orgasm.  She jerked so hard that she nearly fell off the bed.  I was holding her with my free hand while I kept my two fingers of my other hand still inside of her, pumping them in and out.  "I can't take it anymore, stop.  Please stop."

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and started to stand up.  I didn't even get stood up all the way and she grabbed me and pulled me to her.  She jerked my pants completely off and pulled me on top of her.  "I want you to fuck me now.  I want your cock inside of me."  She pushed her hips up trying to find my cock.  She took her hands and found it and lined it up to her hole and shoved her hips up again, forcing my cock inside of her.

I had never in my life felt something so wonderful.  Her pussy was still contracting from her previous orgasm and she was pushing up with every one of my thrusts. "I want you to cum inside of me Luke.  I want your cum to fill me up.  Don't you dare pull out of my pussy when  you cum."

I had never had a girl tell me that it was alright to cum inside of them.  I was on cloud nine.  "Are you on anything to keep from getting pregnant?"

"No, but I'm getting ready to start my period, so I should be alright."

That was all the convincing I needed.  I tried to hold on a little longer but just the anticipation of unloading my highly potent teenage sperm into this beautiful teenage girl caused me to lose all control.  "I'm cumming!" I screamed.

"Oh, god me too.  Cum in me Luke.  I want to feel it shoot inside of me." 

I unloaded inside of her.  I could feel her pussy milking my cock as her orgasm caused her to contract and release over and over again.  My pulsing cock was even in rhythem with her contractions.  It was like very time her pussy walls contracted around my cock I shot another wad deep inside of her.

"Oh my god, that was the greatest sex I have ever had." She panted.

I couldn't argue.  She was by far the best I had ever had too.  She was the hottest girl I had ever been with and I couldn't help but wonder if this whole thing was just sex or if she really liked me.

She answered my question without me having to ask it.  "Luke, I'm not a whore.  I just knew when you came in my room the other day that who ever you were I wanted to know you better.  I know how that must make me sound, because of how it happened, but even though I wasn't willing at first, I could feel that you weren't really a violent person.  I mean you were forceful, but not violent.  If I had struggled enough I know I could have gotten away from you, but I didn't want to.  And to be honest with you, I had really hoped that it was you."

"What are you saying Rebecca?  I mean I feel like shit over how that all happened.  If I had known..."

"If you had known it would have never happened and I don't think that this would have ever happened.  I mean you were so shy and backwards when you were in the lobby.  I didn't think you would have the nerve to approach me.  I am so glad that everything happened the way it did."

We got up and got dressed.  She kissed me and asked "Do you think we could have a relationship out of this?  I mean when we get back home.  We don't live very far away from each other."

I smiled at her.  My heart was singing.  "I would love that."  I leaned down and kissed her.  I could feel myself getting hard again. 

Then I heard someone say.  "What the hell is going on here?"

It was Mr. Dante.  I looked around the room and it was obvious that there had been something going on in the room.  The bed was a mess and Rebecca's hair was a mess as well.  I didn't even want to know what I looked like. 

I started to try to explain to him, but before the words could escape my mouth Victoria stepped through the door.  I was screwed!!

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