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This Has To Stop

An older married woman tries to end an affair with her younger boss.
The email was short and to the point.

"My office, noon."

"This has to end," she thought to herself. "I can't allow this to continue. He's half my age and I'm a married woman."

The decision made, she deleted the email and went back to work. A crisis arose around 11:15 that morning and it took the better part on the hour to deal with it.

Once it had been successfully handled, she glanced at her watch and saw it was already ten minutes past noon. Sighing, she hoped he had finally got the message, that he realized she wasn't giving in to him anymore. Less than five minutes later her phone rang. She absentmindedly answered. It was his assistant.

"Mrs. Stephens, Mr. Johnson would like to see you in his office now," she said.

"I... I," she stammered.

"Mr. Johnson said now Mrs. Stephens," she stated firmly, with emphasis on the word now.

"I'm on my way," she replied.

Standing up, she smoothed her blouse and skirt and headed for his office. As she headed down the hallway, she passed his PA heading out for lunch.

"He's waiting for you," she said. "Just go on in."

"Crap," she thought to herself, "Now we'll be all alone."

Reaching the door, she knocked and heard a curt, "Come in." She twisted the knob and stepped into his office.

"Close the door and lock it Mrs. Stephens," he drawled. His soft tone was deceptive. She knew he was angry.

She closed the door and clicked the lock, standing there, not moving.

"You're late," he said, using that same deceptive soft tone.

"There was a crisis," she said. "Besides, I told you this has to end," she said, finally turning to look at him.

His lips curved into a smug smile as he rose and stepped out from behind his desk. He moved steadily towards her. She involuntarily took a step back and felt her back press against the door.

"If you really wanted to end it," he asked, "why are you dressed as I requested?"

"I'm not," she said, her voice trembling slightly.

"Really?" he murmured as he stepped closer.

She shook her head no as he stopped right in front of her.

"I believe," he drawled as his eyes slid over her body, "That my instructions were a button up blouse, an above the knee skirt, at least three inch peep toe heels and a sheer bra that fastened in the front. Oh, and no panties."

"I... I just threw this together this morning," she said.

"Right," he smirked. "Let's just see what's under this blouse then, shall we?"

She raised her arms to ward him off, but he quickly grabbed them and pinned them over her head.

His fingers nimbly undid the buttons on her shirt, revealing the sheer black bra she wore underneath. He slid a finger under the front clasp and flicked it open, freeing her firm ripe breasts to his gaze. A moan escaped her lips as she felt her nipples peak under his gaze.

"It would appear, my dear, that you aren't telling me the truth," he said as he mauled one of her tits with his free hand. They both watched as her nipples seemed to harden further.

"There's just one thing left to check, Mrs. Stephens," he murmured. "Do NOT move your arms without permission."

He let go of her hands and she kept them above her head. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, knowing what he was going to find under her skirt. She had followed his instructions to the letter.

His hands grazed her hips as he gathered the fabric of her skirt in them and slowly tugged it up. He bunched the fabric around her waist, reached down and cupped her bare, bald mound.

"You are a very naughty girl," he rasped in her ear as his hands urged her thighs apart and he slipped a finger into her soaked pussy. "But your punishment will come later."

With that he reached up and grabbed her arms and led her over to the conference table in the corner of his office. He spun her around and bent her over the end of the table. She shuddered as she heard him undo his belt and shove his slacks to the floor.

"Tell me," he snarled in her ear as he teased her wet pussy with his hard cock, "Tell me this has to end. Tell me you don't want me. TELL ME!"

She opened her mouth to speak but could only moan as he tapped her aching clit with the head of his manhood.

In a pleading voice he heard her say, "please".

"What's that?" he asked as he deliberately rubbed his cock over her dripping lips.

"Please fuck me," she panted.

"I thought," he said as he shifted and drove his hard member into her slick folds, "That you said this has to end."

She whimpered and arched her hips to meet his thrusts.

"It does," she moaned. "This is the last time."

"Like hell it is," he growled as he grabbed her hips and slammed into her soaked pussy over and over.

"You belong to me. This pussy is mine," he ground out.

She threw her head back and her hands found her nipples, twisting them hard. Her orgasm was building.

He felt her body racing towards completion and pounded her harder.

"Oh fuck," she cried out. "I'm going to cum."

He picked up the pace, his balls slapping her clit as he fucked her hard and fast.

"Cum for me. NOW!" he growled.

Her body arched and she came hard, her orgasm washing over her body. With a few more thrusts, he joined her, bellowing his climax and filling her pussy with cum.

He collapsed on her and they gradually regained their senses. Hearing a noise outside his office, he stood up and pulled his slacks back up. He helped her to her feet and watched as she repaired her clothes.

"Go," he said. "But be back at 5 pm."

She walked towards the door wondering how she had allowed this to happen again.

"Mrs. Stephens," he called as she turned the doorknob.

She looked over her shoulder at him as she opened the door.

"Remember what I said. You are mine. And you will be punished later."

Resigned to her fate, she nodded before heading back to her office, his cum running down her thighs.

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