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Amelia's Seduction

Amelia's Seduction

Wednesday: Eight Fifty-Nine p.m.

She stood at his door. In one hand a single red rose, her other poised and ready to knock. Her heart beat wildly and her head spun with a heady mixture of fear and pure excitement. Her mind was full with the expectation of what was about to happen to her body; her insides ached from her high state of arousal. Like a ripe peach her womanhood was bursting with sweet juice; ready for someone to take a mouth-watering bite. She took a deep breath and knocked.

Wednesday: Eight p.m.

Amelia Richardson had seen and heard it all in her time. She had supervised many ‘match nights’ for her job at the dating agency and was used to the different variety of people that would show up to the events.

She could pretty much categorize the people as they walked up to her table to sign in and get the obligatory name sticker; the insecure, the recently divorced, the over confident male, the man-eating woman that wasn’t prepared to settle down, the shy geeky types with poor social skills.

She had also become good at working out which pairs would make good couples. She enjoyed her job. She was in some ways a kind of cupid, bringing happiness to people’s lives. The job had its down sides of course. The main one being to have to constantly deal with the cheesy chat up lines from men, (and occasionally women) when they decided the pickings from the match night weren’t what they were after, so they would turn their sights to her.

Is your name Google? Because you’re the answer to everything I’ve been looking for, was just one of the many laughable lines that had been tried.

She was glad that it was a sackable offense to pick up the members. She was in an on-off relationship with someone anyway. She made sure she had a get out and always wore her fake wedding band to work. That didn’t always stop people from trying, so she had learned fast how to counter their pick-up lines. There had only been a few occasions when an admirer really wouldn’t take no for an answer.

One particular time a guy had attended with a group of his friends. He was the obvious leader of the pack of testosterone-filled male egos. She could have asked the burly security guard, Winston, to deal with things, but with a wink to her muscle-bound protector she decided to teach the guy a lesson.

“I’d like to call you,” he confidently stated. “What’s your number?”

“It’s in the phone book.”

“I don’t know your name.”

“That’s in the phone book as well,” she said in a serious tone.

“Oh, come on now, beautiful. I know if I could just see you naked I’d die happy.”

She burst out laughing. Judging by the forlorn look on his face that obviously wasn’t the response he’d been looking for. She managed to stop laughing enough to say, “Yeah, but if I saw you naked, I’d probably die from laughter.”

He was about to come back with something, but she cut him off. She stopped laughing and changed her expression. Looking serious she stepped closer and took a good look at his face.

“It is you. I thought I recognised you.” She addressed his friends, “You know this is only my evening job. In the day time I work at the VD clinic,” she could see the man tense up. “How’d you get on with the treatment? The itching stopped yet?”

The bloke's face went bright red and he quickly made his excuses and left, followed closely by his group of friends who were questioning him on what had just been said. Amelia laughed as he rushed off. A bemused Winston asked her, “Do you really work at the clinic?”

“No. But I know his type. It was just a guess, but it seems I got my guess spot on.”

There was no such entertainment during the event she was now working on. There had been a poor turn out and most of the singles had settled into groups and were chatting away with ease. After doing her rounds and checking all the members were happy she returned to her table and started filing away the applicant’s paperwork.

A shadow appeared over her and she looked up.

“Hello. Sorry if I’m a bit late. I got caught up at work and well I didn’t want to be a no-show on my first night.”

His voice was deep and incredibly sexy. She’d put him in his early forties, tall, with a full head of dark hair which showed the early signs of greying. There was no ring on his finger, so she put him in the divorced category. His sturdy frame was complimented by an expensive looking suit. There was something about his friendly eyes that made her forget herself for a moment. Controlling the situation for her, he took her hand and shook it. She noted the strength behind his grip, but there was also something so gentle about the way he clasped his palm against hers.

“So, am I too late to sign up?” he asked, breaking her flustered state.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” she looked through her list of names. The only members not to have shown had been women. “You’re supposed to register on the website before coming to an event.”

“Now that is a shame. Surely, a pretty girl like you could bend the rules for me this once?”

His tone was soft and playful and she wasn’t at all pressured by his words, yet her cheeks burned slightly at his compliment and she was shocked that she found herself flattered by his thinking she was pretty.

“Well, I suppose as long as I fill out your applicant information it would be okay this once.”

He smiled and she internally glowed at pleasing him. He told her that he was off to get a drink and would be back momentarily. What’s going on with me? She questioned herself, as she watched his well-tailored, sexy ass walk towards the bar. She resolved to pull herself together and act more professional on his return, but then she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his broad shoulders. She watched them move beneath his suit as he pointed the barman to which bottle he wanted. The barman also seemed eager to impress him and Amelia wondered what was being said, as words were exchanged.

He came back with two glass of wine. He insisted she accept the drink, telling her, “I won’t tell, if you don’t.”

She took a sip, watching his pleased smile as she did. They chatted while she found the paperwork. His polite, easy conversation relaxed her. He laughed at her jokes about her job and his deep, dirty tone sent shivers through her body.

He moved around the same side of the table, his body close to hers, as he leant in to see the form she was filling out. She gasped lightly when he gently took hold of her wrist and brought it up to his face; smelling the sweet fragrance of her perfume. His soft lips brushed against her sensitive skin. She held her breath as the tingles spread around her now trembling body.

“You smell wonderful. I really like your perfume,” he complimented, before turning his attention back to the form. She found out her unexpected, attractive, charmer was called Lewis Warren.

“So, I think the next question you need to ask me is what sort of relationship I’m looking for. What my ideal woman would be?”

His eyes were locked onto hers and her pulse quicken.

“You don’t have to tell me everything,” her voiced croaked out. “I mean, you could write it down and I could read it after, if you’d rather. Also, there’s a strict rule that members can’t date the staff.” Why did I say that? she thought.

He chuckled lightly, which put her at ease. “I don’t mind talking to you about it. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.”

She probably had, but unlike the other times, this time she was concerned that she wouldn’t like what he was going to say. Perhaps his perfect woman would be nothing like her, and then she’d be really disappointed.

“Can I tell you the truth?” he said, as he leaned in closer to her so he could lower his voice. “I’m not really here to meet someone to fall in love with.”

There was a flirtatious, light-heartedness about his comment that somehow made his double meaning seem alluring and acceptable.

“I’ve struggled to settle down with one woman. I’ve tried in the past, but I always end up doing something naughty, if you know what I mean,” he said, with a sexy smirk. She could imagine the thoughts going through his mind, as he relived those dirty wrong-doings.

“It was never my intention to hurt my girls; I genuinely did care for them. It’s just when I have a gorgeous woman, with a body to die for in front of me, a bit like now for instance, I find it hard to control myself.”

She couldn’t control the reaction her body was having caused by his words, so strong was the excitement that suddenly coursed around her veins. Everything was heightened; her eyes were fixed into his powerful, lust-filled gaze. The smell of his pricey aftershave seemed to be pulling her towards him; reminding her of the enticing waft of a freshly baked pie in the cartoons she used watch. His low voice caressed her ears; every one of his words sounding sensual and entrancing.

“I’ve never been with a woman that I haven’t found incredibly beautiful, whatever her body-shape or size. There’s just something so incredibly sexy about touching a woman’s body, their soft skin under my hands, or lips. I just love exploring every inch and taking in all that exquisiteness. It’s like a drug to me; seeing her pleasure from my touch.”

The passion in his tone and the beautiful way in which he spoke of the female form somehow changed the fact that if you looked closely, he was simply put a womanizer.

She was surrounded by his presence, her job momentarily forgotten. She watched his gaze devour her, while he continued to describe the joys of a women’s naked body under his touch. “The way her body responds to my attention excites me. Hearing her moans of pleasure always sounds like music to my ears. Teasing her until the ache and desire is so high that she begs for more. Do you know that feeling?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer; he only continued his captivating description. “The electric spark of desire when a woman’s soft lips are against mine always amazes me. The power of a simple kiss and the unstoppable power it awakens within,” he leaned closer, his face only inches away from hers. She found herself looking at his lips. “You know that feeling, don’t you? You remember what it’s like to kiss someone and be completely lost.”

Like a thick fog that rolls in unseen, she was lost in his description, unable to see where this was leading. She may have been lost completely had it not been for the shouting that broke out across the room.

As quickly as his lust filled fog had surrounded her, blinding her to the world around, the shout snapped her back to reality. Winston was bundling one of the male members, who’d obviously had too much to drink, out of the door. Amelia went to check on the group of girls the drunk had been sitting with and directed the girl who’d had a drink spilled over her dress to the ladies room.

When she returned to her table she was disappointed to see that Lewis was no longer there. She looked down and saw he’d written something on his application, which had a single red rose next to it.

My beautiful Cupid, I need to tell you another truth. I’m not really a member. I run this club. I saw you and wanted a reason to come and speak with you. I don’t want to date, so the rules don’t apply. I hope you go and speak to Cole at the bar and get directions to my office. Lewis x

Wednesday – Nine p.m.

She entered his office at the sound of his instruction for her to, “Come in.”

His office was one of the largest she’d seen, being more like a small apartment than an office. His desk was off to one side, facing a massive one-way window that looked down into the club below. He was seated on the large sofa that was in front of his own personal bar, with a glass of single malt in his hand. He’d removed his tie and in this private environment his attractiveness seemed all the more intense.

He placed his drink on the table and walked purposely towards her position at the closed office door. Her breath caught at the sight of him striding towards her in all his masculine fineness. She braced herself for him to kiss her, but he simply locked the door and told her, “We don’t want any interruptions, now do we?”

“I’m still working,” she blurted out.

“If anyone asks, I’ll tell them you were meeting with the owner of the club to see if you could get a better deal on the drink prices for your members. I’m sure Stocky Muscles down there can look after things while you’re gone.”

“Winston. I should have told him where I was going,” she said, panicking slightly.

“I told Cole to go and have a word with him. Now come, sit, have a drink with me… I’ve just realized I don’t know your name?”

“Amelia,” she breathlessly replied, as he came close to her. He took her by the arm; the contact caused the electricity in the room to increase.

“Well Amelia, I’ve been watching you work hard all night. It’s time you took a moment to relax.”

The way he said her name in his deep sultry voice made her insides tremble. She should have been having doubts, questioning what she was doing in this man’s office when she had a boyfriend and was supposed to be working, but none of those thoughts crossed her mind. It was like being in his presence blocked all those things, the only thought being what would it be like for him to take her?

He motioned for her to take a seat next to where he’d been seated, and then went to the bar and started preparing a drink for her. “So, tell me Amelia, what made you get into the dating business?”

She struggled to get her words out as he removed his suit jacket and started shaking up the cocktail he was making. “I like helping people and what better way than to help them find the happiness of love,” she told him.

“Ah yes. I guess we’re not so dissimilar there. We almost do the same job.”

She thought for a moment, “Yes, that’s true. A lot of people find the person they will fall for in establishments like yours; helped on by the lowering of inhibitions by the drink you supply them.”

“Smart as well as beautiful,” he told her as he walked back with her drink in hand.

She accepted the drink, sipped it and was unable to stop the appreciative moan that followed, “How did you know I drank rum?” she asked, with the taste of the Daiquiri on her lips.

“I’ve worked in bars and clubs all my life, so you start to pick up a sense for what people’s drinks are. I’m glad you like it. Tell me, you find love for other people, have you found it for yourself?” His fingers brushed across the wedding hand on her left hand.

“Oh that, no, that’s not real. I wear it for work. I do have a boyfriend, but well… things haven’t been going so smooth just recently.”

“That’s a shame. A beautiful girl like you deserves to be treated properly.”

There was no thought of guilt about her boyfriend; there was no room for guilt when all available space was taken with desire.

He brushed the stray hair away from her face, his thumb running gently down the side of her jaw. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and luxuriate in the tenderness of his touch. He took the glass from her hand. She dare not open her eyes for the fear that it would break the spell she was under and the lust that stirred inside her would stop.

His lips met hers. There was nothing tentative about his kiss, yet he wasn’t forceful. He allowed her to control the pace and intensity. She started slow, little exploratory kisses, but it wasn’t long before the force of her lust boiled up and her kisses got deeper.

Just like his description earlier, the switch flipped inside her, the flood gates opened and the desire for him that had been building from the second she’d laid eyes on him burst forward. Without realizing it she ended up straddling him, her hands un-twined in his hair, tongue dancing with his.

He pulled back with a dirty, breathless laugh, “Easy now. It seems that my intuition about you was right. Let’s slow the pace slightly. Take that top off for me.”

With her heart hammering in her chest and her breath heavy with desire, she reached for her top and slowly lifted it, revealing her body to him inch by inch. He groaned his delight and his appreciation pressed into her body with the growing hardness beneath her.

His eyes were alight with the womanly beauty before him. This only stoked her urge to let go completely. He teased her with fleeting strokes of his fingertips against her soft skin. Her lace covered bosom heaved with effort. She was holding back the urge to rip his clothes off and fuck him senseless.

She did the next best thing and reached behind and unclasped her bra. She shrugged the straps from her shoulders. It fell from her body, exposing her breasts fully to him. In a surprise move to his earlier teasing he grabbed her breasts and buried his face between them.

She shrieked her shocked excitement, which soon turned to moans of delight, as he captured her nipple between his lips and sucked her into his mouth. His eyes opened and looked up to her. She was a picture of pleasure, manifested by his touch.

She looked down at his gorgeous face, as he nuzzled her tits. She took in the sight of a man who only just over an hour ago was a complete stranger, but that didn’t matter to Amelia, not in that moment.

“I’m going to enjoy you coming all over my cock, you sexy little bitch,” he growled into her chest.

“Oh god yes, you sexy, fucking, dirty, bastard,” she replied between moans, as she ground her dripping cunt against his rock hard manhood. “Do it. Take me. You have no idea how much I need you to fuck me,” she panted.

He pushed her so that she was back seated on her side of the sofa, but they were only separate for a moment. He kissed her passionately. With his lips locked with hers he removed her sodden panties and freed himself from the confines of his trousers.

Their seduction had been short and highly intense; all previous moments had been culminating towards this moment. He pulled back slightly from the kiss so he could watch her. He lined the head of his raging erection at the entrance to her moistened velvet passage.

She wanted him inside her badly. Her hips involuntarily pushed against his length with her body’s unconscious desire to be filled moving her. She ached; her need to be penetrated so great, “Please.”

He pushed his head past her tight entrance and slipped easily inside her wet cavern of delight. Her body pushed with his making him fill her completely. Her pleasured cries filled the room and her nails dug fiercely into his firm buttocks.

She needed it, that much was clear to her as he pulled out slowly, until only the tip of his cock remained inside her. She hadn’t realized how much she had needed to feel another man’s cock inside her until that moment, but there was no doubt in her mind that it hadn’t been a mistake to allow herself to be seduced by this man.

He started his steady hammering. His pace and force increasing with every plea from her to, “Fuck me harder. Oh fuck, yes. Jesus, that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop.”

And he didn’t. He fucked her hard and fast, slamming into her depths, so his balls pounded against her. The room was full with the music of fucking; skin slapping, wet sounds and cries of pleasure.

“Are you going to make good on that promise?” he grunted breathlessly between thrusts. “Come on my cock, Amelia. Come for me.”

His grip on her body tightened and his shafting increased in force to match. She could tell he was close himself and at the sound of his ragged desperate commands. She couldn’t have stopped it if she’d tried.

“Come with me,” he commanded again. “Come with me, Amelia.”

Her body tensed and her cries emptied her lungs. Her body shook and her insides gripped around his shaft. The walls of her pussy were splashed with his hot load. They came together.


Amelia dressed. She could feel her insides pulsate with the after effects of her orgasm. She was filled with a sense of satisfaction that she hadn’t had in a long time. Her cheeks were red, but not from any embarrassment about what she had just done. She straightened herself out and turned towards Lewis.

“I guess I should be getting back to work then,” she said.

He walked towards her and kissed her gently. It was a kiss of gratitude and almost made her want to remove her clothing again. She wished she could ask him if they could do it again, but she wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a one off. He answered her question for her.

“I believe you’ve got another dating event booked for Monday night. Make sure you leave your diary free after. Come up see me when you’re done. I’ll clear my evening and we can spend some proper time together.”

She left his office with a smile.

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